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Best 3-Wheel Bikes for Kid in 2023

Three-wheel bikes are suitable for helping your kids to develop their physical and cognitive skills. Besides, they make the kids more confident and can boost their social skills as well. You may think that buying these bikes is easy because there are numerous options in the market, but it is not as easy as it seems. To make work easier for you, we have reviewed several 3-wheel bikes for kids, and we now present to you our top ten options. They have durable, comfortable, and premium designs that make them fun and safe to ride at home and other outdoor terrains.

Are you in a hurry?

For many years now, parents have provided inflatable mats, electric skateboards, and caster boards as gifts to their children. What most of them do not know is that three-wheel bikes for kids make even better gifts for kids due to the health benefits that they provide. They keep kids active, which lowers the risk of obesity and other metabolic issues. They are also fun to ride and thus keep kids engaged for longer than other toys. The most reputable models include:

Best Overall

Mobo Triton Pedal Go Kart Trike

Mobo Triton Pedal Go Kart Trike

Mobo Triton is a sturdy pedal-assist go-kart trike with a steel frame. It rides smoothly on paved or rugged roads and has a low-set design that is easy to mount and ride. This makes it one of the best trikes for children who are learning how to ride. The bike has a cool-looking pink theme that does not fade over time. It weighs 17.7 kilograms and has a padded seat with a backrest for comfort. At full capacity, the trike supports 200 pounds. Caliper brakes are responsive.

Smart Pick

Mobo Mity Sport

Mobo Mity Sport

The Mobo Mity Sport is a 35 x 20 x 16-inch three-wheeled bicycle with an alloy steel frame and pneumatic wheels. It has a striking red and black theme with a padded seat for comfort. It also has padded handles (steel) and a 25-inch design that extends to 35-inches. Thus, the bike can grow with kids. Its front wheel measures 12-inches, while the two rear ones are 8-inches each. It has caliper brakes for safety.

Budget Pick

Petimini Kids Bike

Petimini Kids Bike

The Petimini Kids Bike has a CPSC-approved design with a steel frame that supports 2.5-6-year-old kids. It is suitable for girls and boys and has removable training wheels that boost the safety of beginners. The front and rear pneumatic wheels measure 14-inches each and can thus ride seamlessly on all terrains. Its mint theme stands out from afar, while its padded saddle and handlebars are comfortable. The bike fits kids measuring 40 – 48 -inches tall and comes 85% assembled off the shelf. It takes little effort to set it up.

Buying Guide for 3-Wheel Bikes for Kids

A tricycle can boost the development of your kid’s physical and cognitive skills. A tricycle will also give your kid a sense of independence and boost their confidence. Gifting your child a 3-wheel bike will not only encourage them to exercise but also contribute to growth and development. However, since there are numerous brands in the market, finding an ideal 3-wheel bike for your kid might not be easy. Here is a buying guide for 3-wheel bikes for kids.

Safety Features: Your child’s safety should come first whenever you are buying a tricycle. An ideal tricycle should have safety features such as a wide rear tire for stability. Sturdy construction will also ensure that your child maintains stability while riding.

Ease of Storage and Transit: You will have to store your child’s tricycle after use. It is essential to buy a tricycle that will not be hectic to store. A foldable bike is easy to store and carry around. Also, ensure that you buy a lightweight bike that you can easily carry around for outdoor fun.

Kid’s Age: When buying a tricycle, check whether it is the right size for your kid’s age. The best tricycle to purchase should have an adjustable frame to accommodate your child’s growth.

List of the Best 3-Wheel Bikes for Kids

Three-wheel kid’s bicycles boost physical and cognitive development. They are also fun and safe to ride, and thus make excellent gift items for kids ages 3-6 years old. If you need one that your child will love, here are the best brands.

1. Mobo Triton Pedal Go Kart Trike

This kid’s easy-to-ride bike will take your child’s outdoor experience to the next level. Its design allows your kid to cruise and exercise on gently sloping terrain and flat paved surfaces. Therefore, you and your child can have an exciting experience in the outdoors at any time.

This 3-wheel bike does not need any balance because it features a low-to-the-ground frame that gives it utmost stability. It also features dual joystick steering that offers stability and smooth maneuverability using your hands.

With this bike, your kid will also keep fit and healthy at all times. It is an excellent option for low-impact exercise, which improves the health of the child. Besides, it is easy to use, and its durable construction makes it long lasting.

  • Innovative rear-wheel steering enhances hand-eye coordination
  • The adjustable frame makes it ideal for large and small riders
  • Its frame is low-to-the-ground, providing maximum stability
  • It is not easy to assemble and needs much time and expertise
Our Verdict:

This 3-wheel bike will not only make your child’s outdoor experience fun but also improve his/her health. It is a great way to exercise and have fun at any time your child wants to play. Besides, its strong metal frame ensures longevity, making it an excellent buy for your child.

2. Mobo Mity Sport

This Mobo Mity Sport Bike is ideal for three to five years old kids. It features strong steel and rubber construction that ensures it stays around for a long time. The steel has a coating that prevents corrosion and rust, while the rubber makes the bike stable on the ground and gives it a firm grip.

This bike is easy to use and will give your child the best experience ever. Therefore, you can teach your child within a short time. They can also learn to ride on their own safely. More so, it is safe and comfortable due to its cushioned seat and rear cushioned air tires. This makes the bike safe for riding even on an uneven surface and provides optimal comfort to the kid.

  • Dual joystick rear steering provides smooth gliding and maneuverability.
  • Extra-wide inflatable tires enable smooth pedaling.
  • Adjustable seat accommodates kids between 3-5 years.
  • The pedals are not firmly attached come off easily.
Our Verdict:

Your child’s safety is the most critical thing when playing outdoors or indoors. With this bike, you have nothing to worry about because it is very safe and comfortable. Its foot brake and cushioned rear air tires make it safe and comfortable, thus giving you peace of mind when your kid is using it.

3. Petimini Kids Bike

This mint-colored Petimini bike is suitable for both boys and girls 2.5 to 6 years old. It features kid-friendly features that include short-reach brake levers, a protective stem pad, lower standover height, and removable training wheels. This ensures your kid gets the best riding experience of his/her life. This bike is safe as it comes with a caliper/hand brake or coast/foot brake that allows the kid to brake instantly in case of obstacles. More so, it has high stopping power and provides the youngster with total control when using it. Besides, the enclosed chain guard prevents your kid from touching the chain that may hurt him/her.

This bike features a durable hi-ten steel construction that meets and exceeds CPSC standards. Therefore, it will offer you and your child many years of flawless service without the need to replace it. Moreover, it is effortless to install, and it comes with all the basic installation tools.

  • Soft wide shock-proof saddle enhances your child’s comfort.
  • Sturdy high carbon steel provides more stability.
  • The enclosed chain guard protects kids from getting hurt.
  • Some assembling parts are not included making it difficult to setup.
Our Verdict:

You are getting a reliable and durable bike by buying this Petmini 3-wheel bike. It features a high-tech steel frame and stable and robust tires that make it highly durable. More so, it is safe to use and will not hurt your child at any time. If you want a durable bike for your kid, this is the best to buy.

4. 67i Kids Tricycles

This 67i tricycle gives your child three ways to ride it, including 2-wheels balance mode, 3-wheels push-bike trike, and 3-wheels tricycle mode. You can easily switch the modes depending on what you and your child want at that particular time.

This 3-wheel bike also has adjustable handlebars and a seat that allows it to grow with your child. It is perfect for one to three years old and supports up to 25kg. Therefore, your child can use it for up to three years, and then you can decide to sell it or gift a friend. With this bike, you will no longer worry about your child’s safety because it is 100% safe. It has a carbon steel frame, easy-grip handlebars, 60-degree steering, and wide wheels. This ensures your kids feel comfortable and safe when using this trike.

  • A sturdy steel frame guarantees stability and durability.
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars make it suitable for kids from 1-3 years.
  • A fully enclosed wheel prevents your kid from falling or slipping.
  • It is not easy to ride and requires your child to have prior riding experience.
Our Verdict:

This Trike is the best gift for your kid, as it will improve his/her motor and cognitive skills within a short time. Besides, it is easy and safe to use and will ensure your kids have a great experience with its three riding modes. Gift your kid with this bike today and give him/her a perfect riding experience at all times.

5. TOMY John Deere Heavy Duty Kids Steel Tricycle

This ride-on tricycle is an excellent gift for your child regardless of the time of the year. It will keep your kid busy as he/she rides up and down the street with their friends.

This bike features a string heavy-duty steel design that makes it durable. This means it will serve you and your kid for a long time until you get an upgrade or your child outgrows it. More so, its design allows it to grow with your kid because it features an adjustable seat and handlebar. It also offers riding stability to protect your kid from falling.

  • Heavy-duty steel construction makes it sturdy and long lasting.
  • It features a carry basket to hold your kid’s essentials.
  • A foldable design makes it easy to store and transport.
  • Weak plastic wheels wear out easily and do not, therefore, serve your child long.
Our Verdict:

This bike has come to give your child a fantastic experience as he/she rides up and down the street every day. Its heavy-duty steel constriction makes it durable and ensures it sticks around for a long time. If you are looking for an easy-to-use and robust bike, this is the best to buy.

Final Thoughts

Your child will like getting one of our recommended 3-wheel bikes as a gift as they are fun to ride. Their steel frames can support heavy loads, while their stable three- and two-wheel designs are safe for kids. The bikes are very comfortable as each has a padded saddle or bucket seat.

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