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4 Things to Keep in Mind When Changing Your Kitchen Design

Your kitchen is the most complicated and the most important room when designing or changing your kitchen. It, therefore, requires maximum attention and many considerations before your works begin. Changing the design of your existing kitchen will pose a challenge and comes at a cost. To ensure you don’t make similar mistakes to warrant future changes, we have singled out essential things for you to consider.

Leave Room for all You Need

When planning to reallocate areas in your current kitchen, space is one factor that you should never reduce but rather increase. Sufficient space provides secure storage area for common kitchenware such as Corelle dinnerware sets and stainless steel silverware, groceries, and an endless shopping list. Creating space does not necessarily mean that you should expand your wall’s boundaries. Such big kitchen renovation jobs cost a lot of money and therefore might not be suitable for most people. You should rather install fixtures and fittings that can accommodate more items and save valuable space that you can use in other ways. A recommended tip is to utilize the wall space of your kitchen and space on counter space. Hang new cabinets, preferably open, to create ample storage space for items such as bread slicers and tea kettles. This way, you free the counter space of your kitchen, creating an open and “clean” look. Floating shelves and pan hooks work great. Experiment with those if possible. Finally, kitchen islands are good for preparing ingredients and eating. Although costly, it is a good addition to homes due to its versatility.

Kitchen Ventilation

Good ventilation is another important consideration when redoing your kitchen. Most people cannot withstand the smell of food, which lingers in most kitchens days after cooking. Letting food smells stay in for long can also compromise the air quality of your kitchen and living room space if you have an open kitchen set up. As such, improving the ventilation of your kitchen should be a priority, if the aim is to create a functional space that your family will enjoy. Besides having enough windows that let in the fresh air, investing in a good ventilation system is the best option for most homes. These come in many designs and sizes that draw out smoke and excess moisture from the cooking area to keep your kitchen smelling fresh. They fit seamlessly under kitchen cabinets but often require professional skills to install. Consider buying one now.

Learn more about how the best kitchen vent hoods work.

Adequate Kitchen Lighting

Your kitchen needs sufficient lighting to illuminate every shelf, drawer, and corner. Good lighting does not only make the kitchen appear roomy but also looks aesthetic. Preparing food with almost hygiene and require also requires more lighting, which can be artificial at night or natural sunlight. Crawlers will also not have a place in your kitchen to hide.

Strategic installation of LED lights on wall cabinets, shelves, and in the ceiling is a great idea for improving lighting. You may also consider plinth lighting along the base of your cabinets to illuminate your kitchen after dinner. Finally, while choosing a hood for venting food odors and moisture, look for a model with built-in lights to kill two birds with one stone. Most brands use powerful LED lights that cover a very large area.

Choose a Unique Design

You are probably changing your kitchen design because it has an outdated look. Therefore, don’t be tempted to adopt trending designs as new ones will always emerge over time. Instead, create your own classic and timeless look in consultation with your designer. That includes choosing a good layout and color scheme. Bright paint, for instance, can brighten your kitchen and create an illusion of size. It also blends well with most kitchen items and backsplash, which is ideal. A kitchen upgrade is not a cheap affair. Do something that will not require an update soon.

It’s very easy to forget the most important things that made you consider a kitchen makeover. When changing your kitchen design, note down the four key areas that you need to work on and tackle them one at a time to do a good job.  Work on the spacing to create a functional space that you will love using. You should also work on the ventilation and lighting and come up with a classic kitchen design that will not go out of style soon.

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