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5 Outdoor Sports for Your Kids

After school, you will find most children glued to the television, smartphones, and video games to keep themselves occupied. This common behavior does not only encouraged laxity, but it’s unhealthy. It predisposes children to non-communicable diseases such as obesity and its ills.  The physical, cognitive, and mental development of such children also slows, which has a negative bearing on their wellbeing in adulthood. Rather than see your kids grow weak mentally and physically, why not encourage him or her to engage in one or two of the outdoor sports that we have reviewed herein. They are not only easy to handle but are also pocket-friendly and fun to engage in as well.

Softball and Baseball

Baseball is one of the most loved games by grownups all over the world. No wonder even kids dream of becoming baseball players. Instead of encouraging lazing by encouraging your child to spend a lot of time on a couch watching television, why not introduce him or her to baseball at an early age? As early as five years, children can start by learning how to play T-ball and softball. As they grow older, they get to master baseball, otherwise known as hardball. This game promotes whole-body exercise and can boost the socialization skills of children as well. To play baseball, all you need is a bat and a ball. If you want to play as a catcher, you will need a pair of baseball gloves as well. Fitness is key while playing baseball. Therefore, having a recumbent exercise bike, hand exerciser, and an exercise mat at home will be of great benefit to you.


Soccer is one the most popular sports across America and the world at large by far. This outdoor activity is best for your kids if they are four years and above, as they can handle the physical challenges of the game. As for the smaller ones, a small ball on a smaller field with fewer kids will also do. Soccer is a fast-paced game that enhances the attention and concentration of kids, besides building physical fitness. To engage in this sport, your child will require a pair of soccer cleats for foot protection. These are available in many designs and sizes online for children of different skill levels. Soccer rebounders are good for honing skills but are not mandatory. Finally, your kid will need a gym bag for carrying his/her stuff.


Every child nowadays knows that learning how to balance a bike is one of the greatest achievements growing up.  Your child is no exception. You need to invest in a good bicycle fit for their age. In the beginning, it’s not easy but with a lot of fun. Sooner than you think, your kids will be on their way to the first experience of independence and riding in freedom. In addition to having lots of fun, cycling is an excellent form of exercise. Three-wheel bikes for kids are stable and therefore children who are learning the sport. As he or she grows, you can buy a larger road bike or mountain bike and a set of bike rollers for exercising indoors when outdoor weather is not very favorable.

Here is a beginner guide on how to ride bike rollers.

Inline Skating

Most activities for children require a large playing field. This is not the case with inline skating. It is one of the most popular outdoor activities among kids in the sub-urban areas of most developed countries. The concrete pavements on the roadsides and walking paths are good playing fields. And, if you dread your child falling hard onto concrete, worry not, as there are safety gears too to keep your child safe on skates. Bicycle headlights improve visibility outdoors. Elbow pads and helmets, on the other hand, protect the elbows and head from injuries.

While kids get some time to play at school, it’s quite the opposite when they get back home. One reason is that there is a playground at school, unlike at home, where outdoor space is limited. For example, if you live in an apartment, monitoring your kids when playing outside the ground floor or when skating on the pavements isn’t easy. However, you can take them outdoors regularly, like at the park or community playing field for some sporting activities. Cycling and soccer are fun sporting activities. Inline skating is less common, but also fun.

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