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Best Above Ground Pool Covers in 2023

Many above ground pools come with their covers, but you will find a few that do not. Pool covers are essential as they will keep the pool protected from the sun, dust, and debris. Unless you want to clean the pool every day, a pool cover is essential for your pool. 

Since pools are of different types and sizes, the covers will also vary in size. So, it is essential to know what size will be ideal when looking for the perfect cover for your pool. We would like to make work easier for you by providing the best above ground pool covers you will find in the market. Read the entire article to have a glimpse of the best option for you.

Are you in a hurry?

Above ground pools have grown in popularity as they are cheaper and cover a smaller area. However, like inground pools, they can collect dust and leaves and provide a breeding site for mosquitoes and other bugs. To prevent these and many other issues, you need an above ground pool cover. They come in different sizes and shape for different pool types. They also create a barrier between the pool and the environment, prolonging its life as a result. We have reviewed a few brands for you that work great.

Best Overall

Blue Wave Above Ground Pool Winter Cover

Blue Wave Above Ground Pool Winter Cover

Blue Wave is a robust winter cover for above ground pools. It fits all round pools with up to 24-foot diameter. The 4-foot overlap can keep out wind drafts, while its heavy-duty design is not only resistant to snow and ice, but also the rain and UV rays. Therefore, left outdoors, it does not degrade as quickly as some low-grade brands often do. The cover has a steel cable on the ages for support. It also has a cable tightener for adjusting its fit on pools.  Blue Wave covers are available in multiple sizes, including 12, 15, 18, 21 feet, 28, 30, and 33 feet.

Smart Pick

Intex 28031E N/AA Above Ground Pool Cover

Intex 28031E Above Ground Pool Cover

Intex 28031E N/AA fits most metal framed Intex pools measuring up to 12 feet. However, because it has a 10-inch overlap, it can fit slightly larger pools and protect from wind drafts as well. The material is a 7-gauge vinyl that is resistant to rips and tears. It can also withstand frequent bombardment from the rain and snow without stretching out of shape or failing at the seams. The cover has a rope tie for stability. After you have set it on a pool, use the rope to secure it to the frame.

Budget Pick

Robelle 3524-4 Above-Ground Pool Cover

Robelle 3524-4 Above-Ground Pool Cover

Robelle 3524-4 is a heavy-duty above-ground winter pool cover made from polypropylene. The material is resistant to snow, water, and UV rays. It measures 28 feet and thus is good for protecting above ground pools up to 24 inches in size. If needed, you can find smaller or large models online in 17 different colors. The system includes a winch and cable for security. It has a 4-inch overlap for a custom fit and an 8 x 8 scrim that add to its strength and functionality. You get a 10-year warranty for each one.

Buying Guide for Above Ground Pool Covers

Always cover your ground pool to keep your compound safe. Failure to cover your above ground pool can lead to hazards and diseases. The stagnant water will provide a breeding place for mosquitoes and other pathogens. Your kids and pets can also fall into an open ground pool and drown. Above ground pool covers are thus necessary to avoid such hazards. The ideal above ground pool cover should have the features highlighted in this buying guide.

Right Size: The ideal above-ground pool cover should be of the right size to efficiently cover your pool. A smaller cover will expose pool water, allowing the entry of bugs. A cover too big will leave your pool looking unattractive.

Robust Material: A pool cover with a robust material will provide a safe cover for your pool. It will withstand heavy objects, such as twigs and pets, preventing them from falling into your pool. The material will also stand harsh weather conditions, rough and prolonged use, and will therefore serve you longer.

Installation Procedure: The best above water pool cover will be easy to install. It should not require you to hire an expert or spend hours reading the installation guide. Before buying a pool cover, ensure that you get one that you will comfortably install with little to no trouble.

Top 5 Above Ground Pool Covers in the Market this Year

If you are looking for a cover for an above ground pool that can protect it from the rain, UV, and snow, read on. We have reviewed some of the best brands that deliver.

1. Blue Wave Above Ground Pool Winter Cover

If you want to buy a pool cover to protect your pool during the freezing winter months, this one is the best to buy. It is 28 feet in diameter and can perfectly cover a pool of 24 feet wide. This cover is multifunctional as it can protect your pool from the sun, snow, wind, and ice.

It will always keep the water clean and cool. This means you will not have to clean your pool all the time. It has a 4-foot overlap to make sure it does not stretch or rip. That is why it is ideal for a 24-inch pool. It also has a robust cable and a winch for tightening the cable.

  • It has a 4-feet overlap that prevents stretching and ripping.
  • It has a 4-feet overlap that prevents stretching and ripping.
  • It has a 4-feet overlap that prevents stretching and ripping.
  • The material is not tough enough to get through the harsh winter season.
Our Verdict:

With a Blue Wave pool cover, your pool will stay clear of debris, dust, sun, wind, and ice. Therefore, you will not have to clean the pool every day. This 28-inch cover includes a 4-foot overlap, cable, and winch tightener to ensure it stays in place. Unfortunately, it does not work on dog pools and the best inflatable swimming pools.

2. Intex 28031E N/AA Above Ground Pool Cover

This above ground pool cover features a 7-gauge vinyl construction that makes it very durable. It is, therefore, a valuable purchase because it will serve you for a long time.

This high-end Intex pool cover includes rope ties to keep it in place. Once you install it, you will not need to adjust it all the time. This makes it very convenient and provides optimal protection from the weather, dust, and debris.

It also comes with drain homes that prevent the accumulation of water. It drains excess water and keeps the pool area clean and dry because there will be no excess water. This above ground pool cover is compatible with all 12-foot metal frame Intex pools. It has a 10-inch overlap for additional protection. It has an air-powered design, which does not add any costs to your electricity bill, making it the perfect choice for your home.

  • The 7-gauge vinyl material is robust and stands the test of time.
  • Free rope ties and drain holes save you from spending more on accessories.
  • It has an Intex metal frame that secures it firmly to the pool.
  • The holes at the top cause it to sink from time to time.
Our Verdict:

This pool cover protects your pool from the weather and dirt. It comes with a 10-inch overlap that offers optimal protection to your pool. More so, the rope ties in the pack keep the cover stable around the clock. This cover is available online at affordable prices.

3. Robelle 3524-4 Above-Ground Pool Cover

This above-ground winter pool cover is suitable for traditional above ground pools. It features a heavy-duty 8 x 8 scrim that ensures your pool is safe from harsh weather elements. More so, the solid cover ensures no water passes through from the pool or rain.

This cover size is 28 inches long, making it ideal for 24-inch pools. The four inches overlap makes sure the cover does not stretch or tear when installing it. It features a high-quality polyethylene construction that makes it highly durable. Once you invest in this pool cover, you will not need an upgrade soon because it will last for many seasons.

  • It has a robust, solid material that prevents water seepage.
  • The winch and cable secure it in place through the grommets.
  • Imperial blue top and black underside keep the pool water warm.
  • Cover clips and cover wrap for pool closing are sold separately.
Our Verdict:

With a pool cover that offers optimal coverage and protection to your pool, what more could you ask for? This cover is highly durable to its heavy-duty polyethylene constriction. It is 28 inches wide and has an overlap of 4 inches, which ensures it always stays intact. To keep pools clean, you will also need a swimming pool brush and pool vacuum hose to be able to clean the floor.

4. Blue Wave BCWC720 Winter Cover

Do you have a pool that you would like to protect from the weather and dirt? This 19 x 34-foot pool cover is the best to use. It is ideal for 15 x 30 feet pools, and its overlap ensures the pool is safe from sun, wind, ice, and debris. More so, the 4 feet overlap prevents the cover from stretching may create weak lines on the cover.

Therefore, the cover will last for a long time without forming weak lines that may make it tear.

Read about the best pool vacuum heads for cleaning pools.

  • It has a polyethylene scrim robust enough to stand winter’s worst conditions.
  • A black underside combats the growth of algae, keeping your pool clean and safe.
  • The vinyl-coated cable is sturdy and stainless and withstands all weather conditions.
  • It is too light and can easily be blown off by the wind.
Our Verdict:

This pool cover is an excellent choice for your pool as it will protect it from the weather, dirt, debris, and dust. Your pool will remain clean around the clock, which eliminates the need to clean it daily. Besides, the 4-feet overlap ensures the cover does not overstretch or rip.

5. In the Swim Pool Value Winter Cover

Are you looking for a safe investment? This pool cover is the best to buy because it comes with a one-year full guarantee. So, in case of issues with its quality, you can get a replacement or refund from the manufacturers.

This solid pool cover features an 8x 8 scrim plus cable and turnbuckle to keep it in place. Once you install the cover, you will not need to adjust it every minute, as it will be intact. It features a laminated polyethylene cover with high-density stitching that makes it durable. This assures you of longevity and which means you will use the cover for many seasons. The Swim is suitable for pools measuring 24 inches wide and provides overlap that prevents it from overstretching or ripping.

  • The high-density polyethylene stitching withstands strong winds and rough use.
  • Free cable and turnbuckle save you from spending money on extras and secures the cover.
  • It is easy to use and covers your pool tightly.
  • The material is too light and flimsy and wears out fast.
Our Verdict:

With this pool, you are sure that your investment will not go to waste because you can get a replacement in case of any issues. This cover is suitable for pools measuring 24 inches in diameter. It includes a cable and turnbuckle that ensures it remains in place around the clock.

Final Thoughts

Above ground pool covers protect pools from ice, UV, and microorganisms such as algae. During winter, they protect water from freezing, which can damage the structure of such pools. We have reviewed some of the best brands for most pools. Check them out and buy the model that will work best for your pool, to enjoy these benefits and more.

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