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Affordable Outdoor Sports for Fun

Engaging in outdoor sports is one of the best methods for improving cardiovascular health and strengthening muscles. If you want to improve mental clarity and live a healthier and better life overall, consider engaging in outdoor sports as well. Some sports and activities can cost an arm and a leg for you and your family, though. Most of the expense comes from the gear or equipment you might need to engage in such sports. Gold bags, for instance, are costly and therefore within the reach of a few people. To build endurance at home, you might also need a recumbent exercise bike, which is equally costly. However, some sports require minimal or no equipment to play and are therefore suitable for beginners and individuals with shallow pockets. Here are the best affordable outdoor sports you can spend time with family and on a small budget.

Disc Golf

Traditional, people consider golf a rich man’s sport. You need costly golf clubs and a golf course subscription to have an enjoyable game with colleagues or friends. What many people do not know is that there are cheaper variants of the same sport that you can enjoy with family and friends at any time. Disc golf, or Frisbee golf, for instance, is a two-person sport that provides hours of fun. Generally, disc golf is a cheap sport as all you need is a frisbee (or disk) to play. In addition, you do not need a golf course or any unique setting to play. If you have an open space in your backyard or have a public park in your locality, you can play this game with family and friends at any time. The rules are almost the same as golf’s but easy to follow through. You throw towards a target called a disc catcher, which is usually a metal basket. You may also improvise your laundry basket at home to become the target.


Soccer is a popular sport in the world of entertainment, is also easy for both adults and kids to master. Again, besides wearing cleats, if you want to, you do not need additional equipment to play.  Most medium-sized footballs are readily available at fair prices in sports houses and web stores. Also, while you have more freedom on a soccer pitch, you can play soccer in most areas, including your backyard and local park, et cetera. Finally, this sport accommodates many players at a go. Hence, during your family reunions, your entire family and friends can participate and have an enjoyable time together. Like basketball and other sports, soccer is a demanding sport. If you have weak knees, wear knee pads to prevent injury. You should also warm up on an inversion table or a recumbent exercise bike to up your activity level and boost endurance.


Swimming is another affordable and convenient sport as long as you are able or willing to learn without formal lessons. Since you may not have a swimming pool of your own, you will need to pay a small access fee at the recreational center near you. If you need your kids to have confidence and pro skills as swimmers, the trainers can also help. The benefit of such skills is that you can all be able to even swim at a lake or a creek safely and at no charge. For safety, always monitor the activity of your children whenever they are swimming and home or in a public pool. Swimming on beaches seems like fun but might not be suitable for small children. Swimming accessories such as hair caps and bathing suits can improve the experience of people further. Buy the best for yourself before heading out.


Skateboarding is an old sport but very popular among kids in your neighborhood. As your children skate, you can be sure you wouldn’t mind joining them for fun and protection. With skates available at different designs and points, everyone in your family can hop on one for a ride. The other amenity required is a level surface such as a sidewalk, driveway, or empty road. Don’t forget to spare some cash for a helmet and pads for the elbows and knees, and the skateboard. We have reviewed the best electric skateboards for you in our other article. Caster boards are smaller but are equally fun to use.

We have shared tips on how to ride a skateboard below:

Deriving the best of your time together with family and friends from outdoor sports doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. There are many activities you can benefit from without breaking the bank. Hence, and encourage your family to play outdoors by investing in a few affordable sports gear.

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