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Best Baby Changing Tables in 2023

When caring for a small child, you will have to change their clothes and diapers often. The process is hectic without the right furniture. You can strain your back and develop back pains when you strain for a long time. When in pain, you will not be able to take care of your baby effectively. It is thus essential to buy a changing table to enable you to change your baby comfortably. We have talked about the best brands this year below.

Are you in a hurry?

Many mothers dread changing their baby’s soiled diapers. Securing the baby, handling dirty diapers, and cleaning babies have proven to be too much for most parents many times. If you are one of them, this is the time to order a new baby changing table. Often made from wood or metal, they are secure and therefore suitable for holding most babies. They have a stable platform for securing babies and storage for diapers and other items. Here are some notable brands that you will love using.

Best Overall

Dream on Me Emily Changing Table

Dream on Me Emily Changing Table in Espresso

The Dream on Me Emily is an eye-catching wooden changing table (espresso) with a 19.5-pound design measuring 36.5 x 20 x 39 inches. Because of its smaller footprint, it is one of the best brands for people with small homes. You get a secure mattress platform that fits up to o1-inch pads. This provides a comfortable resting area for your baby as you change his or her diaper. It also has two easy-reach shelves that provide ample storage space for your item. As you change your baby’s diaper, you will have quick reach to fresh ones or other items such as clothes.

Smart Pick

Graco Changing Table

Graco Changing Table

Graco Changing Table has a multi-functional pebble grey design that helps you to change baby diapers like a professional. The wooden table has a stable 41.73 x 21.65 x 6.42-inch design that weighs 29.04 pounds. It can support up to 35 pounds on an extra deep platform that fits most baby changing pads. You also have convenient storage space (two shelves) for baby stuff. Both have a secure wood design that supports heavy loads. They are also spacious and therefore can fit items of all sizes.

Budget Pick

EGREE Baby Changing Table Portable

EGREE Baby Changing Table Portable

The EGREE Baby Changing Table is a portable household accessory with an upgrade four-level design that can suit the needs of most parents. It has an adjustable height frame that eliminates the need for excessive bending. The steel frame is durable, while its fabric platforms (Oxford) are sturdy and skin safe. It is not as cold as wood and metal is and has a soft texture that babies love. The platform also eliminates the need for mattress pads for kids, saving you a lot of money in the end. You can fold and store EGREE when not in use. It is also portable.

Buying Guide for Best Baby Changing Tables

One of the main things you need to have as a new parent is a baby changing table. A baby changing table is essential to have in a house where there is a newborn. The tables are suitable for changing diapers.

They also help store your baby’s items such as rash ointments, powders, baby wipes, and change of clothes, towels, diapers, and toys. We have reviewed a comprehensive rundown based on the best quality and safety in this buying guide for baby change tables. This will open your eyes to selecting the best changing table for your baby or babies. Let’s read on

Safety: A good changing table needs to be firm and sturdy so that it doesn’t topple over on your baby. If it doesn’t have firm legs to hold it onto the ground or anchors and tethers to brace it in place, then it’s not a safe place to hold your baby while changing them.

Diaper Bin: Ensure that your baby’s changing table has close for easy diaper disposal. This is because, as your child grows, the diapers will pile up every day. You will then realize how vital the bin is and appreciate its use for keeping your baby’s diapers next to you.

Top 5 Best Baby Changing Tables in the Market this Year

With our selection of the best baby changing tables this year, you will have an easy time caring for a child. They are durable and 100% safe.

1. Dream on Me Emily Changing Table in Espresso

Dream On Me Emily Changing Table has a small footprint and thus occupies a small space in your room. You can move it around your room with ease since it is light. Its package includes a free 1-inch changing pad that provides a convenient space for changing your baby.

The New Zealand pinewood material is robust and durable. You will therefore use the table throughout your child’s early years. Its sturdiness also enhances the stability of the table, making it safe.

Dream On Me Emily Changing Table has spacious shelves where you can keep your baby’s essentials. The shelves are easy to reach, enabling you to access all the items that you need quickly and easily. The shelves enable you to keep the changing room organized. A minimalist design and stylish finishes further enhance the appearance of your room.

  • The two shelves are wide and provide an adequate storage area to place baskets.
  • Its guard rails will be suitable for infants of most ages.
  • The table comes with a changing pad creating a convenient space for diaper changing.
  • The table can be slightly flimsy and shaky, but that can vary on how careful you use them.
Our Verdict:

You can use the Dream On Me Emily Changing Table in your small changing room. It has a small footprint and occupies a small space.

2. Graco Changing Table

Graco Changing Table features a safety strap to restrain your baby from movement and accidental falls. An extra-deep changing surface also enhances safety by preventing your baby from rolling and falling off. The table complies with CPS/ASTM safety standards, ensuring your baby’s safety. You also find a free changing pad in the package.

The changing pad has a water-resistant material that prevents liquid spills from reaching the table. Graco Changing Table additionally has open shelves where you can store your baby’s items. The shelves are spacious enough to fit several items. You can therefore use the furniture to store items even after your baby outgrows it. This table also has an elegant design that complements the style of your room.

  • The changing table includes a water-resistant changing pad & safety strap.
  • It features an elegant design that will complement your style.
  • The Changing Table features an extra deep surface for added security while changing your baby or infant.
  • The pad may come across a thin, and the strap may not fit all babies.
Our Verdict:

You will no longer have to worry about your baby’s safety with the Graco Changing Table. It complies with CPS/ASTM safety standards, has a deep surface and safety straps, ensuring your baby’s safety.

3. EGREE Baby Changing Table Portable

EGREE Baby Changing Table has a foldable design. You can fold it for easy storage and portability. You can also adjust the table to a comfortable height using the 4-level adjustment settings. The table thus protects you against back strain and consequent pains. It has a robust Oxford fabric that withstands extended use. The frame has a sturdy steel material construction with long service life. It also has a powdered coating that keeps your baby safe from static electricity. these materials are all safe and will not affect your baby’s health.

EGREE Baby Changing Table also has a safety belt that protects your baby from falling off. Protective plates on all sides of the table further enhance safety. The table has two large storage baskets that provide a secure place to store your essentials. You can therefore use the table as a changing table, storage organizer, or both.

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  • The changing table has a 4-Level adjustable height, which offers a suitable position for parents to change diapers, massage, and changes clothes for their babies.
  • It will significantly prevent backaches and pains from bending or kneeling.
  • The baby changing station is uniquely built for sturdy durability and long-lasting use.
  • Not as sturdy or durable as solid wood changing tables.
Our Verdict:

EGREE Baby Changing Table is easy to store and carry around, thanks to its foldable design. It is also multipurpose and usable as a changing table and storage organizer. We have also reviewed wood bed frames.

4. Badger Basket Diaper Corner Baby Changing Table

Badger Basket Baby Changing Table is small and perfectly fits in a corner of your room. it includes a basket that provides a storage place for diapers, clothes, and changing supplies. You will not strain while changing your baby since the table allows you to change them with their feet pointing in your direction. You will also not need to buy extra accessories to use with the table. It comes complete with all necessary accessories including a changing pad, cover, and safety belt.

The safety belt secures the baby, preventing them from falling.

Badger Basket Baby Changing Table is also easy to clean, by wiping and spotting. You, therefore, get to keep it clean and germ-free without applying too much effort. Its large carrying capacity enables the table to hold a weight of up to 30 pounds. Polyester, wood, and cotton materials making the table are non-toxic and safe.

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  • It comes with six shelves, three on both sides and two front drawers, one small and another large.
  • The top side shelves provide a place to keep all the things that you need while changing diapers.
  • It comes complete with a foam changing pad, fabric pad cover, and safety belt.
  • There are no guard rails around the diaper changing pad.
Our Verdict:

You can clean the Badger Basket Diaper Corner Baby Changing Table by wiping and spotting it. The easy cleaning procedure enables you to keep it germ-free effortlessly.

5. Badger Basket Modern Baby Changing Table

Badger Basket Baby Changing Table has six baskets that provide ample storage space for your various items. Three of these baskets are small and ideal for the storage of baby’s small items such as wipes and lotions. The other three baskets are large and can fit large items such as blankets and toys. You can remove these baskets to allow for easy cleaning. Basket handles enable you to open them with one hand while changing your baby.

Badger Basket Baby Changing Table further has safety rails that protect your baby from falling. It also includes a free water-proof changing pad that you can easily wipe clean when soiled. The table frame has a multi-layer wooden and MDF material construction. Your child is also safe on this changing table since all the paints, finishes, and materials are non-toxic. The materials are sturdy and stable and stand the test of time. This table has a safety belt with a plastic buckle to keep your baby secure. You can adjust the safety belt to fit your baby snugly depending on their size.

  • The changing table has ample room for diaper changing on top, with six storage baskets in two sizes included below.
  • It includes a foam changing pad, safety belt, and its Baskets pull out easily and are fully removable.
  • Its Safety rails enclose all four sides of the changing area.
  • This product is a safety hazard; it is flimsy; if a child tries pulling on it will fall right onto them.
Our Verdict:

You will use the Badger Basket Baby Changing Table throughout your baby’s early years, thanks to its sturdy, durable frame. The materials are also non-toxic and will not harm your child.

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