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Best Backpack for College in 2023

If you are preparing for your first day at college, you will need a backpack for college to carry electronics such as laptops. They also provide secure storage space for textbooks and personal items such as phones, car keys, and your GoPro accessories.

Backpacks for college students come in many designs made from different materials. They also come in different sizes and can be unisex or specially designed for women or men. Thus, while looking for one, these are some attributes that you should check before buying for one. We have reviewed the best.

Are you in a hurry?

Are you going to college and need a backpack in a hurry? We have reviewed top picks that can satisfy most college students.

Best Overall

Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

Adapted for carrying delicate items such as laptops, Matein is a student-friendly backpack for commuting to and from school. It works as a business backpack as well because of its water-resistant design. Water does not penetrate its zippers. The unisex backpack pits up to 15.6-inch laptops and Notebooks in a padded slot that prevents damage. It also has a front pocket for pens, keys, or makeup pallets, and a ventilated back panel with padding. This spreads the weight evenly on the back to lower irritation. Its adjustable straps (padded) fit women and men, while a USB slot on the side enables you to charge your phone.

Smart Pick

Himawari Women's Backpack

Himawari Women's Backpack

Himawari comes in multiple color combinations for women. You can get a bright and neutral model, each made from scratch-resistant nylon, which is also waterproof. It also has leather inlays for stability and looks and a double zippered main compartment with space for a 14-inch laptop. Several small pockets offer ample space for phones and keys, which its padded straps are adjustable. Overall, the bag measures 15x 11 x 6-inches, providing 16.5 liters of storage space. It weighs 0. 686 kilograms and has a satisfaction guarantee (30 days).

Budget Pick

Amazon Basics Canvas Laptop Backpack Bag

Amazon Basics Canvas Laptop Backpack Bag

Amazon Basics is a 13.4 x 11.8 x 1.5-inch laptop backpack for students made from canvas. The material is slightly heavier than nylon but offers better rip-resistance while in use. It also has a fade-proof black theme with a padded compartment for up to 15-inch laptops. Positioned on the back, the slot does not affect the stability of the backpack when loaded with a laptop. The internal compartment offers ample space for folders and books, while its side zipper pockets secure keys and other small items.

Buying Guide for Backpacks for College

While shopping offline or online, many students think that any college backpack will serve them well at school. What they end up getting are cheap products that rip or fail to accommodate their stuff. Follow this guide to avoid such shopping fails.

Capacity: On route to class, you will carry a laptop, a textbook, a notebook, and a pen most of the time. Therefore, buying an overly small backpack might not be a good idea. Make sure that it can satisfy your needs by checking its capacity. What is the size of its main compartment? Does it have a laptop sleeve and zippered pockets for small items such as keys? For the best results, look for a product that fits such items and more.

Materials: Books and laptops are heavy, so it is always a good idea to check the material of your preferred backpack. It is nylon, cotton, canvas, or leather? Leather is a luxurious material but is expensive. It also stretches and can rip when overloaded with books and a laptop.  Canvas and nylon and ideal for college students as they are stylish, water-resistant, and come in multiple “cool” themes for students. Choose the best one.

Comfort: Look for something that you will enjoy carrying to class. It should be light and comfortable to carry when loaded to capacity. Models with a padded back panel and adjustable straps are also good. They do not strain the shoulder or back.

1. Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

Are you looking for a new backpack for college? Worry no more because this Matein Backpack will suit all your needs. It comes with many storage pockets and spaces to ensure you have enough space to keep all your things. It features one spacious compartment for keeping your electronic and daily necessities. The front case has many pockets to support other small items in an organized way. It also has a separate space for your laptop.

This bag is very comfortable and robust and features a unique airflow back design with thick, soft multi-panel ventilated padding. This gives you support while carrying it and ensures you feel comfortable at all times. Its shoulder straps are breathable and adjustable to relieve pressure and stress from your shoulders. More so, it has a foam-padded top handle that allows you to carry the bag in your hand comfortably.

With this bag, you will no longer worry about charging your electronics as it features a USB port design. It has an in-built USB charger outside the bag and a built-in charging cable inside. This allows you to charge a phone while walking. Electric skateboards are good for commuting within the campus.

  • You can charge a smartphone via its inbuilt USB charger.
  • A soft multi-panel ventilated padding on the back boosts comfort.
  • You can adjust the breathable shoulder straps to customize the fit.
  • Some sections have poor stitching that might rip under stress.
Our Verdict:

You are getting a robust and safe college bag by buying this Matein backpack. It has multiple storage pockets to ensure all your items stay safe and stable. Besides, its USB charging ports enable you to charge a phone as you walk.

2. Himawari Women’s Backpack

If you love classy backpacks, this Himawari Women’s backpack is an excellent choice. It features a waterproof and scratch-resistant material to protect your belongings from moisture. However, keep it away from water because it is not waterproof. It also has leather decorations, and its pink color is appealing.

The main case features a double zipper design to make sure your laptop and iPad are safe. It also comes with several small pockets to store your pens, cell phone, and other little items. The ergonomic design of this backpack makes it comfortable to carry. The nylon fabric is soft and breathable to prevent your back from sweating. Also, the soft shoulder straps ensure your shoulders stay stress and pressure-free at all times. If you like sports such as basketball, check out these basketball bags.

  • Its adjustable shoulder straps have padding for comfort.
  • The bag is soft and breathable nylon that lasts for long.
  • Its double zippered design offers secure storage space for laptops.
  • The double zippers are not very smooth. They stick often.
Our Verdict:

This pink Himawari backpack makes an excellent choice for college girls who love class and fashion. It is large enough to hold your laptop and other belongings every day, and its double zipper design ensures your items’ safety. You can buy this bag online and enjoy everything it has to offer.

3. Laptop Anti-theft College Backpack

If you are looking for a comfortable and robust backpack, this one is the best to buy. It features a robust, breathable back design that has thick and soft multi-panel ventilated padding. This ensures you have maximum support while the adjustable shoulder straps and foam padded top handle allow for easy and comfortable carrying. This bag comes with a separate laptop compartment, one spacious space for your necessities, and electronics, books, clothes, and binders, among others. It also features mesh pockets at the side of your water bottle.

This backpack gives you the convenience of using it for various purposes, including traveling, hiking, and school. Its anti-theft design ensures your belongings are safe at all times.

  • It has a versatile design that is perfect for school, traveling, and hiking.
  • Offers sufficient space for a laptop, books, and clothing.
  • You can adjust the padded straps to maximize comfort.
  • Some seams need improvement as their flimsy and cannot support a lot of weight.
Our Verdict:

Constructed using durable and waterproof material, this bag ensures longevity and durability. Its USB port design allows for convenient phone charging even when you are walking. Its multifunctional design and multiple pockets give you an easy time when traveling or going to school.

4. AmazonBasics Canvas Laptop Backpack

This AmazonBasics Canvas Backpack has padded compartments that fit most laptops and tablets. It also features a spacious internal room for carrying your books and folders, while the external zippered side pockets keep small items like pens.

This bag also has an external top pocket with internal compartments that are ideal for storing your wallets, pens, and cell phones. Finally, it comes with two exterior side pockets for holding your water bottles. This backpack assures you of longevity as it features durable canvas in its construction.

Therefore, you can use it for a long time without the need to buy a new bag. Besides, it features a padded back and adjustable straps for optimal comfort while carrying it.

  • The back panels and straps have soft and comfortable padding.
  • It has exterior pockets for water bottles, et cetera.
  • Its robust structure can support heavy books and a laptop.
  • The secondary compartment in this backpack is small and non-functional.
Our Verdict:

This backpack is comfortable and durable. Its robust design (zippered) has many pockets and compartments that enable you to carry everything you need for the day or weekend if you are traveling. The small slot needs improvement, though.

5. Delapuy Canvas Waterproof Backpack for College

This Delapuy backpack is suitable for women and features a unique design with a USB charging port on its side. This lets you charge your mobile phone or tablet at any time, ensuring you stay connected all day long. The material used to engineer this bag is of high quality, including high-quality canvas and polyester lining. This material can withstand daily use.

This backpack has a three-piece design: a laptop backpack, a lunch bag, and a pen case to make sure you have everything you need for the day. Your pens will also have a safe place, making sure you have easy access during class time.

  • Its three-in-one design satisfies the needs of most people.
  • It has storage space for small items such as pens.
  • The USB charging slot on the side enables you to charge phones on the go.
  • You have to a battery pack separately to be able to charge a phone.
Our Verdict:

This college backpack for women features a superior design that allows you to charge your phone around the clock. Its three pieces also give you enough space for your food, laptop, notebooks, and pens. Besides, it is lightweight and durable, and you can find it online at fair prices.

Final Thoughts

If you can find a backpack that offers enough storage space for books and a laptop, attending class will be easy. However, make sure that it is light and has a padded back panel and straps for comfort. The options in stores are diverse. Our five picks have attracted attention of late due to their versatility.

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