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Best Basketball Bags in 2023

Basketball is a great social sport. However, the balls are naturally big and can’t fit in most backpacks. Therefore, as a basketball player, you need to look for a good basketball bag. These bags allow you to carry all your playing gear. Thanks to their large size, they can fit and secure most gaming gear.

Basketball is unique; that’s why you should have a unique basketball bag. Apart from being an essential item for every player, these bags also stand out with their strong fashion. However, there are many brands on the market, and even if you’re a pro, it’s extremely hard to tell. To help you solve the puzzle, below is a review of the best basketball bags.

Are you in a hurry?

Basketball bags offer sufficient secure storage space for sports items such as balls. Some models have wet slots for towels or shoes and dedicated space (padded) for delicate items such as laptops and/or phones. Therefore, if you have adopted a rigorous workout routine that involves hauling items such as balls and shoes, a new one will come in handy.

Best Overall

Nike Unisex Hoops Elite Pro Basketball Backpack

Nike Unisex Hoops Elite Pro Basketball Backpack

Nike Unisex Hoops is an elite and professional-grade basketball backpack that fits and secures most gear. It has a durable and water-resistant design with a padded interior that protects delicate items. The large main compartment offers sufficient space for clothes and a ball. It also has side pockets for water bottles and adjustable straps that you can customize to satisfy your needs. Zippers are waterproof. You can lock them with a small padlock to restrict access to stuff.

Smart Pick

POINT 3 Basketball Road Trip 2.0 Backpack

POINT 3 Basketball Road Trip 2.0 Backpack

The POINT has a large main compartment that offers enough storage space for items such as backpacks. Made from nylon, it has a durable structure that is also water-resistant. Zippers are leak-proof, while its adjustable shoulder straps have padding for comfort. You can store everything in this backpack, ranging from hand exercisers to small medicine balls and weighted vests. If you use weight lifting gloves or basketball knee pads, it is can work for you too.

Budget Pick

Athletico National Basketball Bag

Athletico National Basketball Bag

Athletico National is a well-ventilated basketball bag with clean bottom compartments for items such as keys. The bag has a spacious design with seven pockets that you can use to categorize items while on the road. The manufacturer has added padded straps to this backpack. These feel great on the back. They also spread weight evenly to prevent injury and have an adjustable design that fits most people The bag's design can withstand mud, rain, and even dust.

Buying Guide for Basketball Bags

Sports lovers take pride in storing and carrying their sports gear comfortably. A basketball bag will therefore be a necessity for a basketball lover. The bag should enable them to get to court in style, carrying all the sports essentials in one piece. When buying a basketball bag, consider the factors highlighted in this buying guide to avoid frustrations.

Size: The size of the basketball you choose will define the amount and size of items you will carry. If you intend to carry many or large items, go for a large bag. You should also consider your body size to get a bag that you will carry easily.

Material: Examine the material of a basketball bag to ensure that you choose one that is durable and easy to maintain. The material should withstand long-term use to serve you for long and give you the ultimate value for your money.

Comfort: You will need comfort when heading to or from the basketball court. You should get to the court comfortably to maximize your productivity. After the game, you will be tired and worn out, and getting home comfortably will do you justice. Therefore, buy a bag with a comfortable overall size, strap length, and padded straps and back.

Top 5 Basketball Bags in the Market this Year

While selecting a basketball ball bag, look for a durable and spacious product that can fit all your stuff. It should be a durable and leak-proof design with a dirty compartment if possible. These brands meet this threshold.

1. Nike Unisex Hoops Elite Pro Basketball Backpack

For those looking for a way to carry their basketball gears comfortably, they should buy this Nike Hoops Elite Pro Basketball bag, and you won’t regret it. It’s large, thus allowing you to store your essentials safely.

The basketball bag has tough construction that makes it strong and sturdy. This bag is made specifically for basketball enthusiasts. Also, it has a padded interior that allows it to perfectly store your delicate items.

With its zippered closure, there is no need to worry about your items being accessed by an unauthorized person. This basketball bag is the lightest you can get. With this design, you can carry it for longer hours. Since it has compartments, you’ll be able to separate clean and dirty gears.

  • Dri-FIT microfiber fabrication keeps you dry and comfortable by wicking sweat away.
  • Easily adjustable closure allows easy one-hand adjustability while on the go.
  • Polyester mesh side panels allow proper air circulation, keeping your bag fresh.
  • It contains too many pockets, reducing the space of the main compartment.
Our Verdict:

The Nike Hoops Elite Pro Basketball bag is many people’s favorite due to its stylish design. Since it comes in different colors, you can easily select the one, which suits your sense of style and fashion. In addition, with its many compartments, you’ll be able to carry all your playing gear.

2. POINT 3 Basketball Road Trip 2.0 Backpack

The Point 3 Road Trip 2.0 Basketball Backpack is an excellent accessory to purchase. With this bag, you’ll store all your paying gears, starting from shoes to the ball. It has easy-to-access slots that allow you to access your essentials. Besides, its attractive and sleek design catches everyone’s attention.

Furthermore, the bag has a well-ventilated meshed compartment that enables you to store your sweaty gears perfectly. Its shoulder straps are well-padded to assure you the maximum comfort when carrying them. Also, there’s a water storage compartment on the side that allows you to store your water bottle for easy access. Due to the incredible versatility of this bag, it’s suitable for both home and away games. It assures you maximum security for your valuables as it has a zippered compartment that you can use to store your phone and other important electronics. Since it’s water-resistant, you don’t worry when it starts raining.

  • Drawstring closure on the front pocket holds your basketball safely and securely.
  • Ventilated mesh compartment provides the ideal space for your sweaty gear without retaining a bad odor.
  • Padded shoulder straps allow you to carry your essentials with no pain or discomfort.
  • The minor compartments are too small to hold medium to large items.
Our Verdict:

If you need a basketball bag that you can carry for a long without being uncomfortable, the Point 3 Road Trip bag is here to sort all your needs. It has padded shoulder straps that ensure your shoulders remain comfortable all through.

3. Athletico National Basketball Bag

The Athletico National Soccer Bag is among the few well-ventilated basketball bags. It has a clean bottom compartment that you can use to carry essential items. With this bag, there will be no cases of your items stinking.

Due to its spacious design, the bag can comfortably carry more than one basketball. The middle compartment of this bag has 7 pockets that ensure that all your essentials are kept organized. Unlike other bags, you can use it to carry all your basketball gear. This Athletico National Soccer Bag has padded adjustable straps that give you maximum comfort when carrying it. The bag assures you ergonomic fit at all times. Also, the bag has a tough construction that allows it to withstand rain, dirt, and even mud. Apart from being a basketball bag, you can use it for school or work purposes.

  • A large vented compartment fits and secures your small and large balls.
  • Universal design makes the bag multipurpose, ideal to carry your balls and other non-sport items.
  • The shoulder straps are adjustable, allowing you to set them to a comfortable length.
  • Denier polyester material is not sturdy enough to withstand extended use
Our Verdict:

If you need a ventilated basketball bag that looks good and can accommodate most of your stuff, Athletico National is the way to go. Its breathable design keeps gym accessories smelling fresh. It also has a large main compartment (zippered) and seven smaller ones for securing delicate stuff such as keys and phones. Designed to withstand mud, dirty, and rain, it offers years of good service in all environments. Moreover, padded and adjustable straps are a good addition as they not only spread weight evenly on the back but are also comfortable.

4. Under Armour Soccer Backpack

Buy this Under Armour Soccer Backpack and enjoy the benefits that come with its spacious design. It’s most suitable for basketball practice, but you can also use it as your daily backpack. With its waterproof front pocket, you can comfortably store all your valuables.

Besides, the bag has an inner compartment that can store laptops of all sizes. Of late, the bag has been so popular, thanks to its attractive design. With its many colors, you can easily select that goes with your sense of style and fashion. The bag is suitable for basketball-crazy teenagers and kids.

Furthermore, the Under Armour Soccer Backpack comes in the simplest design. With this bag, you’ll be able to keep all your basketball gear in a safe and organized manner. This bag is made using polyester material that makes it adjustable to suit all your needs.

  • The loading compartment at the base securely holds and conceals your ball.
  • Felt-lined pockets hold your delicate items and protect them against scratches.
  • Elastic side pockets securely hold your water bottle and are easy to access.
  • It is small-sized with short straps, making it only ideal for kids.
Our Verdict:

When it comes to durability, this Under Armour Soccer Backpack is the real deal. It has a strong design that makes it extremely long-lasting.

5. TRAILKICKER Travel Backpack

The TRAILKICKER 35L Soccer Backpack is the best option for those looking for a water-resistant bag. With this bag, you won’t have to worry if it starts raining while in the field. Your items will remain cool and dry at all times.

Besides, the bag is made using superior quality polyester that makes it durable. It has a water-repelling bottom that allows you to place it anywhere you want. In addition, it comes with a hidden shoe bag that you can use to store your sneakers, cleats, and spats. Furthermore, the bag has a foldable design that allows you to store it while not in use.

With its many compartments, you can easily differentiate between dirt and clean gears. It comes with well-padded shoulder straps that accord you maximum comfort at all times.

  • It has a padded compartment that fits most standard laptops.
  • Hidden laundry slot for your dirty shoes and/or socks.
  • Durable 35-liter design with an innovative airflow back design.
  • The ball takes up a lot of space in the main compartment.
Our Verdict:

This TRAILKICKER 35L Soccer Backpack comes with a water-repelling bottom that allows it to be placed anywhere. With this bag, there is no need to worry about your items getting wet when it rains.

Final Thoughts

Basketball accessories such as balls and knee pads are costly and thus need safe storage when not in use. This is where the best basketball bags come in handy. They offer enough storage space for such items and more. They are weatherproof and designed to benefit both women and men.

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