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Best Bathroom Scales in 2023

Nowadays, people are striving to lead a healthy lifestyle, and regulating weight is one way to check on bad habits. However, weight fluctuates depending on several factors, such as food consumption, bowel movements, and exercise. As such, it’s important to keep a regular check on your weight.

Stepping on the scale is a nerve-racking experience for most people. That’s where bathroom scales come in; these unique weight scales provide more insight into one’s body composition, including body fat percentage and muscle mass. This article lists the top ten best bathroom scales in 2023 to help you find the right scale.

Are you in a hurry?

If you are health conscious, you should keep tabs on your weight and make meaningful changes to keep it down. In the past, people used waistbands and wrist bands to track weight manually. These were affordable but fell short when people wanted to make fine weight measurements. Today, bathroom scales have taken over this niche. Check these.

Best Overall

ABYON Bluetooth Smart Bathroom Scales

ABYON Bluetooth Smart Bathroom Scales

ABYON is a Bluetooth-enabled smart bathroom scale that can send data to iOS and Android phones. It supports Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. The plate can support up to 400 pounds, while its inbuilt fat analyzer enables you to monitor body fat content in real-time. The platform measures measuring 11.81 x11.81 x1 inches. Feet (rubberized) are non-slip, while the glass shell is both stylish and durable. You will need the free ABYON app to track weight remotely.

Smart Pick

REDOVER Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

REDOVER Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

REDOVER is an eye-catching body fat scale that blends well with most areas of the home. You can use it in bathrooms or a home gym without cluttering personal space. It also has a durable glass top with non-slip feet and a wide LED display that enables you to track weight accurately. The scale can support up to 400 pounds. Precise BIA sensors deliver accurate measurements, while its smart system enables you to send and analyze data remotely. This bathroom scale shuts down automatically once you step off to save power.

Budget Pick

Loftilla Bathroom Scale

Loftilla Bathroom Scale

The fact that Loftilla markets this bathroom scale as a budget product does not mean you get a low-quality item. It can quickly check weight and enable you to track progress via Bluetooth. It has an LED display that is easy to check in the dark. The shell is thick glass with non-slip feet, while its waterproof design works well on wet areas. To use the scale, step on it for 5-10 minutes. It shuts off automatically once you step off. Loftilla records up to 10 body measurements.

Buying Guide for Bathroom Scales

Measuring and keeping track of your weight and body measurements such as BMI helps you to take care of your health. You get to know what to eat and do to maintain or achieve a healthy lifestyle. Bathroom scales are thus a necessity for every household that prioritizes the well-being of its members. You need to consider several factors before buying bathroom scales, as outlined in this buying guide.

Size: The size of your bathroom scales should correspond to your body size. Avoid going for bathroom scales too small for your fit. Scales large enough to accommodate your body size will be comfortable to use.

Power: The means of power you intend to use should determine the type of bathroom scales you should buy. Some bathroom scales require electric power while others are analog and will not consume any cost on energy. Buy the scales whose source of power you can comfortably fund.

Functionality: Different bathroom scales have different functions, with the current technological advancement. Some scales allow connectivity with different apps that you connect with your smart devices. You will also find some scales that can record your body measurements for easy monitoring. Therefore, take time to examine various bathroom scales to settle for one with the functions you desire.

Top 5 Bathroom Scales in the Market this Year

Every year, companies come up with multiple innovative bathroom scales for commercial and personal use. In this section, we review some of the best brands in the market this year that can support your weight loss journey of help you to live healthily. Read on to learn what each one offers.

1. ABYON Bluetooth Smart Bathroom Scales

The ABYON Bluetooth Smart Bathroom Scale is an excellent accessory to buy. This digital weight scale and body fat analyzer allow you to weigh yourself even without your phone in hand. In addition, the data syncs to the app once your android or IOS smartphone and the scale connect again via Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. Also, the free ABYON app syncs with other fitness apps such as Apple Health and Google Fit. Moreover, the scale has a maximum weight of 400albs and provides a full analysis of your health and weight progress so that you can plan your diet and workout programs.

Additionally, the ABYON Bathroom Scale features four highly sensitive electrodes to ensure accurate readings and trustworthy body composition analysis. Plus, the scale comes in two sizes – the large platform measuring 11.81 x11.81 x1 inches ideal for the entire family and the 10.24 x10.24 x1 inches size for persons with small feet.

  • You can measure 13 body measurements including your body weight, BMI, body water, and fat.
  • Four sensitive electrodes read your measurements quickly and precisely.
  • You can sync the scales with your phone to enable you to record your readings for future reference.
  • Bluetooth to phone connectivity is sometimes slow, delaying the passing of data.
Our Verdict:

Staying committed to the fitness journey is not easy. However, the ABYON Bathroom Scale comes boasting unique features that make the process more convenient. The model accommodates multiple users so the family can motivate and keep each other focused.

2. REDOVER-Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

Redover is a bathroom scale boasting a unique and stylish design to complement your bathroom décor. It features sturdy tempered glass and a 3.3inches LED display screen with bright numbers. Notably, the manufacturer recommends placing the scale on a hard, flat floor for more accurate readings.

Besides, the scale measures 11.8 x 11.8 x 1 inches and utilizes the BIA technology with four high-precision sensors to ensure accurate results. Install the Feelfit app, which helps you track your progress and set goals.

The REDOVER Bathroom Scale features four anti-skid pads, ensuring your safety on the slippery bathroom floor. Also, the scale features smooth round edges for convenient handling and automatically shuts down once your step off, saving on battery.

  • You can connect the scales to your phone through Bluetooth, the Fitbit app, Google fit app, and Apple health.
  • It supports unlimited connection, allowing you to connect the scales with all your smart devices.
  • Step-on-technology measures your weight seconds after stepping on the scales.
  • You have to sign in to the App using your email and password which may compromise your privacy.
Our Verdict:

The REDOVER-Bluetooth Body Fat Scale is an excellent choice for an individual or family planning to stay committed to the fitness journey. Individuals should expect to track their weight, plus other 12 essential body compositions, without the extra stress of keeping manual records and reminders.

3. Loftilla Bathroom Scale

The Loftilla Bathroom Scale connects and syncs with the Loftilla Plus App via Bluetooth so you can conveniently track your progress. Even better, there is no limit to the number of users who can share the scale and app, with the data only being stores on your phone.

Better still, the app supports both Android and IOS, plus syncs with popular fitness apps such as Apple Health and Fitbit App. Stand on the scale for 5 to 10 seconds, and you find that your weight shows on the LED display and your mobile app.

Uniquely, the Loftilla Bathroom Scale comes fully sealed, making it more stable, waterproof, thus longer service life. The scale features four high-precision sensors to ensure swift and accurate 13 body essential body measurements.

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  • 4 high-precision sensors with 0.2lb/0.1 kg with 400lb/180kg capacity increments provide precise readings.
  • You can connect the scales to your phone to track your weight and BMI remotely.
  • It supports unlimited users, allowing you to share your wellness information with your family members.
  • It is too tiny for any user with a shoe size above 9 shoe sizes to fit comfortably.
Our Verdict:

The Loftilla Bathroom Scale boasts multiple features that enhance its convenience and functionality. These include an easy five-second setup, step-on technology for quick results, and an auto-off feature to save on battery.

4. RENPHO Bathroom Wireless Weight Scale

Stepping on this scale provides you with 13 key body composition metrics thanks to its BIA technology. The data is available on your Renpho mobile app within one second of stepping on the scale. Notably, you can use this scale with friends and family, whose data will also appear on the app.

This scale measures 11 x 11 x 1inches and has a maximum weight capacity of 396lbs or 180kgs. Notably, the Renpho app is only compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 and above. Plus, the manufacturer advises you to avoid using the scale on the carpet or an uneven surface, causing inaccurate results.

Additionally, the RENPHO Body Fat Scale boasts four highly sensitive and precise sensors to ensure quick, accurate results. Also, it comes with three AAA batteries, plus an instruction manual, making the setup more convenient. Other bath accessories that will make your life fun include a towel warmer cabinet, a handheld showerhead, and a laundry sorter.

  • Auto calibration and high-precision sensors read your measurements fast and accurately.
  • The easy-to-setup app allows you to connect the scales with Fitbit and Google Fit app.
  • It saves your data, allowing you to keep track and monitor your measurements.
  • Only body weight readings are displayed on the scales while other readings are shown in the app.
Our Verdict:

The RENPHO Body Fat Scale offers you so much more than the traditional weight scales, so you can have an overview of your body and track your weekly and monthly progress. Unfortunately, if you have any medical device installed, such as a pacemaker, the manufacturer cautions against the use of this scale.

5. Health O Meter Oversized Dial Scale

Here is an analog bathroom scale, measuring 34.04 x 32.26 x 6.35 inches. It provides a reliable and straightforward way to measure and monitor your weight. That said, it measures up to 400lbs in one-pound increments. Unlike most of its competitors, the Health O Meter Oversized Dial Scale boasts a steel construction and a large dial scale. Besides, it features an extra-large platform with a soft touch mat for added comfort.

Furthermore, the analog design ensures you never have to replace batteries, while the steel construction enhances the device’s stability and durability. Also, the 5.5-inch dial displays your weight, allowing you to see your metrics at a glance.

  • The stable steel structure withstands heavyweight and resists wear and tear.
  • Extra-large platform, making it comfortable to use and accommodating big-bodied users.
  • It is Spring-powered and does not need batteries, thus saving you power.
  • Manual reset is required every time you step off it, to get it back to zero.
Our Verdict:

While there is no denying the Health O Meter Oversized Dial Scale has unique features, its shortcomings are also evident. For example, the dial scale is not easy to read compared to an LED screen. Besides, this scale requires you manually record and track your progress, which can be cumbersome.

Final Thoughts

Everybody needs the best bathroom scale to be able to track weight at home and make adjustments if needed. They are easy to use, programmable, and can support up to 400-pounds, making them suitable for people of all cadres. Also, advanced systems support remote tracking and analysis of weight from a smartphone or your computer.

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