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Best Car Subwoofers in 2023

Individuals have varying preferences when it comes to their car stereo setups, with some favoring a grandiose sound while others prioritize loudness. Nevertheless, the majority prefers a car stereo with a potent bass, which explains why many are opting for car subwoofers. These add-ons provide exceptional audio quality while on the go.

To ensure optimal performance, a high-quality subwoofer should possess the capacity to handle low frequencies for extended periods. Typically situated in the vehicle's trunk, these subwoofers are a critical component of the car's entertainment system. But what are the best car subwoofers available? Keep reading to discover the top recommended models and potentially find the one that suits your needs.

Are you in a hurry?

Although some individuals view third-party accessories like subwoofers as a luxury, this perception is inaccurate. When driving for extended periods, listening to good music can alleviate boredom and enhance focus on the road. Moreover, subwoofers can enhance the sound quality of standard music systems that come with cars. We suggest reading this article to discover a worthwhile product that will function optimally in your vehicle. If you are pressed for time, we also have excellent options that are compatible with most cars:

Best Overall

Skar Audio EVL-12 D2 12-inch 2500 Watt

Skar Audio EVL-12 D2 12-inch 2500 Watt

The Skar Audio EVL-12 D2 is a 12-inch car subwoofer with a 2500-watt capacity that can be installed and utilized in sedans and SUVs, among other vehicle types. It delivers an optimal blend of SPL and SQ low frequencies, resulting in superior sound quality. The bass response is precise and potent, while its terminals offer 1-ohm final impedance at the ends. Despite being rated at 2500 watts, it can achieve up to 4000 watts at full power. The subwoofer is pre-mounted and ready for use. Its copper coils and ferrite motor can handle power efficiently in both low and high temperatures and can withstand abuse for numerous years.

Smart Pick

Kicker 44TCWC104 Car Subwoofer

Kicker 44TCWC104 Car Subwoofer

The Kicker 44TCWC104 car subwoofer boasts a slim profile that occupies minimal space in cars. It delivers a peak power of 600 watts and comes with an MDF enclosure that not only enhances its durability but also improves sound projection. Even at maximum volume, the subwoofer can achieve a distortion-free sound output of 93.8 decibels (dB) without any rattling. Its impedance is approximately 4 ohms, while the plush carpet exterior adds to its aesthetic appeal and practicality for use in cars. The subwoofer is universally compatible with all types of amplifiers, and it can be paired with top-quality car DVD players to elevate the sound quality even further.

Budget Pick

Skar Audio Single 1200W Loaded SDR series

Skar Audio Single 1200W Loaded SDR series

Skar Audio's 10-inch subwoofer boasts a wedge-style design that provides excellent stability in cars, preventing it from toppling over and compromising audio clarity. With a frequency response of approximately 30-300 Hz, this speaker delivers a peak power output of 1200 watts, while its 5/8-inch thick MDF enclosure offers a durable and visually appealing design. In addition to enhancing sound quality, the enclosure also bolsters the subwoofer's overall strength. The Skar Audio system comes pre-wired, making it easy for even a novice to set up. Equipped with a high heat copper voice coil measuring 2.5 inches and a 97oz ferrite motor, this subwoofer delivers top-notch audio performance.

Buying Guide of Car Subwoofers

Enjoying good music in your car is already amazing, but taking it up a notch by blasting it at a higher rhythmic volume with the aid of a quality subwoofer is simply incredible.

A top-notch subwoofer can make your driving experience something to look forward to, but with the variety of price ranges and types available, it can be tricky to determine which one to go for. This emphasizes the key factors to consider when searching for the best car subwoofers.

Power and Sensitivity: When purchasing a car subwoofer, power is a critical factor to consider. However, it's important not to get too fixated on peak power ratings, but instead focus on the RMS power ratings. RMS ratings indicate how well the subwoofer can handle continuous power output.

It's essential to choose a subwoofer that can handle the power output of your amplifier. Opting for a high sensitivity rating can be beneficial as it won't require an excessive amount of power to generate sound.

Type of Enclosure: The type of enclosure you choose will have a significant effect on the sound quality of the subwoofer.

Range of Frequency: Even though a subwoofer's performance depends on many variables, frequency range gives you a great idea of how low or high your sub can play.

Number of Voice Coils: You can choose between single and dual voice calls, but subs with dual voice coil provide more flexibility in sound system wiring.

Size: Before you consider the size of the woofer, you should take into account the power, enclosure type, and sensitivity. Even a small subwoofer with all the right components and correct installation can play as loud as a large one.

Top 5 Car Subwoofers in the Market this Year

There are several must-have items for your car, including waterproof cargo bagscar jump starters, and car subwoofers. While we've covered jump starters and subwoofers in other articles, if you're looking to enhance your car's sound system, here are some of the top car subwoofers for 2023 to consider.

1. Skar Audio EVL-12 D2 12" 2500 Watt

This dual 10-inch loaded subwoofer package is the ultimate choice for audiophiles who desire an exceptional mix of SQ and SPL low frequencies. The result is an incredibly precise and responsive bass that is perfect for those who love deep, powerful sounds.

What's more, the enclosure features an ultra-bass vented design that is optimized for use with the two subwoofers. These subwoofers are pre-mounted and pre-wired to produce a 1-ohm final impedance at the terminals and require a peak power of 4,000 watts.

Moreover, the unique suspension of the EVL series boasts a single red damper and a two-layer spider, allowing the device to generate powerful bass with outstanding accuracy and responsiveness. The combination of a 3" high-temperature copper coil and a 1660z double stack ferrite motor also enables it to handle high power with ease.

  • Features a 1250-watt RMS rating that provides you with a window-rattling loud bass.
  • It has a frequency response of 30-300Hz that guarantees you both low and loud bass.
  • Features an advanced air-flow cooling design that prevents any damage during the high-power rating.
  • It has a strong odor when you get it out of the box that takes time to fade away.
Our Verdict:

The subwoofer box generates a robust and impactful bass, rendering it a suitable aftermarket upgrade for your vehicle's sound system. The fusion of power and bass produces a high-grade subwoofer.

2. Kicker 600-Watt 44TCWC104

If you're looking to upgrade your vehicle's sound system but are limited on space, the Kicker Subwoofer Enclosure | 44TCWC104 may be the perfect solution for you. This system includes a single 10" subwoofer housed in a slim profile casing that can easily fit under or behind your car's seat.

Despite its small size, this subwoofer pack a powerful punch with a peak power requirement of 600 watts and a sensitivity of 93.8 dB. It also features a 4 Ohm impedance, ensuring compatibility with most car audio systems.

The quality MDF enclosure and thick black carpeting not only add to the aesthetic appeal but also provide durable, long-lasting service. So, if you want to upgrade your car's audio without sacrificing valuable space, the Kicker Subwoofer Enclosure | 44TCWC104 is the perfect choice. Other items that will boost your car’s functionality are a convertible seat for your child, a car DVD player, and a car battery jump starter for emergencies.

  • This product boasts a construction of robust steel brackets paired with an MDF enclosure coated in durable black carpeting.
  • The slender design of this product is complemented by included accessories that make installation a breeze.
  • This product has broad compatibility with most amplifiers and boasts a wide frequency range.
  • It uses a single voice coil, and the speaker is not three-way.
Our Verdict:

Thanks to its compact design, the Kicker Subwoofer Enclosure | 44TCWC104 can be effortlessly placed under or behind your car's seat, while the subwoofer itself promises reliable and hassle-free performance over an extended period.

3. Skar Audio Single 10" 1200W Loaded SDR series

Introducing a wedge-style ported subwoofer enclosure that boasts a single 10-inch subwoofer with an impressive frequency response of 30 to 300 Hz and a peak power requirement of 1,200 watts. The enclosure is constructed with MDF material, which is 5/8" thick, and features a front baffle that is 1.25" thick.

The SDR-1X 10 D 2 enclosures come prewired and mounted, allowing for a hassle-free installation. Simply connect the device to your amplifier, tune your system, and enjoy powerful, deep bass all day long.

This subwoofer's double baffle with countersunk design gives it a sleek and appealing appearance, while its high roll surround enables it to produce hard-hitting bass with ease. Additionally, the subwoofer is equipped with a 2.5" high-temperature copper voice coil and a 97oz ferrite motor that can handle extreme power.

  • This product boasts impressive build quality, featuring durable construction and a user-friendly installation process.
  • This powerful unit is capable of delivering excellent sound quality, regardless of the genre of music being played.
  • This product features a vented enclosure constructed with 5.8" MDF and covered in sleek black carpeting.
  • It is large and gives out some heat.
Our Verdict:

While this Skar model boasts a single subwoofer, it still delivers powerful bass. What's more, it has low power requirements, allowing for energy efficiency while still providing impressive sound quality.

4. Kicker 10-Inch CompC 2-Ohm 44TCWC102

Introducing the MTX Audio Terminator TNE212D, a powerful subwoofer that delivers extreme low-end bass with a peak power requirement of only 1,200 watts. This vented enclosure houses two 12-inch terminator subwoofers with a 10 to 150Hz frequency response.

The TNE212D features rugged construction, utilizing 5/8" MDF and aviation-grade black carpeting. The subwoofers come pre-wired to a 2 Ohm final load and are equipped with a polypropylene cone, rubber surround, and a 480z magnet.

The combination of a stiff polypropylene exterior, 2" aluminum coil, and 480z magnet results in unmatched low-end bass that outperforms its competitors. Plus, the TNE212D boasts a stylish finish featuring durable black carpeting with Terminator logo embroidery.

  • The polypropylene cone and rubber surrounds of this product work together to enhance sound projection.
  • You get a 5/8-inch MDF cabinet that adds to its strength and functionality.
  • Provide extreme low-end bass via 12-inch terminator subwoofers.
  • Somewhat too bulky for people who own sedans.
Our Verdict:

Upgrade your car audio system without breaking the bank with this 12-inch dual subwoofer. It delivers powerful bass with a power range of 200 to 400 watts, significantly lower than most competitors. The subwoofer is built to last, featuring a durable 5/8-inch MDF cabinet for stability.

5. Skar Audio Dual 10" 4000W

Get ready for the ultimate bass experience with the dual 10-inch loaded subwoofer package, designed to deliver the perfect balance between SQ and SPL frequencies. You can expect highly accurate and responsive bass, ideal for those who love deep and powerful sounds.

The enclosure has an ultra-bass vented design, optimized for the two subwoofers. The subwoofers come pre-mounted and pre-wired, with a 1-ohm final impedance at the terminals and a peak power requirement of 4,000 watts.

The EVL series subwoofers feature a unique suspension system with a single red damper and a two-layer spider, delivering powerful bass with exceptional accuracy and responsiveness. With a 3-inch high-temperature copper coil and a 1660z double stack ferrite motor, this device can handle high power with ease.

  • This subwoofer boasts a peak power requirement of 4,000 watts and exceptional sound responsiveness and precision, making it a powerhouse for music lovers.
  • The subwoofer is enclosed in a high-quality, vented wedge-shaped cabinet made of MDF, which is covered in black carpet for a premium look and durability.
  • Internally pre-mounted and pre-wired with a 2000-watt RMS power.
  • It overheats if it stays on for a long time.
Our Verdict:

This subwoofer enclosure is the ideal solution for upgrading your vehicle's sound system with low and powerful bass. Its ability to deliver quality bass and power makes it an excellent aftermarket addition for enhancing your vehicle's sound.

Final Thoughts

Car subwoofers are not just about increasing volume but also enhancing the quality of the sound in your vehicle. They are effortless to install and are available in various innovative designs that take up minimal space. If you're tired of mediocre sound in your car, investing in a subwoofer is a great option. We've compiled a list of our top 5 picks that work well in most vehicles.

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