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Best Dog Bed Blankets in 2023

It’s always a refreshing feel to relax and enjoy a comfy night’s sleep after a busy. However, have you ever thought that dogs also need the same? If you love your pet, then you should get comfortable dog bed blankets. Apart from offering an ideal sleeping companion, the dog bed blankets also protect your furniture from pet hair and dirt particles.

Dog blankets ensure that your pet is comfortable. The accessories will ensure your pet stays warm through all seasons. However, selecting the right dog bed blanket isn’t a walk in the park. When you head to the market, you’ll be overwhelmed by the many brands on offer. To solve your selection struggles, check out these top-rated dog bed blankets.

Are you in a hurry?

We have highlighted the benefits of buying a dog bed or dog bed liner for your pet. To boost comfort further and improve its quality of life, add a dog blanket to your cart as well. They create a warm and soothing environment for most dog breeds. They also add style to the drab dog beds that some people have at home. We provide detailed information on how to choose the best one for your home. Read on to learn more.

Best Overall

AIPERRO 2 Pack Premium Fluffy Fleece Dog Blanket

AIPERRO 2 Pack Premium Fluffy Fleece Dog Blanket

The AIPERRO dog blanket plays two broad roles. Its plush and warm structure boosts the comfort of dogs indoors. It also has tear-proof, rip-proof, and chew-proof designs that can protect couches or beds. While it is taxing to clean in by hand, you can clean it in a washing machine issue-free when needed. Each pack has two fluffy fleece blankets, each measuring 40 x 30-inches. Thus, they are sufficient for mid-sized dogs. They also fit most beds and couches and come in stunning colors.

High-End Pick

PetAmi Waterproof Dog Bed Blanket

PetAmi Waterproof Dog Bed Blanket

PetAmi is a reversible dog blanket with a waterproof design that excels in most settings. You can use it on couches or beds to protect them from pet excreta. You can also use it on dog beds or bed mats to create a soft and comfortable lounging or resting area. The blanket measures 80x60-inches and comes in many colors including grey, blue, and brown. The 460-GSM microfiber polyester cover is soft to touch, while a warm sherpa layer boosts waterproofing. PetAmi resists scratches and shedding.

Budget Pick

Comsmart Pet Blanket with Paw Print

Comsmart Pet Blanket with Paw Print

The unique paw print finish of the Comsmart pet blanket will look good in your home. It also comes in white, black, and brown, though, for people who want a more conservative look. The dog blanket has an ultra-soft double fleece design that keeps dogs warm all day and night. Even though light (14.8 ounces), the blanket measures 24x28 inches and has a chew-proof design that lasts. It also has a shed-proof, machine washable design that you can clean a few times without it stretching.

Buying Guide for Dog Bed Blankets

Research says sleeping a lot is a normal part of a dog’s life and on average your loyal canine sleeps between 12 to 14 hours a day. Dog blankets are something to consider if you care about your pet friend and are looking to protect your furniture from the damage of fur or scratches.

There are some things to consider before buying a dog bed blanket.

Size: Blankets, just like dogs, come in different shapes and sizes. It is important to buy a blanket that would fit your dog and the space you intend to use it on. This is very important because the moment you buy a small dog bed blanket for your big loyal friend, it becomes useless.

Ease of Cleaning: Dogs track back a lot of dirt on their paws and it is vital to know if the dog bed blanket can withstand your mode of washing.

Functionality: Sometimes your dog leaks while he or she is napping. This is something normal and to control it you may consider getting a waterproof blanket.

Top 5 Dog Blankets in the Market this Year

If you have a dog at home, you most probably will need a dog blanket at some point to keep it warm and comfortable. These come in multiple sizes and designs, a majority of which can fit and benefit both small and large dog breeds. Whether you need one for padding a dog bed or protecting your bed or couch from urine, we have identified some of the best. Read on to find the best product that will benefit you and your pet.

1. AIPERRO 2 Pack Premium Fluffy Fleece Dog Blanket

If you want a simple, loft, and big dog blanket, here’s your ideal option. The AIPERRO 2 Pack Fluffy Fleece Dog Blanket. The model features soft plush material that not only guarantees comfort but will also ensure your beloved pet stays warm.

Besides, the blanket is a Berber fleece material. The material is ultra-soft and comfortable to give your pet a perfect sleeping companion. It also offers a sense of security all season, even on those chilly nights.

Coming with the 40 x 30-inch dimensions, this blanket suit medium dog breeds. You can, therefore, rely on its performance for Scottish Terriers, Pug, French Bulldogs, Jack Russell, and many more. Additionally, the blanket works as a furniture protector. It will protect your couch, chair, or sofa from clawing, scratching, and chewing.

  • Protects furniture from unwanted dog hair, scratching, and clawing.
  • Easy to clean using washing machines without causing damage.
  • Made with Berber fleece that makes it light and provides good warmth in all climates.
  • Wears out and sheds material rather quickly.
Our Verdict:

The AIPERRO 2 Pack Fluffy Fleece Dog Blanket is a quality and reliable dog accessory. The blanket features soft fleece which is comfortable and offers long-term performance. Also, the plush blanket will offer furniture protection against clawing, scratching, and chewing.

2. PetAmi Waterproof Dog Bed Blanket

For those looking for a lightweight and durable pet accessory, the PetAmi Waterproof Dog Blanket makes a great purchase. The blanket features 460GSM premium-quality microfiber polyester for better functionality. The material is soft to touch and offers a cozy feel.

Also, the warm fleece and warm Sherpa offer waterproofing properties. The leakproof materials will prevent your furniture from spills, urine, and water elements. With such properties, you can depend on this blanket for both indoor and outdoor use.

Other than that, you’ll appreciate the fact that this dog blanket is reversible, which adds to its functionality. Caring for the dog blanket is a simple task. You can just machine wash the dog blanket if you’d like to maintain it in a top working condition. Other critical pet care products that we have looked at are dog DNA tests, relaxants, and medication.

  • Made of thick Sherpa and fleece that makes it waterproof to any liquid.
  • Protects furniture from pet fur or damage when they are napping.
  • Easy to wash using washing machines without damage.
  • Becomes porous after several washes.
Our Verdict:

The PetAmi Waterproof Dog Blanket is a value pet accessory. It comes with waterproof and leakproof fleece and Sherpa. Furthermore, the 460 GSM premium microfiber polyester ensures longevity; thus, your pet will get optimal warmth for an extended period.

3. Comsmart Pet Blanket with Paw Print

If you want a great combination of affordability and variety, this is the right dog bed blanket to buy. The Comsmart Pet Blanket comes in different pack variations, so you have the freedom to choose what suits your intended use. You can from the pink, white, black, brown, grey, or blue pack depending on your personal preferences. As for the construction, Comsmart uses double-sided fleece material. Despite being a lightweight material, it’s ultra-soft and offers great warmth. Thus, the blanket will serve your dog quite well in cold weather conditions.

Besides offering comfort, the blanket acts as a protective tool to prevent the car seats and sofa from shedding and scratching. Also, the blanket measures 24 x 28 inches, which is an ideal size for most dog breeds.

  • The double-sided fleece material is used to make it ultra-soft and comfortable to the touch.
  • Protects your furniture and car seats from scratching or pet fur.
  • Usable in many situations such as a blanket, bath towel, or mat pad.
  • Made of a thin material that unravels on regular washing.
Our Verdict:

The Comsmart Pet Blanket is a worthy consideration if you’re looking for a warm and comfortable pet accessory. The blanket comes in 6 different packs, whereas the double-sided fleece material enhances its functionality. You’ll also like the multipurpose design and perfect sizing.

4. Petmaker Waterproof Pet Blanket

PETMAKER is a renowned brand that’s committed to providing high-end pet wear. The Waterproof Pet Blanket-50″x60″ by Petmaker (Tan) is clear proof of the manufacturer’s dedication and commitment. The blanket is waterproof, so you shouldn’t worry about urine or spills.

Furthermore, this dog blanket is reversible. It features fuzzy Sherpa on one side and soft plush on the other. Your cat or dog will love to snuggle in this cozy blanket. Being a machine washable dog blanket, you’ll have an easy time cleaning and maintaining this accessory.

The 250GSM Solid Flannel on this blanket ensures functionality and longevity. Versatility is also guaranteed with this dog bed blanket. Other than offering comfort, this dog blanket will protect seats, carriers, and kennels as you travel with your furry friend.

  • Made with an internal lining that makes it waterproof therefore protecting against damage and stains.
  • Easy to clean using washing machines.
  • Both sides can be used reversibly with one side being plush and soft and the other fuzzy.
  • Loses its waterproof ability when washed regularly.
Our Verdict:

The Waterproof Pet Blanket by Petmaker (Tan) makes an excellent purchase for any dog owner. The blanket is reversible and waterproof at the same time. Furthermore, pet owners will like the fuzzy Sherpa and the internal lining that offers extra protection from stains and damage.

5. ALLISANDRO 350 GSM-Super Soft Dog Blanket

If you’re looking for a durable, shed-resistant, and fluffy dog blanket, this is an excellent choice. The ALLISANDRO 350 GSM-Super Soft Dog Blanket features high-quality flannel fleece which offers a fluffy and soft feel. The construction is excellent, and the fleece material will give you long-lasting performance. Also, the sewing is great, and this blanket will not drop dog hairs easily. Therefore, you can rely on this pet accessory to prevent pet hairs from scattering on your furniture.

With a cute paw print design, this dog blanket will look great whenever you decide to use it. Besides, the double-sided flannel fleece makes it a versatile option to buy. Also, the versatile dog blanket will suit different breeds, including Corgi, Jack Russel, Scottish Terrier, Pug, or Poodle.

  • Its mid-sized 31x 24-inch design is sufficient for most dogs.
  • It has a warm and fluffy design that boosts comfort at home.
  • The machine-washable fluffy blanket is easy to clean.
  • The blanket is not sufficient for large dog breeds.
Our Verdict:

The ALLISANDRO 350 GSM-Super Soft Dog Blanket comes with quality material for longevity and comfort. The flannel material prevents spills and fine hairs from affecting your furniture. The fleece and ultra-soft plush material guarantee great functionality. Overall, pet owners looking for a blanket that guarantees soothing softness and a luxurious feel; this is the right accessory to buy.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your dog warm will keep your dog healthy and thus minimize veterinary trips. Dog blankets are ideal remedies as they work well in most areas. You can use one on a dog bed or your couch/bed to boost comfort and protection. They come in many sizes for all dog breeds and have a soft and comfortable design, often made from fleece or cotton. Check out our reviews and order a brand that works best for your dog.

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