Best Dog Bed Liners in 2022

Sleep is an important aspect of human life.  A good night’s sleep enhances memory and helps people stay motivated. Also, it helps maintain a healthy weight. If you deserve to sleep in a dry, comfortable space, so does your furry companion. Dog bed liners do more than provide your dog with maximum comfort. The liners also protect your bed/ couch from spills and help in potty training puppies. The article provides a breakdown of the best brands.

Are you in a hurry?

Do you have a dog that pisses on your couch or bed and is on the brink of driving you crazy? Do not kick it out as some people do or splash cash on dog diapers. A dog bed liner will serve you better for many reasons. They are super comfortable, quiet, and add a layer of protection to couches and beds. If you use dog beds or dog sofas and chairs at home, you can benefit from one as well. Check these quality brands and buy a model that works the best.

Best Overall

Molly Mutt Armor – Water Resistant Nylon Dog Bed

Molly mutt Armor – Water Resistant Nylon Dog Bed

Molly mutt Armor is a pee-resistant bed liner made from nylon. The material is durable, somewhat quiet, and provides a soft and comfortable resting area, which makes it great for senior dogs. If you have a pet with a weak bladder but loves spending time on your couch or bed, you will love it as well. The material has a low-maintenance design that you wipe to clean. A zippered opening enables you to secure dog beds in it, while its gusted design looks stunning indoors. This bed liner measures 36 x 45 x 5 inches.

High-End Pick

Pet Fit for Life Snuggle Soft Cooling and Microwave Heating Gel Pad

Pet Fit for Life Snuggle Soft Cooling and Microwave Heating Gel Pad

The Pet Fit for Life is a 12 x 12 x 1 inch snuggle soft heating and cooling pad for dogs weighing 12-ounce. Therefore, it not only fits most beds but also has a travel-friendly design that pet owners love. The soft fleece material used to make its cover is durable and non-irritant. These dual-purpose pads fit most couches and beds and are safe to warm in microwaves without burning. Your dog will enjoy and long and comfortable sleep on one at night. It also has a waterproof design with a Velcro closure that stops leaks.

Budget Pick

Gorilla Grip Premium Waterproof Pet Pad and Bed

Gorilla Grip Premium Waterproof Pet Pad and Bed

Gorilla Grip is a robust four-layer pet pad and bed with a soft cotton blend cover (quilted). This provides a comfortable resting area for pets at home. it also has a leak-proof inner layer and an adhesive backing with a non-slip finish. Thus, apart from couches and beds, you can use them directly on the floor without them slipping. Overall, the pad is a good size (40x26-inches) and can withstand up to 300 washes without damage. The design is super quiet and has a cool paw print theme (black and grey) that is fade-resistant.

Buying Guide for Best Bed Liners

What is your pet’s favorite sleeping site? Bed liners will entice your pet off the couch or bed for adequate, healthy, and peaceful sleep. Therefore, to add comfort, flexibility, protection, warmth, and hygiene to their resting area, you need these perfect and fitting extra covers. Here are some factors to consider before surprising your pet with excellent new beddings.

Bed Design: What is your dog’s favorite sleep style? Common styles include curling into a fur-ball, stretching out on the mat, some hide in a cave or tent beds. Hence, the bed liners should take that form and size to deliver the best experience to a pet.

Durability: Consider waterproof covers but seal the inner part with cotton or any other natural material. Such surfaces are comfortable, hard-wearing, healthy, warm, and prevent urine or water damage. Besides that, it should be breathable and easy to clean and vacuum.

Maintenance: Your dog will sleep on your preferred liner for at least eight hours every day. During this time, it will trap fur and body fluids, which you will have to clean to prevent transmission of diseases. Therefore, look for a product that is easy to clean.

Top 5 Best Bed Liners in the Market this Year

Bed liners provide a comfortable resting area for pets and can protect couches and beds from damage. They come in many sizes and designs and often have foldable and portable designs suitable for traveling. Here are some of the best mats for you.

1. Molly Mutt Armor – Water Resistant Nylon Dog Bed 

The Molly Mutt Armor Dog Bed Inner Liner features a custom woven 100% cotton canvas material and ASO-free dyes. Your purchase should include stuff packs and armor. Use the stuff packs to shape old clothes and pillows into a comfy mattress and armor to protect the inside from spills.

During cleaning, the stuff cover plus its contents all go into the washer. The best thing is that you get to dry the stuffing using the machine, saving you time and energy. Furthermore, you can clean the armor by wiping it with a damp cloth.

Given its 100% machine washable nature, this Molly Mutt Armor Dog Bed Inner Liner is easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, it comes with a 5-inch gusset for extra comfort and zipper closures to keep your stuffed items in place. This bed liner boasts of ASO-free dyes, which are fade-resistant and safe for most pet breeds.

  • It is waterproof; hence, water or urine cannot damage the inner liner and sponge.
  • The nylon material is easy to machine wash; thus, it keeps no stains or rust.
  • The nylon material is easy to machine wash; thus, it keeps no stains or rust.
  • It is available in medium and large sizes only and not for small pets.
Our Verdict:

Make use of old clothes, pillows, and dog beds by purchasing this unique dog bed liner from Molly Mutt. It enables you to create a comfy, stylish, and easy-to-clean dog bed that retains your scent, so your dog does not suffer from separation anxiety when you are away.

2. Pet Fit for Life Snuggle Soft Cooling and Microwave Heating Gel Pad

This dual-purpose heating gel pad helps keep your pet warm during winter and cool during summer. Your purchase includes a fleece cover and a gel pad. Cleaning the fleece cover involves throwing it into the washing machine, while the gel pad demands you wipe it with a damp cloth.

Other than that, the Pet Fit for Life Heating Gel Pad is easy to use even for beginners. Please place it in the microwave or refrigerator for intervals of 30seconds until you achieve the desired temperature. That provides your pet with soothing warmth or cooling effect for hours. Besides, the Pet Fit for Life Heating Gel Pad comes filled with pet-safe gel which enhances its flexibility. Simultaneously, the super-soft fleece cover feels so good to lie on, enhancing your dog’s comfort. Even better, the easy-to-clean design saves you time, money, and energy.

  • The bed is lightweight and portable with an ultra-soft cover for warmth and comfort.
  • Its inner gel packs cool via the fridge or you can warm using the microwave.
  • The soft fleece cover is machine wash; hence, it is great in winter or summer.
  • This liner comes in small and medium-circled sizes but not available in large size.
Our Verdict:

Here is a perfect alternative to using wires and electricity to keep your pets warm during the winter and cool during summer. Furthermore, the Pet Fit for Life Heating Gel Pad is a dual-purpose heating pad ideal for pets of almost all sizes. Please place it in the microwave or refrigerator depending on the temperatures you desire.

3. Gorilla Grip Premium Waterproof Pet Pad and Bed

Here is a four-layered pet pad ideal for all pet types. The topmost layer features a soft cotton blend fabric, while the backing is a non-slip material. Notably, the two inner layers are leak-proof, so it does not create a mess during spills. Moreover, the Gorilla Grip Pet Pad and Bed Mat measure 40 x 26 inches, perfect for a 42 x 28 inches crate. Better yet, this pet pad is free from BPA and lead so you can be sure of your pet’s safety. Cleaning is as easy as putting it into the washer to wash, dry and immediately put it back.

In addition, the four-layer design traps as much liquid as possible, then disperses, preventing an inevitable mess. Simultaneously, the slip-resistant backing helps keep the pad in place while protecting your pet against accidental injuries.

  • The four-layer pad is water-resistant and re-washable, making it non-rust, durable, and quick machine wash.
  • It is soft with cotton material to absorb moisture; thus, a comfortable and healthy liner.
  • It weighs 1.04 pounds; therefore, it is portable, light, and flexible to pack and carry along.
  • It fits a 42” x 28” crate or surface but not in large sleeping areas.
Our Verdict:

With Gorilla Grip you get a waterproof bed liner measuring 42x28 inches. It has a robust four-layer design that provides a soft and comfortable resting area for pets. It can also protect beds and couches from pet hair and urine and is portable (1.04 pounds).

4. 4Knines Dog Bed Liner

If you seek a simple, yet unique and easy-to-use dog bed liner, then the 4Knines Dog Bed Liner should be first on your list. It comes in four sizes, so it will fit most dog beds, including medium, large, extra-large, and round models. Remove your dog’s bed’s outer cover, place the 4Knines Dog Bed Liner before replacing the top cover. Remember the dog bed does not come with this item. Adding to that, cleaning is even easier as it involves throwing the liner into the washer, though you will have to hang it out to dry.

Also, its waterproof nature protects your dog’s bed against accidental spills and bedwetting, while its soft surface helps enhance your dog’s comfort. Also, the 4Knines Dog Bed Liner is easy to use, making it ideal for first-timers and elderly pet owners.

  • The zip makes removal and machine wash easy, besides being water and urine resistant.
  • It comes with a two-year warranty for any defects and replacements.
  • It can accommodate large dog bed surfaces; it can fit two pets.
  • The cover shade is tan, with no option to pick your pet’s favorite tint.
Our Verdict:

The 4Knines Dog Bed Liner helps protect your dog’s bed against bedwetting and spills. It is comfy and quiet. However, its most significant downside is that it requires you to hang it out to dry, which takes time, during which your pet could bed wet or a spill could occur.

5. Molly Mutt Armor - Waterproof Dog Bed Liner

This dog bed liner comes with the following dimensions 36 x 45 x 4.875 inches, making it perfect for use with huge dogs. Your purchase should include a duvet, stuff packs, and armor, the duvet is 100% cotton canvas, machine washable with cold water, and allows for low tumble dry. Also, the stuff packs help you organize old clothing pieces into a comfy and stylish pet bed. During cleaning, throw the stuff pack into the washer together with its contents. In contrast, clean the armor by wiping it with a wet cloth.

Unlike more bed liners, the ASO-free dyes ensure your dog bed liner retains its color even after hundreds of washes. Besides, the 5-inch gusset enhances your dog’s comfort, while the puppy-proof design makes it perfect for potty-training puppies. To keep dogs warm, check out our range of shirts, raincoats, and dog hoodies.

  • Stuff the liner with old cushions or some of your pet’s preferred scented clothes garments.
  • It prevents urine and water from the inner fillings; hence; it is water and machine wash proof.
  • It measures 36 x 45 x 5 inches; hence, it can accommodate more than one dog.
  • It comes in extra-large size only; hence, there are no small or medium size bed liners.
Our Verdict:

Yet another dog bed liner, with the only difference being size. This model is larger and hence perfect for large dog breeds. Undeniably, this Molly Mutt Armor Dog Bed Liner boasts multiple superior features, including dye-fast and waterproof fabric.

Final Thoughts

As your dog ages, it will lose its ability to control its bladder and have a few accidents. To help your pet live a comfortable life and protect your upholstery at the same time, you will need a bed liner. They not only provide a comfortable resting area but also keep sweat and urine off of your bed, couches, and carpet, et cetera.