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Best Dog Cameras & Monitors in 2023

Undeniably, dogs play a crucial role in our lives, not only as companions but also as protectors of our homes when we're away. However, have you ever wondered what your furry friend is up to when you're not around? Luckily, pet product manufacturers have introduced dog cameras and monitors to help keep an eye on your pet's activities.

Dog cameras serve as a bridge between you and your pet, providing you with peace of mind when you're away from them. Thanks to technological advancements, these cameras can now be connected remotely to smartphones, allowing you to keep tabs on your pet's whereabouts and activities. Some models also come equipped with additional features like treat dispensers, lasers, and microphones. That said, here’s a comprehensive guide on the best dog cameras and monitors.

Are you in a hurry?

If you own a dog, you're likely curious about what your furry friend does when you're away at work. Fortunately, with a dog camera and monitor, you can keep tabs on your pet's movements and even communicate with them using the two-way speaker feature. Some brands also offer the added convenience of treat dispensers and bark alarms, which notify you when your dog barks. We've reviewed some of the best options for you here.

Best Overall

WOpet Smart Pet Camera

WOpet Smart Pet Camera

With the WOpet smart digital camera, you can easily keep an eye on your pet from work or while traveling using your smartphone. Equipped with a full HD interface, this camera captures clear pictures and features night vision for low-light conditions. Plus, with two-way audio and a treat dispenser, you can communicate and reward your pet even when you're miles away. The WOpet camera supports both 5GHz and 2.4GHz wireless interfaces and can synchronize data with iOS and Android smartphones via the free WOpet app.

High-End Pick

Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo Dog Camera

The Furbo Dog Camera is a high-quality camera that shoots 1080p full HD videos and allows you to stream them live via your phone. With night vision capabilities and a wide-angle design that spans over 160 degrees, you'll never have trouble keeping an eye on your pet, whether it's day or night. The camera also features a built-in two-way audio system, so you can interact with your furry friend anytime, anywhere. Made of durable plastic, the camera is built to last and draws power from a USB port. With a built-in Wi-Fi adapter that supports most connections, you can easily connect to the camera from your smartphone.

Budget Pick

Owlet Home Pet Camera

Owlet Home Pet Camera

The Owlet home pet camera is a Wi-Fi-enabled device that works with both Android and iOS smartphones. Simply plug it into a power outlet and enjoy the convenience of its built-in treat dispenser, which you can use to reward and soothe your pet while you're away. This camera records clear 1080p videos and offers a wide-angle view of up to 160 degrees. It also features two-way audio, allowing you to communicate with your pet in real-time. To use the Owlet camera, you'll need a 5GHz or 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection, but it's compatible with most routers and Android/iOS phones.

Buying Guide for Best Dog Cameras & Monitors

If you're searching for a reliable and digital solution to keep your pet safe and happy while you're away, you've come to the right place. Here, you can find the best dog cameras and monitors that allow you to feed, chat, watch, and listen to your pet remotely. Before purchasing a camera, however, there are some important factors to consider to ensure you get the right one for your furry friend.

Adequate Spacing: Ensure you have enough space and for the pet to move around freely. While in session, it excites the cat or dog; hence, you need space for jumping around and tail wagging.

Superior Quality: The device must have been from superior quality materials. Hence, it is durable, easy to clean, sturdy, and stable to prevent falls or minor accidents.

Pet Friendly: The design and features should be friendly to the pet while you are away. For example, it should not heat, be a silent operator, and simple for anyone to operate it.

Top 5 Best Dog Cameras & Monitors in 2023

Dog bed sofas and dog bed liners provide a comfortable lounging area for your pet. To maintain seamless communication with your pet while away, you will need a dog camera and monitor as well. We have the best brands.

1. WOpet Smart Pet Camera

Look no further than the WOpet Smart Pet Camera if you want to interact with your pet remotely by tossing treats, seeing, and talking to them. The HD camera provides a clear view of your pet, day or night, with a wide-angle view of 123° and 4X digital zoom for a better viewing experience.

In addition, the built-in speaker and mic enable two-way conversations, allowing you to talk and listen to your dog while you're away from home. The treat-tossing function adds a fun way to keep your pet happy and content.

The camera can also be connected to your smartphone, enabling you to monitor your dog anywhere and at any time. The dog camera is compatible with Android 5.0 and iOS 7.0 and above, providing greater functionality. Setting up the monitor is a breeze, and it only takes a few minutes.

  • The multi-purpose gadget can remote feed your dog(s) timely treats.
  • You can use your mobile device to access the wireless kit and capture photos, sounds, and voices.
  • It can act as a pet keeper in your absence and show the actual situation.
  • It may malfunction with no charge; hence, it is not reliable all the time.
Our Verdict:

WOpet Smart Pet Camera is a high-quality accessory that serves multiple functions. It allows you to check on your dog, communicate with them, and even toss treats while you are away. The HD camera provides clear images, and the camera's Alexa compatibility adds to its value as a pet monitor.

2. Furbo Dog Camera

The Furbo Dog Camera is not just visually appealing; it also boasts a high-quality 1080p HD camera that allows for better functionality. You can Livestream videos from the camera to keep an eye on your beloved pet even when you're away from home. The manufacturer has also included a notification function that alerts you to your dog's activities.

With the Furbo Android/iOS app, you can toss treats to your dog anytime and anywhere. Additionally, the 2-way audio function allows dog owners to converse with their pets and keep track of their emotional state at home. The camera also features night vision, making it great for monitoring your pet in low-light conditions.

With a 160° wide-angle view, this camera covers most areas of your home. You'll appreciate the training functions, such as clicking noises, that allow pet owners to teach their dogs to sit for a treat or selfie whenever a certain sound is heard.

  •  If your pet is feeling stressed, the motion and bark sensor kit can automatically toss a tasty treat to them.
  • You can record favorite voices or sounds for your pet to listen to while you are away.
  • The Furbo kit has been approved by more than 5000 professional trainers and vets as a lifesaver.
  • It needs an advanced smartphone to use its real-time smart alerts and other timed tasks.
Our Verdict:

The Furbo Dog Camera offers exceptional value for money with its 1080p HD video quality and powerful night vision for clear imaging. Additionally, its treat-tossing feature and 2-way communication add to its appeal, making it a top-of-the-line dog camera and monitor.

3. Owlet Home Pet Camera

The Owlet Home | 1080p Pet Camera is an excellent choice for a dog monitor system. Its HD camera captures clear images, and the 165° wide-angle view ensures comprehensive coverage. The camera also provides exceptional picture quality both during the day and at night. Additionally, setting up this dog camera is effortless. All you have to do is unpack it, plug it into a power outlet, download the Owlet app, and you're ready to monitor your pet. You can also communicate with your pet via the 2-way audio feature.

The app allows you to toss treats to keep your dog active and engaged. It also includes pre-recorded voices that can help your dog feel your presence even when you're away. Furthermore, the camera comes with Wall Hanging Holes for easy setup.

  • You can keep an eye on your pet 24/7 with the Owlet Home | 1080p Pet Camera, thanks to its automatic night vision feature.
  • While you're away, you can use the device to record sounds, voices, capture photos, or even toss a delicious treat to your pet.
  • The Owlet Home | 1080p Pet Camera is both fun and straightforward to operate, with the added benefit of Amazon Alexa compatibility for easy voice control.
  • You must have stable Wi-Fi and a smartphone to enjoy and access its services.
Our Verdict:

Investing in the Owlet Home | 1080p Pet Camera is an excellent decision for any pet owner. This camera captures high-definition images of your dog's activities and provides crystal-clear footage, even in low light conditions. The device also includes features such as treat tossing, a quality microphone for two-way communication, and compatibility with both iOS and Android devices. Overall, the Owlet Home pet camera is a great investment for pet owners looking for a reliable and user-friendly monitoring system.

4. Smart Pet Camera

The HONGSA Smart Pet Camera is a beautifully crafted device that allows you to keep an eye on your dog. Equipped with a high-definition camera, you are guaranteed clear and crisp visuals of your pet's activities. Additionally, the camera boasts infrared night vision and can cover an impressive 26 feet.

The device comes with a smartphone app that provides remote control convenience, allowing you to give your dog treats with ease. This versatile accessory can also monitor other pets in your home, including cats and rabbits.

The built-in laser function is a great addition, enhancing the camera's functionality and providing a fun way to interact with your dog. You can move the laser up, down, left, or right, and watch as your pet chases it around.

Additionally, the two-way audio function on the HONGSA Smart Pet Camera allows for easy communication with your pet using the built-in microphone. We have also reviewed dry dog foods, dehydrated and freeze-dried foods, and dog toothbrushes for your pet.

  • Use this amazing monitor to offer treats and watch it wag its tail for more.
  • Its dry grain tray is designed to feed pets at intervals, setting it apart from most dog cameras and monitors on the market.
  • Watch and hear your cat or dog play with the remote-control laser.
  • You need a reliable WI-FI setting and connection to operate it.
Our Verdict:

The HONGSA Smart Pet Camera is an exceptionally designed monitoring device that offers high-definition images and videos. It comes with a smartphone app that allows remote control, and it also features Alexa compatibility and infrared night vision. This model is a great choice for pet owners looking for a reliable and easy-to-use pet camera.

5. Iseebiz Smart Pet Camera

The Iseebiz Pet Camera Treat Dispenser is an excellent option for pet owners looking for an affordable dog camera and monitor. With support for 2.4GHz wireless connections, this device delivers reliable performance without breaking the bank.

Equipped with a 1080p camera, the Iseebiz pet camera captures clear images and videos of your furry friend. The wide-angle view ensures that you can monitor your dog's activities in a large area of your home. Setting up the camera is hassle-free, as all the essential tools come included in the package. The device also features suction cups and hanging holes for versatile placement options.

In addition to its monitoring capabilities, the Iseebiz pet camera also doubles as a treat dispenser. The upgraded app allows for convenient and fun treat tossing, keeping your dog engaged and happy. You can also communicate with your dog using the two-way audio function, ensuring that they won't miss the sound of your voice when you're away.

  • With the ability to log in from multiple devices, you can use different phones to monitor your pet, providing convenience and flexibility.
  • For advanced features, install the Alexa app from the app store, amazon app store, or Google play.
  • It has a two-way communication; hence, you can talk to your pet and listen in too.
  • Such like modern dog cameras & monitors work on power and 3g Wi-Fi set up.
Our Verdict:

If you're on a tight budget, the Iseebiz Pet Camera Treat Dispenser is an excellent option. With its 1080p camera, you can get clear images and videos of your pet's activities. The device supports 2.4GHz wireless connections and offers easy setup, including suction cups and hanging holes. The upgraded app allows you to toss treats and communicate with your pet. You can even log in and monitor your pet from multiple devices. Plus, it's Alexa compatible, making it a great value for pet owners looking for advanced features at an affordable price.

Final Thoughts

Gone are the days when you had to hire somebody to watch your pet while you are away. Dog cameras and monitors have taken over this space. They record and transmit data to your phone via an internet connection. Some have two-way communication and can dispense dog treats when needed.

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