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Best Dog Crates & Kennels in 2023

You all have houses, right? Houses provide security, control, and a sense of belonging. But, have you thought about your furry friend? Well, your dog also requires a comfortable and safe place to relax, and that’s precisely where dog crates and kennels come in handy. The accessories provide dogs with a haven from the daily hustles.

Having a dog crate and kennel will benefit your dog through different stages of life. Besides offering comfort, the accessories help limit the dog’s mobility when you want to attend to other duties. Choosing a quality dog crate shouldn’t be a complicated process. Having looked at factors like safety, durability, size, and design, we found the best.

Are you in a hurry?

The best dog crates and kennels provide a safe and comfortable resting area for pets. They are secure and manufactured using dog-safe materials that can withstand abuse from the elements. They do not rust over time and provide ample space for most dog breeds. Whether you have a toy or a medium-size dog, a premium brand such as the three that we have reviewed herein work. All you have to do is throw in a dog blanket or a bed liner in one to create a comfortable space for a pet.

Best Overall

MidWest iCrate Starter Kit Dog Crate and Kennel

MidWest iCrate Starter Kit Dog Crate and Kennel

MidWest iCrate Starter Kit is a breathable 30-inch pet crate that fits most medium size pet breeds. While you have to put it together to work, the process is effortless as it does not often require tools to set up. The starter kit has everything that you will need to accommodate a pet. You get a two-door iCrate with secure mesh walls. It also has a kennel cover, a dog bed, and two pet bowls (20 ounces each) for serving food and water. Assembled, the crate measures 30x19x21-inches. Four roller feet ease its transportation while a removable plastic tray on the bottom catches pet excreta to keep floors dry and clean.

High-End Pick

MidWest Life Stages LS-1648 Single Door Dog Crate and Kennel

MidWest Life Stages LS-1648 Single Door Dog Crate and Kennel

Designed to support 91-110 pounds, MidWest Life Stages LS-1648 is a heavy-duty single door crate measuring 48x30x33inches. It weighs 5 pounds and has a foldable design that does not require tools to assemble. As such, it is suitable for first-time pet owners. In terms of design, the manufacturer has gone to great lengths to make this crate safe. All materials are pet safe. It also has a breathable design with rounded edges that lower the risk of injuries to pets and pet owners. The crate comes with a leak-proof floor that creates a snug resting area.

Budget Pick

Amazon Basics Portable Folding Soft Dog Travel Crate Kennel

Amazon Basics Portable Folding Soft Dog Travel Crate Kennel

Amazon Basics has a foldable and portable design weighing 7.8 pounds. It has a versatile two-door design with ventilated walls (four) that keep pets cool and comfortable. For stability, you get secure fastening straps. It also has zippered closures that keep the wind out to keep pets comfortable. The frame is lightweight PVC, which is also pet safe. Its cover, on the other hand, is thick polyester, which you can remove and clean when dirty. Overall, the cage can support76-90 pounds. Apart from dogs, you can house cats and other pets in it as well issue-free.

Buying Guide for Best Dog Crates and Kennels

Dog crates and kennels keep your fur friend in one place when you are away or when they just need some time alone to rest or when they are stressed. They create a haven where your dog can relax and recharge. Dog crates and kennels also come in handy when housetraining your puppy. There are dozens of dog crates and kennels to choose from, including wooden, wire, fabric, and plastic options.

Getting the right one that will fit your dog can be challenging. So, how do you choose the best dog crate and Kennel for your fur friend?

Let us guide you to the perfect pick.

Safety: This is an essential factor to consider when shopping for a dog crate and Kennel. However, this factor depends on the life stage and temperament of your dog. Put into consideration their age and personality for you to choose a haven for them.

Size: The most suitable crate and kennel size should allow your dog to stand up and lie down and have extra room to stretch to his entire body length without being constrained. Ensure that the crate or Kennel has the correct size considering your dog's shape and size.

Design: Also, consider the overall design of your crate or Kennel, as they will add some class and elegance to your space.

Top 5 Best Dog Crate and Kennels in 2023

Here is our selection of the best dog crates and kennels this year:

1. MidWest iCrate Starter Kit Dog Crate and Kennel

If you want a personal, den-like space for your dog, look no further than the MidWest iCrate Starter Kit. The model comes with everything to guarantee the dog’s comfort, safety, and security. To start with, it comes with two functional doors for easy access. Also, there’s a well-ventilated cover to ensure your dog gets a supply of fresh air.

Additionally, the manufacturer includes a divider panel for added functionality. The feature allows pet owners to adjust the space as the dog grows. Furthermore, the crate boasts an easy-to-clean, leakproof, and durable plastic pan for longevity.

That’s not all; the ultra-soft fleece bed offers a comfortable sleeping surface. Coming with the cushioned poly base, your dog is sure to get a comfy place. Also, the rubber floor protectors will keep the surfaces in an optimal state without scratches or dents.

  • The dog crate accommodates intermediate-size dogs such as Brittany Spaniels, Bulldogs, and Whippets.
  • It comes with one double door iCrate, one QuietTime Fleece Crate Bed, one QuietTime Crate Cover, and two Snap'y Fit foods & water bowls.
  • It also has a fleece pet bed and polyester crate cover that creates a cozy retreat for your dog & is machine washable.
  • The material used to make the Kennel contains chemicals making it unhealthy for dogs.
Our Verdict:

The MidWest iCrate Starter Kit is a valuable purchase. It comes as a complete package with a double-door iCrate, a crate cover, a fleece crate bed, and two food/water bowls. Besides, pet owners will appreciate the rubber floor protectors and the 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

2. MidWest Life Stages LS-1648 Single Door Dog Crate and Kennel (91 - 110lbs)

True to its name, the Life Stages LS-1648 Single Door Folding Crate is a popular and effective pet accessory. The model comes in a satin-black finish for durability and elegance. Also, the removable and washable plastic pan on this crate allows for easy cleanup. There’s more; it has a divider panel to accommodate dogs as they grow. The panel lets you change the length to suit your dog’s size. Additionally, it weighs 5lbs., making it a lightweight option for simple storage.

Your dog’s safety is assured with this dog crate. Also, the rounded corners prevent injuries, while the slide-bolt latches will secure the crate. Apart from that, the crate is easy to set up and folds in minutes for easy storage. Add to this the 1-year warranty by Life Stages, and you get a reliable dog accessory.

  • Its rounded corners inside and out add safety for pets and people.
  • The dog crate is easy to set up and fold down to a portable size and feature a satin black electro-coat finish for durability.
  • It includes a divider panel, durable dog tray, carrying handle, "roller" feet to protect floors, and easy-to-clean, ABS plastic pan; closes with secure, slide-bolt latches.
  • Locking system not very effective
Our Verdict:

The Life Stages LS-1648 Single Door Folding Crate is an all-inclusive accessory. It comes with important features like the slide-bolt latch and rounded corner clips for convenience and safety. In addition, you’ll still like the rubber ‘roller’ feet that add to its functionality.

3. Amazon Basics Portable Folding Soft Dog Travel Crate Kennel

The Amazon Basics Dog Travel Crate Kennel is another high-end model worth buying. The model has two doors to give your dog easy access. The inclusion of a door on the top part makes it easy for those that prefer top-loading.

Besides, it features mesh windows on all sides for ventilation, meaning there’s no shortage of fresh air. Also, it’s a durable dog crate with quality polyester fabric and a PVC frame.  Add this to the secure zipper closures, and you’ll have a safe space for your beloved dog.

The large and durable crate suits dogs weighing up to 70lbs. Transporting and storing the crate shouldn’t be a problem, thanks to the compact and foldable design. As if that’s not enough, you won’t waste much time setting up the crate since the manufacturer includes all the required accessories.

  • It's made of PVC frame and polyester fabric; sets up in seconds, folds flat for easy transport, and has compact storage.
  • It has secure zipper closures; fastening straps keep unzipped rolled-up doors positioned neatly out of the way.
  • Features two doors (top and front); mesh windows and a front door for ventilation on all sides
  • This does not come with a carrying handle which would have made this crate super easy to carry.
Our Verdict:

The Amazon Basics Dog Travel Crate Kennel is a great product. The model sets up in seconds and comes with mesh fabric windows for ventilation. Additionally, the PVC frame and secure zipper closures prove you’re getting a top product.

4. Casual Home Wooden Medium Dog Crate and Kennel, End Table, Espresso

Do you want a dog accessory that will accent your home without breaking the bank? If yes, then take a look at the Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate. The model features chew-resistant wood construction, making it a durable accessory. In addition, the interior measures 24.25 x 16.5 x 21 inches, so it’s a perfect fit for small dogs weighing below 25 pounds. The lockable gate gives pet owners peace of mind knowing their dog is in a secure and safe place.

Featuring the appearance of fine furniture pieces, this crate will blend seamlessly into most homes. Furthermore, the end table design of this crate will give you a native feel that looks great in most homes. The design will also give you extra space to store essential items.

  • The End table design gives this pet crate a native feel that blends with light and easy assembly.
  • It has a lockable gate for your peace of mind with solid wood construction for increased durability and longevity.
  • Its tabletop style provides an additional storage space | It is also easy to clean by wiping the crate with a damp cloth.
  • It is not ideal for non-crate-trained pooches and large dog breeds.
Our Verdict:

The Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate is a durable and functional accessory. With solid wood construction and a lockable gate, you’re sure to get excellent service for an extended period. Also, the end table design further enhances its performance.

5. Zampa Portable Foldable Pet Playpen Dog Crate and Kennel

If you want a secure place for your adventurous dog, go for the Zampa Portable Foldable Pet Pen Kennel. The model comes with smartly protected seams and reinforced corners for longevity. Also, the construction material is chew-resistant, so no worries when dealing with chewers. With the water-resistant materials, your dog is safe, and you shouldn’t have any worries about water elements tempering with its comfort. Apart from that, it’s a spacious kennel to accommodate all dog sizes. To make things even better, no assembly is required with the Zampa Pet Pen Kennel, and you can install it in minutes.

Also, this accessory comes with a detachable roof that makes it easy to clean. The inclusion of exterior pockets gives you an ideal place to keep dog treats and other valuable accessories. With the attached floor, your dog is safe and won’t escape through the bottom part.

  • It is made from durable quality & water-resistant materials with protected seams and reinforced corners that ensure your pet's safety.
  • The Kennel is designed with a spacious interior, with features a bottle holder from the outside and exterior and side pockets to provide a handy place for personal items.
  • It pops up in seconds, no assembly needed, folds Flat, is lightweight, easy to carry.
  • It pops up in seconds, no assembly needed, folds Flat, is lightweight, easy to carry.
Our Verdict:

The Zampa Portable Foldable Pet Pen Kennel is a quality dog accessory. The model comes in a stylish 8-panel design together with water-resistant materials. Furthermore, the manufacturer includes a carrying case and 4 metal spikes to enhance its performance.

Final Thoughts

Dog create and kennels are comfortable and portable dog accessories that provide a comfortable resting area. Made from metal, PVC, and/or polyester (cover), they are durable and pet-safe. Set up is effortless as most systems are tool-less. They also come in many sizes for all breeds.

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