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Best Dog Electronic Doors in 2023

Nowadays, more people are integrating smart technologies in their homes. We’ve already seen the installation of smart doors that allow access to predetermined individuals only, so why not apply the same to dogs? Dog electronic doors offer a smart alternative to conventional doors. They provide dogs access to your home without your assistance.

Besides opening up a world of freedom, electronic dog doors will eliminate the need for a default doorman for your dog. Also, your dog will be free to relieve itself whenever the need arises and get out to play frequently. However, dog electronic doors vary significantly in terms of design, construction, and features. To help you make an informed decision, check out these top-rated dog electronic doors.

Are you in a hurry?

Dogs enjoy spending time outdoors running on yards or basking in the sun. Unfortunately, we lock them within walls and doors, stifling their activity levels and impeding healthy growth. A high-quality electronic dog door can solve such issues. They provide doors unlimited access to the outdoors while keeping out raccoons and other animals. They fit on most doors and comes in multiple designs and sizes for different dog breeds. We have reviewed some of the best.

Best Overall

PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor

PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor

The PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor has a programmable system for controlling access to homes. It has exit, entry, and autolocking functions for controlling how your dog accesses your home. The plastic frame has sensitivity controls and a cutting template for customizing it to fit most doors. You get detailed instructions on how to do this with standard tools. You also get a wireless SmartKey with a radio-frequency identification technology that communicates with the electronic lock to open and close the door. This prevents other animals from accessing the home while you are away.

High-End Pick

Power Pet Electronic Pet Door

Power Pet Electronic Pet Door

This 9.55-pound Power Pet electronic door has a universal 30.6 x 14.6 x 5.7-inch design that fits most doors. It snaps into place effortlessly and has a medium-thick PX-1 design that fits up to 30-pound dogs. Any dog that is larger than 30 pounds might struggle to use this door effectively. It uses an electric lock to restrict entry and exit. You also get a smart color that activates the lock remotely to allow your pet to get into and out of your home. The package has mandatory assembly accessories including door/wall screws, et cetera.

Budget Pick

PlexiDor Performance PDE Electronic Pet Door

PlexiDor Performance PDE Electronic Pet Door

PlexiDor is a 32-pound 17.13 x 12 x 54.63-inch electric pet door that accommodates up to 125-pound dogs. The wall unit has a robust plastic and aluminum frame that withstands daily abuse well. It benefits cats and dogs and has a neutral white theme that you can paint to blend with your home. it uses a programmable PDE collar to open and close its electronic lock. You can set how long it keeps the door open without interfering with other wireless connections.

Buying Guide for Best Dog Electronic Doors

Dog electronic doors are some virtual devices for pets to use daily. These smart doors use automatic control to unlock a pet’s flap pass. To make your life easier, here are the best examples available online today.

First, before you can surprise a dog with a tiny door, allow these vital factors to guide you.

Door Size: Get a spacious door to accommodate all pet sizes to prevent inconveniencing visiting furry companions.

Dual Powered: It should work with batteries and power in cases of malfunction or power failure.

Superior Quality: Find one water and dust-proof, durable, and smooth door for easy cleaning and fur removal.

Top 5 Best Dog Electronic Doors in 2023

To grant a dog easy access to and from your home without sacrificing safety, install an electronic dog door. They are easy to install on existing doors and have secure wireless activated systems. Here are some of the best brands for you.

1. PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor

If you want perfect customization possibilities and the utmost security level, consider the PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor. The model features a durable plastic frame that will withstand aggressive dogs. In addition, it includes LED indicators and a sensitivity control feature for added functionality.

The door boasts programmable selective entry and exit options that will suit your dog. Better yet, this electronic door works perfectly well with the waterproof SmartKey on the dog’s collar to allow selective entry. Also, the accessory suits homesteads with more than one pet. Pet owners can program 5 SmartKey accessories using just one button, thus giving you a valuable and multifunctional tool.

Better still, this model uses RFID technology to allow for indoor/outdoor access. The technology sends signals to the door to lock/unlock the flap when activated. As such, it will prevent unwelcome animals from accessing the house. That’s not all; the battery-operated door works with 4 D cell batteries.

Moreover, this electronic dog door features the auto-locking function that adds to its performance. With this feature, your dogs can access the house and lock it whenever you feel necessary. With reasonable pricing, this smart door will surely give dog owners value for money.

Compatibility is another strong selling point for this smart dog door. It works perfectly with PetSafe smart doors, so you aren’t limited when it comes to using this pet accessory. The installation process is rather quick and straightforward. PetSafe includes all the necessary setup accessories, and you’ll require a few minutes to get this door fully functioning.

Other pet items that we have reviewed in other articles include dog muzzles, dog harnesses, and outdoor pens.

  • Its plastic material is durable, easy to clean, smooth, weatherproof for security.
  • It has a battery power SmartKey fixed on the pet’s collar to easy access and identification.
  • You can install it on the wall, slide glass, or the main door for easy access.
  • It is tricky to use the door with one Smartkey when hosting multiple pets.
Our Verdict:

The PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor is a great purchase. The model works with 5 SmartKeys, making it a reliable and multifunctional tool. Besides, pet owners will appreciate the LED indicators, programmable access, and sensitivity control.

2. Power Pet Electronic Pet Door

Coming from an established brand, the Power Pet Electronic Pet Door is a high-end product that will guarantee excellent service. To start with, the manufacturer uses military-grade resin to design this dog door. The material can withstand gunshots, wind, heat, or cold. As such, it will serve you quite well, more so if you have active and aggressive dogs.

Furthermore, the door features a four-way access control function. Dog owners can choose from closed, full access, out only, or only function depending on the intended function. Besides, the dual-range controls on this will allow you to set independent activation distances that will suit your dog.

Regarding functionality, this door works on 110V AC power. The manufacturer provides dog owners with an AC adapter, although you still have options for a full battery or battery backup operation. It’s an energy-efficient option to use at home without hiking up the electricity bills.

Additionally, the dimensions are well-suited for most dog sizes and breeds. Measuring 8 ¼ x 10 inches, this dog is large enough to allow dogs weighing 30 pounds.

Also, this dog electronic door features a stylish and functional design. It opens up by sliding vertically using the motorized mechanism. Therefore, your dog won’t face any difficulties when accessing the house or going outside to play.

Besides, the door functions in a fully automatic manner thanks to the inclusion of an ultrasonic collar. The interaction of the door’s sensor and a digitally coded collar will eliminate the need for the dog to push the door since the mechanism will automatically power the door as it approaches.

What’s more, the airtight seal and quick-sensor function will ensure no stray animals will get into your house.

  • It is a perfect and quick entry and exit for medium-sized cats and dogs.
  • Multiple dogs and cats can use the automatic door while you are away.
  • The opening area is smooth and soft with durable and easy to clean material.
  • This medium door hosts up to 30 pounds weight, unlike obese or larger dogs.
Our Verdict:

The Power Pet Electronic Pet Door delivers exceptional performance. With the ultrasonic collar activation, this door will give your dog a convenient way to access the house and get out to play. The manufacturer includes four-way access control and dual-range control to give you unmatched service.

3. PlexiDor Performance PDE Electronic Pet Door

Do you want a simple, classic, and functional dog electronic door? If yes, then look no further than the PlexiDor Performance PDE Electronic Pet Door.

To start with, it boasts state-of-the-art RFID technology that enhances performance. With this feature, the sensor will pick signals from the light key on the dog’s collar and open whenever your furry friend approaches.

Regarding the construction, the manufacturer uses hardened ABS panels. The material can resist regular wear and tear, while also serving aggressive dogs. Besides, the tunnel materials on this door will give you a professional finish and fit. Therefore, this dog door will not only serve your pet but also provide a quality appearance in any homestead.

In addition, the included collar is waterproof to resist weather elements and serve in nearly all applications. Additionally, the collar light at 0.4 ounces, so your dog can conveniently wear it the entire day without feeling getting fatigued.

The door will open by sliding vertically, making it easy for dogs to access the house. Besides, it can still serve you as a security door to prevent unwelcome animals. That’s not all; the manufacturer includes 3 waterproof collar keys to give you excellent service. As such, you can rely on this electronic dog door to serve you well if you have more than one dog.

Also, the door is easy to program, so you wouldn’t face complications when it comes to setting up the door. You can install the wall unit into cement walls, block, brick, or studs. Moreover, the door is large enough to accommodate large dogs weighing up to 125lbs. Without forgetting, PlexiDor will give you a 5-year warranty to cover unexpected defects.

If you cannot afford an electronic dog door, traditional dog doors also work great. Check out our top picks.

  • It accommodates pets weighing up to 125 pounds, so no replacement on every dog life stage.
  • It accommodates pets weighing up to 125 pounds, so no replacement on every dog life stage.
  • It comes with free goodies, including two waterproof collar keys for over one pet usage.
  • It does not function with a pet microchip; hence, it is a disadvantage to some pet owners.
Our Verdict:

The PlexiDor Performance PDE Electronic Pet Door is a high-end pet accessory. The door features child-and dog-safe materials for safe use in any home. The manufacturer includes two PDE collar keys for added functionality while the hardened aluminum frames guarantee longevity.

4. Power Pet Door

If you want a budget-friendly electronic door that serves small dogs and cats, this is the real deal. The Power Pet Door comes as a multifunctional package with a human X-10 rechargeable electronic fence and an electronic door. Other than that, the manufacturer includes a collar that will serve to regulate the two systems. Also, this dog door utilizes proprietary technology to sense your dog’s presence.

The model will automatically adjust the stimulus intensity depending on how far your dog is, ensuring it remains contained without worries about overstimulation.

There’s more; the package comes with a waterproof transmitter that will serve you well, both indoors and outdoors. The transmitter comes with an array of functional features to serve you well, including the variable width control, wire break alarms, an illuminated status panel, and a power boost switch. Just like most high-end electronic dog doors, this model is designed to slide vertically. As such, your dog will have an easy time accessing the house and getting out, be it for play or relieving itself. In addition, the direct sensing system on this electronic device will only open the door when the dog approaches it directly.

That’s not all; the door is both weatherproof and windproof. The airtight seal will ensure security while also protecting the dog from extreme weather. Besides, the inclusion of an automatic deadbolt locking function provides an additional security level that you can’t get from low-quality doors.

  • This large pet door has a rechargeable electronic dog fence for enhanced security and control.
  • Its key material is waterproof, weatherproof, lightweight, and simple to clean.
  • Unlike other brands, it has an automatic deadbolt for extra security.
  • The electric fence offer is optional, depending on the location.
Our Verdict:

The Power Pet Door Plus Electronic Fence is great for anyone that wants a multifunctional accessory. The model comes with useful functions like automatic deadbolt locking and a weatherproof transmitter. Overall, this is a top-of-the-line dog door that will give you excellent service.

5. PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor

Give your dog the freedom it deserves with the PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor. The model boasts of the SmartKey function that will help you to regulate the dog’s access. Also, the feature will automatically detect the dog’s presence as it approaches the door and unlocks automatically. As such, it will keep your dog safe while preventing other animals from getting past the door.

With up to 5 SmartKeys, this door will suit homes with more than one pet. In addition, this dog door boasts programmable selective entry and exit functions. Add this to the auto-locking function, and you’re sure to get a secure home for your dog while keeping out unwelcome animals.

This dog door has three locking controls. With this door, your dog has the freedom to choose time to play and bathroom time, which guarantees a happy life with your furry friend. What’s more, the door can be operated using 4 D-cell batteries that you have to purchase separately.

Setting up this unit is simple, and you can install it on both exterior and interior doors at home. You can also use the wall installation option by buying the Wall Install Kit. Therefore, if you want your dog to explore the outdoors and get into the house easily, consider buying this electronic door.

  • This unisex adult pet door has smooth edges to prevent injury and fur removal.
  • The door unlocks via a Smartkey on the pet’s collar so that no intruder can gain entry.
  • You can buy separate waterproof SmartKey for up to five extra pets.
  • You need an additional wall mounting order if you own large dogs.
Our Verdict:

The PetSafe SmartDoor comes from a famous brand, so you can expect excellent service. The model guarantees programmable pet access with selective entry and auto-locking functions. In addition, dog owners will like the hassle-free installation and the SmartKey function.

Final Thoughts

An electronic dog door will grant your pet easy access to your home while keeping other animals out. They are easy to install and made from robust materials such as plastic and aluminum. Do not lock a dog indoors. Buy a dog door today.

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