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Best Dog Fountains in 2023

Your jobs as a dog owner are three: pampering your dogs, giving them regular exercise, and ensuring they stay healthy. Getting a dog fountain will go a long way towards achieving the latter. The fountains offer a clean source of running water, which keeps the dog properly hydrated. Besides, they keep the water circulating, which relieves the struggle of changing it manually.

Therefore, are you having trouble encouraging your pet to drink water? If yes, then it is time you get a pet fountain. Thanks to the unique design, dog fountains offer an enticing way for pets to drink water than bowls and faucets. Besides, the filtration system guarantees clean and fresh water. We have reviewed the best.

Are you in a hurry?

A watering fountain is a must-have in homes for many reasons. They provide a constant supply of clean water to pets such as dogs and cats. They also keep pet water aerated and create a stunning show that entices dogs to drink throughout the day. Therefore, while dog bowls and dishes work well, you will have a better experience with a fountain, the best of which we have talked about herein. If you are looking for one, we have done the legwork for you. Find reviews of the best brands this year below.

Best Overall

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Dog Fountains

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Dog Fountains

The PetSafe Drinkwell can contain up to 168 ounces of water, making it an ideal size for most dog and cat breeds. It is also beneficial to people with multiple pets at home that struggles to drink from bowls when you are not around. The free-falling stream not only aerates water but also creates a soothing stream that entices pets to drink. The system has a reservoir that provides added storage space and a carbon filter (replaceable) that filters dirt, chemicals, and bad odors. PetSafe is BPA-free plastic.

High-End Pick

Wonder Creature Dog Water Fountain

Wonder Creature Dog Water Fountain

Wonder Creature is a 1.8-pound electric water fountain with a long-lasting two-piece design. It has a plastic reservoir (BPA-free) with a water level indicator. This enables you to monitor your pet's drinking habits and water capacity on demand. A stainless-steel bowl does not affect the taste of water, while its four-stage filtration system keeps water clean and ready to drink. These include three carbon filters and a foam filter not only to filter debris but also odor. Finally, a low voltage 40dB pump creates a fountain that non only aerates water but also entices pets to drink water when thirsty.

Budget Pick

ORSDA Dog Water Fountain

ORSDA Dog Water Fountain

ORSDA dog water fountains have a robust water tank that can hold up to two liters of water. This is enough for most small-large dogs and provides a constant water supply for over a day. The fountain has filters that keep water tasting and smelling fresh. The body is thick stainless steel (304) while its 2.4 pounds design is easy to transport to and from a vacation home, et cetera. All parts are BPA-free. You also get a cleaning kit for washing it after use and a silicone mat (slip-resistant) that makes drinking effortless.

Buying Guide for Best Dog Fountains

Just like humans, our dogs also need to eat and drink regularly. When it comes to drinking water, most pet parents find it more challenging to remember to give their dogs enough water to drink to keep them well hydrated. A dog fountain attracts and fascinates dogs, thus giving them the urge to drink enough water while playing around. Additionally, dogs would prefer to drink out of moving water rather than from still waters.

If you are looking for a dog fountain for your pup or pet and you are not sure of what to go for, this guide will come in handy to help you decide on the best dog fountain. Also, we have included a brief guide to help you pick the best fountain for your dog.

Let's read on and find out more.

Size: Dogs come in different sizes and different breeds, so do their urge to drink. Note that bigger dogs often require more water than smaller dogs. Therefore, you should consider the size of the fountain. This will also save you the pain of refilling the water bowl every once in a while. A big water reservoir is easier to maintain when it's at the right level.

Ease of Cleaning: Because dogs don't like stagnant or dirty water, you need to consider the ease of cleaning the fountain regularly. The easier it is to clean the fountain, the more ideal it is and the healthier it will be for your dog.

The ease of cleaning also includes its easy disassembling of the fountain and cleans parts such as the bowl and reservoir effortlessly. Some fountains even have cleaning kits.

Top 5 Dog Fountains in the Market this Year

Apart from dog gates, bicycle trailers, and dog strollers, dog fountains make good gifts for people with pets. Dogs love them as well as they are fun to use and provide a constant supply of water. For the best experience, check out these top-rated brands:

1. PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Dog Fountains

Ensure your furry companion gets fresh, flowing water by gifting them with the PetSafe Platinum LED Pet Fountains. All parts boast of a BPA-free plastic material that is top dishwasher safe. Besides, it measures 15.88 x 10.63 x 10.5 inches, thus it won’t take up much floor space. Additionally, it holds up to 168 ounces of water, making it perfect for those with multiple pets. What’s more, it comes with a free-falling stream that entices your four-legged friend to drink. This way, it stays hydrated and healthy.

The replaceable carbon filter ensures your pet receives freshwater by removing foul odors and taste. Besides, the adjustable stream allows you to customize the fountain’s flow to suit your pet’s needs. Let us not forget the in-built reservoir that boosts the fountain’s capacity, reducing the number of refills.

  • The dog fountain doesn't need to be connected to any water lines, making it a perfect fit for any room.
  • The parts are made out of BPA-free plastic, are detachable, and are dishwasher safe.
  • It has a large reservoir. Thus, you won't have to refill it regularly.
  • It's not super easy to clean because of the creases and crevices of each plastic part.
Our Verdict:

As with humans, pets need to drink plenty of water to remain hydrated and healthy. And what better way to ensure they are getting fresh water than to use the PetSafe Platinum LED Pet Fountain. It is a huge-capacity fountain that comes with a replaceable carbon filter and an adjustable stream.

2. Wonder Creature Dog Water Fountain

Here’s another high-end dog fountain. The Wonder Creature Pet Water Fountain measures 8.3 x 6.7 x 6.6 inches and weighs about 1.8 pounds, which makes it compact. Moreover, the pump is super quiet and maintains noise levels below 40dB, while its low voltage pump is reliable and lasts 2 to 4.5 years. Better yet, it comes as a complete package with a stainless-steel top, one foam filter, three square filters, two spouts, two cleaning brushes, and a mat. You can replace the filters every 2 weeks for better functionality.

Also, the multidirectional streams aerate the water for added freshness, while the two spouts and four drinking modes provide your pets with options, encouraging them to drink.

Moreover, the manufacturer includes a light indicator informs that notifies users about the right time for refilling.

  • It features a blue LED light that is quite catchy and grabs your dog's attention.
  • The dog fountain features an excellent stainless steel design that blends well with your space.
  • It has an auto power-off technology that prevents the motor from burning off while running dry.
  • No switch to turn the LED light off, as mentioned on the pack.
Our Verdict:

The Wonder Creature is a combination of functionality, reliability, and convenience. It promises a super-quiet operation, so it won’t disrupt people at home. Plus, it comes with a circulation system with three filters to ensure your pet gets clean, fresh water.

3. ORSDA Dog Water Fountain

The ORSDA Cat Water Fountain holds a 2l water tank that provides your pets with adequate clean fresh water when you are away on a trip. Once your purchase arrives, you should receive the following; one fountain, six replacement filters, three cleaning brushes, and one nonslip silicone mat.

Even better, the ORSDA Cat Water Fountain is easy to clean – quickly disassemble the parts and place the dishwasher. Meanwhile, partake in other duties as you wait for the dishwasher to complete cleaning. Furthermore, this pet fountain features a durable stainless steel material.

In addition, the free kits save you the hustle of having to make extra purchases while the stainless steel material ensures lifetime, worry-free service. Besides, its quiet operation ensures your pet sleeps peacefully while simultaneously saving on power.

  • ORSDA Dog Water Fountain has a high-quality replacement filter.
  • It has a larger contact area for better oxygen mixing.
  • The automatic pump can work for hours without any noise.
  • The dog fountain is not suitable for large dogs.
Our Verdict:

If you seek a simple yet durable and functional pet fountain, you should go for the ORSDA Cat Water Fountain. It features a stainless-steel material with easy to assemble dishwasher-friendly parts.

4. PetSafe Drinkwell 1/2, 1-, or 2-Gallon Dog Fountains

Protect your pets against urinary and kidney conditions by ensuring they take in adequate water every day. Coming with the free-falling stream of water, the fountain will entice the dog to consume more water, which improves the overall health.

It has a total capacity of two gallons, making it perfect for homes with multiple pets. Plus, it weighs 4.06 pounds, so it is easy to move around the house. With the quiet operation, this dog fountain won’t distract other people.

What’s more, it boasts a unique design, with no hard-to-reach areas, making cleaning easy. Besides, the adjustable stream enables you to customize the fountain’s water flow to meet your dog’s needs. While the replaceable carbon filter removes foul odor and taste, the foam filter catches pet hair and other debris.

  • The dog fountain has a large 2-gallon capacity with a deep, square bowl.
  • Its design entices dogs to drink and keeps water fresh.
  • It has a replaceable carbon filter that removes bad tastes and odors while the foam filter catches pet hair and debris.
  • The free-falling stream is relatively noisy, though you can adjust the water flow.
Our Verdict:

Petsafe is a reputable and trusted brand that has been in the market for about 30 years. Its products are of top-notch quality, durable and convenient. The case is no different from this pet fountain, which comes with an adjustable stream and replaceable carbon filter to deliver your pet fresh, clean water.

5. Veken 100oz/3L Dog Fountain

Here is a pet foundation with a capacity of 3L, thus perfect for small to medium-sized pets. It boasts a double-deck, compact design and measures 9.5 x 9.5 x 5.6 inches. Your pet has the option of drinking from the free-flowing stream, top or lower bowl.

Notably, water from the free-flowing stream has a fresh taste that encourages the pet to drink. Additionally, the Veken 100oz/3L Pet Fountain features top-notch, durable, and BPA-free materials. You can choose to have the LED lights on or off.

The manufacturer includes a pre-filter sponge around the pump to remove impurities and prolong the pump’s lifetime, which is 2.5 to 4 years. Besides, this pet fountain has a transparent window to help you monitor your pet’s water consumption habits.

  • The fountain has a large 3L reservoir capacity to keep your dog hydrated for days.
  • Its LED light is attractive to dogs and pets and lights it up in the dark as well.
  • The fountain is made of BPA-free materials, and it's easy to clean.
  • The dog fountain is not ideal for big dogs.
Our Verdict:

If you seek a compact, simple, and easy-to-use pet fountain, you should get the Veken 100oz/3L Pet Fountain. The triple filtration system ensures your pet remains healthy by removing impurities. Unfortunately, you can only use this fountain indoors.

Final Thoughts

Proper hydration is essential for pets to grow. Do not use watering bowls, though, as contamination of water is probable. A dog fountain will serve you better as it keeps water fresh and ready to drink. They also entice pets to drink, which is a bonus.

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