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Best Dog Gates in 2023

Dogs make great companions and additions to any home. However, the four-legged friends are prone to curiosity and mischief. That said, how do you contain these pets? Well, getting quality dog gates will allow you to set boundaries and limits for your beloved friend. The accessories will keep dogs in a safe and secure place while you can’t supervise them.

The gates are perfect for indoor pet containment. Other than that, these accessories will keep dogs away from potential hazards. However, getting a quality dog gate isn’t a walk in the park, containing the many available models on the market. Having said that, here are the best dog gates.

Are you in a hurry?

Are you tired of your pet running all over your home untethered? You will have the best experience with a bed dog crate at home. They cover a large area and provide a safe space for dogs to play or interact with their peer. Also, you can use one to restrict access to hazards such as stairs and the pool whenever you are not around. Therefore, instead of using dog lashes to restrict movement indoors, use a dog gate instead. We have reviewed the best herein.

Best Overall

Regalo Super Wide Adjustable Dog Gate (192-Inch)

Regalo Super Wide Adjustable Dog Gate (192-Inch)

The super wide Regalo dog crate has and adjustable design that covers 192 inches of space. Therefore, it is suitable for covering corridors or restricting movements to pools or the stairs et cetera. It stands at 28 inches tall and has a tool-less 2-in-1 design, formulated as eight panels. Therefore, setting it up is effortless, even for beginners. You can configure these panels to fit most spaces. You can also fold it and store it out of sight when not in use or when your dog grows. Regalo has an all-steel frame that lasts for years.

High-End Pick

The MYPET North States Paws 40" Portable Dog Gate

The MYPET North States Paws 40 Portable Dog Gate

MYPET North States Paws is a 40-inch USA-made dog crate made from thick plastic. The material is not only durable but also safe for pets and kids. Also, it has a wipeable design that is easy to clean when dirty. The gate comes in two colors – light grey and fieldstone. It is 23-inches high and has a portable design that weighs just 6 pounds. It also has protective rubber bumpers on the side and a curved handle that provides a firm grip when the dog gate is in use.

Budget Pick

PETMAKER Wooden Freestanding Dog Gate

PETMAKER Wooden Freestanding Dog Gate

The PETMAKER has a warm wooden frame with a portable three-panel design. It also comes in a scalloped and four-panel design that requires no installation to work. You can fold it for safe storage or move it from one spot to the next without breaking your back. Opened, the gate measures 54 inches wide and stands at around 24-inches tall. Folded, it measures 18-inches wide. Apart from dogs, you can use this mahogany gate to barricade cats and puppies, et cetera. You can also paint it to match your home’s décor or theme.

Buying Guide for Best Dog Gates

When you want to cordon off space or keep your dog restricted to a specific area, dog gates come in handy. Their designs will fit perfectly in corridors, stairways, or bedrooms. Besides, they also come in handy when you want to restrain small or older dogs from accessing under sofas or beds.

For pet parents who want to limit their dog's movements overnight while your toilet training them, dog gates will be the perfect solution. There are hundreds of dog gates available in the market today. Finding the suitable one that meets your preference can be an uphill task. This guide will hold your hands through the tedious chore of picking the best dog gate. We have also included key considerations to ponder when considering which dog gate to purchase.

Let's take a closer look.

Sizing: It is imperative to consider the size of your dog when shopping for a dog gate as well as the size of the space available to place the gate. Keep in mind that the gates need to be tall enough to keep dogs in.

Place of Use: where do you want to place the gate? Do you live in an apartment you rent or your home? If you are living in a rented house, then you might consider buying a portable dog gate. In addition, check where the gate will fit. Some types of dog gates do not work at stairs, while some are great for stairs. If you are living in your own home, a permanent dog gate will be an ideal solution.

Top 5 Best Dog Gates in the Market This Year

Do you need an adjustable dog gate to restrict your pet’s movement at home? look for a secure product that you can set up easily and that will look good in your space. It should be dog safe and made from a durable material that you can recycle a few times issue-free. Here are the best:

1. Regalo Super Wide Adjustable Dog Gate (192-Inch)

If you want a sturdy and long-lasting dog gate, this is the real deal. This 2-in-1 extra wide dog gate is versatile so that you can use it as a wall mount or use it as a playpen for your pet because you can fit it around and have a 19sq. Ft. closure that is made of all steel, making it long-lasting.

Also, the Regalo 192-Inch Baby Gate has a sturdy design so that your dog will be safe when you use it to secure any opening. Furthermore, the materials used to make the gate are non-toxic. It also has a safety lock to ensure the security of your dog.

Moreover, you will have a convenient walk-through door has also been featured in the design. It also has a safety lock to easily open it while the dog will be safe inside the gates. Better yet, this gate will fold flat and is easy to carry so that you can use it anywhere you want.

  • The dog gate is tall enough to keep the biggest dog locked in.
  • This gate can expand to fit openings between 29 and 36.5 inches wide.
  • The door gate can swing open either way, and it has Safety lock features.
  • It can be knocked over easily when set up as a playpen.
Our Verdict:

The Regalo 192-Inch Baby Gate is an excellent pet accessory to purchase. Besides working as a dog gate, you can also use it as a playpen for your pet. You will have a cozy and secure place for your dog so that you can keep it in one place when you are in the house.

2. MYPET North States Paws 40" Portable Dog Gate

Here’s another well-engineered dog gate. You can enlarge and lock this gate for dogs easily and mount it to fit an area from 26 inches to 40 inches wide.

Moreover, a curved handle helps you grip it firmly and make it easy to operate the gate. You can also mount it without the use of tools because it is a pressure mount.

Also, the model has rubber knocks that will help protect your walls. As such, it will preserve your walls while also keeping the pet secured. Moreover, this gate is also stylish and reliable so that you can use it easily with any dog size. It will not fall easily when they lean on it.

The North States MyPet Paws Gate is a sturdy model, thanks to the durable plastic build. Also, the material makes it easy to carry from one place to another because it is lightweight. The gate will fit in with any décor because of the gray finish, and you can easily disassemble it if you need to transport or keep it in storage.

  • It is easily adjusted when putting it into place.
  • It has a great design to help it look good anywhere.
  • The gate covers a wide opening of 26 to 40 inches wide. That extra flexibility is better than other gates.
  • It does not always stand up to the sturdiness it claims to have.
Our Verdict:

The North States MyPet Paws Gate is a great purchase. If you do not want to drill your walls, this dog gate will serve you well because it is a pressure mount. You can install it effortlessly without using any tools. If you travel with your pet often, you will need a dog stroller, pet bicycle carrier, or pet backpack carrier. We have reviewed some of the best too.

3. PETMAKER Wooden Freestanding Dog Gate

Lightweight and easy to fold, this dog gate is convenient, and you can use it anywhere. Besides, you can keep it in a closet when you fold it because it will not take up much space. It also requires no installation, so there will not be any damage to your walls.

The Wooden Pet-Gate Collection by PETMAKER will maintain its appearance for a long time because it has an excellent finish. Furthermore, the mahogany-stained wood is strong, and you will use it for a long time. You can also use it even with a playful pet because it is sturdy.

With an accordion design, the gate will not let the dog out, but you can easily fold and pass through.  It is, therefore, ideal for small dogs because it will not fall over easily. You will also maintain the attractive look of your home.

  • It has a freestanding design that is easy to set up and takedown.
  • The gate does not require hardware, drilling, or installation.
  • It is ideal for small dogs and puppies.
  • This gate is not ideal for large dogs or energetic dogs.
Our Verdict:

This is the dog gate suitable for people with small dogs and other pets.  If you do not like the feel or look of plastic, you will like this gate because it is made of wood.

4. PETMAKER Freestanding Dog Gate

Ideal for dogs of all stages, this dog gate will fit narrow and wide doorways. Furthermore, it also has limited openings to not fit in it even when it is still a puppy. The traditional wood tone will also rhyme with any décor.

Also, this functional and stylish gate has a design that allows you to assemble it fast.  Besides, there is a plastic layer on the bottom so that your floors. You can set it up anywhere you want without scratching your floors.

Other than that, the gate is expandable so that it is small enough for a door and wide enough to fit in a hallway. It does not require installation; therefore, you can fold and unfold it anywhere you want to use it. You can also easily move it around because it is light.

  • The PETMAKER dog gate is lightweight and easy to transport.
  • It is ideal for blocking off staircases.
  • It can fit into most spaces without added extension kits.
  • The gate is made of light wood, and more muscular dogs can easily tip it over.
Our Verdict:

The Freestanding Pet Gate by PETMAKER guarantees value for money. You will be able to easily move it anywhere you want, and you can also safely use it on hardwood floors because it will not scratch them.

5. Cumbor 46" Auto Close Safety Dog Gate

If you do not want your pet going up and down the staircase or getting in areas you do not wish to, you need to get this extra wide dog gate because you will be able to confine their movements. This model opens wide so that you can go through it even when carrying other items and has an auto-close.

Mounting this gate is easy because you will not need any tools. Besides, the pressure mount allows you to install and adjust it the way you would like. Furthermore, you can fit on wide doorways, and it is quick to fix and even take out if you want to place it in another room or store it.

With a one-hand operation, you will open the door, and it will close it behind you and not permit the dog through. Besides, the spaces between the rails are also narrow so that the pet will not squeeze through.

  • The dog gate has an excellent arch shape and includes a double lock, meaning that it can keep kids and curious pets out.
  • It's pretty high, going about 30.5 inches in height; thus, dogs can't easily jump over it.
  • It has a pressure mount design, but you can install it through hardware, making it quite versatile.
  • Small dogs may be able to crawl through the gate.
Our Verdict:

This dog gate is secure, and you can install it on any doorway or hallway to restrict the movement of your pet. It is ideal for active dogs because it will keep them secure while letting you pass quickly.

Final Thoughts

With a dog gate, you can restrict how a pet uses a corridor or the stairs without stress. Made from solid materials such as wood, plastic, and metal, they create a robust physical barrier that withstands daily abuse. You can also paint and style them as you wish and adapt them to fit your space.

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