Best Dog Houses in 2023

Dogs hold a special place in our hearts. After you choose a suitable home for your family members, do you ever think about your pets? Dogs are more than just pets, and they form a crucial part of the family. As such, it’s your responsibility to select a quality dog house. The houses ensure maximum comfort for your beloved pet.

Buying a dog house is a great way to show affection towards your dog. Besides guaranteeing comfort, the houses offer protection from extreme weather conditions. With these accessories, you can leave your dog outdoor without worrying about its safety. That said, if you want to give your dog a special place, consider these quality dog houses.

Are you in a hurry?

Dog houses take up a bit of floor space in the home but are worthy products due to their versatility. They come in multiple sizes for different dog breeds. They also create a warm and comfortable and can accommodate additional items such as dog bowls and blankets. Finally, you can use one to restrict the movements of your pet. For the best results, you will need a comfortable and safe brand that is of the correct size for your pet. Our picks work well in most areas.

Best Overall

Petmate Aspen Pet Petbarn Dog House

Petmate Aspen Pet Petbarn Dog House

Petmate Aspen Pet Petbarn has a thick plastic design with rear air ventilators that keeps its interior cool. As such, it can provide a safe and comfortable lounging area for dogs and cats weighing up to 15 pounds. The all-weather design works well indoors and outdoors. it measures 26.5 X 18 X 16.5 inches and has quick snap latches for stability and safety. These are easy to set up without using tools, unlike some similar brands. Its top lifts for easy cleaning. The design also features a large front door for easy entry/exit.

High-End Pick

Petmate Barnhome III

Petmate Barnhome III

The Barnhome III from Petmate provides a comfortable resting and sleeping area for pets. It supports up to 15 pounds and has a weatherproof top and a door for easier access. Its brown and grey finish plays two roles. It not only adds to its charm but also stops the growth of mildew and mold. Petmate Barnhome III has a two-piece design (bottom and top) that snaps into place tool-free. Therefore, when not in use, you snap it apart and store it out of sight. You can fit a pet feeding mat or a dog blanket in this house.

Budget Pick

Precision Pet Log Cabin

Precision Pet Log Cabin

Designed to mimic a log cabin, Precision Pet has a charming wood theme that fits in most spaces. It has a raised floor that keeps the interior dry and warm. It also has a slanted asphalt roof that keeps water out and a protective coating that adds a layer of protection from the elements. This dog house measures 45.5 x 26.5 x 32.8-inches. It assembles in three steps and has robust fittings (metal) that add to its strength and overall look. It makes a cool home for cats too.

Buying Guide for Best Doghouses

What is your favorite pet house-shaped shelter? This guide offers you the best and accurate review of unique doghouses available online. Therefore, if you plan to replace your old pet shed, here is a chance to pick an incredible piece. Check these features before you can spoil your pet.

Superior Quality: The shed should be of high quality to save on cost and time. It should be durable, non-rust, non-mold, easy to clean, waterproof, and well ventilated.

Right Size: Before acquiring one, ensure it is not too big or too small but holds the right weight. Therefore, your dog can enter and exit without straining.

Extra Features: It should hold firmly water and food containers during lousy weather. Hence, the dog can feed inside without stepping or sitting on its food dish.

Top 5 Best Doghouses in 2023

Even though bulky, dog houses make excellent gifts for pet owners due to their versatility. They are comfortable and come in many eye-catching designs that work indoors and outdoors. If you have space for one, here are the best ones.

1. Petmate Aspen Pet Petbarn Dog House

If durability and comfort are your main considerations, here’s a perfect choice. The Petmate Aspen dog house features a strong plastic construction. It is robust and also reliable so that you can be sure your dog is protected when outside. Moreover, it is weather-resistant and prevents any fleas from getting to your dog. Made for comfort, this dog house will suit your pet because it will stay safe all the time. Furthermore, it is also easy to assemble, so you will get it to work in a short while after purchase. Adding to that, setting up this dog house is a hassle-free process.

Also, air ventilation ensures that your pet is safe, and it will accommodate both cats and dogs. The house is available in four different sizes; consequently, you can choose the best for your dog. Better yet, the raised floors add to its functionality, and your dog will be warm.

  • The material is plastic; hence, it lasts longer, is simple to clean, and waterproof.
  • Its rustic barn shape adds beauty and uniqueness to the compound.
  • The 9.38-pound lightweight shed comes with no-tool assembly; hence, it is ready for use.
  • The USA doghouse comes with a target audience of small to medium dogs only.
Our Verdict:

Petmate Aspen is an excellent purchase. This dog house will keep your dog safe in most weather because it has plastic construction, making it ideal for any home. Also, you’ll have a spacious pet accessory that fits most dogs.

2. Petmate Barnhome III

Featuring mold-resistant plastic, this dog house is safe for your dog to use in any weather. It will accommodate a pet weighing up to 15 pounds and is ideal for the outdoors. Moreover, the dog will be comfortable in the house.

Other than that, this house is easy to assemble because it comes in pieces that are easy to snap together. You will not use tools to install it, and consequently, you will take less time to put it together. The finish is also smooth and stylish.

With a scratch-free finish, the house will maintain its look for a long time. Furthermore, it will not fade when in direct sunlight and the floor is raised, so it is cool when it is hot outside. Back ventilations also ensure that your pet has enough air.

  • The roof guard is higher to divert raindrops and ease pet maneuvering during entry and exit.
  • Its plastic design is waterproof, durable, easy to clean and dry, rust and mold resistant.
  • The rear airflow opening keeps the place well ventilated.
  • Unlike other products that can host large dogs, this brand carries up to 15-pound weight dog.
Our Verdict:

If you like the barn-style construction, this dog house is ideal for you because it will give you that barn feeling. It is also strong, and you will use it for a long time because it features heavy-duty plastic, which ensures you get excellent service for years.

3. Precision Pet Log Cabin

Your pet will stay cozy and warm at any time of the year with this dog house.  The solid fir construction makes it ideal for people looking to get the pet a permanent home. In addition, the house assembles in minutes and you’ll be done in three steps.

Furthermore, the slanted roof will keep the house protected from weather elements, and the dog will remain dry in the home. Besides, the raised floor will also help regulate the temperature and keep the house protected from water.

You can use this dog house for large dogs because it is sturdy and larger. Furthermore, heavy-duty materials make the house durable for longevity. Also, the protective coating ensures that it is safe from elements and also keeps it looking stylish.

  • This Barnhome is of solid wood with stainless steel side frames to enhance durability and strength. 
  • This all-weather shed is warm, comfortable with a wide entrance for sufficient airflow.
  • The multi-function kit can host rabbits, dogs, chickens, cats, and other small size domestic animals.
  • Its 25.2-pound weight makes it heavy and takes more space; hence, it is not portable.
Our Verdict:

The precision pet dog house is for users who have large dog breeds and a more permanent home.  Your pet will be warm and dry in this house all through the year because it is sturdy and durable.

4. TRIXIE Classic Outdoor Wooden Doghouse

Constructed with a removable floor, this dog house makes it easy for you to maintain. You can easily remove the floor when you need to clean it. Besides, the design allows you to open the roof from above for easy access.

Apart from that, this house is for users with small to medium dogs because it has a 45-pound weight limit. It is also draft resistant so that your pet is safe inside, and the raised floor allows air to circulate freely. With the adjustable feet, this house will work on any ground.

In addition, you’ll keep this house dry all through because it is raised. Moreover, you can place it easily on uneven ground because you can adjust the legs. The groove design keeps it safe from the draft while also giving it a beautiful look.

  • The weatherproof shelter is airy, with two front and top openings for easy entry and exit.
  • Its solid pine wood material keeps the dog warm, comfortable, and dry at all times.
  • It can host small to medium dogs that weigh up to 45 pounds.
  • Its clubhouse design limits large dogs weighing over 45 pounds from using it.
Our Verdict:

This dog house works outdoors and is ideal for people with medium dogs. Besides keeping your dog safe in any weather, the dog house is easy to clean. If you have trouble cleaning other permanent houses, you will like this dog house.

5. Midwest Homes for Pets

Elegantly designed for any backyard, this dog house is stylish and will fit in with any décor. You can use it to keep your pet safe while it also accentuates the look of your yard. Besides, the colors will go with any décor you have.

Additionally, the dog house is constructed using water-resistant wood and stainless steel. Therefore, it is durable and will withstand any weather. You will use it well in the rainy season and when it is hot because it is long-lasting.

You do not need to use any tools when you put this house together because it is easy to assemble. Also, the opening is large enough for the dog so they can access it easily. It is also spacious, so your dog can relax and get comfortable at any time.

  • It comes ready to use; therefore, you do not spend more on extra assembly.
  • The waterproof, non-rust, warm, and comfortable kit hosts small dogs.
  • Its asphalt roof is high and sturdy with good ventilation and allows free pet maneuvering.
  • It limits visiting pet owners with large dogs to use such small doghouses.
Our Verdict:

If you like to add a little style to your backyard, this outdoor dog house will suit you well. It is also an excellent choice for users who are not handy with tools because it sets up instantly. It is easy for anyone to use and ideal for people living alone with their pets.

Final Thoughts

Surprise your pet with a new house this year to create a comfortable and secure lounging area. They come in many interesting designs made from pet-safe materials such as wood and plastic. They also shield pets from the elements and come in many sizes that can house small-large breeds.