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Best Dog Kennel Covers in 2023

Dog kennels are indispensable. Most owners purchase kennels for outside comfort, traveling, or to offer a permanent residence. However, if you want to fulfil the pet’s needs by offering extra warmth and privacy, it’s essential to purchase kennel covers. The cover serves multiple purposes: protection against adverse conditions, providing a private space, and calming anxious dogs.

After purchasing a kennel, the cover should be top of your preference list. As a dog owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure your beloved friend lives in a safe and comfortable space. However, your dog won’t enjoy these benefits without quality and functional cover. For this reason, this article provides an insight into the top dog kennel covers worth buying. Read on.

Are you in a hurry?

Dogs need a comfortable space to rest after a long day playing outdoors. Most people use kennels to creates a secluded area that pets can sleep and rest in at home. However, because they have open mesh sides, they can be cold at night during winter. While throwing in a pet blanket in one can help, wind drafts can be too much for dogs and cats to withstand. To stem this, add a dog kennel cover to add a layer of protection. They come in multiple sizes for different pet breeds and are weather resistant.

Best Overall

Honest Outfitters Dog Kennel Covers

Honest Outfitters Dog Kennel Covers

Honest Outfitters is a 43x29x30-inch dog kennel cover that fits most 42-inch kennels. You can also use it with most wire crates to shield dogs from wind drafts or the cold as they sleep. The cover is a 600D Oxford fabric, renowned for its strength. It is also waterproof, windproof, and prevents scratching, prolonging the life of dog kennels. The cover does not have a door, which enables easy entry and exit. It has a factory warranty and two covered pockets that you can use to store dog treats or dog toys et cetera.

High-End Pick

Explore Land Dog Kennel Covers

Explore Land Dog Kennel Covers

Do you have a 42-inch dog kennel in desperate need of a cover? Explore Land has a robust design made from a windproof polyester oxford fabric (600d). the materials shield dogs from wind drafts. You can also close its windows and door to create a warm and homely resting area for your pet. When it is hot, you can open the windows and door to allow in cool and fresh air. The product has a one-year warranty that covers all factory defects. It comes in three eye-catching colors on the Web – black, grey, and tan.

Budget Pick

MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Kennel Covers

MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Kennel Covers

MidWest Homes is a 100% polyester cover with hook and loop tabs for easy setup. It measures 24. 25 X 17. 2 X 19-inches and therefore can fit most dog grates and cages measuring up to 24 inches long. The sides and the door open for easier access or aeration. It also has a machine-washable design that you can remove and clean when dirty without lowering structural integrity. You get a 1-year warranty on this cover, which attests to its value.

Buying Guide for Best Dog Kennel Covers

Dog Kennel covers are essential for various reasons. They help calm your pup or dog during bedtime, and they can help provide shade and prevent excessive heat from penetrating the kennel. If your dog loves spending time in a kennel, then it's vital to find a suitable cover for them. We have reviewed the 5 best dog kennel covers in 2023 for you to help you through your search. Take your time and go through this guide, and we are sure that you will find the best kennel cover for your precious furry friend.

Size: First and foremost, ensure that your choice of kennel cover fits the kennel or crate you have. Otherwise, it won't fit in properly. Measure your kennel's dimensions so you can find the perfect fit.

Material: kennel Covers can either be made of polyester or cotton canvas. The material you choose should determine the purpose of the cover. Do you want it to provide your dog with some warmth, or simply want to create a private space?

Easy Installation: A Kennel cover should be easy to install. The covers should have Velcro tabs or zippers that help secure them in place. Besides, some covers have windows that can be rolled up or down, so you can have fast access to the dog when needed. Some covers will also have adjustable sides so that you can roll down the doors or sides for your dog's comfort.

Top 5 Best Dog Kennel Covers in 2023

Your dog will enjoy spending time in one of the dogs covers we have talked about herein. They fit most kennels and provide a warm and comfortable resting area that pets love. All are dog-safe, scratch-proof, and made from machine washable materials.

1. Honest Outfitters Dog Kennel Covers

Sometimes your dog needs a little privacy and peace after a playful day. The HONEST OUTFITTERS Dog Crate Cover provides that along with several other useful functions. To start with, the heavy-duty 600 Denier fabric blocks weather elements, thus giving your dog a comfortable sleeping space.

Furthermore, the accessory comes with 4 adhesive tapes for rolling it up. The tapes also come in handy if you have dogs that like biting the cover. In addition, HONEST OUTFITTERS have included two covered pockets to give you ample storage space for dog treats and toys. That’s not all; the cover features a strong mesh window for added functionality. The window guarantees excellent ventilation, and your dog will enjoy fresh air throughout. Better yet, the dog kennel cover is easy to use, and pet owners won’t have issues maximizing its functionality.

  • This dog kennel cover is made of 600D Oxford fabrics, windproof, waterproof, and more durable, effectively preventing scratching.
  • It is unique designed to fully open two side covers that won't block the door at all.
  • Its two covered pockets come in handy for the storage of pet toys and dog food.
  • The dog kennel cover only comes in one color.
Our Verdict:

HONEST OUTFITTERS Dog Crate Cover is designed to suit the dog’s needs. It’s durable and comfortable with the 600D polyester fabric and well-ventilated mesh window. Furthermore, dog owners will like the inclusion of adhesive tapes and covered pockets.

2. Explore Land Dog Kennel Covers

The Explore Land Dog Crate Cover is loaded with an array of functional features. It’s a durable and long-lasting cover, thanks to the sturdy oxford cloth. The 600D fabric will cut off cold wind and block the harmful UV rays. Still, the material provides good breathability to keep your dog cool on hot days. Additionally, the cover offers two entrance doors and a mesh window for ventilation and excellent visibility. Again, Explore Land will give you a 1-year warranty, so you can purchase this kennel cover with confidence knowing the manufacturer covers any defects.

Installing this cover is a straightforward task, and the top zipper offers a functional handle to remove the cover. What’s more, the manufacturer offers 3 color options (gray, black, and light tan), so you have the freedom to pick what appeals to you. Your pet can also benefit from a pet sofa and chair so check them out as well.

  • The dog kennel cover is made of durable and windproof oxford material.
  • It is easy to install, has a top zipper for a portable handle when removing.
  • The toggles along the base of the cover will help you attach it to the kennel.
  • The dog kennel cover only comes in one color.
Our Verdict:

Durability, easy installation, and good breathability are what define the Explore Land Dog Crate Cover. The kennel cover comes with strong oxford fabric and a functional mesh window. Dog owners will also love the divider panel on this pet accessory.

3. MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Kennel Covers

Dogs can’t stay indoors for long, and they might require fresh air. The MidWest Dog Crate Cover offers a haven for your pet. It features durable polyester fabric, so it can stand weather elements to serve you both indoors and outdoors.

Accessing the kennel cover shouldn’t be a complicated process since it has side, front, and rear doors. The cover provides a den-like environment for your beloved dog away from weather elements. Better still, the cover has hook and loop tabs that provide a secure fit.

Measuring 24.5 x 17.2 x 19 inches, this cover suits most standard 24-inch dog kennels and crates. Since this dog kennel cover is machine washable, you’ll have an easy time maintaining it. As if that’s not enough, MidWest will provide you with a 1-year warranty to cover any defects that could develop. If you travel with your pet often, you will need a backpack carrier, a pet carrier sling, or a pet carrier as well. We have reviewed some of the best.

  • The cover fits most one- and two-door folding metal crates.
  • It's made of durable poly/cotton-blended fabric and is Teflon protected.
  • It has hook-and-loop tabs that keep the cover securely in place.
  • There is no option to secure open sides to the crate.
Our Verdict:

MidWest Dog Crate Cover is an excellent purchase. The model is recommended by trainers, breeders, and veterinarians, further proving you get a high-quality accessory. Therefore, if you want comfort, privacy, and security for your dog, this is the right kennel cover.

4. Merry Pet Products Dog Kennel Covers

If you want style and functionality, don’t look beyond the Merry Products Pet Cage with Crate Cover. The package includes a steel crate and an elegant cover. The mahogany brown cover will resist weather elements and provide dog owners with longevity.

Also, the stylish cover will turn an ordinary dog crate into a functional side table. You can confidently use it in the bedroom, living room, or even the family room. Adding to Merry Products offers 3 size options to give you a variety that will fit most dogs.

Other than that, the metallic crate has a plastic tray at the bottom for added functionality. You can easily remove the tray whenever you want to clean this kennel cover. Since no hardware is needed, assembly and disassembly processes are both simple.

  • The kennel cover top allows personal items to be stored on top.
  • It includes a removable plastic tray that can be pulled out for cleaning purposes.
  • The cover is made with MDF solid wood veneer and powder-coated steel.
  • None.
Our Verdict:

The Merry Products Pet Cage with Crate Cover is a functional pet accessory to purchase. The cover, along with the pet kennel, will give your dog a safe place to relax and sleep.

5. Expawlorer Dog Kennel Covers

The EXPAWLORER Dog Crate Cover is an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. Coming with rainproof and sunscreen designs, this dog kennel suits both indoor and outdoor applications. In addition, its robust polyester fabric resists UV rays, thus preventing skin damages. Privacy is another major highlight of this dog kennel cover. Apart from offering defense against weather elements, it also offers a secure and comfortable space for dogs.

Additionally, the EXPAWLORER Dog Crate Cover folds in half for easy storage and transportation. Regarding the construction, this dog kennel cover features strong polyester materials to ensure longevity. The lightweight material adds to its functionality, and you’ll have an easy time fixing it on the dog crate.

  • The dog cover is made from lightweight and durable polyester; each corner with a tie, you can easily fix it to the crate.
  • Its sunscreen and rainproof designs are suitable for outdoor use, offering extra defense from the sun and rain.
  • It also provides a convenient storage environment.
  • None.
Our Verdict:

EXPAWLORER Crate Cover is functional. The rainproof design, made from polyester, make this a must-buy. Furthermore, dog owners will love the extra privacy that this kennel cover offers.

Final Thoughts

A dog kennel cover will create a comfortable and private lounging area for your pet if set up correctly. They come in multiple sizes and shapes for different kennels. The materials used to make them not only withstand abuse from dogs but the elements as well.

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