Best Dog Lifejackets in 2022

Dogs enjoy playing in the water. It’s no surprise to see dogs joining humans during swimming, kayaking, boating, floating, and fishing expeditions. However, despite being great swimmers, it’s always vital to prepare yourself for uncertainties. even the best paddlers get fatigued, so you should always be prepared with the best dog life jackets.

Therefore, if you like bringing your furry friend to your watercraft, you need the right floatation jackets. Dog lifejackets are just what you need to ensure your pet’s safety while also keeping them happy in the water. That said, if you’re looking for recommendations about the best dog lifejackets, this review is meant for you.

Are you in a hurry?

If you have a dog at home, its wellness at home and outdoors should be your priority. Whether you provide wet dog food, dry dog food, or dehydrated and freeze-dried food, make sure it is of the highest quality. Also, if you enjoy hiking or camping with your dog, add a life jacket to your list of must-have dog accessories. They boost visibility in the dark and keep dogs warm in freezing environments. We have a few top brands that are beneficial to most breeds.

Best Overall

ThunderShirt Sport Dog Anxiety Jacket

ThunderShirt Sport Dog Anxiety Jacket

ThunderShirt is a sports-grade anxiety jacket that comes in seven colors for different dog breeds. It eases fear and anxiety and comes in multiple exciting colors that do not fade over time. It is also buoyant and therefore will keep your dog safe whenever it falls into the water. The jacket is 100% polyester, a comfortable and dog-safe fabric that lasts or long. It weighs 8 ounces and can fit under other apparel, including dog hoodies and dog shirts, to name a few.

High-End Pick

Outward Hound Dog Life Jacket

Outward Hound Dog Life Jacket

Outward jacket is a smart floatation device that can fit large dog breeds such as hounds. It supports most water sports and keeps dogs above water to stop them from drowning. Use the adjustable straps to customize its fit on your dog. The dual handle on top is sturdy and has an ergonomic design that fits snug in hand. This eases retrieval of dogs from water bodies whenever you have an accident. The jacket comes in multiple colors and sizes (XS to XL).

Budget Pick

Yoyoung Dog Safety Life Coat

Yoyoung Dog Safety Life Coat

Yoyoung is a budget dog safety coat with foam-padded neoprene panels that keep dogs safe. It is super buoyant and therefore safe to use in most environments. It also keeps the body warm as dogs swim and have secure buckles that you can adjust to fit your dog. Yoyoung has five sizing options for toy, medium-sized, and large dog breeds. It also has a breathable mesh liner that boosts comfort and a secure top-mounted handle that supports over 50 pounds.

Buying Guide for Dog Lifejackets

You do not leave your dog at home when going swimming or visiting the beach. You can also go as far as getting in the water with your dog. You will however need a lifejacket for the dog to keep them from drowning.

The features outlined in this buying guide will help you to get the best life jacket for your dog.

Size: An effective lifejacket must fit your dog. A smaller jacket may save your dog from drowning but will be too uncomfortable. A larger lifejacket is ineffective since it may come off while your dog is in the water, leading to drowning.

Buoyancy: The more buoyant a lifejacket is, the more effective it is. You should therefore choose a buoyant lifejacket to ensure that your dog is safe. The best lifejacket should have a lightweight structure that will float on water and not inhibit your dog’s movement.

Portability: You will not put the lifejacket on your dog right from home. You will need to carry it to the swimming pool or beach. The ideal lifejacket should therefore have features that boost portability, including a lightweight construction.

Top 5 Dog Lifejackets in the Market this Year

If you love spending time around water bodies with your dog, get a life jacket for him or her for safety. They not only boost the visibility of dogs but also keep them buoyant and warm when they fall in the water. Here are the best brands:

1. ThunderShirt Sport Dog Anxiety Jacket

If you want a snug fit while also guaranteeing the dog’s safety, look no further than the ThunderShirt Sport Dog Anxiety Jacket. The jacket is perfect for pet owners, trainers, and vets. The dog wear is well-engineered to apply gentle but consistent pressure on your pet, which calms fear and anxiety. Besides, the manufacturer offers hot pink and stylish grey options, so you can pick what matches your dog’s style. Better yet, you get 7 size options, meaning it will suit a variety of dogs. The jacket can be used by tiny puppies as well as giant dog breeds.

Just as the name suggests, this lifejacket will keep your pet safe in all weather conditions. Boasting an 80% success rate, these are highly recommended lifejackets for anyone that wants to carry their pet into the waters.

  • It calms your anxious dog with no medication and training.
  • The patented design applies pressure on your dog keeping it calm.
  • 100% polyester material is non-toxic thus safe and is easy to clean.
  • The Velcro is not strongly sewn and falls out of shape after a few wears.
Our Verdict:

The ThunderShirt Sport Dog Anxiety Jacket is designed with the dog’s safety in mind. It applies gentle pressure on the dog, which calms over-excitement and fear. Pet owners will also like the drug-free calming and 100% money-back guarantee.

2. Outward Hound Dog Life Jacket

For those looking for high-performance dog floatation devices, here’s your ideal choice. The Outward Hound Dog Life Jacket suits different watersport adventures with your beloved pet. The manufacturer uses reflective accents and bright colors for better visibility. Also, this lifejacket is perfect for novice swimmers. The inclusion of a front float support function will ensure the dog’s head remains above the water level. Better yet, the use of ripstop materials on this dog lifejacket guarantees maximum buoyancy.

In addition, the accessory comes with a top dual grab handle for safety purposes. With this function, you’ll have an easy time retrieving the pet during emergencies. Another feature worth mentioning is the adjustable straps. The straps will keep the pet secured whenever you go, be it on water or outside.

  • Bright reflective colors allow better visibility during swimming sessions.
  • It has a front neck front that maintains your dog’s head above the water.
  • A ripstop material and a thick foam that provides buoyancy.
  • A ripstop material and a thick foam that provides buoyancy.
Our Verdict:

The Outward Hound Dog Life Jacket ensures the dog’s safety whenever you go. The reflective accents will guarantee better visibility whereas the front float support provides the required buoyancy. Dog owners will also like the dual grab handles.

3. Yoyoung Dog Safety Life Coat

The Camo Pet Life Preserver Jacket is another reliable accessory that provides outstanding buoyancy. The model comes with foam neoprene panels that will provide the required buoyancy. Additionally, the material insulates the dog’s body, thus guaranteeing warmth even as they swim.

Moreover, the dog lifejacket features durable Velcro straps for enhanced performance. With the adjustable buckles, you’re sure to provide your pet with a secure fit as you explore the water. Adding to that, the model comes in 5 size options, meaning you can’t miss out on an ideal fit for your dog. As a dog owner, you’ll like the breathable mesh lining on this lifejacket.

The feature ensures this jacket dries out fast while also simplifying the cleaning process. What’s more, the top handle fitting makes it easy to maneuver the dog.

  • It has a camouflage print that makes it ideal for hunting dogs.
  • An adjustable design makes it usable among various dogs.
  • Reflective accents on the straps make it easily visible at night.
  • The chest area is too narrow to accommodate dogs with a wide chest.
Our Verdict:

The Camo Pet Life Preserver Jacket features all the bells and whistles that you’d like as a dog owner. The foam neoprene panels, coupled with the breathable mesh lining will guarantee buoyancy and comfort. Still, you’ll like the functional D-ring and the cool camo print.

4. Kurgo Surf n’ Turf Dog Life Jacket

If you’re looking for a versatile dog accessory, this is the right product. The Kurgo Dog Water Life Jacket doubles as a raincoat and lifejacket. As such, you can use it to offer protection against the rain or to assist the dog when swimming.

Other than that, the dog lifejacket has 2 control handles that offer better performance. With the transverse handles, you can easily extract your pet from water as the need arises, especially during emergencies. Better still, there’s a reflective trim on the lifejacket to offer visibility in low-light conditions. As for the design, this dog accessory features rugged ripstop materials. It can, therefore, withstand rough use and ensure you get optimal performance for an extended period. The inclusion of metal D-rings will allow dog owners to add attachments when necessary.

  • It doubles as a lifejacket and a raincoat.
  • Two handles allow you to easily control your dog.
  • The ripstop material withstands long-term, rough use and provides buoyancy.
  • The nylon fabric at the seams along the handles easily pulls apart.
Our Verdict:

The Kurgo Dog Water Life Jacket is perfect for both novice and experienced swimmers. The dog lifejacket comes with two control handles and metal D-rings to offer better functionality. Also, the reflective trim will offer visibility as you explore the waters with your furry friend.

5. Paws Aboard Dog Life Jacket Vest

If high visibility and buoyancy are your main considerations, then the Paws Aboard Dog Life Jacket Vest will suit you. The model comes with reflective strips, alongside vibrant colors to ensure your pet is always visible. It combines neoprene materials and an elegant silhouette to give your pet an awesome look. Besides, you’ll get a sizing chart to ensure you purchase the right fit for your dog. The handle top on this dog lifejacket makes it easy for you to grab the dog.

In addition, the hook and loop fastening system on the jacket will secure this accessory around the belly.

the manufacturer fits the jacket with breathable mesh that adds to its functionality. This feature makes it easy to drain and dry the lifejacket, so your dog is assured to stay in a healthy and comfortable position.

  • The neoprene material is breathable and highly buoyant.
  • Your dog stays comfortable, thanks to the light structure that does not weigh them down.
  • It has an adjustable collar that you can loosen/tighten to fit your dog.
  • The D-Ring webbing is weak and does not support your dog.
Our Verdict:

The Paws Aboard Dog Life Jacket Vest is a perfect accessory if you want to carry your pet into the waters. It features breathable mesh and quick-dry materials for better functionality. With several size options and vibrant colors, it’s truly a valuable purchase.

Final Thoughts

A life jacket will keep your dog safe whenever you are spending time in the water. They are comfortable, warm, and come in multiple sizes for different breeds. Our top picks deliver the best experience as they offer these benefits and many more. Do not hesitate to buy a pet.