Best Dog Location & Activity Trackers in 2022

Pet technology continues to evolve daily. Every day, pet owners wake up to new inventions, all of which aim to enhance their relationship with their beloved friends. If you have a pet that has mastered the escape plan, then it’s time to consider buying dog location and activity trackers. These accessories help to monitor pets, properly deal with them, and prevent health issues.

Trackers are not just meant for humans. If your dog hasn’t mastered the art of walking on a leash, then you know the importance of knowing its location. However, not all dog trackers are built alike. As such, it’s crucial to do in-depth research on the most appropriate brand. If you’re considering investing in a dog location and activity tracker, this review will help you. Here are our top picks.

Are you in a hurry?

Keeping watch of an overactive dog can be a tall order for most people. The thought of not knowing where your dog is can be a scary one. The best way to take care of such issues is to install a dog location and activity tracker. They are safe for pets, easy to set up, and have accurate metrics.

Best Overall

Whistle Go - Health & Location Dog Location & Activity Trackers

Whistle Go - Health & Location Dog Location & Activity Trackers

Whistle Go - Health & Location is s subscription-based dog location monitor that uses AT&T 4G LTE-M cellular networks to send GPS coordinates. As such, you get real-time tracking data for your pet from up to 3000 miles away. The system also supports nutrition and health tracking and uses a rechargeable battery with a 10-day runtime as a power source. Thus, if you need a trucker for use on the road, it is the best.

Smart Pick

PetFon Pet GPS Dog Location & Activity Trackers (Only For Dog)

PetFon Pet GPS Dog Location & Activity Trackers (Only For Dog)

PetFon Pet GPS tracker does not require a monthly subscription to work, unlike the Whistle Go model. This does not mean you sacrifice quality. Apart from tracking movement, it also supports long-distance tracking in four fence modes. You can define a danger fence or safe fence and get real-time notifications when your pet walks in and out of it. You can also pair it with your family’s Wi-Fi adapter and use its range as a boundary.

Budget Pick

Eureka Technology MARCOPOLO Advanced Dog Location & Activity Trackers

Eureka Technology MARCOPOLO Advanced Dog Location & Activity Trackers

Eureka Technology MARCOPOLO has an advanced universal design that you can use anywhere at any time. It has a 100% self-contained design that does not rely on cellular networks or GPS to work. It also has a lightweight design that is suitable for traveling and an expandable design that can track up to three pets. The rugged design can withstand a lot of abuse. Dogs can run, play, or swim in it, for instance, issue-free.

Buying Guides for Best Dog Location and Activity Trackers

A dog location and activity tracker is a suitable companion for dog owners who love taking their furry friends out for a walk or monitor their activities and site as they play in the garden.

These devices are much easier and safer to use than tethering your dog on a leash or confining them in a dog cage. With the help of technology, dog location and activity trackers are fitted with GPS trackers and Apps that help keep an eye over your dog while moving around.

If you want to get the best dog location and activity trackers, we have reviewed the 5 best dog trackers you can buy.

However, there are few factors that you need to check before purchasing any dog location and activity trackers. Let's find out more.

Identify Your Need: The number one thing you need to consider is to find out if what you intend to buy will help you find the best set of types at a reasonable cost. Ensure that you get the right dog location and activity trackers with reliable features for their intended purpose.

Quality: The second thing you need to have in mind is the quality and durability of the device. Are they waterproof or water-resistant, knowing that you can never stop your dog from going for a swim or deal with rain and puddles? If your dog is ever playful, look for an indestructible one as you pay attention to how it is attached to its collar and the materials it is made from.

Ease of Use: Lastly, see that the device you choose for your dog is easy to use and operate straight out of the box. This is because some come with complicated features that can be trickier to set up. Make sure that the dog location and activity trackers are suited to you and your personality.

Top 5 Best Dog Location and Activity Trackers in 2022

With one of these location and activity trackers in hand, you will never have a hard time tracking your pet. They are easy to use and effective.

1. Whistle Go - Health & Location Dog Location & Activity Trackers

Here comes another reliable and functional dog location ad activity tracker. The Whistle Go – Health & Location Tracker offers real-time results. As such, you will easily know where your dog is, which eliminates worries about the safety of your dog.

Besides, the location tracker covers an impressive range of up to 3 000 miles. You will, therefore, track your dog’s activities for a large area. Furthermore, the manufacturer includes a long-life battery that can last for more than 10 days when fully charged. Even though you require a subscription, the fees are still affordable compared to other models in the market today. The subscriptions include health monitoring, which comes with proactive notifications and personalized health reports.

  • This device is a real-time location tracker that sends alerts and quickly locates your dog.
  • It is ideal in monitoring activity levels, calories, distance, and other behaviors.
  • It contains a remote-activated built-in light and a long-lasting battery.
  • A subscription plan is required, and it's limited for use in areas with poor cell service.
Our Verdict:

The Whistle Go – Health & Location Tracker scores highly regarding functionality and durability. The dog tracker comes with weather-resistant materials and a functional Whistle app. Also, the model offers health and fitness tracking functions.

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2. PetFon Pet GPS Dog Location & Activity Trackers (Only For Dog)

PetFon is a reputable brand, and all its products deliver exceptional performance. The PetFon Pet GPS Tracker isn’t any different. For starters, it offers a free subscription, so pet owners won’t incur the expensive monthly fees. In addition, the tracker combines Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi technologies to provide you with real-time positioning.

The tracking range is between 0.65 miles and 3.5 miles, depending on the surroundings. Better still, the Rada searching technology will come in handy when looking for lost pets.

As for the design, PetFon uses durable and rainproof materials to ensure longevity. With such a strong and sturdy build, the dog location tracker will resist weather elements and serve you for an extended period.  Another notable feature worth mentioning is the multicolor alert that actives colorful lights when locating your dog in dim areas.

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  • Petfon GPS tracker is free of any service fee.
  • The small, durable, and rainproof device allow you to track your pet's activity and pinpoint their location in real-time.
  • Petfon GPS tracker combines GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and long-distance wireless technologies.
  • The device is not designed for remote tracking or indoor monitoring.
Our Verdict:

The PetFon Pet GPS Tracker is a highly recommended accessory. The model features customizable voice command, along with a multicolor alert. Furthermore, the construction is durable and reliable to ensure you get value for money. Dog owners should also have retractable leashes.

3. Eureka Technology MARCOPOLO Advanced Dog Location & Activity Trackers

For those looking for a dog location tracker that works anywhere, consider the Eureka Technology MARCOPOLO Advanced Tracking System. The model suits one dog, but you can still expand it to serve three dogs. Also, it will guarantee a great range of up to 2 miles.

The tags are weather-resistant and splashproof. As such, they will work perfectly for prolonged swimming, especially if you have active dogs. Also, there’s a rechargeable battery that will last for close to 6 weeks while still helping you monitor the dog.

With a single button-push design, this dog tracker is easy to use and won’t require prior training. Additionally, you won’t incur extra charges in terms of monthly subscriptions because it’s free. As if that’s not enough, you get 4 safety zone ranges to give you alerts whenever the dog wanders.

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  • The device works anywhere, and it's self-contained, no GPS or cell network required.
  • It is simple to set up and use, and it's ideal for traveling with your pets.
  • The rechargeable battery on the pet's collar lasts up to 6 weeks.
  • The device is not responsive enough for moment-to-moment precision.
Our Verdict:

The Eureka Technology MARCOPOLO Advanced Tracking System is a worthy purchase. The manufacturer creates a simple-to-use and reliable dog tracker. Moreover, the long-life and rechargeable battery will guarantee exceptional service for a long period.

4. PETFON Dog GPS Dog Location & Activity Trackers (Dog Only)

PETFON isn’t done yet. The famous brand has come up with yet another reliable dog location tracker. The model features a small and lightweight design, making it an easy-to-use dog accessory. Furthermore, the geofence function further enhances its functionality.

Also, this dog accessory offers long-distance tracking. The tracker will cover between 0.65 miles and 3.5 miles, depending on the presence of obstruction along the way. The multicolor alarm function will give you notifications whenever you approach the dog’s location.

The battery is another clear indication of a top-of-the-line product. When fully charged, this battery will last for close to 16 hours, which is quite impressive compared to similar-priced dog trackers. As if that’s not enough, this dog location tracker offers silent operation with 70dB.  Therefore, if you want your dog to explore the outdoors and play with no restrictions, this is the right tracker to purchase.

  • It uses the characteristics of nearby Wi-Fi hotspots and other wireless access points.
  • The device works well in Wi-Fi intensive areas such as crowded urban environments.
  • This Petfon GPS tracker is free of any service fee or monthly fee.
  • The device is not waterproof.
Our Verdict:

The PETFON Dog GPS Tracker delivers long-distance tracking between 0.65 and 3.5 miles. The model comes with a reliable standby battery that can last for 16 hours. Also, pet owners will appreciate the 100% waterproof design and anti-lost radar searching.

5. PETFON Pet GPS Dog Location & Activity Trackers for 1-3 Dogs

If you’re looking for a durable and multifunctional dog location tracker, this is an excellent choice. The Pet GPS Tracker for 1-3 Dogs by PETFON offers real-time tracking with no monthly subscriptions. Also, the tracker doesn’t rely on the cellular network, so it can function in almost any area. What’s more, the unit comes as a complete package with a controller, 3 trackers, and 2 charging boxes.

As such, it’s a perfect choice for any pet owner that wants to keep a closer eye on 3 dogs. With a unique combination of GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth technology, you’re sure to get the right location.

Using this dog tracker is a rather simple process, and you don’t need training or prior knowledge. Besides, the manufacturer has a compatible app to let you check the dog’s activities on any smartphone device. What’s more, the customizable voice command function adds to the performance of this dog location and activity tracker.

  • The tracker is easy to use, portable, rainproof, and dustproof.
  • The device offers long-distance tracking and offers very healthy battery life for regular use.
  • It allows your pet to be active without any limitations.
  • The device is not meant to be used for remote monitoring or indoor tracking.
Our Verdict:

The Pet GPS Tracker for 1-3 Dogs by PETFON is another excellent provision from a reputable brand. This model suits 3 dogs and can cover areas up to 3.5 miles. The pinpoint accuracy, coupled with the 16-hour battery, further proves you’re getting a valuable product.