Best Dog Memorials in 2022

Dog are not exempt from death. The sad fact is that one day you’ll have to say goodbye to your friend. The loss of a dog hits many people hard, especially if they are too close to the pet. Many people need a way to remember their furry friends to keep them close to their hearts even after they are gone. That’s where dog memorials come in handy.

Memorials offer a perfect way for dog owners to express their sentiments towards losing their furry friend. Besides, it helps provide comfort while providing a great way for anyone to remember their pet forever. This article reviews the 10 best dog memorials that will speed up the healing process.

Are you in a hurry?

Pet memorials provide pet owners an effective way of celebrating their pets. Formulated mostly as pendants, they come in multiple designs that fit most dog breeds. You can also personalize yours with a name or quote to create a unique experience. Like the best dog toys and dog pet hats, they also make excellent gift items for people who have pets or who love pets. If you need one in a hurry, this section is for you. Check out our picks of bestsellers.

Best Overall

Pearhead Pet Pawprints Desk Picture Frame

Pearhead Pet Pawprints Desk Picture Frame

This cute paw print desk picture frame makes an excellent gift for people who like dogs. It is a decent size (12x8x2-inches, and has a secure frame (hinged) that sits perfectly on tabletops and desks, et cetera. The frame is solid wood, which gives it a warm and charming look. It retains its shape over time and has a built-in shadowbox that draws attention to your picture. You can fit up to 4x6-inch photos in this frame without looking at odds. The reinforced edges last.

High-End Pick

Pet Memorial Wind Chime

Pet Memorial Wind Chime

Wellness products such as pooper scoopers make excellent gifts. However, The Wind Chime from Pet Memorial has a unique aura that has attracted repeat buyers since its release. It has a unique paw print theme that resonates well with dog owns. Also, made from metal, this 8.75 x 5.5 x 1-inch chime is durable and generates a soothing sound that users love. You can set it up outdoors without it rusting or corroding. It also has a protective package that doubles as a gift box for people who are willing to provide it as a gift.

Budget Pick

Pet Memorial Photo Ornament

Pet Memorial Photo Ornament

Pet Memorial is a versatile photo ornament measuring 7 x 3-inches. It has an eye-catching silver frame made from rust-resistant metal. The frame withstands abuse for long and has both angel wings and sparkling gems that boost its outlook further. The frame can hold up to 2.25-inch memorial photos and therefore can look good on desks or lintels. You can also mount it on a wall, window, mirror, or Christmas tree without the design looking out of place. Each ornament comes with a free bag for safe storage.

Buying Guide for Dog Memorials

The reality of losing your loved dog is inevitable. Just like humans, the bond between you and them cannot fade easily once they have passed on. When you want to keep the memories of your loved dog, a dog memorial plays an essential role in ensuring your beautiful moments together live for a lifetime. To help you choose the ideal dog memorial, this buying guide highlights some factors you will need to consider when shopping for the best dog memorial.

Size: When choosing a dog memorial, you need to consider the size of the photo that it can hold. Some may have a large size but hold small-sized photos. Ensure the dimensions are ideal and fit for your photo’s size.

Materials: Dog memorials are made from different types of materials. This includes wood, plastic, stone, and so on. The material dictates whether you can use the dog memorial indoor or outdoor. Therefore, it is vital to consider this factor depending on where you intend to place the memorial.

Personalization: Another important factor to consider is the ability to personalize the dog memorial. Being able to engrave a personalized message on the memorial allows you to express your love and feelings about your fur baby.

The Best Dog Memorials in the Market this Year

Dog memorials are suitable for honoring fallen dogs.  They are suitable gifts for homeowners and have collectible designs that retain their sentimental value for long. As such, while a friend will love receiving dog diapers as a gift, a memorial will change his or her life. Here are the best this year.

1. Pearhead Pet Pawprints Desk Picture Frame

Made using mahogany material, this dog memorial makes it easy for you to keep your dog in your mind even after a long time.  In addition, it is durable and does not change its color or look for a long time to use it for many years.

In addition, the memorial has one side you can use to make a clay print of the dog’s paw, and on another side, you can place a picture. Besides, you can use it to memorialize your dog because you will have the image and the print for a long time.

With a hinged frame, this memorial sits comfortably on any desktop or tabletop. You can therefore easily place it anywhere in your home or the desk in your office. Furthermore, the clay creates no memes and also dries fast.

  • It comes in various colors that blend well with different interior decors allowing you to create beautiful memories of your dog.
  • The frame includes an opposite side measuring 4″ x 6″, ideal for holding your dog’s photo.
  • the versatile design makes it easy to use it as a decoration on an office desk or a corner table.
  • The clay bounces back, meaning it will take a longer time before hardening.
Our Verdict:

This dog memorial is ideal for people who want to place the images on their desks. You will not need to drill holes on the walls, and you can move it anytime you like.

2. Pet Memorial Wind Chime

Ideal for displaying indoors and also outdoors, the Pet memorial wind chime is weather-resistant. As a result, you can hang it anywhere you want and use it all year round. It is also made using tough elements so that it can last longer.

With a poem included on the frame, this dog memorial helps to give anyone comforting words following a pet’s loss. Also, the keepsake is sturdy and durable, so you will be sure that you will have it to remember your dog forever.

This wind chime produces a soothing sound anytime the wind blows, and all the parts are strong, so it will not come apart easily. You can personalize the message however you want, making it ideal for anyone. It is also boxed so that you can gift it easily.

  • It includes a “Left By You poem” by Teri Harrison that helps to comfort the dog’s grieving family.
  • The high-quality cast material design makes it sturdy and durable.
  • It is rust-resistant, convenient for indoor and outdoor use.
  • The chimes are flimsy and need great care when handling them.
Our Verdict:

The paw print wind chime dog memorial is ideal for any pet owner because it is versatile. You can hang it on your porch, garden, deck, or choose the dog’s favorite spot, so it is easy for you to remember them.

3. Pet Memorial Photo Ornament

Featuring sparkling gems, the Barnberry designs dog memorial has a beautiful look to add to any room’s aesthetic. It is a keepsake and a Christmas ornament that you can also use to decorate your tree and keep your pet’s memory every holiday season. This collectible makes it easy for you to display it anywhere you want or hang it like an ornament. Furthermore, it is a great keepsake or a gift that you can also give to anyone that lost their pet.

Made using durable and strong materials, this ornament will last for a very long time, and you will be able to use it on any occasion. Furthermore, the style is vintage, and it will easily complement any decor while the sparkling gems make any place look elegant.

  • It has a decorative hanging loop, suitable for hanging anywhere.
  • The heart brushed metal design measures 7 inches by 3 inches, which is ideal for holding 2.25 inches memorial photo.
  • It comes with a storage bag for safety and protection.
  • The hanger is a bit fragile.
Our Verdict:

This dog memorial is ideal for anyone grieving the loss of their pet, especially during the holidays. You can take it out every time you decorate your tree and remember all the great holidays you spent with your furry friend.

4. Pawprints Pet Memorial Frame

Featuring a pet ash vial or a dog tag ribbon, this dog memorial gives you an option so that you can choose the best way to remember your dog. Moreover, the unique look makes it perfect for displaying in any place or keeping it anywhere.

Besides, the black hinge frame stands perfectly on top of a table so that you can place it at home or in your office. Besides, it comes with a ribbon and tag that you can engrave with the pet’s name or any personal message you want.

Also, the frame has a poem that you can read as you remember your pet friend because it will provide comfort. The double frame is easy to personalize and lasts longer, so you will find an easy way to memorialize your pet.

  • The memorial frame includes a ribbon and an engravable metal tag, so you can easily add an impressive message about your departed dog.
  • It has a Double-sided design that easily folds in the middle and can hold a 5 by 7 inches photo.
  • It includes a “Left By You poem” by Teri Harrison that helps to comfort the dog’s grieving family.
  • The clasps are loose and may not hold a picture in place.
Our Verdict:

This double-frame dog memorial makes it easy for you to remember your dog anytime. You can place it easily in your office, on the mantle, bookshelf, or any surface. It is also a great gift for anyone that is grieving.

5. BANBERRY DESIGNS in Loving Memory Pet Ornament

With the capability of holding a two-inch diameter photo, this dog memorial makes a good ornament for anyone who loses their pet. It also has a smooth back so that you can use it to engrave a personal message or your pet’s name.

Furthermore, the front has a message that will provide comfort anytime you read it, and it also has angel wings decoration with a few gems that will sparkle when you are using it as an ornament or a display in any place you want it.

A gift box makes this ornament easy to use as a gift for anyone suffering a loss, and a ribbon is included to make it easy for you to hang it. Also, this dog memorial is sturdy and made using durable metal so that it will last longer.

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  • Its smooth back makes it convenient to engrave a personalized message about your departed dog.
  • It holds photos of about 3 inches in diameter, making it a suitable decoration.
  • It includes a red ribbon, ideal for hanging for clear display.
  • The size is somehow small for some users.
Our Verdict:

If you lose your pet during the holidays, this makes a great ornament so that you can use it to remember them at this time. You can also use this in your car because it is easy to hang on your rearview mirror with the ribbon.