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Best Dog Odor & Stain Removers in 2023

Any pet owner will confess, pets do have a unique smell. While the smell does not bother your furry companion, it can be unsettling to your family. What’s worse, the pet leaves behind this pungent smell on every surface it lays and even on its laundry. Given that kicking your dog out is not an option, you have to seek another lasting solution. That is where the best dog odor and stain eliminators come in handy.

Any household with dogs should invest in a quality odor and stain remover. The products will keep your home clean and smelling fresh. Besides, they will ensure you live in a germ-free environment. However, if you’re clueless about the top brands, this article will suit you.

Are you in a hurry?

Most people use synthetic products such as dog colognes to neutralize bad pet odor. These only offer a slight reprieve and therefore need a frequent application to be effective. Dog odor and stain removers do a better dog as they penetrate deep into the coat of dogs. As such, if your dog needs a quick clean and nothing seems to work well, make this transition today. The following brands work well off the shelf:

Best Overall

Simple Green Outdoor Odor Eliminator

Simple Green Outdoor Odor Eliminator

Simple Green is a 32-ounce bottle of an effective outdoor eliminator for dogs, cats, patios, and artificial grass. You can also use it to quickly clean yards, dog runs, and patios. Used as directed, the product lifts and cleans dirt and grime to leave your surfaces looking amazing. It can also neutralize bad odors left behind by vomit, stool, and urine via powerful yet natural enzymes. As such, unlike colognes that cover smells, these products eliminate them from the source to provide long lasting results. You get an efficient spray head (built-in) that makes dispensation easy.

High-End Pick

Simple Green Outdoor Odor Eliminator

Zero Multi-Purpose Odor Eliminator

With Zero, you get a multipurpose odor eliminator for the home that is safe to use in basements, bathrooms, nurseries, and kitchens. Unlike some remedies, that mask odor, this product neutralizes odors naturally. It also leaves a mild tracer scent that leaves your dog or work surface smelling great for hours. The Zero Multi-Purpose Odor Eliminator is hypoallergenic. It does not contain toxic ingredients that might harm your pet or you over time. It is also biodegradable. The impact on the environment is negligible, which is a plus. You get a 16-ounce pack.

Budget Pick

Simple Green Outdoor Odor Eliminator

Thornell Cat Odor-Off

Thornell Cat Odor-Off is a veterinarian-recommended product this is also one of the most popular odor removers in North America. It comes in a four-gallon container that lasts a lifetime. It also has a quick-acting formula that not only saves you time but is also easy to use. All you do is saturate a pet or a trouble spot, let its extracts work and rinse it off. Because it is a non-enzymatic product, Thornell Cat Odor-Off is safe for all dog breeds. You can use it around children without worry and use it outdoors without harming the environment or polluting water sources.

Buying Guide for Dog Odor and Stain Removers

Using the best dog shampoos and dog colognes can improve the smell and outlook of your dog. However, to neutralize bad odors permanently, consider using the best odor and stain remover. They are gentle on pets and contain effective and all-natural ingredients that do not harm the environment. If you are shopping for one, we share a guide that can help you to find the best this year. Check these features to find the best brand.

Formulation: What is the formulation of your preferred dog odor and stain remover? Is it a concentrated product? Do you get a pre-mixed formula that comes ready to use off the shelf? Concentrated formulae cost slightly more money but provide the best experience in most areas. All you have to do is mix with water to create a working formula.

Safety: Odor and stain removers are multi-functional products that can clean pets and carpets, et cetera. If you are shopping for one, it is good to gauge the safety of your product of choice before reaching for your pocket. Does it contain irritants that might harm your pet over time? Avoid such products at all costs. Also, avoid products with additives that can harm the environment. Compare available options and buy the best.

Top 5 Dog Odor & Stain Removers

We have identified the best odor and stain removers that you can use worry-free on your pet and floors. They are quick acting, easy to use, and do not harm the environment – a plus. Read on.

1. Simple Green Outdoor Odor Eliminator

The Simple Green Outdoor Odor Eliminator quickly removes odor caused by vomit, urine, stool, and other organic material. It is safe for use on your pets, on grass, gravel, concrete, artificial turf, and brick. That makes it suitable for use on patios, decks, dog runs, and yards.

Additionally, eliminating foul dog smells around the house has never been any easier. Start by removing the solid waste before shaking the bottle and connecting the sprayer to a hose. Then, turn on the water by pushing the safety tab toward the hose and turning the nozzle clockwise. You can now conveniently spray the affected areas.

Also, its natural and powerful enzymes help eliminate odor instead of cover it up. That leaves behind a long-lasting fresh scent. Besides, the hose attachment allows for easy application around the yard or patio.

  • Leaves behind a soothing and long-lasting scent.
  • It has a built-in nozzle that makes dispensation easy.
  • It has a built-in nozzle that makes dispensation easy.
  • Struggles on some surfaces.
Our Verdict:

Unlike most odor and stain removers, the Simple Green Outdoor Odor Eliminator contains potent natural enzymes that eliminate the foul smell instead of covering it up. Besides, the fragrance molecules bond with the malodor molecules to provide instant relief from offensive odors.

2. Zero Multi-Purpose Odor Eliminator

Here is a ready-to-use and easy-to-apply dog odor eliminator from the reputable Zero Odor Store. Zero Multi-Purpose Odor Eliminator does not mask odors with fragrances or perfumes. What’s more, it does not leave behind any scent.

Additionally, the Zero Multi-Purpose Odor Eliminator is non-toxic, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable. Besides, it is user-friendly – spray in any room of the house, any surface, or even your car.

Moreover, Zero Multi-Purpose Odor Eliminator’s patented molecular technology formula enables it to seek and bond with malodors. Once bonded, the malodors transform into odorless molecules permanently. Simultaneously, its unique formula allows use on almost all surfaces.

  • It has a multipurpose formula that neutralizes bad odor.
  • Permanently eliminates bad smells instead of masking it.
  • It is non-toxic, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable.
  • The product has a slight bleach-like scent that some people hate.
Our Verdict:

Here is the ultimate dog odor eliminator. It utilizes a patent molecular technology formula to permanently eliminate foul smells while simultaneously leaving behind a fresh scent to prevent odor build-up.

3. Thornell Cat Odor-Off

If you seek a cost-effective solution to cat odors around your home, then you should consider purchasing the Thornell Cat Odor-Off. Unbelievably, this 16oz concentrate makes four gallons of urine odor eliminator, which is more than enough to use around the house.

Furthermore, it is easy to use. After diluting ½ oz of the cat odor-off in 16oz of water, spray the affected spot and air it. If the odor persists after the cat odor off dries, it means you did not get to the source of the smell. Continue to reapply until the smell disappears.

Do not worry about keeping children and pets off a freshly sprayed spot, as the concentrate is safe. Plus, you can even spray the animal directly. Thornell Cat Odor-Off utilizes a unique non-enzymatic formula that works effectively to eliminate stubborn stains and odors permanently.

  • The non-enzymatic formula is safe for both cats and dogs.
  • You get a long lasting 16-ounce package.
  • It is safe to use around the home and office et cetera.
  • Not suitable for people who do not love using scented products.
Our Verdict:

Have you tried removing cat odors around the house to no avail? Then it would help if you tried this 160z concentrate from Thornell. Besides, it eliminates cat odors despite how long they have been around. Plus, it is perfect for the carpet, hardwood floors, or even directly on the animal.

4. NaturVet – Yard Odor Eliminator

This concentrated formula works on almost all outdoor surfaces, including grass, patio furniture, shrubs, and fences. In addition, it comes in a 935ml bottle with a ready-to-use nozzle and an easy-to-connect hose.

Though its super-concentrated trait has benefits, it also comes with some limitations. Once you spray a surface, do not let children or pets play close by until it is completely dry. Additionally, if you plan to use the eliminator on fabric, begin by testing on a small inconspicuous surface.

Also, a combination of the ready-to-use nozzle and the easy-to-connect hose attachment makes it easy to use the NaturVet – Yard Odor Eliminator. Besides, its concentrated nature enables it to remove odors from surfaces deemed impossible by other odor eliminators.

  • The concentrated formula not only works quickly but is also 100% safe.
  • Works on the yard, pets, and upholstery et cetera.
  • The bottle has a built-in nozzle that makes its dispensation effortless
  • None that we could find.
Our Verdict:

The NaturVet – Yard Odor Eliminator boasts multiple unique features that add to its reliability and functionality. First, it comes with a ready-to-use nozzle, plus an easy-to-use hose connector. Besides being a super-concentrated formula, this odor eliminator is perfect for outdoor surfaces.

5. Skout’s Honor Stain and Odor Removal Additive

Here is a product that you will continue to use as long as there is some in the bottle as it does not expire. You see, the manufacturer uses a unique non-enzymatic formula that works instantly and never expires.

Additionally, this 3x concentrated odor eliminator is free of hydrogen peroxide and does not leave behind any residue. Plus, it boasts of a unique plant-derived surfactant and a molecular deodorizer.

Given that it lacks any harsh chemicals, you can use this odor eliminator around your pets and family without worry. Also, the surfactant breaks and lifts stains caused by urine, grease, and wine, leaving your laundry looking as good as new. Besides, the molecular deodorizer targets and destroys odor molecules, leaving your laundry smelling fresh.

  • Lifts stains caused by urine, grease, and wine among other stains.
  • Does not leave residues on the coat of pets or surfaces.
  • Does not leave residues on the coat of pets or surfaces.
  • Steeply priced product.
Our Verdict:

Use the Skout’s Honor Stain and Odor Removal Additive with detergent to permanently eliminate tough stains and odors from your laundry and carpets. Unlike other cleaners, it is free of harsh chemicals, safe to use around your pets, home, and family.

Final Thoughts

Whether you have a stinky dog or a walkway that needs a thorough scrub, our top five odor and stain removers work great. They are gentle with pets and the environment. They are also easy to use and attainable in large and long-lasting containers with spray nozzles that stop wastage.

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