Best Dog Outdoor Pens in 2023

Dogs are active pets. You will often see them running and playing around the backyard. However, these actions could result in damages, making it necessary to look for an outdoor dog pen to help you to regulate your activities. They provide a good balance of safety and freedom. Pens are also a great alternative to dog kennels and crates as they provide an easy way of keeping dogs comfortable in a safe place without using a leash.  As such, you’ll give your dog a secure place to play, train, rest, and also exercise. That said, what’s the best dog outdoor pen? The below article provides an insight into the top models worth buying.

Are you in a hurry?

With an outdoor pen, you can create a comfortable and safe area for your pet outdoors. These come in multiple sizes for different pet breeds and can withstand abuse from the weather for years. Also, most models snap into place quickly, making them easy to set up in most environments. You can set up one in a veranda or backyard. They also work well on patios or directly on the grass, making them suitable for most people. In this section, we review some of the best brands for you. This way, you do not have to spend a lot of time researching to find the best pen for your pet.

Best Overall

Go2buy 16/32 Panels Heavy Duty Dogs Outdoor Pen

Go2buy Panels Heavy Duty Dogs Outdoor Pen

Go2buy is a heavy-duty outdoor pen that comes in 16 and 32-panel designs. Both versions feature a high-end iron frame with a thoughtful door and a lock for restricting the movements of pets. The door swings out and in for seamless entry and exit. The lock on the other hand boosts the security of pets if you decide to use it outdoors. When not in use, you can fold this frame and store it out of place. This saves you valuable outdoor space at home.

High-End Pick

Yaheetech 32"/40''H Foldable Dog Outdoor Pen

Yaheetech Foldable Dog Outdoor Pen

With Yaheetech, you get 32/40-inch foldable outdoor pens that provide 66.52 square feet of playing space. More than two pets can fit and play in it without feeling cramped. The walls are tall and secure while its multiple configurations fit most lawns. You can set it as a circle to maximize playing space and safety. The rectangle configuration, on the other hand, fits most small spaces. Finally, the 16 panels available in each package dislodge. This way, you can adjust its size on demand to suit your preferences.

Budget Pick

Amazon Basics 8-Panel Plastic Dog Outdoor Pen

Amazon Basics 8-Panel Plastic Dog Outdoor Pen

Amazon Basics is a smaller eight-panel dog pen that works well outdoors. It covers 28 inches and has a commercial-grade plastic frame that interlocks to create a secure playing area for your pet. It has a door, which you can lock to maximize safety. Grill prevents dogs from escaping, while its dog-safe design not only works well outdoors but also indoors. Amazon Basics 8-Panel plastic dog outdoor pen is most suitable for small and extra small breeds.

Buying Guide for Best Dog Outdoor Pens

An outdoor dog pen comes in handy when you want to train your dog or pup in a fun, open, yet safe space. You might also use it when you want to confine your dog in one place without infringing on its rights to play around or to rest.

Outdoor pens have a unique cage-like structure that is foldable and can be reconstructed again. Made from solid and durable materials, they ensure the safety of dogs. They also come in many shapes and sizes to fit your dog's needs. Some also come with shade structures to keep your dog safe from harsh weather.

With this guide, we have reviewed the five best outdoor pens and a buyer's guide that will lead you through picking the best dog outdoor pen that will best meet your preference.

Let's take a look.

Material: It is crucial to consider the materials used in designing a dog pen. This is because the material can affect its cost, safety, and durability. The most common pens are made from metal, plastic, or mesh. Choose a material that works for your dog.

Size: This is another crucial factor you need to consider when choosing your dog's outdoor pen. The size you decide to go for must be relative to the dog size. Also, consider the square footage of your space to mount your pens and for your dog to play in.

Top 5 Best Dogs Outdoor Pen in the Market this Year

Which are the best pens for dogs that enjoy playing outdoors? We have reviewed a few models for you that deliver the best results in most settings. These are durable, easy to set up, and 100% safe.

1. Go2buy 16/32 Panels Heavy Duty Dogs Outdoor Pen

Made with an easy, thoughtful door and lock, this dog pen is easy to open and close to enhance security. Equally important are the heavy-duty iron materials that make it secure and durable. It is, therefore, sturdy enough for any dog breed.

In addition, the powder spraying prevents this pen from rust so that it can retain its look and make it last longer. Furthermore, it is easy to assemble with details of quick assembly and disassembly.

Moreover, this pen’s design makes it easy to move because it is connected with pins. It is also heavy-duty and versatile, so you can use it with chickens, ducks, rabbits, cats, and many other animals. Better yet, the pen stays in place until you are ready to move it.

  • This dog's outdoor playpen is made of solid and high-quality Iron material for a sturdy and durable to use.
  • It comes with thoughtful doors and locks for easy opening and closing and can increase security.
  • The reinforced steel wire is more durable, and powder spraying can prevent rust, making the cage last longer.
  • The outdoor pen is hard to set-up.
Our Verdict:

This is a high-quality dog pen that will give you years of use.  If you have a variety of animals or pets, you can use this cage, and it is also ideal for breeders because it is large and also extendable.

2. Yaheetech 32"/40''H Foldable Dog Outdoor Pen

With up to 16 panels, this extra-large Yaheetech outdoor pen will suit your dog play needs. It is ideal for more than one dog because it will fit them well and also comfortably. Moreover, you will have enough panels to extend and also reduce the size according to your needs. Also, the pen features heavy-duty metal so that you can use it for years. It will not bend or break regardless of the playful dogs using it every day.

Besides, you can also use it for other household pets. You can also change the shapes easily with the removable panels. Furthermore, the connections are flexible so that you can buy additional extensions, and you can also fold them down for easy storage.

  • The outdoor dog pen is constructed with heavy-duty metal material and is durable enough for your long-time use.
  • This interactive and expandable outdoor playpen is ideal for small pets.
  • It changes into multiple Shapes easily, and it's secured together with sturdy ground stakes.
  • May need stakes to hold this fence down.
Our Verdict:

This dog outdoor pen is ideal for people with many dogs because you can extend it to any size you like. You can also get it if you are unsure about the size you need because you can buy more panels and extend the size. We have also reviewed the best dog gates, dog strollers, and dog bed liners in the market this year.

3. Amazon Basics 8-Panel Plastic Dog Outdoor Pen

AmazonBasics is synonymous with the production of high-end accessories, and this dog pen proves that. The models include eight interlocking panels. You can also move it to any room you like or use it outdoor to ensure that your dog is secure.

Other than that, you can use this pen for small and mid-size dog breeds because it is medium height. Moreover, the dog will not jump out, thus you have a secure dog pen. It is made of commercial-grade plastic to ensure durability.

That’s not all; the pen is secure and will not easily fall even if your dog is playful. The material is also heavy-duty so that you can use it for a long time. Besides, it won’t fade, bend, or break, and it will retain its color for a long time.

  • The outdoor dog pen is universal; it can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • It is recommended for extra-small and small-sized breeds.
  • The hinged gate is strong, and it makes it easy for dogs to access.
  • The outdoor pen can bend over time when configured in a rectangular shape but is sturdier when the panels are set up in a circle.
Our Verdict:

The Amazon Basics 8-Panel Pet Pen is ideal for people with small and medium dog breeds. It is secure and safe for use indoors and outdoors because it will be secure on any ground, and it is portable

4. IRIS USA Exercise Dog Outdoor Pen

The RIS 34” Exercise 8-panel Pet Pen is another high-end purchase. With non-skid rubber to protect your floors, this pen is ideal for use on any kind of floor. Additionally, it won’t get scratches on your floor, and you can use it anywhere because it is portable. The panels snap together easily when assembling.

Also, the pen is easy to position when you want to use it for your pet. Moreover, you can place it in different shapes according to the space and the shape of the room. It is easy to make in a way that will suit your needs, whether in the yard of the house.

Moreover, the dog pen is lightweight so for easy to carry, and it will suit you anywhere you want. Furthermore, you can also store it easily, and it is also plastic so that you can easily move it. It also has a secure gate to keep your pet safe.

  • The outdoor pen is portable and can be positioned in different shapes to best suit your need.
  • It is suitable for medium to large dogs; Cocker Spaniel, Poodle, Beagle, Shiba Inu, French bulldog, and Golden Retriever.
  • This outdoor pen is constructed with high-quality material that provides extended durability.
  • It cannot be folded; that makes it difficult to store.
Our Verdict:

This outdoor pen is heavy-duty and will suit any of the dog breeds you have. You can get it for larger dogs, and it is also ideal because you can use it outside or inside the home without it scratching your wooden floors.

5. New World Pet Products Foldable Dog Outdoor Pen

Constructed using metal, this dog pen is foldable so that you can easily move it from one pace to another. Moreover, the model has e-coat protection so that it will not rust. As such, you can leave it out at any time of the year.

Furthermore, this pen is easy to assemble, and you only require a few minutes to put it in place. Besides, you can also anchor it to the ground with stakes and keep it secure. It can, therefore, hold large dogs and many other domestic animals safely.

Also, you can configure the pen in a round or square shape in a few seconds. Therefore, it is easy for you to choose the best option for you, and you can use it for your animals. Similarly, you can unfold it flat so that it is easy to store or travel.

  • This outdoor pen is portable and is excellent for indoor & outdoor use.
  • It is easy to set up; no tools are required. Unfold, shape & connect.
  • The outdoor pen includes four ground stakes, four secure locking thumb snaps & can be used in conjunction w/ a metal dog crate to expand your dog's living area.
  • Dogs may push the panels apart when they are not adequately clipped securely together.
Our Verdict:

If you are looking for a more permanent or semi-permanent pen for your dog, this is the pen for you because you can ground it in your yard. It is also suited for people with other domestic animals because it is versatile.

Final Thoughts

Do you need a dog outdoor pen for your home? We have a selection of some of the best brands for small to large dog breeds. They are durable, foldable, and have pet-safe designs.