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Best Dog Raincoats in 2023

Outdoor adventures offer a perfect opportunity to bond with your dog. However, we don’t usually have control over weather elements, and at times your expeditions could be hampered by rain. Luckily, there’s no need to worry because dog raincoats are designed for it. Think about it, humans wear raincoats, so why not do the same for our beloved pets?

With a quality dog raincoat, you won’t have to worry about rainy conditions as you explore the outdoors with your pet. Besides offering protection against weather elements, raincoats also protect the fur from getting wet. However, your pet will only enjoy these benefits when you purchase top-of-the-line raincoats like the ones listed in this article.

Are you in a hurry?

Dogs like to jump in puddles and play in the rain whenever they accompany their owners outdoors. Whilst enjoyable, it predisposes them to diseases. Also, wet fur can grow mold or develop bad odors over time, to the disappointment of pet owners. You can avoid such issues by buying a dog raincoat for a pet today. We have reviewed the best herein.

Best Overall

HAPEE Dog Raincoats for Large Dogs

HAPEE Dog Raincoats for Large Dogs

HAPEE combines style and comfort in this raincoat for large dogs. It is waterproof, breathable, and has a flexible design that enables dogs to walk or play comfortably. It also comes in four colors – yellow, blue, pink, and orange - and multiple sizes (16-34 inches). The raincoat offers full coverage of the chest and back, keeping fur dry. You can adjust the belly strap for a custom fit and clean it by hand when needed without damage. For safety, HAPEE has a reflective strip on the back that boosts visibility in the dark.

High-End Pick

HDE Dog Raincoat

HDE Dog Raincoat

The HDE dog raincoat is 100% polyester – a lightweight material that does not damage coats. It is also durable and has a water-resistant design that keeps dogs dry while it is raining. The hooded design covers the head, back, and front legs. A reflective strip boosts visibility in the dark, while its light poncho-style design does not restrict movement in any way. The manufacturer has included an adjustable belly strap for a secure fit. HDE comes in many sizes (small to extra-large) and colors that look good on most dogs.

Budget Pick

SPOT Ethical Fashion Pet Dog Raincoat for Large Dog

SPOT Ethical Fashion Pet Dog Raincoat for Large Dog

SPOT Ethical Fashion is a stylish and cost-effective raincoat for dogs made from 100% polyester. The material is light, comfortable, and boosts the visibility of dogs via a reflective strip on the back. It comes in multiple sizes for small and large breeds (XS-XXL) and has secure Velcro closures that prevent leaks. Thus, original ones keep the coats of dogs dry while it is raining. It traps heat as well but is not as warm as dog hoodies, cold-weather coats, and dog t-shirts are.

Buying Guide of Dog Raincoats

Dogs do not like the rain, and to keep them protected when it gets wet, dog owners buy the best dog raincoats to cover them. There are many types of dog raincoats on the market, and to find the best one, you need to consider a few factors.

Material: Dog raincoats come in different materials, with the most common being polyester because of their water and wind repellant nature. If you want a waterproof material that will also keep your dog warm, you could go for a polyester-coated cotton material. Besides cotton, other materials you can choose liners to keep your dog warm during the rainy season are synthetic, fleece, and wool.

Size: It is essential to know the size of your dog before purchasing the raincoat. Dog raincoats come in sizes ranging from small to XX-Large. The correct size ensures your dog gets coverage on all parts of their bodies for dryness and comfort.

Security: A secure dog raincoat will not fall off at any given time. Ensure that the options the coat uses that could be straps, belts, buckles, or Velcro, all have secure closures.  They should also enable the dog to move around comfortably. Raincoats with reflective surfaces are another security measure to look for as they make the dog easily visible to motorists.

Top 5 Dog Raincoats in the Market this Year

Have you decided to order a raincoat for your dog? Out top picks offer memorable results always as they are light, comfortable, and water-resistant. They come in many sizes for most dog breeds and offer full-body coverage as well.

1. HAPEE Dog Raincoats for Large Dogs

Do you want a safe and stylish dog raincoat? If yes, then the HAPEE Dog Raincoats will make an excellent purchase. The accessory is water-resistant, meaning your dog can explore the greater outdoor without worrying about rain.

In addition, the construction materials are lightweight for the dog to wear the raincoats for an extended period. It’s also easy to wear, thanks to the sweet poncho design. As such, you’ll have an easy time fitting your beloved pet.

With excellent breathability, the raincoat will keep the dog cool under all conditions. Better still, the accessory comes with reflective strips for easy visibility, especially during those late walks. The inclusion of an adjustable belly strap allows for an excellent fit on different dog sizes.

You’ll also appreciate the 4 color options, which give you the freedom to select what appeals to you.

  • Available in different sizes and bright color palettes with cute designs.
  • Waterproof material with reflective strips, safe locks, and enough room for any adjustments.
  • Easy to wear lightweight, durable, and breathable material with additional front fabric.
  • The hood is not large enough for some of the bigger dogs.
Our Verdict:

The HAPEE Dog Raincoat is a good choice among dog owners. The dog wear is 100% water-resistant to guarantee optimal protection against weather elements. Furthermore, pet owners will like the adjustable belly strap and reflective strip.

2. HDE Dog Raincoat

Here comes another poncho-style dog raincoat. The HDE Dog Raincoat Hooded Slicker Poncho comes in a unique design to cover the dog’s head sufficiently and reliably. Besides, it suits several dog breeds, including small and large dogs. Just like most high-end dog raincoats, the model features 100% polyester materials. The material makes this raincoat comfortable and resistant to water. As such, your furry friend is assured to stay dry under all conditions. Also, this convenient and lightweight raincoat fits into compact spaces for easy storage.

That’s not all, the accessory features reflective materials to offer visibility when exploring the outdoors in low-light conditions. Thus, you can stroll with your pet at night or in low visibility areas. Better still, the adjustable belly strap will ensure your dog gets a secure fit.

  • Available in four sizes and different colors with flashy and cute designs.
  • Lightweight construction that comes with ease of storage and wear.
  • High visibility material with an adjustable strap for comfort and a secure fit.
  • The hood does not cover the dog’s head sufficiently.
Our Verdict:

The HDE Dog Raincoat Hooded Slicker Poncho offers style and functionality. The 100% polyester material offers comfort and waterproof properties. Add this to the adjustable strap and reflective material, and you’re sure to own one of the best dog raincoats.

3. SPOT Ethical Fashion Pet Dog Raincoat for Large Dog

The Fashion Pet Dog Raincoat by Ethical Pet has everything you’d like from a high-end model plus other functional features. Boasting 100% polyester fabric, this raincoat will resist rain elements and ensure your furry friend stays dry. The vibrant yellow color gives your dog a sporty look. Also, the colors offer better visibility and you can easily trace your dog in all conditions. The dog wear features Velcro fastenings to give your beloved dog an excellent fit.

Other than that, the manufacturer includes holes for leash attachment, especially if you want to walk with your pet. Being a machine-washable poncho, you’ll have an easy time cleaning and maintaining this dog raincoat.

As if that’s not enough, the provision of different size options ensures you get a perfect fit for your dog.

  • Made with 100% waterproof polyester material with a PVC coating.
  • Poncho-style design that slips easily over the dog’s head and available in different sizes.
  • Features a hood, highly reflective stripes, flared collar, a leash opening, and a belly strip.
  • The sizes on the chart are much smaller than the actual size of the dog.
Our Verdict:

Fashion meets functionality with the Ethical Pet Dog Raincoat. The unit offers protection to your dog against weather elements, such as snow, rain, and other extreme conditions. Other notable features include 100% waterproof fabric, adjustable Velcro straps, and reflective stripes.

4. RC Pet Products Packable Dog Rain Poncho

The RC Pet Products Dog Rain Poncho is a great product that pet lovers should consider buying. To start with, the rain poncho features a premium quality Taffeta shell. The material is water-resistant, so you can protect your dog against unexpected showers. Besides, the pet accessory boasts an adjustable Velcro that gives your pet a secure fit.

The inclusion of a leash hole lets pet owners attach the dog leash and control their dogs during evening walks.

With a 17-inch length and girth between 20 – 26 inches, this model is ideal for medium-sized dogs. In addition, there’s a light hood that offers extra coverage, especially during those rainy days. The carrying pouch makes it convenient to transport when traveling with your dog. Better yet, the manufacturer offers 7 size options, meaning you can’t miss out on a perfect one for your beloved dog.

  • Made with water-resistant and lightweight taffeta shell and available in seven sizes.
  • Features an exhaustive and adjustable belly fastening Velcro belt for a secure fit and comfort.
  • Lifetime repair or replacement guarantee from the manufacturer if damaged.
  • The chart sizing compared to the actual size of the dog is off.
Our Verdict:

The RC Pet Products Dog Rain Poncho guarantees value for money. The unit is lightweight and comes with a water-resistant Taffeta shell. Pet owners will also like the leash hole access and adjustable Velcro that enhance its functionality.

5. HiGuard Dog Raincoat

For those looking for an affordable and waterproof dog raincoat, this is the right choice. The HiGuard Dog Raincoat features nylon fabric and fleece lining. The unique combination of materials offers a warm and comfortable feel.

Apart from that, the backside features holes for attachments. You can, therefore, add collars with a leash to walk with your dog. Moreover, the fastening Velcro tape design will make it easy to wear and put off the dog raincoat.

Furthermore, this raincoat comes with a reflective gear design. The back reflective stripes will ensure the pet is easily seen, be it in rains or traffic areas. The 5 size options mean this raincoat suits small, medium, and large dog species.

  • Made with waterproof, lightweight nylon material with a fleece lining for warmth.
  • Bright and highly reflective with a back-hole design for a leash or collar.
  • Easy to wear, clean, and maintain, and it comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee.
  • The color option is just one- a combination of yellow and black.
Our Verdict:

The HiGuard Dog Raincoat is a perfect choice for active dogs. The model comes with a cloak-style design and offers waterproof properties. Besides, the fluorescent green color offers better visibility in any area.

Final Thoughts

It is a good idea to buy a comfortable raincoat for dogs that love spending time outdoors. They keep coats dry, lowering the risk of infections. They are also warm and made from dog safe materials that you can clean several times when dirty. Models with reflective strips boost visibility outdoors.

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