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Best Dog Relaxants in 2023

Anxiety is an extremely disruptive experience. Dealing with anxiety can mean full-blown panic attacks, sleepless nights, feeling sick, and missed opportunities. However, do you know that dogs also suffer from anxiety? Well, like humans, dogs suffer from phobias, fear, and other anxiety types. Luckily, manufacturers have introduced dog relaxants that offer a calming effect. As a pet owner, you should endeavor to help your dog whenever they suffer from anxiety. Even though some people opt for professional therapy, it’s quite expensive. As such, relaxants offer a safe and natural alternative to ensure your dog stays healthy and active.

Are you in a hurry?

Did you know that pets such as dogs also develop psychological deficits such as anxiety and depression? This can be injurious to their health as it not only lowers mental function but also physical health too. You can do something about this though. Use dog toys to appreciate good behavior. You should also take the dog for a walk often to boost activity level and use dog relaxants to alleviate symptoms such as restlessness, trembling, and destructive chewing, et cetera. Here are some of the best brands:

Best Overall

Adaptil Calm On-The-Go-Collar for Dogs

Adaptil Calm On-The-Go-Collar for Dogs

Adaptil Calm On-The-Go-Collar is a vet-recommended wellness product for pets that can alleviate stress and relieve unwanted behaviors. It can also help your dog to adjust to challenging situations and therefore lower the risk of mental problems. It has a clinically proven design that works well on most dogs. The drug-free system, for instance, works without harming dogs over time. Adaptil Calm On-The-Go-Collar weighs just 1.69 ounces, making it light and portable. You can adjust it to fit most dogs. Finally, it uses heat-activated pheromones and is thus easy to use.

High-End Pick

Adaptil Dog Calming Diffuser Refill

Adaptil Dog Calming Diffuser Refill

Whenever we are stressed, most of us burn essential oils to relax. The Adaptil Dog Calming Diffuser provides a similar effect to dogs. It has a veterinarian-approved formula (1.6 fluid ounces) that can relieve stress and alleviate certain phobias. If your pet reacts negatively to thunder or chews stuff when anxious, this product works. It can also help dogs to adapt to new environments and improve focus while training. Like the On-The-Go-Collar reviewed herein, this remedy is 100% drug-free. Each refill lasts for around four weeks, making a pocket-friendly remedy too.

Budget Pick

VetriScience Laboratories- Calming Behavior Support Supplement

VetriScience Laboratories- Calming Behavior Support Supplement

VetriScience Laboratories is a USA-made calming behavior supplement that can improve the well-being of pets. From clinical tests, the product is effective in just 30 minutes. Once its effect kicks in, it remains effective for up to four hours, when it keeps pets composed and happy indoors. You will also notice that your pet is also calmer. This product has a chicken liver taste that encourages pets to eat. Ingredients (colostrum, l-theanine, and thiamine) are safe for dogs and have a long shelf life.

Shopping Guide for Dog Relaxants

You can help your dog to relax and live a happy life using one of our recommended dog relaxants. Which is the best one for daily use? We do not have an answer to this question. However, what we have done is review a few essential attributes that you should check to find the best.

Efficacy: What are people saying about the efficacy of your preferred dog relaxant? The experiences of other users can provide hints on the efficacy of your product of choice. If many people are complaining about its inefficacy, for instance, move on to another product. The dog shampoo you are planning to buy might also let you down in the end.

Safety: Avoid dog shampoos that use chemicals such as drugs to soothe stress. Chemicals can be addictive. They are also more likely to irritate pets. Brands with pheromones and other natural remedies are the best.

Design: Is the product you are planning to buy formulates as a collar or a spray? While collars are heavy and slow-acting, they are effective over a longer time. Sprays are effective in just 30 minutes for close to 4 hours.

Top 5 Dog Relaxants in the Market this Year

If you have your dog’s best interests at heart, you will not hesitate to buy it a relaxant today. These improve mood. They can also calm dogs and relieve bad behaviors such as excessive barking and destructive chewing while stressed. Our top five picks are safe for most breeds of dogs. They are easy to use and suitable for routine use indoors and on the road.

1. Adaptil Calm On-The-Go-Collar for Dogs

The Adaptil Calm On-The-Go-Collar is a great accessory to purchase if your dog is suffering from anxiety. It’s a clinically proven accessory for reducing separation anxiety and help dogs adapt to new surroundings. Besides, the collar increases focus, especially during training sessions.

That’s not all; it’s a drug-free solution that helps dogs adjust to challenging situations. The Adaptil Calm On-The-Go-Collar mimics the mother's natural nursing pheromones, which keep the dog calm and comfortable. With odorless massages, the relaxant will give your dog a strong feeling of security and comfort. Also, it’s a safe option to stop problem barking, trembling, as well as destructive chewing.

What’s more, the product is vet-approved, so dog owners can confidently use it without worries about potentially harmful side effects.

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  • It contains soothing nursing pheromones that improve the well-being of pets.
  • You get a clinically proven formula that can reduce separation anxiety.
  • Soothes anxiety and eases adverse reactions such as trembling, barking, and fears.
  • Some pets seem not to like this product.
Our Verdict:

The Adaptil Calm On-The-Go-Collar is a great pet accessory. The product works perfectly for dogs suffering from separation anxiety, excessive barking, trembling, and the fear of loud voices. Besides, the collar lasts for a long while guaranteeing maximum effectiveness.

2. Adaptil Dog Calming Diffuser Refill (1 Pack, 48 ml)

Here’s another dog-free solution for relieving dog anxiety. The Adaptil Dog Calming Diffuser Refill is 100% safe and will relieve your dog of the major types of anxiety. Just like the products from this brand, this product uses the mother’s natural nursing pheromones to calm the dog.

Furthermore, this relaxant does an exemplary job to increase focus during dog training. Other than that, dogs suffering from anxiety separation will benefit greatly from this product. It helps them curb stress and adjust to any challenging situation.

Also, a refill will last for close to 4 weeks. As such, you’re sure to get a reliable product that will serve you for a significant period while ensuring your dog is calm and comfortable. As if that’s not enough, the diffuser is active and can cover large areas up to 700 square feet.

  • It comes in a long-lasting bottle that is effective for up to four weeks.
  • The product is effective over a large area (around 700 square feet).
  • Contains natural nursing pheromones that are effective on most dogs.
  • Helpful but takes somewhat longer to be effective.
Our Verdict:

The Adaptil Dog Calming Diffuser Refill comes from a reputable brand and delivers accordingly. The product is safe for and guarantees a calming effect without affecting the dog. Besides, it will stop problem barking, shaking, and trembling, which are often associated with anxiety.

3. VetriScience Laboratories- Calming Behavior Support Supplement

VetriScience strives to provide clinically proven products for pet owners, and they have made their name by continuously offering exceptional accessories. The VetriScience Laboratories- Calming Behavior Support Supplement isn’t any different, and it will calm all forms of anxiety. In addition, the supplement contains recognized ingredients that will support relaxation and calm behavior.

The main ingredients are thiamine, colostrum, and l-theanine. Furthermore, the manufacturer offers 3 flavors, so you’ll have the freedom to pick what appeals to you depending on your dog’s preferences.

Also, this supplement acts fast and will start delivering results within 30 minutes after applications. The effect is long-lasting, and it can keep your dog calm for close to 4 hours. Better yet, the supplement is easy to administer, and you can do it daily or whenever there is a need.

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  • This product is active in 30 minutes and effective for up to 4 hours.
  • Contains thiamine, colostrum, and l-theanine, all safe for dogs.
  • You get three flavors that appeal to different dog breeds.
  • Might not be effective on overactive dogs.
Our Verdict:

The VetriScience Laboratories- Calming Behavior Support Supplement guarantees value for money. The product contains safe and recognized ingredients to cure major dog anxieties. The product signals the nervous system and relieves your dog from high-stress situations.

4. Adaptil Dog Calming Diffuser Kit (30 Day Starter Kit)

Adaptil never disappoints when it comes to dog relaxants and this kit proves that. The Adaptil Dog Calming Diffuser Kit has everything you need to maintain an active and healthy dog. Besides, the drug-free product gives you a safe and reliable way to relieve dog anxiety.

Dogs experiencing difficulties adjusting to new situations will also benefit from this relaxant. Furthermore, the relaxant will stop destructive chewing, shaking, and barking, which often occur in stressed dogs. Also, the kit includes a refill vial and diffuser head for better functionality.

Safety is also guaranteed using this dog relaxant. The manufacturer offers a drug-free calming solution to help dogs that are hiding, whining, or panting excessively. Coming as a 30-day starter kit, this product will serve you for an extended time, which guarantees value for money.

  • The drug-free formula is effective and safe for most dog breeds.
  • You get a 30-day starter kit that will serve you well for long.
  • It soothes signs of stress such as destructive chewing, shaking, and barking.
  • It soothes signs of stress such as destructive chewing, shaking, and barking
Our Verdict:

The Adaptil Dog Calming Diffuser Kit is another high-end and effective relaxant from this reputable brand. The product offers a drug-free solution that will relieve major problems like chewing, excessive barking, hiding, and shaking.

5. CPFK Calming Collar for Dogs

If you want an effective and reliable calming collar for dogs, here’s an ideal choice. The CPFK Calming Collar is specially designed to help dogs adapt to challenging situations. Additionally, the relaxant contains natural ingredients that release a pheromone to hyperactive, stressed, and anxious pets. With chamomile essential oils and natural lavender, this relaxant will effectively relieve anxiety and tension.

Besides, this product acts fast, and you’ll see the calming effects within minutes. It releases superior and long-lasting pheromones that will keep the dog healthy and active. As if that’s not enough, the product offers up to 60 days of continuous calmness.

Besides, this dog calming collar boasts a waterproof design for better functionality. As such, there’s no need to remove it when bathing the dog or when it’s playing in the rain. With the flexible and adjustable size, you have the freedom to pick the right length that will fit your dog.

  • Its soothing formula is effective for up to 30 days.
  • Rich in chamomile essential oils and natural lavender, which soothe pets naturally.
  • It uses long lasting pheromones instead of drugs and other harsh chemicals.
  • Some pet owners have reported hair loss and rashes.
Our Verdict:

The CPFK Calming Collar for Dogs is an excellent purchase. The product boasts a waterproof design and offers up to 60 days of continuous calm. Furthermore, it comes in a flexible and adjustable size to comfortably fit different dog sizes.

Final Thoughts

Like most humans, environmental and life pressures can take a toll on your dog’s psychological health. Anxious dogs, for instance, can bark incessantly, destroy products, or withdraw from other pets. Others can refuse to eat and develop long lasting health complications long-term. You can alleviate such behaviors and improve the wellness of your pet naturally using one of our recommended dog relaxants. Check them out.

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