Best Dog Strollers in 2023

Strollers are often associated with babies. However, do you know dogs also benefit from strollers? Strange? Of course not. Dog strollers are effective mobility accessories, especially if your pet is injured or suffering from anxiety. Besides, they’re beneficial to elderly dogs who could experience complications moving around the yard. Having a quality dog stroller will enhance the bond with your pet. However, the market is flooded with different models and designs, so first-time buyers could have problems choosing the best fit. To find suitable models for your pet, check this review.

Are you in a hurry?

Products for carrying pets during long outdoor trips are diverse. Bicycle carriers, backpack carriers, and pet carriers, for instance, are suitable for short-distance travel but need a bit of effort to use. Dog strollers, on the other hand, not only accommodate heavier pets but also have easy-to-use wheeled designs. They are ideal for long-distance travel and have protective canopies that dogs love. We have reviewed some of the best brands in 2023.

Best Overall

Petique Blazin' Berry Pet Stroller

Petique Blazin' Berry Pet Stroller

Petique Blazin' Berry is a foldable pet stroller designed to support up to 60 pounds (30 kilograms). It consists of a metal frame and a polyester cover that you can remove and wash when dirty. It also has three pneumatic wheels (two rear and one front) that roll smoothly on most terrains. This makes carrying pets on tarmac, gravel, or grass easy, due to its efficient design. The multi-position handle not only fits most people but also has foam grips for comfort. A rain cover keeps the rain and UV rays out, while large side pockets offer ample storage space for treats or phones.

High-End Pick

Pet Gear No-Zip Special Edition Pet Stroller

Pet Gear No-Zip Special Edition Pet Stroller

This special edition Pet Gear pet stroller has an innovative no-zip design that supports up to 45 pounds. Thus, it is perfect for carrying small and medium-size dog breeds over both short and long distances. A mesh canopy provides a panoramic view of the surroundings, which its polyester basket consists of a removable/ washable liner for comfort. You can adjust the canopy to three positions to optimize comfort. The handle, on the other hand, is adjustable to 38.75 inches, making Pet Gear ideal for most people. This waterproof pet stroller had a stable four-wheeled design.

Budget Pick

Pet Gear No-Zip Stroller

Pet Gear No-Zip Stroller

If you have a small pet, Pet Gear No-Zip will be a worthy buy due to its quality design. The nylon cover, for instance, is light and waterproof. It is rip-proof and has mesh inserts that boost airflow to keep its interior cool. The padded handle is comfortable to use. You can adjust its positioning to match your height and thus make transporting pets effortless. You get dual entry. It also has a liner that you can remove and clean when dirty and a foldable frame that takes up little space in storage. Pet Gear weighs 26 pounds.

Buying Guide for Dog Strollers

A dog stroller is an important dog item more so for the elderly, sick, or one who has lost mobility. They provide comfort while easing transportation. Dog strollers are also convenient and work as carriers on wheels for roaming outdoors. A dog stroller is a great investment for any pet owner. However, it is important to consider the following when you are looking to buy one.

Size: The size of the stroller you intend to buy should match the size of your dog, specifically the height. Try to make a rough estimation of your fully grown dog in case you currently have a puppy.

Portability: The ability to fold and easily carry a dog stroller is ideal for anyone looking to use it away from home. Most modern dog strollers available today are foldable. Consider the space that the stroller would take up about what you have allocated to it.

Ease of Cleaning: Dog strollers pick up a lot of dirt from your pets. Cleaning the carrier on frequent use is important. Find out if you can wash the dog stroller using your preferred means of cleaning.

The 5 Best Dog Strollers in the Market this Year

Carrying a pet in a backpack or a pet sling can strain your back and joint while traveling for long distances. A dog stroller will serve you better during such trips as they are stable and carry the weight for you. We have reviewed the best brands for all breeds.

1. Petique Blazin' Berry Pet Stroller

The Petique All Terrain Jogger-Blazin’ is a reliable unit that pet owners should consider buying. The model features large bike tires for stability. Besides, the one-step dual brake is designed to stop the stroller, so your pet won’t go anywhere without your company. Other than that, the tires boast great traction and shock absorption. As such, you can move over different terrains without causing discomfort. Also, it’s a sturdy accessory that comfortably accommodates dogs weighing up to 60lbs.

In addition, the stroller comes with an adjustable handle to accommodate different heights and offer convenience. With an EVA foam grip, the handle will guarantee a better grip. Better still, the inclusion of accented reflectors around this jogger provides better visibility, even when strolling in low-light areas.

  • Built with tough removable fabric to enable you easily wash the dog stroller and support pets up to 30kgs in weight.
  • To secure the dog stroller, there are large bike tires that promote shock absorption and a one-step dual wheel braking system.
  • Foldable design to enable you easily carry the dog stroller on your next vacation.
  • The front-wheel wobbles and is unstable when you use it while jogging or running.
Our Verdict:

The Petique All Terrain Jogger-Blazin’ is a great purchase. The model comes with an adjustable handle and large bike tires. Besides, users will like the removable fabric for easy cleaning and reflectors for better visibility.

2. Pet Gear No-Zip Special Edition Pet Stroller

Here comes another well-engineered dog stroller. The Pet Gear Special Edition Stroller is a unique accessory with a no-zip entry. The feature makes it easy for your dog to get into and out of the unit while still guaranteeing their safety. Also, the combination of back wheel brakes, wheel lock, and front shock absorbers make an ideal choice for all terrains.

For enhanced functionality, this stroller has a panoramic view window. There’s also a three-position canopy, along with mesh ventilation to ensure your pet stays cool and comfortable even in the summer.  In addition, it boasts the ‘air ride’ technology, making it a great fit for all terrain types.

As for the construction material, Pet Gear uses durable 600D material. The material boasts waterproof properties for longevity. With a 40-inch length, this is a large stroller that will comfortably fit large dogs weighing up to 45lbs.

  • Easily fold open and close the dog stroller carriage without a zipper.
  • Installed with front wheels that swivel for smooth surfaces and an option to lock the dog stroller wheels for rough terrain.
  • Built with removable liner and interior tether that is durable, water-resistant, and easy to wash.
  • Sags in the middle when used frequently.
Our Verdict:

The Pet Gear Special Edition Stroller is a valuable product. Boasting 600D material and panoramic view, you’re sure to get an excellent product. Besides, the easy-lock mechanism and convenient cup holder add to its functionality.

3. Pet Gear No-Zip Stroller

Strollers aren’t just meant for small dogs. With the Pet Gear NO-Zip Stroller, you can comfortably accommodate large dogs up to 150lbs. Alternatively, it gives you ample space to use with two medium-sized breeds. As for the design, the dog stroller comes with 600D nylon, along with zippered mesh for durability.

Besides, the stroller features 4 tires. The tires are strong and offer the required stability for all-terrain use. Better still, the multi-position handle will let you choose the perfect height for comfort and convenience. The dual-entry design lets you load the dog from the rear or front entry. With the back/side windows, your dog is guaranteed a great view as you walk around the backyard.

  • Has dual entry that allows your pet to get into the dog stroller from the front or rear.
  • Comes with a spacious protective pet compartment, making this dog stroller perfect for larger or multiple pets.
  • The multi-position handle has an adjustable height to match your comfort.
  • Prone to damage when used on rough terrain.
Our Verdict:

The Pet Gear NO-Zip Stroller comes from a reliable brand, and it comes with excellent features. The dual entry and zippered top mesh window will grant excellent services. Furthermore, pet owners will like the 600D nylon and a multi-position handle.

4. HPZ Pet Rover Prime Pet Stroller

If you want a high-quality and lightweight dog stroller, this is an excellent choice. The HPZ Pet Rover Prime 3-in-1 Luxury Pet Stroller boasts 100% polyester for comfort and durability. Also, the aluminum frame is functional and lightweight. With the rust-free anodized gold color, this stroller will last for a long period.

Additionally, it features 4 maintenance-free and heavy-duty tires. The rubber materials help to reduce vibration while still offering the required stability. As such, your pet will enjoy a comfortable ride on any surface. With an ergonomic design, you’ll have an easy time pushing this dog stroller. The adjustable and reversible handle adds to the convenience of using this accessory. Moreover, the inclusion of reflective lines offers better visibility, so you can use the stroller for night-time travels.

  • Made with scratch-resistant, soft, and durable fabric that makes the dog stroller carrier water-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Installed with foam-filled rubber wheels, dual brakes, and anti-vibration suspension to maximize the dog stroller comfortability.
  • Has an adjustable handlebar to match the height that you desire.
  • Takes some effort to fold, unfold or attach the carrier.
Our Verdict:

The HPZ Pet Rover Prime 3-in-1 Luxury Pet Stroller is a sturdy, elegant, and safe dog accessory. It features an adjustable handlebar and convenient pockets. Also, the durable fabric and scratch-resistant PU leather guarantee long-lasting service.

5. Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller

Here comes another exceptional pet accessory by Pet Gear. The Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller comes with large 12-inch air rides for better stability. The wheels are strong enough to withstand regular use on all terrains.

Furthermore, durability is assured with 600D material. Since the material is water-resistant, your pet is safe from water elements, so you can confidently use it in rainy conditions. With the easy locking and no-entry design, you’ll have an easy time getting your dog into and out of the stroller. Other than that, your dog gets a better outdoor view, thanks to the panoramic window on the stroller. Safety is also guaranteed with the inclusion of shock absorbers and brakes. Better yet, the bolster pad and elevated paw rest further prove you’re purchasing a quality product.

  • No-zipper dog stroller design that is easy to fold open and close using one hand.
  • Safety brakes and shock absorbers at the rear wheels secure the dog stroller while providing comfort even on bumpy rides.
  • Wheel locking feature that allows you to use the dog stroller while jogging or running.
  • The front wheel is prone to damage when used on rough terrain.
Our Verdict:

The Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller gives pet owners value for money. Coming with 12-inch tires and 600D water-resistant materials, you’re sure to get great service. Additionally, you’ll appreciate the panoramic view window and the elevated paw rest.

Final Thoughts

While choosing a dog stroller for routine use, look for a robust and smooth-rolling brand that can support your dog’s weight. It should be comfortable and made from dog-safe materials that can protect it from the sun and rain, et cetera. In this article, we have reviewed the best brands for you. They are safe and easy to use.