Best Dog Sunglasses in 2022

Contrary to what most pet owners think, dog sunglasses are not only a fashion statement. Humans need to protect their eyes from harsh environmental irritants. Why not do the same for your dog? Dog sunglasses can protect a dog’s eyes from the wind, water, and debris. Besides, they’re important when your pet accompanies you on a trip, whether on the bike, motorcycle, or car.

At the same time, dogs with eye conditions, such as conjunctivitis and glaucoma, require sunglasses as they step out of the house. Luckily, there are endless options on the market. Your role is to identify that which suits both you and your dog. Let us discuss some of the top brands in stores.

Are you in a hurry?

Dog sunglasses not only look good but are also beneficial to dogs with eye problems such as glaucoma. They fit comfortably on the face of dogs and come in stylish designs, making them good gift items for pet owners. While dog shirts and boots and paw protectors make good gift items, sunglasses are better. In this section, we have information that can help you to shop in a hurry without making the wrong decision. Here are our picks of some of the best in the niche.

Best Overall

QUMY Dog Goggles Eye

QUMY Dog Goggles Eye

The QUMY Dog Goggles are fashionable dog accessories that can also maintain healthy eyes when worn outdoors. They weigh just 50 grams and are therefore comfortable for all dogs to wear. The frame measures 170mm. However, you can adjust it to 240 to 410mm to fit larger dogs comfortably. Antiglare glasses filter harsh UV rays, while its foldable design is easy to store and transport. You can store it in a backpack or pouch with dog dresses and other dog items without damage. The frame has a sponge liner that boosts comfort on dogs.

High-End Pick

PEDOMUS Dog Sunglasses

PEDOMUS Dog Sunglasses

PEDOMUS is a 56-gram pair of sunglasses with an adjustable ribbon that fits heads measuring 28-48 centimeters. It also has a mandible ribbon (1-25 centimeters) for added support and a secure frame made from polyvinyl chloride. The material has a dog-safe design, which is also resistant to UV and water. Lenses, on the other hand, are scratch-resistant polycarbonate material with good impact resistance and fog resistance. Therefore, dogs can wear it while skiing or swimming. A high-density foam pad on its frame boosts comfort.

Budget Pick

Generies Pet Sunglasses

Generies Pet Sunglasses

Generies is a pack of eight retro-themed sunglasses in stylish colors, including blue, yellow, pink, green, and red. Frames are 8 centimeters wide, while the glasses measure 3 centimeters. Therefore, they not only fit comfortably on the head of most pets but are also clear. The frames are lightweight metal that withstands abuse for long. Lenses, on the other hand, are composite plastic, a durable material that clarifies the vision of dogs. With proper maintenance and care the colors will not fade and the lenses will not scratch.

Buying Guide for Dog Sunglasses

Occasionally you might want your dog to look cool or have protection from the harsh light from the sun and environmental elements. Sunglasses or goggles do the perfect job for that. However, before you purchase the best dog sunglasses, check the following attributes to ensure you only buy quality products.

Protection: The most important reason many pet owners buy dog sunglasses is for protection again UV, snow blindness, wind, and debris. The frame design and lens size influence the protection level offered by the sunglasses. Therefore, ensure that they cover the eyes effectively. Sunglasses with an anti-fog functionality are also a good purchase as they help the dog’s visibility in foggy conditions.

Size: Dog sunglasses come in different sizes depending on the dog size. Purchase sunglasses that are consistent with the size of your dog for comfort and enough protection.

Comfort: If you are buying goggles, ensure they have adjustable straps for the perfect fit. You can also get sunglasses or goggles with pads around the frame for cushioning and extra comfort.

Style: The appearance and design of the sunglasses should go with the occasion, dog breed, and preference. If you are attending a wedding with your dog, go for fashionable sunglasses.

Top 5 Dog Sunglasses in the Market this Year

To improve the outlook of dogs, people use dog hair accessories, dog t-shirts, and dog hoodies. These are ideal as they not only look good on pets but also keep them warm. If you are looking for something new, try dog sunglasses as well. Here are the best brands for you.

1. QUMY Dog Goggles Eye

The QUMY Dog Goggles are the perfect sunglasses for dogs as they make your furry friend look cool and fashionable while helping maintain healthy eyes. These goggles weigh 50g, with a 170mm frame length and 240 to 410mm adjustable head elastic band.

The QUMY Dog Goggles come in six colors – pink, black, blue, yellow, white, and red – so you can choose the color that meets your needs and preferences. With the QUMY Dog Goggles, you can be sure you are getting full antiglare glasses that are easy to clean and maintain.

Other than that, the breathable holes at the frame’s bottom prevent vapor accumulation, while the foldable design adds to your dog’s comfort. Besides, the sponge lining on the frame’s inner edge helps keep the lenses safe from the eyes and allows for flexible and comfy wearing.

  • Made with high-quality plastic and a soft PVC frame with chin and head adjustability.
  • They protect against UV, debris, wind, water, and they are shatterproof and anti-fog.
  • The inner edge of the frame has a sponge lining for comfort, and they are foldable and breathable.
  • It comes in only one size and not suitable for small-size dog breeds.
Our Verdict:

Your furry friend deserves the same care you endorse for yourself. For this reason, get them the QUMY Dog Goggles, which are stylish and reliable, and durable. Plus, these sunglasses are comfy and resistant to breaking.

2. PEDOMUS Dog Sunglasses

These sunglasses are suitable for medium to large-sized dogs. The PEDOMUS Dog Sunglasses weigh 56g and come with a 28 to 48 cm long head ribbon, plus a 1 to 25 cm long mandible ribbon. In addition, the frame features a Polyvinyl chloride material, while the lenses boast of polycarbonate material.

Upon receiving your purchase, you should find one pair of sunglasses in the box; no accessories. Besides, the manufacturer assures that the sunglasses are resistant to impact, fog and are shatterproof. Notably, these sunglasses are perfect for almost all outdoor activities, including skiing and swimming.

Moreover, the lenses boast high-quality polycarbonate material, enhancing your dog’s eye protection by blocking UV rays, infra-red, and visible light. Plus, the high-density sponge around the eyes helps alleviate pressure from your dog’s shaft, so the sunglasses are comfortable to wear always.

  • Made with a high-quality and flexible PVC frame with breathable holes.
  • Includes adjustable dual straps for perfect fit and cushioning around the frame for comfort.
  • It comes with a wide nose bridge suitable for dog faces and explicitly designed for large dogs.
  • Lenses are too dark to wear during low-light conditions.
Our Verdict:

Undoubtedly, the innovators of the PEDOMUS Dog Sunglasses had your dog’s best interest at heart. Furthermore, these goggles boast multiple superior features that help them stand out from the rest while adding to their convenience and functionality.

3. Generies Pet Sunglasses

Uniquely, the Generies Pet Sunglasses come in an elegant package that includes eight goggles of different colors – grey, green, red, tea color, pink, yellow, blue, and transparent. That said, the glasses are 8cm wide, while the lenses have a width of 3cm.

Additionally, the Generies Pet Sunglasses boast an effortless to wear round neck style, metal frame, and composite lenses. Also, these goggles are the perfect accessory for multiple occasions, including weddings, photoshoots, and birthday parties.

Other than that, the quality metal frames, combined with the composite lenses, ensure long-term service and proper care and maintenance. Besides, the eight pieces of varied colors ensure your dog has an adequate quantity for different occasions.

  • Eight elegant pieces that come in different colors made with stainless steel frames.
  • Durable, lightweight with reflection and clear color lenses to choose from.
  • It comes in multiple designs that are easy to wear and are safe to wear every day.
  • No sizes for larger dogs.
Our Verdict:

Get your four-legged friend this superb accessory to enable them to look more adorable when they accompany you to parties. The Generies Pet Sunglasses are durable, comfortable to wear, fashionable, and come in eight different colors, ideal for varied occasions.

4. Enjoying Small Dog Goggles

The Enjoying Dog Goggles offer the best eye dog protection and make your furry friend look cool and stylish. Also, they come in random unique packaging, with the sunglasses being the only item you will find inside. That said, the Enjoying Dog Goggles measure 1.5inches high, 4.2inches long, and have a 12inches long jaw strap and an 8.5inches long jaw strap. Both straps are elastic and adjustable to fit small breed dogs. Notably, the manufacturer assures that these goggles are resistant to wind, water, UV, and debris.

Moreover, the Enjoying Dog Goggles come with a foam pad lining that enhances your dog’s comfort. Plus, the black, sleek design makes your dog look cool and fashionable. Besides, high-quality materials ensure long-term, worry-free service.

  • Made with a sturdy and durable PVC frame and suitable for small dogs.
  • UV protection lens with foam padding on the inside of the frames for a comfortable fit.
  • Adjustable chin and head straps for flexibility and comfort and anti-fog capabilities.
  • Quality is not as good as expected.
Our Verdict:

The Enjoying Dog Goggles are a must-have for anyone who loves taking their dogs on adventures. This way, one can be sure that their dog’s eyes and comfortable to take in the wonders of the experience fully.

5. Namsan Dog Goggles

These Namsan Dog Goggles feature a soft TPE frame and two adjustable, elastic straps – chin and head. Additionally, the head strap 8.5 to 15 inches long, the chin strap has a length of between 7 to 12 inches, while the frame perimeter is 12inches long.

In addition, the Namsan Dog Goggles are the perfect holiday gift for long-nosed dog breeds thanks to their wide nose bridge – not more than 2.36inches. The manufacturer notes that these sunglasses protect your dog against UV rays, wind, water, and even snow.

Besides, the soft frame does not hurt your dog and enhances your dog’s comfort. Besides, the vents prevent vapor accumulation on the lenses, giving your dog perfect vision always. The design makes them ideal for long-noosed dogs, such as Gree and Husky.

  • Frame made with high quality and soft TPE material with UV-resistant lenses.
  • Includes a wide-angle that allows better visibility and better head fit.
  • Adjustable straps for flexibility, available in three colors, and includes a storage case.
  • Lenses are too dark to wear in dimly lit conditions.
Our Verdict:

Namsan commits itself to provide quality and safe pet supplies. The case is no different from the Namsan Dog Goggles, which come loaded with superior features to enhance your dog’s outdoor experience. Even better, the glasses enhance your dog’s comfort while maintaining its eyes’ health.

Final Thought

Sunglasses are simple-looking dog accessories that play many roles. They not only look good on pets but can also prevent injuries to the eye as your dog plays outdoors or swims. They also blend well with dog dresses and hoodies, making them an ideal gift or party item. You can find stunning designs online, some of which we reviewed.