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Best Dog Supplements & Vitamins in 2023

We all want healthy and happy dogs. However, sometimes it becomes difficult to provide your beloved friend with a well-rounded diet that has all the right nutrients. Luckily, you can still purchase dog supplements and vitamins to boost your dog’s diet. The supplements help maintain a healthier stomach and make it easy for your dog to digest the food they eat. Just like in humans, dogs could also develop vitamin deficiency. As such, it’s important to keep a healthy pet by providing the right supplements and vitamins. The practice will minimize visits to the vet. Besides, it will save you on vet bills, which cuts down on pet expenses.

Are you in a hurry?

Supplements and vitamins can boost your pet’s health. They not only strengthen bones and joints but also boost immune function. Others boost the metabolic rate of dogs and thus improve their overall wellbeing without costing their owners a fortune. Do not settle for any cheap or random product though. Look for a reputable product that is not only safe for pets but is also effective. It should be easy to administer via nursing supplies or in food. Here are some of the best ones.

Best Overall

Nutri-Vet Pre and Probiotic

Nutri-Vet Pre and Probiotic

Nutri-Vet is a nutritious probiotic for dogs that provides digestive support. The item boosts the growth of microflora in the stomach to hasten digestion. This lowers the risk of digestive problems such as constipation, which is a concern for most pet owners. Nutri-Vet has an irresistible liver and cheese flavor that dog(s) love. Getting your pet to eat it will never be a problem for you irrespective of the breed. Formulated as soft chews, you can administer this probiotic as a meal or a treat to ease flatulence/gas build-up naturally.

High-End Pick

Nutri-Vet Pre and Probiotic

Pet Naturals – Daily Multi for Dogs

Pet Naturals provide a daily dose of vitamins and minerals that your pet needs to grow. These fill the nutritional void in commercial foods to boost coat health and digestive function. They also boost organ function to help dogs to live longer and healthier lives. The product does not contain wheat and other additives that might harm your pet over time. Instead, this USA-made product contains a blend of natural ingredients that benefit all breeds of dogs of all ages.

Budget Pick

Nutri-Vet Probiotic Dog Supplements

Nutri-Vet Probiotic Dog Supplements

Nutri-Vet is a veterinarian-approved dog supplement rich in cellulase, lipase, lactase, protease, and amylase. These naturally occurring digestive enzymes not only improves digestive function but also nutrient utilization. As such, pets grow quicker and healthier. Epakitin also lowers the nitrogen concentration in the urinary tract or pets. As such, whenever they have a piss on the load, they do not burn grass nor damage lawns. This product has a soothing liver flavor that dogs love. Also, formulated as a chewable, you can serve them with meals or as treats with good results.

Buying Guide for the Best Dog Supplements and Vitamins

We all know and love the benefits of offering supplements and supplements to pets. They boost digestive and immune function and have a positive impact on the coat of pets as well. However, to provide these benefits and more, you will need a high-quality supplement, tested and deemed safe for most breeds of dogs. Check these features to get the best.

Formulation: What is the formulation of the supplement that you are planning to buy? It is a powder, liquid, or capsule? All are effective but provide a different experience at home, which you should keep in mind while ordering. Powdered supplements require another medium such as food to offer to pets. As such, they might be harder to administer if you are a beginner. Soft chews, on the other hand, are the easiest to administer as they come pre-flavored and ready use. They also have flavors that encourage pets to eat.

Efficacy: Only buy supplements that have undergone safety tests and deemed to be effective. It should be able to strengthen your dog’s digestive and immune system and have a positive bearing on health. Any cheap product might not benefit your pet. They might end up harming it instead.

Safety: Check if the product that you are planning to buy is safe for your pet. What is the quality of the ingredients used to make it? What are other people saying about the quality of the product that you are planning to buy? Avoid products with wheat and other harsh additives that might harm your pet. Ingredients should be organic and deemed safe for pets.

Top 5 Dog Supplements in the Market this Year

Check out our selection of the best dog supplements in the market this year. They are safe, gentle, and work great.

1. Nutri-Vet Pre and Probiotic

This soft chews for dogs have an irresistible cheese and liver flavor so that the dog enjoys taking them. Furthermore, they are easy for the dog to chew and swallow without any difficulty and are favorable for any dog breed and size.

In addition, this supplement is beneficial to the digestive tract with a powerful blend of CFUs, beneficial bacteria, and prebiotic inulin. Besides, it is not messy like powders, and there will be no wastage when you are using the supplement.

The dog supplement has versatile benefits because it supports healthy digestion, improves the dog’s immunity, and also promotes proper stool quality. Moreover, it will allow your dog to get natural microorganism that helps with gas and flatulence.

We have also reviewed dog medications and dog toothbrushes for improving the health of pets even further.

  • It contains a powerful blend of CFUs, beneficial bacteria, and prebiotic inulin.
  • Formulated as chews that are easy to administer.
  • Beneficial to most breeds of dogs.
  • No as soft as some pet owners think.
Our Verdict:

This dog supplement has several benefits and is therefore ideal for your dog’s overall growth and health. You can give it to any breed and size because it is easy to chew and has a great taste.

2. Pet Naturals – Daily Multi for Dogs

Available in 150 bite-size chews, this dog supplement is a great formulation for dogs of all ages. Besides, it’s easy for the dog to chew and also has a delicious vegetable flavor that will make them want to eat it. Besides, they will have an easy time when taking it even without other foods.

The chews are free of wheat, corn, and artificial ingredients that may cause stomach upsets. Consequently, they will help the dog with its digestive tract, and it is ideal for dogs at any stage. You will keep the dog at their peak no matter how old they are when using these chews.

Ideal for daily intake, the chews are great for any breed, and you can use them without mixing in their food. Moreover, they will give the dog a healthier and better-looking coat in a short while and also improve its organ functions so that it will remain healthy.

  • The chews are free of wheat, corn, and artificial ingredients.
  • Boosts the metabolic rate of dogs and immune function.
  • It has a delicious vegetable flavor that dogs love.
  • Allergic reactions reported in some dog breeds.
Our Verdict:

If you have a hairy dog breed, this supplement will work best for you because it promotes the growth of a healthier coat. It is also easy for the dog to chew and has a delicious flavor.

3. Nutri-Vet Probiotic Dog Supplements

Veterinary formulated, this Nutri-Vet dog supplement is of high quality and works fast to keep your dog healthy. Consequently, it will help minimize lawn burn and yellow areas because it has a neutralizing effect on dog waste.

Additionally, probiotics help to maintain a healthy intestine while diminishing nitrogen in the urinary tract. Furthermore, the supplement also maintains a slightly acidic urine pH and binds ammonia in the urine and the feces.

Extremely palatable with a tasty liver taste, these dog chews are easy for the dog to take, and they will enjoy taking them anytime you want. Consequently, the dog can take the supplements every day, and you will not have to struggle to get them to chew and swallow.

  • They have a delicious liver taste that dogs love.
  • Contains healthy probiotics that improve the well-being of pets.
  • Formulated as chews that have a long shelf life.
  • Formulated as chews that have a long shelf life.
Our Verdict:

This is an ideal dog supplement to use when you need to keep spotless lawn and shrubs because it neutralizes wastes. You will have an easy time keeping your lawn clean, and it is easy for the dog to chew.

4. Epakitin – 60 grams

Keeping your pet feeling healthy for longer is easier with this dog supplement because it is easy to use. You can mix the powder in food or even administer it alone when you need the dog to take it. Furthermore, you can also combine it with a renal diet. Moreover, this dog supplement is great tasting, so your dog will not have trouble taking it. Furthermore, it will provide the dog with phosphate-binding qualities so that they eliminate them from the stool. Therefore, it will keep the renal system of the dog clear.

With natural polysaccharides, the supplement contains shrimp and crab shells. As such, it will help your dog feel better and also live longer because they will have a healthier system. Besides, it will also help to keep your lawn green.

  • Contains natural polysaccharide, crab shells, and shrimp, which boost health.
  • It has a great-tasting formula that your dog will enjoy.
  • Clears the renal system of dogs.
  • None that we could find.
Our Verdict:

If you have a dog with difficulty in taking pills, you can use this supplement because it is in powder form. Furthermore, you can mix in the pet’s food so that they take it when they feed.

5. Animal Essentials Colon Rescue

Made with a Phytomucil blend, this dog supplement helps to support a normal bowel function. Moreover, it will neutralize the waste so that your laws and bushes will not have patches due to the dog's urine and feces.

Other than that, the herbal supplement is made from natural ingredients so that it is easy for any dog to take. As a result, it will not have any adverse side effects on any dog, especially those with sensitive stomachs. It supports dogs and cats of all breeds and ages. In addition, this supplement is in liquid form, with an easy way to administer it to the dog. You can squirt it in the dog’s mouth so that they will easily swallow it. Besides, there is no need for the dog to chew, so you can be sure it will take the entire supplement.

  • The product is beneficial to both dogs and cats.
  • Its liquid formula is fast-acting and easy to administer.
  • Supports normal bowel function.
  • Slow acting formula.
Our Verdict:

This dog supplement makes it easy for you to administer it to your dog because you can choose to squirt it in their mouth, put it on food or water. In addition, the herbal formula makes it ideal for pets of any age and breed.

Final Thoughts

Like all other animals, dogs need an occasional boost in health to live a long and fulfilling life. Apart from providing high-quality wet dog foods and dehydrated and freeze-dried dog foods, provide dog supplements such as the five we have reviewed as well. They nourish the digestive system to improve endurance. They also have beneficial effects on the coat and the urinary system of dogs, which is admirable as well.

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