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Best Dry Dog Foods in 2023

Dogs provide company and companionship. As such, you should provide a nutritious diet to maintain a healthy pet. Even though these pets aren’t picky when it comes to food selection, you should still ensure you provide nutritious and healthy food. With many dog food products, dry dog food remains a preferred option for pet owners.

Dry dog food offers a high nutrient quantity, stores easily, and it’s convenient to measure. As a dog owner, you might be wonder what’s the best dry dog food to purchase. Well, there’s no one-size-fits-all product, so you should carry out extensive research to select the top brands.

Are you in a hurry?

Professionals recommend that you should feed your dog dry foods for many reasons. They boost oral health by scrubbing the teeth as pets feed. The drying process also locks in nutrients and boosts the shelf life of dog food. This lowers wastage and makes sure pets have fresh food always. We have reviewed the best brands that your pet will love.

Best Overall

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

Blue Buffalo is a meat-based dry dog food with real meat as its main ingredient. It also contains real chicken, which boosts its protein content significantly. Therefore, it is perfect for building and maintaining healthy muscles. Energy sources include fruits, garden vegetables, and whole grains, which are safe for dogs. Finally, a blend of vitamins and minerals maintains healthy oxidative stress and immune balance to help dogs to fight diseases. Each bag weighs 30 pounds and comes in a resealable bag.

High-End Pick

IAMS Proactive Health Adult Minichuks

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IAMS Proactive Health Adult Minichuks is a vegetarian-recommended adult dog food rich in prebiotics and wholesome fibers. Both boost the digestive function of dogs, enabling them to use nutrients better. Real chicken is the main protein source of this dog food. This is not only tasty but also boosts faster muscle growth and therefore the development of dogs. With IAMS, you get a vegetarian recommended product formulated as small kibbles that dogs can eat and digest easily. Each bag weighs 30 pounds.

Budget Pick

Purina ONE SmartBlend Natural Adult Chicken & Rice Dry Dog Food

Purina ONE SmartBlend Natural Adult Chicken & Rice Dry Dog Food

Purina ONE SmartBlend is a delicious blended rice and chicken food for dogs. It comes in a 40-pound pack that can feed one or two dogs for weeks. It can satisfy the nutritional needs of most dogs and has a long shelf life because of the leak-proof bah that it comes in. You can find this food in 4-31.1-pound bags as well for people with small pets. Also, formulated as pellets, it scrubs and cleans teeth while eating.

Buying Guide for Best Dry Dog Food

It is a challenge to most pet owners to find that delicacy that keeps their dog wanting more serving. However, you need to get the right balance and nutritious meal for your canine. To explore more on this exciting topic, here is a detailed buying guide on dry dog food.

First, here are a few features to consider before grabbing unworthy supplies from the store.

Ingredients: Before buying dry dog food, check the label for quality and nutritional ingredients. All breeds should have an adequate meal for growth and health. Each element should weigh the correct quantity to provide the necessary nutrients.

Flavor and Recipe: The same way you prefer fabulous aromas, so does your pet. So, find that attracting tasty flavor to entice your dog to have more.

Expiry Duration: Ensure the package has precise expiry dates to prevent feeding your dog unhealthy and expired food.

Top 5 Best Dry Dog Food in the Market this Year

Are you considering introducing dry food to your pets? This is an excellent idea considering their high nutritional value and long shelf life. They also provide additional benefits such as cleaning the teeth of dogs, which is a plus. In this section, we review some of the best brands for most breeds.

1. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

Give your dog a nutrient-dense feast with the Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Dry Dog Food. The product has real meat as a key ingredient, so your dog gets a high-quality protein source. The source helps pets in building and maintaining muscles. Other than that, it offers Omega 3 and fatty acids. With this nutrient, the dog will maintain healthy skin. Additionally, it offers fruits, veggies, and wholesome grains that will enhance your pet’s health.

The use of natural ingredients in this formula ensures you have a safe product that won’t affect your pet. Also, the unique combination of antioxidants, minerals, and essential vitamins will enhance the dog’s immune system.

  • It comes in 2-1 tasty flavors of brown rice and chicken.
  • Your fur pet becomes active with a healthy immune system, hip, fur, and joint.
  • The formula has adequate fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins.
  • The dry food favors only adult canines but can feed medium-size breed.
Our Verdict:

The Blue Buffalo Life Dog Food enhances the dog’s health. With natural ingredients, it’s safe for all dog species. With added advantages like minerals, nutrients, and an exceptional protein to fat ratio, this is great dog food.

2. IAMS Proactive Health Adult Minichuks

IAMS is a reputable brand that promises safe and nutritious dog food. This particular formula suits both puppies and mature dogs, all while providing essential ingredients. Coming with farm-raised chicken as the main ingredient, you’re sure to keep a healthy dog.

The package comes as a 30lbs. bag, which is enough for your pets. As such, it will suit both large dog breeds and small dogs. Moreover, the formula has crunchy kibbles that will scrub its teeth to prevent bad breath.

The antioxidants also add to its functionality by enhancing the immune system. You will, therefore, have a healthy dog that’s free from common ailments. You can still mix this dry food with other food types to give your pet an irresistible meal. As a veterinarian-recommended product, this dry dog food is safe and guaranteed to maintain a healthy pet.

  • The dry pellets are available in chicken flavor and suits all breed sizes.
  • It is a USA origin product; hence, it produces unique and origin products.
  • The formula has adequate animal protein, naturally balanced whole-made ingredients.
  • The formula has adequate animal protein, naturally balanced whole-made ingredients.
Our Verdict:

The IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Minichunks is a low-priced product that guarantees exceptional results. The food will enhance the dog’s digestion system as well as immunity. Other benefits include reduced plaque, stronger bones, and great metabolism. We have also reviewed food storage, wet dog foods, and dog treats for your home and pets.

3. Purina ONE SmartBlend Natural Adult Chicken & Rice Dry Dog Food

If you want to provide targeted nutrition to your pet, consider the Purina ONE SmartBlend Dry Dog Food. It comes in a 40lbs. bag, which will serve your pet adequately. The formula has minerals and vitamins that will keep your dog breeds healthy. Real chicken is a key ingredient, so you don’t require additional supplements for your pet.

The dual-defense antioxidant in this dry dog food will promote immunity. As such, your pet can develop a strong immune system that will resist common illnesses.

Other provisions include glucosamine that will ensure the dog develops healthy joints. This product doesn’t contain any fillers, making it a great purchase.

What’s more, Purina ONE SmartBlend Dog Food comes in different textures and flavors to impress your canines.

  • It has 2-1 tasty recipes of rice and chicken suitable for adult dogs only.
  • Feed your canine to improve its fur, heart, joints, stomach and make it lively.
  • It is rich in protein; for example, it contains real chicken as the first ingredient.
  • The food comes only in dry form, unlike other brands with an option of moist food.
Our Verdict:

The Purina ONE SmartBlend Dry Dog Food is a protein-rich formula. The manufacturer offers different textures and flavors to choose from. Also, you get a unique formulation with 0% fillers and 100% nutrition value.

4. Purina Pro Plan with Probiotics Shredded Blend

Purina is a renowned brand that has dominated the pet food industry for a long period. The Purina Pro Dog Food has natural ingredients to improve your dog’s health. It offers essential nutrition to keep the pet healthy and ready to mingle in different outdoor settings.

Coming in a 35lb. bag, the dog food has major nutrient sources. The product has a unique combination of high-protein and shredded blend chicken. In addition, the rice formula in the dog food further enhances its taste.

Other than that, the crunchy kibble offers a delicious taste while still ensuring your dog doesn’t suffer from bad breath. The textures and tastes from the dog food are great, and your dog will fall in love with this formula.

  • The food has 2-1 aromas of rice and chicken formula.
  • It comes in dry and semi-moist forms to improve the heart function of your dog.
  • Besides high proteins from pure chicken, it has live probiotics for immune and digestion.
  • This food only favors adult dogs of all breeds who are non-vegetarian.
Our Verdict:

The Purina Pro Plan Adult Dry Dog Food suits hypersensitive dogs. It comes with a great fatty acid profile that will appeal to most pet owners. Also, the high Omega-6 levels and rice formula further enhances the functionality of this dry dog food.

5. Rachael Ray Nutrish Dry Dog Food

Coming from a flagship company, the Rachael Ray Nutrish Dry Dog Food is another excellent product to purchase. The blend of nutrients will ensure the dog develops strong bones. It’s also safe with natural ingredients.

The formula has veggies and classic chicken composition that will attract dogs. With farm-raised chicken, the dog food further proves your dog is getting a nutritious meal. The added minerals and vitamins will help you maintain a healthy dog. You’ll also appreciate the fact that this dog food doesn’t contain wheat, gluten, or fillers. Therefore, you’re sure to get a nutritious and safe product. The 40lb bag will provide adequate food for your little friend.

Your pet deserves the best, and the Rachael Ray Nutrish Dry Dog Food is an excellent product that you should consider buying. Dehydrates and freeze-dried foods are equally nutritious and thus beneficial to most dog breeds.

  • The 2-1 delicious and natural flavors of veggies and real chicken are dry recipes.
  • Your dog benefits from a nutritional and balanced diet to enhance its growth and healthy skin.
  • It has no added wheat, poultry products, or wheat gluten ingredients; hence, it is original.
  • The recipe is not suitable for vegetarian canines. Hence, it does not favor all breeds.
Our Verdict:

The Rachael Ray Nutrish Dry Dog Food is a quality dog product. Coming with a variety of formulas, the product will cater to different eating lifestyles. Also, the combination of vegetables and real meat provides the necessary nutrients.

Final Thoughts

Your dog will love some of the best dry dog foods that we have reviewed in this article. Made with real beef and chicken as a base, they have a high protein content, making them good for muscle building. They are also good sources of carbohydrates and come formulated as dry kibbles with a long shelf life. You can find them in many-size bags online.

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