Best Emergency Survival Kits in 2022

Emergency survival kits are vital, especially during a natural disaster, war, or financial crisis. These tools are regarded as life saviors. Just like corona came unexpectedly, nobody knows what might happen in the future.

Therefore, everyone needs to be well-equipped with these emergency survival kits. They are among the necessary precautionary measures that should be put into consideration when preparing for an emergency.

Amazingly, these survival kits come as a complete package with everything you need in case of an emergency. They’re versatile and will come in handy in case of any disaster. Always have these kits ready with you, as emergencies strike without notice. Read on for more details.

Are you in a hurry?

Are you planning a hiking or camping trip and need an emergency survival kit in a hurry? You will need a Firestarter, flashlight, and a knife to overcome most outdoor emergencies. Ropes, bags, and portable tents also make good survival items for people who spend a lot of time outdoors. Here are some brands that offer these benefits:

Best Overall

Premium Emergency Survival Bag/Kit

Premium Emergency Survival Bag

This survival/bag kit is beneficial to people who spend a lot of time outdoors in harsh weather. It is also suitable for disaster preparedness for up to two people has versatile components that offer value in multiple ways. Light source options include snap lights, a flashlight, and an LED lantern that can help you to see at night. It also has a basic first aid kit for addressing minor emergencies, a backpack, and food rations that can sustain up to two people for up to 72 hours.

Smart Pick

Emergency Zone Survival Kit/Go-Bag

Emergency Zone Survival Kit

The Emergency Zone Survival Kit/Go-Bag is sufficient for up to four adults. It has a shelf life of 5-years and has the essentials that you will need to survive when an earthquake hits, during an earthquake, or when civil unrest hits. You get USA-made food and water rations that can sustain four adults for up to 72 hours. It also has an emergency guidebook with details on what to do to stay alive, comfort items such as medication, and two backpacks for safe storage of these items. Both backpacks are 100% nylon.

Budget Pick

Emergency Zone 4 Person Urban Survival Kit

Emergency Zone 4 Person Urban Survival Kit

This urban survival kit can sustain up to four adults for up to 72 weeks. It covers most emergencies, including earthquakes, hurricanes, and civil unrest, but you can take them camping as well. It contains a multi-use pocket tool for building and self-protection. It also has consumables such as water and food rations and two backpacks that can fit all components for safe storage or transportation. Finally, like other premium brands, you get a guidebook with detailed information on how to handle different emergencies.

Buying Guide for Emergency Survival Kits

Emergencies will never knock on your door or alert you to get prepared. They will hit you when you least expect. You, therefore, need to always be prepared.

Having an emergency survival kit will save you from panicking and frustrations that come with emergencies. Read this buying guide to obtain information on what to look for when buying an emergency survival kit.

Contents: The contents of an emergency survival kit should suit your specific needs. The items you need will be dependent on the kind of emergencies common in your area. Therefore, the essential items will vary from person to person and from place to place.

Shelf Life: Some contents of an emergency survival kit perish after a period. Before buying a kit, inquire how long it will be useful. It would help if you bought one whose contents will remain safe and useful for a long time.

Size: Different emergency survival kits will contain different amounts of supplies. The best kit to purchase is one that has enough supplies for all your family members or target recipients. You should also consider the period that the supplies will serve you. Ensure that you get a kit whose supplies will be enough for the entire critical period.

Top 5 Best Emergency Survival Kits

Disasters such as hurricanes, floods, civil unrest, and earthquakes can hit without warning. Whenever they do you need to be prepared to increase your chances of survival and that of your family members. Polish your survival skills. Also, make sure that you have an emergency survival kit in hand to overcome such issues like a professional. Here are the best:

1. Premium Emergency Survival Bag/Kit

Buy this Premium Emergency Survival Bag/Kit and enjoy 72 hours of sustainability in case of an emergency. It can supply two people with water and nutrients for a maximum of 72 hours. The kit can comfortably cater to 2 people.

Also, all the items in this kit have superior quality and will serve you way much better. With this kit, there is no need to worry as it provides you with all you need to survive if an emergency strikes. Since it comes as a complete package, it will save you a lot of time and energy you could have spent searching for everything one by one.

With this kit, you can’t be inconvenienced by an outage of power. In addition, the kit comes with various lighting options, such as a tinder top and fire-starting device, which will give you proper illumination at night. Lastly, it also has an expensive first aid kit that will help you should injury arise.

  • It contains enough supplies to sustain two people for 72 hours.
  • Multiple light sources will illuminate your way in cases of power outages.
  • The basic first Aid supplies save lives and relieve pain.
  • The company logo on the backpack can draw unwanted attention.
Our Verdict:

The Premium Emergency Survival Bag/Kit is the best high-quality kit I have ever come across. It comes with superior quality items that will serve you best if an emergency arises.

2. Emergency Zone Survival Kit/Go-Bag

If you’re looking for an emergency survival kit that will suit your whole family, the Emergency Zone 4 Person Survival Kit is the real deal. This kit will able to serve 4 people for 72 hours. With this kit, you’ll be well prepared in case of an earthquake, hurricane, civil unrest, and even floods.

Since emergencies are unpredictable, secure your peace of mind by buying this kit. It comes in a discrete red backpack with everything need. Due to its lightweight design, you can easily move around with it. This discrete backpack will allow you to include your items in it.

We all know water is vital, especially during an emergency. Furthermore, the kit saves you from the hassle of boiling the water, as it comes with food rations and water. With its 5-years shelf-life, it’s very long-lasting. These food rations taste great and don’t require any water to rehydrate or reheat them.

Some critical camping accessories that might also be of help include air mattresses, camping cots, and camping screen houses. Read more about them to know if they will work for you.

  • The supplies are enough to get 4 people through 72 hours.
  • The supplies have a 5-year shelf life and will thus remain safe for a long period.
  • Discrete red backpack with discretely packed supplies to avoid drawing unnecessary attention.
  • It contains heavy food bars that will weigh you down when you have to carry them around.
Our Verdict:

The Emergency Zone 4 Person Survival Kit is an excellent tool to buy. It’s compact but has everything you need when an emergency arises. Also, the backpack allows you to include your other personal items.

3. Emergency Zone 4 Person Urban Survival Kit

The Emergency Zone 4 Person Urban Survival Kit is among the few survival kits that will serve you for an extended period. It has both two people and 4 people options but will still last for 72 hours. With this kit, you’ll remain comfortable for 3 days before being rescued.

It comes in a large backpack; thus, it contains everything you need. Moreover, this kit is very easy to use, thus you can move around with it. With its emergency tent, you and your loved one will be sheltered in case of bad weather.

In addition, there is a crank touch that protects you if you run out of power. Also, it’s known as a multi-use pocket tool that will allow you to complete many tasks. Apart from foodstuffs, the kit has other basic amenities such as a toothbrush, toilet roll, among others.

  • It contains essential supplies for different emergencies such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires.
  • The black backpack holds all the essentials and is easily portable.
  • The supplies are compact and lightweight and thus easy to carry.
  • Its straps on the backpack are cheaply made and may break upon regular use.
Our Verdict:

When using this survival kit, you can’t run out of water, and we all know water is an essential need. It provides you with a way to purify any available water, thus no need to carry purified water with you.

4. ANTARCTICA Emergency Survival Gear Kits

If you ask around, you’ll agree with me that this ANTARCTICA Emergency Survival kit comes as a complete package. The kit provides you with a first aid kit, together with other essential tools. Its compact design makes the most convenient emergency survival kit.

Additionally, this ANTARCTICA Emergency Survival kit weighs 1.11 pounds, thus easy to carry around. Its ABS construction makes it long-lasting. In addition, the material is waterproof; therefore, no need to worry about your essential items getting wet. With its multi-purpose nature, it will save you in various natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and even fire.

If you love hiking or hunting adventures, this is your ideal kit. When using this kit, no need to worry as it will never let you down.

  • The kit is compact and light for easy carrying.
  • The supplies remain dry and safe thanks to the waterproof kit.
  • You can use the kit during various emergencies including tornados, floods, and more.
  • The multi-tool is too small and cannot perform bigger cutting tasks easily.
Our Verdict:

The ANTARCTICA Emergency Survival kit is the best multi-purpose survival kit. It comes will all the essential tools you need. As you go for an emergency kit, it’s good to go for a multi-purpose kit as nobody knows the kind of emergency that might occur.

5. XUANLAN Emergency Survival Kit

With this XUANLAN Emergency Survival Kit, you’ll get everything you need for your adventures. It’s made for extreme adventure enthusiasts. It comes with everything you need to survive in case of an emergency. The kit has a 360-degree bezel that protects you against hypothermia. It retains 90% of the body heat.

Besides, this kit has an emergency tent that will provide you with shelter in case of bad weather. It has a compact size that allows it to be placed anywhere. Also, its aluminum alloy whistle allows you to be heard from a distance. You can easily be rescued when using this kit.

Besides, the survival kit provides you a way to survive with your child when an emergency arises. With its thermal blanket, you and your loved one will remain warm even if the weather changes. Even though it’s a high-quality kit, it’s very affordable.

  • The whistle is sturdy, durable, and generates loud sound, audible from far distances.
  • The whistle is sturdy, durable, and generates loud sound, audible from far distances.
  • The backpack is light, durable, and waterproof to allow portability and keep the supplies dry.
  • The case is too small making it difficult to fit all the supplies neatly.
Our Verdict:

With this XUANLAN Emergency Survival Kit, you can easily call for help when an emergency arises. It has an aluminum alloy whistle that is extremely loud.

Final Thoughts

With an emergency survival kit at home, you will be ready to tackle all environmental emergencies and improves your odds of survival. Most brands contain water and food rations for two or more people. They also have survival guides and multitools for building, cooking, and self-protection to name a few. We hope that this will inspire you to buy yours today.