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Best Furniture-Style Dog Crates in 2023

Dogs have a natural tendency to seek out the comfort and security of a shed or den. Talk to any dog trainer or veterinarian, and there’s a high chance they’ll recommend purchasing quality furniture-style dog crates. So, what’s the hype about these accessories? Well, dog crates offer a comfortable and secure place for your pet to relax.

In addition, crates offer assurance that your dogs won’t get into trouble. They offer your dog a haven from the hustles of the home. That said, furniture-style dog crates come in different sizes and materials. The most difficult part is picking out an ideal option for your dog. Luckily, this review simplifies your task. Here are the best furniture-style dog crates.

Are you in a hurry?

Furniture-style crates are solid pet accessories with a charming look. They look good in homes and provide a warm and comfortable lounging area for dogs in the home. While they cost slightly more than outdoor pens and standard crated and kennels, they are worth buying. Because of their solid designs, you will not think about replacing one any time soon. You can also use the top to store pet food and/or vases with flowers. Check out these top brands. They work the best in homes.

Best Overall

BarkWood Large Pet Crate End Table

BarkWood Large Pet Crate End Table

BarkWood has a cool-looking white theme that blends well with most spaces. It comes fully assembled and is therefore very easy to use. All you do is find a warm spot at home and place it there.  The frame is solid wood with breathable slats that keep its interior cool. You also get a latched door for easier entry and exit and a solid top that provides additional storage space for your stuff. Rubber foot stops on the bottom protect your floors from scratches. They also stop the large crate cum end table from shifting around whenever your pet moves in it.

High-End Pick

BarkWood Large Pet Crate End Table

Casual Home Wooden Medium Pet Crate

Casual Home is a medium size pet crate with chew-resistant wood construction. It measures 27.5x20x24-inches and can accommodate most small pets that weigh 25-120 pounds. It does not have a divider, which maximizes the sleeping and resting area of pets, its unique brown theme pops, while the lockable gate offers you peace of mind while away. The crate has breathable slats for comfort. It also has a solid top (wood) that doubles as a storage area for large and bulky pet items.

Budget Pick

TRIXIE Pet Products 39524 Wooden Pet Crate

TRIXIE Pet Products 39524 Wooden Pet Crate

The TRIXIE Pet Products 39524, has a versatile design that offers more than a comfortable sleeping area for pets.  The product doubles as an end table and side table with a solid top that you can use to store potted plants and magazines. The frame is solid MDF, which stands out in many ways. First, the material is dog-safe. It lacks harsh chemicals or finishes that might harm your pet. It also has a smooth veneer finish that adds to its strength and ability to resist water and other elements.

Buying Guides for Best Furniture-Style Dog Crates

Most furniture-style dog crates match interior upholstery the natural way. Therefore, if you like to look classy and stylish at home, here are some unique dog crates. This attractive equipment can act as an indoor dog kennel besides being an end and top table. To explore more, here are some outstanding examples of aspects to consider before purchasing a piece.

Life Stage: Ensure the crate will serve your canine in every life stage. Invest in a kit that fits small and large dogs. This feature saves on money and time; hence, it is economical in the end. 

Material: Consider durable, warm, smooth, and easy to clean surface material. Wood is a great end finish material that is comfortable in all seasons in and outside the house.

Well-Ventilation: The kennel should allow unrestricted airflow all-round the kit. This exposure ensures your dog is healthy, comfortable, and can view what happens while locked in.

The Best Furniture-Style Dog Crates in the Market this Year

Are you looking to create a new comfortable sleeping area for your pet? Our selection of the best furniture style dog crates never disappoints. They are durable and can fit most pets.

1. BarkWood Large Pet Crate End Table

The BarkWood Large Pet Crate makes a great addition to your home furniture. Besides enhancing the existing home décor, this unit also does an exceptional job to keep your pet safe. In addition, it boasts an array of functional features that will ensure your pet has a comfortable stay.

To start with, BarkWood dog crate features a sturdy construction. The manufacturer uses 100% solid wood, which makes the unit both stylish and durable. Moreover, you’ll get 4 unique finishes, so you have the freedom to select a design that matches the home décor. There’s no age bracket, meaning the set is ideal for dogs of all ages.

Furthermore, this pet accessory is versatile and can be used as a safe or decorative furniture piece at home. Apart from keeping the dog safe, you can also use the crate to store some essential items. Cleaning this unique dog crate is easy and you can keep the crate without spending on professional cleaners.

BarkWood is an easy-to-install dog crate. The accessory comes fully assembled and you’ll spend less time trying to put it together. The package includes 4-floor protectors that will ensure your floors are safe from scratches as your lift this crate.

That’s not all; this crate features open slats that add to its functionality. The slats will offer adequate ventilation for your dog. With the Mortise and Tenon construction, you’re sure to get long-term service. What’s more, the inner design comes with a rubberized coating to reduce the absorption of liquids and allows for easy cleaning.

  • This well-ventilated kit allows free airflow on all sides.
  • The 100% solid wood material is safe and warm in cold weather.
  • It is easy to clean and fits on either the table or the ground.
  • It is not handy nor portable because of its 50-pound weight.
Our Verdict:

The BarkWood Large Pet Crate guarantees value for money. The dog crate features strong solid wood construction for longevity. You’ll also appreciate the open slats that will guarantee your dog gets maximum ventilation. Other functional features of this accessory include the multi-protective finish and rubberized inner coating.

2. Casual Home Wooden Medium Pet Crate

If you want ultimate relaxation for your pet, look no further than the Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate. The manufacturer has been in the business for over 4 decades, so you can rely on them for exceptional products. This furniture-style dog crate doesn’t disappoint either and you’re sure to get value for money.

For starters, it features sustainably sourced wood construction. The wood is also chew-resistant, so you can buy this crate even if you have chewers. Also, it comes with a lockable gate, which also features wood construction. Longevity is therefore assured when you buy this dog crate.

Besides, the crate boasts a rich finish and color combinations that match most furnishings at home. Pet lovers will also like the sizing of this dog crate. The compact design suits small dogs below 25lbs. Nonetheless, it can still accommodate medium dogs up to 100lbs.

Moreover, the crate features the end table style top part which gives pet owners extra storage space. Cleaning shouldn’t take up much time or effort, and a damp cloth is enough to ensure this dog crate remains in top-notch condition.

As if that’s not enough, you’ll love the simple and hassle-free assembly process. Casual Home includes all the required accessories for setup. You just have to follow the simple instructions, and you can have a haven for your beloved dog within a few minutes.

  • The Espresso shade blends well with most room furniture.
  • This solid wood material is non-chewable, long lasting, sturdy, and easy to clean.
  • It has extra storage space for easy access to daily use pet accessories.
  • Its 28.2-pound weight is heavy; hence, it is not portable while away from home.
Our Verdict:

The Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate comes with functional features that will appeal to any pet owner. The chew-resistant wood construction guarantees longevity. Furthermore, there’s a secure lockable latch to offer security and ensure your dog is safe. Still, you’ll appreciate the end table style design and easy assembly.

3. TRIXIE Pet Products 39524 Wooden Pet Crate

Here comes another stylish and functional dog crate. The Trixie Pet Products 39524 Wooden Pet Crate will blend in well with most interior designs. Besides, you get a secure accessory that will keep your dog safe from dangerous situations.

Regarding the design, the manufacturer had style and functionality in mind when creating this dog crate. Apart from looking elegant, it guarantees ample ventilation for all sizes of dogs. Your pet is, therefore, assured to stay in a cool environment while enjoying a continuous supply of fresh air.

Other than that, Trixie Pet Products uses solid MDF, making it a durable crate. This unit can stand the test of time without compromising on quality. Coming in white or black variants, you have the choice to pick an ideal color that matches the home décor.

The wide top enhances the crate’s functionality. You can place potted plants, magazines, or any other item on this dog crate. Furthermore, the crate is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, further enhancing its reputation as a top product.

Even though this unit resembles an end table, it’s a dog crate. Veterinarians and dog trainers recommend this unit to any person that wants a safe accessory for their dog. Besides, the secure latch closure further proves you’re getting a safe pet product.

  • The brown color matches well with interior upholstery, leaving a beautiful blend.
  • You can use it as a side table and place other items and magazines on top.
  • The solid wood is non-chewable, robust, easy to dust, and clean.
  • It has only one front ventilation opening; hence, there is no enough airflow.
Our Verdict:

Pet owners looking for an easily configurable and versatile dog crate should consider this model. The Trixie Pet Products 39524 Wooden Pet Crate has a wide top and you can use it either as an end table or side table. Besides, the solid MDF construction couples with versatile applications ensure you get a valuable product.

4. BarkWood Pets Crate End Table

BarkWood isn’t done yet, and the brand comes up with yet another exceptional furniture-style dog crate. The BarkWood Pet Crate End Table – Grey Finish is all about long-term service and offering a good-looking dog accessory.

The solid wood construction makes this crate sturdy, and it will assure your dog with many years of enjoyment. Apart from that, the multi-step protective finish on this dog crate will enhance durability while also making it easy to clean.

Other than that, this dog crate comes with rubber foot stops for better performance. The features will ensure your floor is safe from scratches as you lift or move this dog crate around. Also, you’ll like the open slats that give your dog better ventilation. Furthermore, the Mortise and Tenon construction on these slats offers added strength and durability.

Another feature worth mentioning is the wraparound door on this dog crate. The feature lets you maximize the available space and guarantee your pet easy access. The door latch will let pet owners confine their dogs when necessary.

Setting up this dog caret shouldn’t consume much of your time. It comes fully assembled with all the required tools. Better still, you’ll get several size options, which means there’s always a perfect choice for your dog size.

  • The Cappuccino finish is smooth; thus, it is easy to wipe and clean.
  • You can use the crate as an end table for extra top storage.
  • The 100% wood material is heavy-duty, non-chewable, with air openings on all sides.
  • It has no leg support; hence, water and crawling ants can damage it.
Our Verdict:

The BarkWood Pet Crate End Table – Grey Finish lives to the manufacturer’s reputation. The unit is strong, thanks to the 100 solid wood body. Other than that, dog lovers will like the decorative finishes and the rubber foot that protects the floor. Overall, this is an excellent dog crate that will offer value for investment.

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