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Best Gym Bags in 2023

Regular trips to the gym are great. Exercising in the gym provides a host of benefits, including stronger muscles, more flexibility, increased cardiovascular fitness, and better brain function. However, committing yourself to the gym membership isn’t all about purchasing the right shorts or trainer, but it’s about turning up. Regardless of your intended exercise, you’ll need a quality gym bag to store your essentials.

Gym bags are essentials to any workout enthusiast. The bags help to keep the gym gear in an organized manner. As such, you can work out confidently, knowing your items are safe. The bags are perfectly sized to give you sufficient storage space for your items. Besides, they have compartments to better organize your accessories.

Are you in a hurry?

You need to have a healthy workout routine to maintain healthy cardiovascular health. However, once you buy a gym subscription, you will need a gym bag for transporting workout items such as hand exercisers. They come in many designs for women and men. They also come in many sizes, a majority of which are waterproof and adjustable to fit the back and shoulder. If you need one, here are the top picks.

Best Overall

Adidas Defender III Small Duffel Bag

Adidas Defender III Small Duffel Bag

Adidas Defender III is a 15.8-ounce duffel bag for gym enthusiasts with a secure, zippered design. It is 100% polyester, a durable and stylish fabric that is resistant to water and dust. It also has leak-proof zippers and two smaller compartments for storing delicate items such as keys and phones. Adidas Defender III has a long-lasting hand washable design. It comes in many colors, each with a lifetime product warranty that covers all factory defects.

Smart Pick

PUMA Evercat Contender Duffel Bag

PUMA Evercat Contender Duffel Bag

During camping trips, you will need secure storage space for items such as knee pads, thigh compression sleeves, and a small exercise mat. The smart PUMA Evercat Duffel bag is spacious (0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches), making it perfect for such outdoor trips. It weighs 1.21 pounds and has a double-layered design made from 100% polyester. The fabric is light but can withstand daily abuse without ripping or fading. It has two exterior pockets and a 27.5-inch adjustable strap.

Budget Pick

PUMA Women's Evercat Candidate Duffel Bag

PUMA Women's Evercat Candidate Duffel Bag

PUMA Evercat Candidate is a perfect duffel bag for women as it has a light and somewhat feminine look. The cover is 100% polyester – a weatherproof and durable material. Its tough outer cover has a softer polyester liner that keeps delicate stuff such as weighted jackets and phones safe. The main compartment and small exterior pockets have a zippered closure for safety. The shoulder strap measures 24.5-inches and has a thick, comfortable, and long-lasting structure.

Buying Guide for Gym Bags

Before heading to the gym, you need to ensure that you have all the items you will need. These items include sneakers, headphones, shower essentials, towel, among others. You, therefore, need a gym bag to carry all essentials comfortably. When buying a gym bag, consider the factors highlighted in this buying guide for you to make the best choice.

Size: It would help if you chose a gym bag that will fit all your gym essentials. A smaller bag will force you to carry your items in more than one bag. A larger bag, on the other hand, will be cumbersome and will look empty and unattractive.

Material: The ideal gym bag will be sturdy enough to handle all your essentials with no strain, wear or tear. It should therefore have a robust tear-resistant material. You should also inquire whether the material is hand or machine washable depending on your preferences.

Style: While some users prefer handbags, other users love backpacks. The ideal carrying style will depend on your preference or other circumstances such as comfort and means of transport. You will need a backpack if you ride a bike to the gym. A handbag will be a good choice if you drive or use a car to get to the gym. After considering all these factors, buy a gym bag whose style suits you.

Top 5 Gym Bags in the Market this Year

Are you struggling to find a gym bag for routine use? If you need a durable product with lots of space and that looks good, we have identified some of the best. Check out these top-rated brands. They are suitable for women and men and offer ample space for stuff such as large as medicine balls.

1. Adidas Defender III Small Duffel Bag

Starting us off is a quality unit from one of the best apparel brands. The Adidas Defender III ranks among the top models and it delivers great results. First, the unique blend of synthetic lining and 100% polyester makes it a stylish and comfortable accessory to carry your gym items.

Also, the manufacturer uses reinforced 3D ripstop materials that guarantee durability. It features a main compartment that is large enough to hold gym essentials. Besides, the model has 2 zippered pockets to give you a secure place to keep valuables, like the watch, phone, or keys.

Another notable feature is the padding on the shoulder strap for the user’s comfort. The bag is easy to maintain, and you can just hand wash it to remain in a functional state. What’s more, you’ll enjoy a lifetime warranty to cover any defects.

  • 100% Polyester material that is safe, eco-friendly, and hypoallergenic.
  • Zipper closure that keeps your essentials well concealed, safe and secure.
  • Easy to wash and fast to dry material that saves time and energy.
  • Thin material and lightweight zippers that may not withstand extended and heavy use.
Our Verdict:

The Adidas Defender III Small Duffel Bag has all the useful features you’d want from a gym bag. For starters, the main compartment and the zippered pockets will offer ample storage space. When you add a durable and stylish design, this unit guarantees amazing functionality.

2. PUMA Evercat Contender Duffel Bag

PUMA is another renowned brand, and the manufacturer strives to always provide quality accessories. For those looking for a lightweight gym bag that still offers ample space, this is the real deal. The PUMA Men’s Contender Duffel Bag measures 19 x 10.5 inches, making it a spacious unit.

Furthermore, the bag features 100% polyester and polyester lining. The material is both lightweight and comfortable to carry around. As such, you won’t have to struggle with a heavy model as you go to the gym for your daily exercises.

With an elegant design, this bag will look appealing when you carry it around. Also, the bag comes with a 27.5-inch strap drop and 2 exterior pockets. With such a design, you’ll enjoy generous storage to keep your accessories safe.

  • Waterproof Polyester material that will not expose your essentials to water and spills.
  • Three exterior pockets that allow you to access your essentials with no strain.
  • Zipper closure locks your essentials in the bag, protecting them from exposure and theft.
  • Weak strap seams make it unsuitable for heavy use.
Our Verdict:

PUMA continues to maintain its reputation with this bag. There’s no shortage of storage space with this bag. Better still, it’s a durable bag to help secure your accessories.

3. PUMA Women's Evercat Candidate Duffel Bag

PUMA is here again with a quality gym bag that will let you carry all the important items. Just like other models from this brand, the bag features 100% polyester and polyester lining for comfort and durability. As such, you’re sure to enjoy the optimal performance for an extended period.

With the main compartment and 2 zippered pockets, this bag will give an ideal place to keep your items. The inclusion of a zipper closure ensures your accessories are safe. You can, therefore, carry on with your exercises, knowing your valuables are safe. Furthermore, the 24.5-inch shoulder drop on this bag gives users a comfortable unit to use. You can make adjustments depending on your preferred level.

With the polyester material, the bag is easy to wash, so no struggles when you want to clean it.

  • Hand washable polyester material saves time and energy.
  • It contains two pockets, allowing you to sort your main and minor essentials.
  • Your essentials remain safe from water and spills, thanks to the waterproof material.
  • The seams at the bottom are weak and may not withstand heavy use.
Our Verdict:

The PUMA Evercat Dispatch Women’s Duffel is specially made for people on a limited budget. Despite the affordability, the model comes with all the necessary gym bag features like zipper closure, spacious storage, and polyester lining.

4. Adidas Diablo Small Duffel Bag

Do you want a durable, multipurpose, and highly functional gym bag? Well, all your needs are sorted with the Adidas Diablo Small Duffel. The sizing is perfect for gym lovers to keep all their valuable and workout essentials.

As for the sizing, this bag measures 18 x 11 x 12 inches. It’s a spacious unit that will give you a safe and secure place to keep gym essentials. Moreover, this bag features 100% polyester material for comfort. Still, the handle haul is padded to add to the convenience of carrying this bag without suffering fatigue. You’ll also like the adjustable shoulder strap. Therefore, you can make adjustments to the shoulder drop until you get an ideal length for you.

With this model, you’re free to carry several items, including shoes, clothes, towels, and other travel essentials.

  • It is deep and wide and can accommodate multiple items.
  • An adjustable shoulder strap allows you to set it to a comfortable length.
  • You will use it for a long time, thanks to the robust and durable 100% polyester material.
  • The base panel is not stitched and tends to move out of place upon stuffing.
Our Verdict:

The Adidas Diablo Small Duffel lets gym enthusiasts carry essential items easily. The bag features 100% polyester that makes it comfortable and durable. The size is excellent, and it’s spacious enough to secure important gym items.

5. Under Armour Adult Gym Bag

For those looking for a premium-quality bag, this is an excellent choice. The Under Armour Adult Duffle 4.0 Gym Bag boasts abrasion-resistant side panels and a bottom to resist wear and tear. Therefore, this model is durable and will serve you for an extended period.

Also, the bag is unique, and it features a combination of 84% polyester and 16% elastane. The top grab handle on this bag features quality padding to ensure comfort for the user. Better still, this bag has a water-resistant finish, so you shouldn’t worry about water elements messing up with your items.

As for the storage, this bag has 2 front-zippered pockets to organize the gym items. You will appreciate the 8-inch shoulder drop on this bag. The manufacturer still includes a D-ring to give users an extra attachment point.

  • Textile lining keeps your fragile items safe and protects your hands against scuffs and injuries.
  • Tough base and side panels resist abrasion and remain in good condition for long.
  • Padded HeatGear shoulder strap does not cut through your shoulder during heavy use.
  • It lacks a bottom stabilizer and does not, therefore, keep the shape.
Our Verdict:

Gym goers will appreciate the functionality of the Under Armour Adult Duffle 4.0 Gym Bag. It’s a tough and durable bag that can withstand regular use. Besides, ample storage compartments will keep items safely and securely.

Final Thoughts

If you cannot afford inversion tables or heavy punching bags for your home gym, a commercial gym might work best for you. Find a good establishment and use the best gym bag to hauls your stuff to and from the gym. Our picks are durable and recommended for women and men due to their size and style. They also have adjustable straps that fit most people.

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