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Best Hair Trimmers in 2023

To quickly groom your hair, you will need to have professional hair trimmers. These tools will help reduce your frequent visits to a barbershop and assure you of quality cuts every time. They also provide you with a cheaper way of getting a professional cut and are extremely easy to use. You don’t need to call for a barber to help use it. There are many on the market but not all available brands are worth your cash. Below is a list of the best hair trimmers for men and women currently available in the market.

Are you in a hurry?

Almost all men need to shave their heads and/or their beards at least once a week to look nice. To help you to do a good job without spending a lot of money, we have reviewed a few dependable hair trimmers for you. They are easy to use and manufactured using quality ingredients that last for long and do not irritate the skin while in use. Read their reviews next.

Best Overall

Wahl Stainless Steel Trimmer

Wahl Stainless Steel Trimmer

Wahl is a portable, stainless steel beard trimmer with a lithium-ion battery. It recharges in one to two hours but offers several hours of continuous services. It also has a durable stainless-steel design with four interchangeable heads that you can use to groom most areas of the body. Apart from beards, you can use them to shave your hands and legs without pulling hair or irritation. Whenever you are in a hurry, you can quickly charge it for one minute and get 5 minutes of shaving time.

Smart Pick

Hatteker Men's Hair Trimmer

Hatteker Men's Hair Trimmer

Corded hair trimmers are powerful but cumbersome to use. With Hatteker, you do not worry about cords - it is wireless. Its high carbon stainless-steel parts deliver a close shave without irritation, while its battery powered design (1AA) has a four-hour runtime. The trimmer weighs 1.59 pounds. It has an interchangeable head for customizing hair length and a display for checking the battery’s capacity on demand. Even though designed for men, the trimmer is beneficial to women too.

Budget Pick

Wahl Corded Clipper

Wahl Corded Clipper

Even though you have to deal with a power cord while using Wahl, you never worry about it running out of charge. It has color-coded combs for adjusting hair length on demand. The ergonomic handle fits comfortably in hand, its steel structure is durable. The pack has 26 grooming accessories, including a comb and a power adapter. You also get attachment guards and self-sharpening blades that deliver a precise cut always. You can use it on thick or thin hair types with good results.

Buying Guides for Hair Trimmer

Trimming your hair is part of good grooming, which keeps you attractive and confident. To look beautiful, you need to use good-quality hair trimmers. A poor-quality trimmer will not only give you a poor look but will also waste your money in the end. In this buying guide, we provide essential factors that you should look for to enable you to find a high-quality hair trimmer.

Power: Different hair trimmers are powered differently. You will find trimmers that require a direct power connection and others that contain batteries. Some of the batteries are also rechargeable. Choose a hair trimmer that uses an affordable power source that is easily available.

Weight: A heavy hair trimmer will weigh your hands down. Such a trimmer will be difficult to use for long hours. However, different users prefer trimmers with different weights. Choose a hair trimmer whose weight you can handle for a reasonable time.

Material: The material making a hair trimmer will determine the setting where you can use it. A trimmer made of a waterproof material will be usable in dump areas such as in the shower or under the rain. If you intend to use your trimmer outdoor, it is advisable to buy one with a weather-resistant material.

Top 5 Best Hair Trimmers in 2023

Grooming accessories such as lighted vanity mirrors and hair trimmers are in demand because of their versatility.  The latter for instance can help you to maintain a clean and well-groomed look on-demand. They are easy to use and have skin-safe parts for adjusting hair length, et cetera. We have reviewed a few professional-grade brands for use at home.

1. Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion 2.0+ Slate Beard Trimmer

The Wahl Stainless Steel Slate Beard Trimmer is known as an all-in-one hair trimmer for men. It comes with 4 different heads that allow you to hair trim various parts of your body. With this trimmer, you’ll enjoy a hygienic grooming experience.

This hair trimmer comes with Lithium-ion 2.0+ technology that gives it several hours of continuous runtime. Also, it has various cutting lengths that allow you to groom your hair to various lengths. With its stainless-steel construction, it will serve you longer than other normal hair trimmers.

Also, it is portable; thus, you can carry it on your vacation or any business trip. The LED display helps you to know the charge quantity of the hair trimmer. There are no overcharging cases when using this trimmer. With just one minute of charge, you’ll be able to enjoy 5 minutes of run time.

  • 4 attachment heads for beard, haircut, touchups, and body grooming.
  • It separates nose and ear trimming for Hygienic grooming.
  • Dual foil shaver that performs ultra-close shaves for neat results.
  • The T-blade trimmer can pull long hair causing pain and discomfort.
Our Verdict:

There are no overcharging cases with Wahl Stainless Steel Slate Beard Trimmer. Its LED display shows its charge quantity. The indicator will also alert you in case it’s fully charged.

2. Hatteker Men's Hair Trimmer

With this Hatteker Men’s Professional Cordless trimmer, you can comfortably trim all types of hairs. You can easily remove its blades and wash it using water. The trimmer has a powerful motor that lasts for longer and offers stable power.

The trimmer has a cordless design; you can easily shave your hair from anywhere. When fully charged, you can enjoy a maximum run time of 4 hours continuously. It has an adjustable taper lever that allows you to adjust your comb length.

Also, you’ll enjoy the most memorable salon and haircut experience at home. This hair trimmer allows you to have various hairstyles. In addition, it comes with advanced patented technology that enhances its precision when using it. Also, the trimmer allows you to cut through various hair thicknesses with much ease. Lastly, its blade is made of high carbon steel material that gives it long-lasting durability.

  • Removable blades that allow easy unclogging, cleaning, and replacement.
  • A long-lasting Li-ion battery that serves you for up to 4 hours.
  • Adjustable taper lever that allows you to customize the closeness between guide comb lengths.
  • It is heavy, making it difficult to use for long hours.
Our Verdict:

This Hatteker Men’s Professional Cordless trimmer comes with a cordless design that allows you to use it anywhere you want. Also, it charges quickly, providing you with a very long run time. Other products that are beneficial to women and men include shampoos and conditioners, massaging cushions, and foot massagers. We have reviewed the best on other articles.

3. Wahl Corded Clipper

With this Wahl Corded hair trimmer, you’ll be able to remember all your customers’ favorite hairstyle. It has a color-coded comb that allows you to match every comb to its correct cutting length. Also, it has attachment guards that are very easy to use.

The Wahl Corded trimmer gives different hair cutting lengths and, is also easy to make length adjustments. It comes as a complete grooming kit with up to 26 pieces. This trimmer is a quality item that delivers a personal grooming experience.

Additionally, the trimmer is suitable for professional barbers and saloonists. The hair trimmer gives a smooth and comfortable shaving and trimming experience. Also, it has self-sharpening blades that ensure you make precision cuts at all times.

  • It has 9 different color-coded guide combs for different hair lengths.
  • The adjustable taper lever makes blending and fading easy.
  • Self-sharpening precision blades remain sharp for a long time.
  • The motor is too loud and vibrates a lot, making it disruptive.
Our Verdict:

The Wahl Corded trimmers stand out among the rest due to its self-sharpening blades. This self-sharpening mechanism ensures that you make smooth and precise haircuts at all times.

4. Electric Pro Hair Clipper

Are you looking for an ergonomically designed hair trimmer? If so, the Electric Zero Gapped Trimmers by Hengyuanyi is the real deal. It has ergonomic body construction that makes it easy to use. The trimmer has a stylish and elegant look that makes it a beautiful hair trimmer. Due to its T-shaped blades, you can freely make haircuts or shave from any direction. The blades are placed at 360 degrees obtuse angle that ensures it doesn’t scratch your skin at all cost. This trimmer can be used perfectly on oily skin to give you any type of hairstyle.

In addition, the hair trimmer gives you constant cutting speed at all times. It comes with a quality motor that operates quietly. You can go anywhere with this trimmer as it can be charged by power bank, USB adapter, and also car charger.

  • It has an obtuse-angled T shape that keeps the clipper from scratching your skin.
  • It is cordless and has a long-lasting battery that withstands 2 hours of continuous use.
  • You can carry and use it comfortably for long hours, thanks to its compact lightweight structure.
  • It does not provide an ultra-close shave thus unsuitable for very short hair.
Our Verdict:

The Electric Zero Gapped Trimmers by Hengyuanyi is extremely easy to clean and maintain. It comes with washable blades that allow you to keep them looking clean and new at all times. You easily flush the blades underwater.

5. ETEREAUTY Beard Trimmer

For those looking for a multi-functional hair trimmer, the ETEREAUTY Beard Trimmer is here to ensure they are not disappointed. It’s a 14-in-1 trimmer and comes with everything you need to make that precision and smooth haircut. You can use it to shave all parts of your body.

In addition, the hair trimmer comes with interchangeable trimmers and 5 different combs that allow you to cut the hair to various lengths. You can easily travel with this hair trimmer due to its portable design. Also, with this item, you can easily cut through the hair of various thicknesses.

Furthermore, the hair trimmer comes with self-sharpening blades that maintain its sharpness to give you precision cuts. It has a waterproof design, thus no need to worry when it catches water. Lastly, with its LED display, you can easily tell the remaining charge and the shaving time. We have reviewed the best eyebrow colors and red light therapies for women as well.

  • It is multifunctional and can trim the hair off your head, body, nose, and face.
  • The large capacity battery allows up to 2 hours of cordless use.
  • Self-sharpening blades do not dull easily and perform a close cut.
  • It is not waterproof, thus unusable in the shower.
Our Verdict:

When it comes to a quality hair trimmer, the ETEREAUTY Beard Trimmer is the real deal. The hair trimmer has a quality motor that makes it more efficient. This motor makes it operate quietly, thus won’t interfere with your neighbors’ peace when in use.

Final Thoughts

Are you tired of visiting the barbershop often to get your beard cut and groomed? With a beard trimmer, you can attain your desired look quickly on demand. They deliver a precise cut via self-sharpening blades made from stainless steel or carbon steel. You can also find both wired and wireless brands online with add-on items such as trimmer combs and charging cables.

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