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Best Lawn Mower Covers in 2023

Beautiful lawns do not happen on their own. It takes effort and a quality mower to create one. The mowers trim the lawn, which leaves you with a beautiful outdoor space. However, lawnmowers are expensive accessories, so you should take the necessary steps to protect and keep them in optimal working condition.

Buying lawn mower covers is an excellent way to protect these vital accessories. The covers offer protection against dust, moisture, and several other particles that could affect the mower’s functionality. In addition, they offer optimal protection against extreme weather, so that your mowers will continue functioning well.

Are you in a hurry?

Do you own a lawn mower that is in dire need of protection from the elements? We have found and reviewed a few top-rated brands for use at home. They fit most types of lawn mowers and have robust designs made from weatherproof materials.

Best Overall

Indeedbuy Riding Lawn Mower Cover

Indeedbuy Riding Lawn Mower Cover

Indeedbuy is a 72 x 54 x 46-inch lawn mower that fits most riding lawn mowers. The material is a 20 Denier polyester fabric that is resistant to tears and abrasion. Its interior, on the other hand, has a protective PU coating that keeps water and UV out. As such, in rainy weather, it can protect lawn mowers from rust and fading. The elastic hems boost wind resistance. By wrapping lawn mowers from the bottom, it maximizes protection, prolonging their life as a result.

Smart Pick

Tough Cover Premium Lawn Mower Cover

Tough Cover Premium Lawn Mower Cover

The Tough Cover is a premium is a 600 Denier lawn mower cover best known for its longevity and functionality. It not only covers most lawn mowers but also offers superior protection from the elements, including the wind and rain. It resists UV rays and the growth of mold and mildew. It also has a storage bag for safe storage and transport and secure closures that prevent it from lifting with the wind. Apart from lawn mowers, you can use it to cover string trimmers, outdoor wooden benches, and garden carts to name a few.

Budget Pick

Tough Cover Premium Lawn Tractor Cover

Tough Cover Premium Lawn Tractor Cover

The tough cover is a 600D lawn mower cover with long lasting and leak-proof double stitches. It one size fits most lawn movers and outdoor household items such as wood benches and kids accessories such as tricycles for toddlers. It can also cover and protect camping cots and small camping tables whenever they are not in use. The manufacturer offers a one-year limited warranty for this product. This policy covers factory defects that lead to faster damage.

Buying Guide for Lawn Mower Covers

If you want your lawnmower to continue operating at its best even after storing for long, you should cover it up. Lawnmower covers also help prolong the life of the product, and they come in varying designs, costs, and styles.

The following are some of the major factors to consider before buying the best lawn mower covers.

Material: Even though you can use anything to cover a lawnmower, using a cover specially designed for the task keeps your product safer, reliable, and efficient.

The most popular and reliable lawn mower cover materials are cotton, vinyl, plastic, and polyester.

Maintenance: The work of the lawnmower cover is to shield the mower from damage. However, you also need to choose a cover that you can maintain to do its work perfectly.

Plastic and vinyl are the easiest materials to maintain, as they only require regular wiping.

Cost: The cost of the lawnmower cover varies depending on the size and construction materials. The range is from $20 to $50. Even though you can go higher, this price range will provide you with a reliable cover.

Top 5 Lawn Mower Covers in the Market this Year

We have identified a few lawn mower covers that you might enjoy having at home. In this section, we have evaluated key features, pros, and cons to help you to choose the best one.

1. Indeedbuy Riding Lawn Mower Cover

Indeedbuy is a renowned brand, so you can trust them to provide quality covers. The Indeedbuy Riding Lawn Mower Cover is a durable product, thanks to the 420 Denier polyester fabric. With the PU coating, the lawn mower cover will stand weather elements to serve you for an extended period.

Furthermore, the combination of seamless stitching and polyurethane coating offers waterproof properties. As such, you can use the cover in any weather condition without worrying about water elements. Additionally, the elastic hem on the model allows for a secure fit, so wind won’t blow it away.

With a universal size of 72 x 54 x 46 inches, this model will fit several machines, including Husqvarna, Law Boy, Toro, and Greenworks. You will, therefore, have several options when it comes to using this lawn mower cover. Better yet, storing the cover is a hassle-free task.

  • Made with waterproof polyurethane coating with elastic hemming and seamless stitching.
  • Universal fit that provides full protection from elements such as rain, snow, and dust.
  • Includes a storage bag, and it comes with guaranteed 100% satisfaction.
  • Elastic hemming not strong enough to keep the winds from blowing the cover off.
Our Verdict:

Protecting your lawn mower is easy with the Indeedbuy Riding Lawn Mower Cover. The model features 420D fabric for durability. It’s resistant to scratches and extreme weather elements, so you get a reliable cover that will extend the lawn mower’s life.

2. Tough Cover Premium Lawn Mower Cover

Are you searching for a long-lasting and reliable lawn mower cover? If yes, then your search ends here. The ToughCover Cover comes with 600 Denier fabric, so you won’t get a better option regarding durability and functionality.

Besides, it features a large, so it will cover the entire mower. Add this to the universal fit, and you are sure to get a top-rated cover. It will fit several lawn mowers, including gas, electric, and push lawn mowers. With the additional storage bag, you’ll have an easy task when it comes to carrying the unit. You will also like the fact that this cover resists molds, UV rays, and water elements.

Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about any of these elements affecting the mower’s performance. The secure closure also prevents wind from blowing this cover away.

  • A universal fit made with high-quality 600D Marine-grade fabric.
  • Waterproof, UV-resistant, and provides enough protection irrespective of the weather conditions.
  • Easy to use and comes with a 30-day full money-back guarantee.
  • The bottom of the cover is baggy, which might allow water to seep through to the mower.
Our Verdict:

For those looking at longevity, the ToughCover Premium Waterproof Lawn Mower Cover will make an excellent choice. The marine-grade fabric can resist wear and tear, whereas the double stitching further enhances performance. Summing it up, the lawn mower cover is a well-engineered product for all-weather protection.

3. Tough Cover Premium Zero-Turn Mower Cover

The ToughCover Premium Zero-Turn Mower Cover is a marvelous model that offers both durability and functionality. Boasting 600 Denier fabric, this is a heavy-duty model that lasts for an extended period. Furthermore, the seams on this cover are double-stitched, thus enhancing durability.

Apart from that, the model features a waterproof coating. Thus, your zero-turn mower gets the ultimate protection from tough weather elements. With this cover, you can leave your mower outside with confidence that it’s safe from water, rust, and any other potentially harmful weather element.

To add to that, this cover features a large size to cover mowers entirely. Besides, you’ll appreciate the compatibility with different mower brands. Therefore, if you want a reliable, strong, and versatile cover for your investment, this is the real deal.

  • Durable and long-lasting construction of premium 600D Marine-grade fabric.
  • A weatherproof interior that provides the mower with absolute protection irrespective of the weather.
  • It comes with a storage bag, reinforced stitches, a 12-month warranty, and ease of use.
  • It is not a universal fit and too small for some lawn mower models.
Our Verdict:

Durability and functionality offer the best description for the ToughCover Premium Zero-Turn Mower Cover. The model has 600D fabric, alongside a waterproof design to give a great performing product. Still, you’ll appreciate the easy storage.

4. Tough Cover Premium Lawn Tractor Cover

ToughCover brings you a premium-quality lawn mower cover. The ToughCover Premium Lawn Tractor Cover embodies the manufacturer’s commitment to providing customers with high-end products. Coming with 600D fabric, this is a long-lasting cover for any homeowner.

Also, the fabric used on this cover resists any form of tearing. The double stitching ensures you get long-term use. Thus, the cover is well-engineered to offer unparalleled protection and keep your accessories in optimal working conditions.

Other than that, this cover guarantees a universal fit. It fits quite well on lawn mower models with decks measuring up to 54 inches. Better still, homeowners will appreciate the 1-year cover that the manufacturer offers to give them confidence that they’re investing in a great product.

  • The heavy-duty construction of Marine-grade 600D fabric with double-stitched seams.
  • Water-resistant interior for ultimate protection through all weather conditions.
  • Provides efficient use and comes with a bag for ease of storage.
  • It does not provide universal fitting for all lawn mower models.
Our Verdict:

The ToughCover Premium Lawn Tractor Cover is an ultimate choice for people looking for both longevity and functionality. The model fits several mowers. In addition, the fabric is strong and double-stitched to ensure you get optimal service for a long period.

5. Family Accessories Riding Lawn Mower Cover

Are you looking for an exceptionally built cover that will blend well with the outdoor space? Well, the Family Accessories Riding Lawn Mower Cover might just be the right choice. The model comes with elegant waterproof strips for both functionality and durability.

Regarding the construction, you’ll appreciate the 600 Denier fabric that makes it a durable purchase. Other than that, the stitching on this cove is exceptional, further adding to the durability of this cover and ensuring you don’t have to buy replacements quickly. The design does not leak over time, lowering the risk of corrosion or rust. It can also withstand fast winds without ripping and or its seams unraveling.

Also, using the cover is a hassle-free task. You’ll use the elastic hem to get a tight fit around your lawn mower. The secure fit also offers protection against wind, so it remains in place even during strong winds. Better yet, the model features seam sealing and PU rubber coating to ensure the lawn mower remains dry in all weather conditions.

  • Made with high-quality Marine-grade 600D fabric with double stitching.
  • Weatherproof interior design with complete protection from environmental elements.
  • It comes with ease of use, varying sizes, a 100% money-back guarantee, and a 12-month warranty.
  • Sizes are excessively big with no guarantee of not blowing off during windy conditions.
Our Verdict:

The Family Accessories Riding Lawn Mower Cover is a premium product that gives you exceptional performance. It’s waterproof, durable, and easy to use. When you add other useful features like seam sealing and PU leather, you’re sure to get a top product.

Final Thoughts

You probably own a ride-on or push mower that you use to manicure your lawn often. Also, you probably lack enough space to store the lawn mower indoors while in use. If you have answered yes to these questions, you might benefit from one of the best lawn mower covers. They fit most types of lawn mowers of all sizes. They are also easy to set up and made using weatherproof materials that withstand abuse for long. The covers do not rip in high winds and can withstand harsh UV rays and torrential rains as well.

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