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Best Pet Backpack Carriers in 2023

Have you ever stepped out with a dog for a walk and it runs out of energy? Or, maybe you wanted to go hiking but your pet thinks it’s not a good idea? Well, dogs get tired quickly, and you should devise innovative ways to help them complete the journey. Pet backpack carriers are specifically designed for that and they’ll ensure you never leave behind your dog during outdoor expeditions.

No person likes the frustrating experience of slowing down because your pet is tired. Besides helping tired dogs, the accessories also come in handy when the dog experiences limited mobility because of health complications or age. If you’re looking for the top-rated pet backpack carriers, check out the below review.

Are you in a hurry?

Pet backpack carriers offer a safe and comfortable spot for pets during outdoor trips. Often made from nylon or oxford fabrics, they are light and easy to transport. They provide ample lounging space for small and medium-size pets and are breathable and therefore safe. With one, thus, carrying your pet to and from the store or pack will never be an issue for you. We have reviewed some of the best.

Best Overall

PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier

PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier

The PetAmi Deluxe is a spacious 12.5x10.2x16.3-inch backpack carrier, recommended for traveling with pets. You can fit dogs and cats in it and carry it over long distances without breaking your back. The backpack has mesh windows that boost its breathability. It also has a comfortable Sherpa lining and a polyester shell (600D) in nine colors – dark grey, black, and Hertha grey, et cetera. You get secure shoulder straps and chest buckles that spread weight evenly on your body to prevent injury/irritation.

High-End Pick

Outward Hound PoochPouch Carriers

Outward Hound PoochPouch Carriers

Outward Hound PoochPouch is suitable for carrying toy dog breeds during camping and hiking trips or trips to the beach and/or the park. The lightweight mesh fabric used to make it comfortable. It not only keeps the interior cool but also protects pets from suffocating during long trips. Padded straps make the backpack comfortable to carry. The manufacturer has also added a safety harness in its interior that adds another layer of protection to the bag. You get storage space for treats and dog clothes et cetera.

Budget Pick

Apollo walker Pet Carrier

Apollo walker Pet Carrier

The Apollo walker Pet Carrier is suitable for large pets that love accompanying owners on camping and hiking trips. It measures 11.4 x 12.6 x 16.8-inches, which is enough for medium size to large dogs. It features top and side windows for ventilation and a zippered top for loading and unloading pets. The design is claw-proof. It also has wide straps with extra thick padding that spreads the weight evenly on the back to prevent irritation. Apollo meets airline requirements and thus is good for international travel.

Buying Guide for Best Pet Backpack Carriers

How safe and comfortable do you transport your fur pet while on the go? Pet backpack carriers make traveling with your domestic fur animals simple, fun, convenient, and harmless. However, before grabbing one of these outstanding carrier kits, review these factors.

Material: The manufacturing material should be sturdy, original, and long lasting. Hence, it keeps the dog safe, warm, comfortable and shields it from sun and rain. 

Extra Features: Go for something unique worthy of your money. The carrier should bear extra features like a collapsible holder for pet food and water. Besides that, it should offer several airflow spaces and a back cushion for support.

Size: Any excellent pet carrier should have adequate room for a sitting position. It should fit small to medium size cat and dog breeds. Read on for more! We have reviewed pet hats, dog blankets, and dog strollers that you might like.

Top 5 Best Pet Backpack Carriers in the Market this Year

While shopping for a pet backpack carrier for a pet, look for a durable and spacious product that you can transport easily. It should be escape-proof and have a breathable design that your pet will love staying in during long trips. We have reviewed brands that offer these benefits and more. Read on to find a suitable brand for your dog or car today.

1. PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier

The PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack is an excellent option for sightseeing trips and hikes. The model measures 12.5 x 10.2 x 16.3 inches. As such, it’s a spacious option for most pets, including small dogs and cats.

Regarding the construction, the backpack carrier is made of 600 Denier polyester to ensure longevity. Also, the carrier is well-ventilated, which allows for optimal airflow. With this function, your dog is sure to travel in comfort. Additionally, the model boasts two-way entry; a feature that will allow for easy access. Furthermore, safety is assured with this pet backpack, thanks to the firmly reinforced structure. The unit is strong to prevent collapsing when in use. Besides, the inclusion of thick shoulder and back straps guarantees superior comfort.

  • It has sturdy adjustable straps for all body types, thus comfortable around the back and chest.
  • This carrier can carry puppies, small to medium size cats, and dogs.
  • It is two sides for entry and exit with foldable water and a food bowl.
  • It is not suitable for large dogs; hence, it limits other heavier pets from using it.
Our Verdict:

The PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack provides comfort and convenience. The backpack comes in a firmly reinforced structure, coupled with the 600D construction for long-term use. Furthermore, it has thick padded shoulder and back straps for exceptional performance.

2. Outward Hound PoochPouch Carriers

When it comes to the pet’s comfort and ease of use, the Outward Hound PoochPouch Carrier might just be the right option. The padded carrier provides a comfortable and hassle-free way to carry different pets. Besides, adjustable buckles guarantee a great fit.

As for the construction, the backpack features a mesh fabric and water-resistant nylon. The unique combination of materials ensures durability while also keeping the dog cool on hot days. Furthermore, it’s easy to clean and it will make a great fit for most outdoor expeditions with your dog. There’s an interior harness for safety reasons. Your storage options are also enhanced with the inclusion of a front-zippered pocket and a side pocket to keep pet essentials.

  • This lightweight kit works great with a toy, small, medium-sized breed dogs.
  • The nylon material is convenient to use; hence, it is waterproof, durable, and simple to clean.
  • It allows hands-free operation with adjustable straps; thus, you can focus on your adventure walk.
  • It is uncomfortable for medium dogs; hence, they cannot take a nap or stretch out.
Our Verdict:

The Outward Hound PoochPouch Carriers offer value for money. The carrier comes with padded shoulder straps and breathable materials for comfort. Furthermore, you get extra storage pockets to keep pet accessories.

3. Apollo Walker Pet Carrier

If size is your main consideration when buying pet backpack carriers, this is a great choice. The Apollo walker Pet Carrier Backpack measures 11.4 x 12.6 x 16.8 inches. As such, it ranks among the most spacious pet backpacks, and it will fit medium and large-sized pets.

Besides, the backpack carrier boasts excellent ventilation, thus allowing for optimal airflow. The top mesh window allows for better visibility and more headroom. In addition, the thick and soft fleece bedding offers a perfect space to relax and rest. Other than that, the zipper buckles and claw-proof mesh will keep the dog secure when cycling, hiking, flying, or walking. The extra padding on the shoulder and back straps offers comfort.

  • This kit has a back and bottom cushion for support and comfort with a viewing open top window.
  • It can host all cat sizes; however, only fit small to medium-sized dogs.
  • The breathable shoulder strap with pads prevents you from back and chest pains.
  • With a weight of 3.72 pounds, this item is heavy for long walks or upward walking.
Our Verdict:

The Apollo walker Pet Carrier Backpack suits pet owners. The model is comfortable and convenient to carry. Furthermore, it’s well-ventilated to allow for greater airflow. Add this to the escape-proof design and you have one of the best pet backpack carriers in the market.

4. Halinfer Back Expandable Cat Backpack

Here comes another exceptional pet backpack carrier. The Halinfer Expandable Backpack Carrier suits large cats up to 20lbs. Besides, it features a front transparent hard shell that will give your pet a functional visual space.

Furthermore, the roomy interior will give your pet a spacious relaxation space. The 4-inch front extensions further ensure that the backpack will fit large pets. Also, the ventilation is excellent and your pet is assured to stay in a comfy and cool space.

Moreover, Halinfer uses non-toxic and eco-friendly materials. As such, it’s a safe pet accessory that won’t cause irritations or any other form of discomfort. The adjustable chest buckle makes this backpack a perfect choice for hiking and travel excursions.

  • This unique carrier has a ventilated and transparent front view for your pet to enjoy nature.
  • The lightweight carrier contains natural materials; hence, it is portable, eco-friendly, cleans fast, and safe.
  • It has an outstanding expandable feature for a tent bed besides being a backpack.
  • It favors pet cats, unlike other brands that can carry any other fur pet.
Our Verdict:

The Halinfer Expandable Backpack Carrier is a perfect outdoor companion. The model has an expandable mesh back and an inner mesh leash for enhanced functionality. Also, you’ll like the anti-scratch bubble front.

5. PetAmi Premium Pet Carrier Backpack

PetAmi never disappoints when it comes to the creation of high-end pet products and this backpack carrier proves that. The pet carrier comes with 600 Denier polyester, which makes it durable and long-lasting.

Apart from that, the base is sturdy while the reinforced structure adds to the durability. The interior part features a Sherpa lining to give your dog a comfortable space. Thus, when you buy this backpack carrier, you can relax knowing your dog/cat has a secure and comfortable relaxing space. Just as it’s the case with carriers from the same brand, this model is well-ventilated. Better yet, the manufacturer provides 7 color options.

You can pick pink, light gray, dark gray, blue, red, Royal blue, or Light blue depending on your preferences.

  • Its ventilated design suits small cats and dogs; hence, it is safe and pet friendly.
  • The 600D superior polyester material is durable, comfortable, and sturdy enough to hold a pet.
  • It has a foldup food and water container to feed the pet while on the go.
  • The carrier accommodates small dogs and cats, unlike most backpacks hosting small to medium pets.
Our Verdict:

The PetAmi Premium Pet Carrier Backpack offers superior comfort and convenience. The model comes with padded straps for convenience. Also, dog owners will love the multiple mesh windows for better monitoring.

Final Thoughts

Carrying pets in bicycle carriers, carrier slings, and bags is fun as they provide a comfortable lounging space. If you are planning to hike with a pet, though, a per backpack carrier will serve you better. They support more weight and are comfortable to carry as they have wide and thickly padded straps. Our top picks provide the best experience in most areas. If you need one, check them out.

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