Best Pet Harnesses in 2022

Walking your pet provides a great workout, and it’s a vital aspect of training. Even though some people prefer plain old collars, harnesses offer better functionality for pets with mobility constraints or those that are easily distracted. This little-known yet essential dog accessory makes your walks with your dog safer, more comfortable, and convenient.

Stylish, functional, and comfortable, harnesses are a perfect fit for most pets. Thus, if you seek a better way to walk your furry companion without risking being yanked down the block by an excited dog, then you get a pet harness. As is the general rule, pet harnesses come in multiple colors and designs. The trick is to find the best fit for your dog

Are you in a hurry?

A pet harness will grant you better control of your pet whenever you are spending time outdoors. It will enable you to control how your pet walks or plays to have an enjoyable outdoor experience. They come in many sizes for different breeds and materials. They can also withstand tagging and pulling and come in multiple designs that complement the look of pets. If you are shopping for one in a hurry, we can help you to find a suitable brand for your breed. Our reviews cover some of the best brands in stores this year.

Best Overall

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

Rabbitgoo has a no pull and no choke design that is safe for walking dogs. It fits most medium size to large dogs such as Labrador and Golden retriever, et cetera. Fast-release buckles make wearing and removing this harness easy. A chest clip boosts stability, while its metal lash rings can withstand heavy abuse. Therefore, the risk of dogs snapping off and running all over the place is very low. The strap is heavy-duty nylon (oxford) with padding that boosts comfort.

High-End Pick

Voyager Step-In-Air Dog Harness

Voyager Step-In-Air Dog Harness

Voyager is an all-weather step-in dog harness made from all-weather mesh. It does not grow mildew or mold. It can also withstand constant tagging without snaping and has a lightweight feel (2.12 ounces). You can find it in multiple sizes and colors, each with a reflective band for safety. The latter improves the visibility of pets in the dark, thus making walking pets at dawn or dusk 100% safe. The harness has double D rings and a hook and loop fastener for added safety.

Budget Pick

BWOGUE 2 Packs Dog Cat Safety Seat Belt Strap

BWOGUE 2 Packs Dog Cat Safety Seat Belt Strap

BWOGUE is a pack of two nylon cat and dog seat belt straps that adjust from 18-30 inches. The straps are weatherproof, durable, and have a tangle-free design that is safe for pets. They have a smooth surface that does not bruise nor irritate pets and attach directly to seatbelts to boost safety. BWOGUE belt straps are very easy to set up. Slip-on the vest on your pet and use the carabiner to secure it in place. All adapters are chrome-plated steel, which lasts for years.

Buying Guide for Best Pet Harnesses

Get your furry companion one of the best decent pet harnesses available online today. Gone are the days when dogs would strain their necks and choke for using a low-quality, safety belt. However, before surprising your pet today, review these fantastic factors.

Adjustable: Ensure you get an adjustable harness that fits your dog. This move helps ease walks and keep the pet comfortable all day. It also prevents bruising and injuries.

Material: The 1680D oxford or nylon material should be able to withstand daily wear and machine wash.

Proper Storage: For quality and durability, store it away if not used to prevent damage from the dog’s bite.

Top 5 Best Pet Harnesses in the Market this Year

Check out our selection of the best pet harnesses in the market his year. They are durable and safe for most pets.

1. Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

Here is a pet harness designed for all-day comfort. The Rabbitgoo Dog Harness boasts of a well-padded air mesh to keep your furry cool all the time. Besides, a resistant nylon material that is durable and weather-proof covers the mesh to ensure all-season use.

That said, the Rabbitgoo Dog Harness comes with the following dimensions; neck girth – 16.1 to 23.2 inches, chest girth – 20.5 to 36 inches. Other than that, it features a unique non-pull design with two metal leashes – on the chest and back – for safer dog walks.

Also, the four adjustable straps enable you to create the perfect fit for your pet, while the bright reflective strips enhance your night visibility for safer night walks. Plus, the two side buckles prevent your dog from slipping out of the harness.

  • The kit has a soft padded cushion for pet protection and comfort all-day.
  • It adjusts to fit even large dogs; thus prevents choking and pulling on walks.
  • Besides being measuring 8.8 pounds, it is light, simple to put on, and remove.
  • Fasten the buckles and straps to prevent minor accidents and dog escape during walks.
Our Verdict:

With the rabbitgoo Dog Harness, you can be sure you, and your pet will be getting the best experience yet. That is because this pet harness comes loaded with superior features like cozy fabric and four adjustable straps.

2. Voyager Step-In-Air Dog Harness

For those looking for a stylish and functional pet harness, this is the real deal. This pink pet harness from the reputable Best Pet Supplies Store comes with a chest circumference of between 14.5 and 17 inches. In addition, it boasts of a soft, breathable air mesh that is also all-season, making it perfect for walks all year.

Additionally, the Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness boasts three safety features – buckle, double D-rings, plus hook and look fastener. On the sides of this easy-to-use pet harness, you will find bright reflective strips.

Moreover, the reflective strips enhance your night visibility for safer night walks, while the soft, breathable air mesh enhances your pet’s comfort. Besides, the hook and loop fastener secures your furry friend, while the buckle and double D-rings offer an extra layer of security.

  • The feminine pink shade harness has breathable air mesh openings for airflow and cooling the dog.
  • It weighs 2.11 pounds; thus, it is portable and keeps the dog comfortable all-day.
  • The material is waterproof with safety buckles and two reflective bands for visibility.
  • The bright pink color needs daily machine wash as you can spot dirt from a distance.
Our Verdict:

If you seek a fashionable pet harness that will envy other dog owners in the park, you should get this pink harness from the reputable Best Pet Supplies Store. Better yet, it features an all-season mesh, plus triple safety features to ensure you and your pet are safe. We have reviewed dog leashes and the best dog training leashes for you as well.

3. BWOGUE 2 Packs Dog Cat Safety Seat Belt Strap

Here comes another reliable pet harness. The BWOGUE 2 Vehicle Seatbelts Harness comes with a 0.98 inches wide strap, whose length adjusts from 18 to 30 inches. Also, the belt boasts of durable, tangle-free nylon material, rustproof hook and clip, plus and an adjustable length buckle.

Furthermore, you can effortlessly remove the safety strap, making BWOGUE 2 Vehicle Seatbelts Harness the perfect leash for your vehicle. Even better, you can convert this pet harness into a traditional hand-held leash whenever you need it.

Notably, the swivel snap allows your pet to spin around with no risk of entanglement, while the anti-rust hook and clip ensure prolonged, rustproof service. Besides, the adjustable strap enables adjustment to fit pets of different sizes.

  • The 2-1 nylon, durable and non-rust kit serves as a leash and a car seat belt.
  • The swivel clip has zinc alloy materials; thus, it is non-rust, safe, and durable.
  • Depending on your dog size, the strap is comfortable and can adjust to various sizes.
  • Attaching the seat belt to the collar directly is dangerous, unlike using the pet harness.
Our Verdict:

The BWOGUE Seatbelt Harness makes your dog a well-behaved passenger. It provides a safe way for your pet to accompany you in your vehicle., when not on the road, you can turn it into the traditional hand-held leash. 

4. PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness

Here is a fashionable pet harness from the renowned PoyPet Store. There is no need to slip it over your pet’s head and adjust the straps every time. Instead, the two buckles on the belly and one on the neckline make for easy on and off.

Additionally, the combination of the evenly padded air mesh and front leash with two attachment points discourage pulling, reducing the chances of your dog choking. Plus, this pet harness is lightweight at 0.49 pounds. Better still, it’s durable and cozy for both yourself and your pet.

Moreover, the mesh pocket is perfect for carrying cards containing your contact information and dog’s name, so that it can be easier to find your furry friend when lost. Besides, the soft training handle makes it easier to control your dog when they try to lunge at something.

Dog outdoor pens and dog gates are suitable for restraining dogs. We have reviewed the best in these niches as well.

  • The breathable air mesh is durable, adjustable with a simple to use a nylon strap.
  • You can use this reflective harness to control small to large domestic canines.
  • The one snap neck buckle and two chest buckles keep the pet safe and secure.
  • This product is not suitable for machine wash but uses hand wash only.
Our Verdict:

Undoubtedly, PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness innovators had your best interest at heart, as evidenced by its superior features. Its reflective design enhances the safety of your night walks, while the two attachment hooks – chest and back – provide versatility during walks.

5. WINSEE Dog Harness

If you seek a large dog harness, then the WINSEE Dog Harness should be on top of your list. It has an adjustable neck girth – 18 to 27 inches – and chest circumference – 19 to 36 inches. Interestingly, it boasts of a 1680D oxford fabric that your dog cannot chew.

Additionally, the WINSEE Dog Harness No Pull comes with two leash attachments – a front clip to avoid pulling and a back clip for relaxed walking. Plus, it comes fitted with reflective straps and a durable, lockable collar.

Also, the broad padded chest plate enhances your dog’s comfort, while the reflective straps increase your furry friend’s visibility in low lighting for safer night strolls. Besides, the adjustable neck and chest straps allow for a customizable fit.

  • The harness has no pull front D-ring function but has front and back leash joints.
  • Besides that, when you order, you get a free nylon material dog collar.
  • You can adjust its fitting depending on your dog’s neck and chest measurement.
  • Dogs love to chew these pet harnesses; so, keep them out of reach when not in use.
Our Verdict:

With the WINSEE Dog Harness No Pull, you can be sure you are getting a combination of style, reliability, and functionality. It boasts of multiple superior features that enhance your and your pet’s experience. These include a non-pull design, comfy, non-chewable fabric, and reflective straps.

Final Thoughts

We have identified a few well-engineered pet harnesses that will offer you better control of your pet outdoors. They are durable, weatherproof, and ideal for most dog breeds. They are also easy to set up and attainable at an affordable price.