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Best Pet Stairs & Steps in 2023

Pets are part of our families and everyday life. It’s no surprise to see dogs jumping onto chairs and couches at home. However, as a responsible pet owner, what should you do to ensure safety? Well, pet stairs and steps are here to guarantee that. The stairs also come in handy if you have older pets or those with musculoskeletal problems.

The safety of your pets should be a top priority. With quality stairs, your pet can access its favorite places with ease. Furthermore, the stairs prevent injuries as pets jump to beds and cars. That’s said, what are the best pet stairs and steps? We’ve researched for you to help zero in on the best models in 2023. Read on to learn more.

Are you in a hurry?

Your pet will need a pet stair at some time for many reasons. As it grows old, climbing beds and cars become a challenge. If you have a toy dog breed, it will also have a similar experience at home or during trips. Fortunately, you can solve these issues easily with the help of pet stairs. They are portable and come in multiple designs for small, medium, and large dog breeds. Check out some of our top three picks below.

Best Overall

Foldable Pet Stairs by Best Pet Supplies

Foldable Pet Stairs by Best Pet Supplies

This Best Pet Suppliers ladder has a foldable design that takes up little storage space. It is portable and had padded steps that relieve stress from the joint as dogs climb up and down. The product has a USA-made design using quality materials. Its frame, for instance, is thick plastic, which can support most dogs. The foam padding, on the other hand, has a CertiPUR-US Certified design, making it safe for humans and animals. When dirty, you can remove the cover and clean it by hand or with a washing machine.

High-End Pick

PETMAKER Folding Plastic Pet Stairs

PETMAKER Folding Plastic Pet Stairs

The foldable PETMAKER pet stairs have a portable four-step design that makes climbing vehicles or furniture effortless. The product measures 23 x 15 x19-inches and therefore can accommodate most pets. Its plastic frame is durable, while the wide steps have washable padding that protects paws from injury. To clean these pet stairs, use a damp cloth to pick debris, dirt, and grime. You can then fold and store it out of sight until the next time you are planning a trip or helping a dog access a dog bed or sofa.

Budget Pick

PetSafe CozyUp Folding Pet Steps

PetSafe CozyUp Folding Pet Steps

PetSafe CozyUp can support up to 150 pounds, making it one of the toughest products on our list. The USA-made product measures 24x16x20-inches but weighs just 5 pounds. Therefore, it has a portable design that you will never have an issue traveling with when needed. It has a sturdy four-step design with padding that protects the paws of pets from injuries. The steps are non-skid and therefore safe to use. You also get color choices, grey, and tan, each with the bells and whistles we have reviewed herein.

Buying Guide for Pet Stairs

It is obvious that from time to time your pet will be looking to climb on top of the chair or into the car. Pet stairs help dogs of all kinds to climb up the bed or couch using less effort. They are perfect for senior and ailing dogs as well as those with joint problems like arthritis. As easy as it may sound, selecting the perfect pet stairs can be a daunting thing. This buying guide highlights things to consider when purchasing pet stairs.

Inclination: The height and depth of each stair determine whether the inclination is more or less. More vertically inclined pet stairs are difficult to climb but are comfortably used by larger pets.

Width& Height: Find out the height you need your pet to reach and consider the pet stairs height concerning it.

Storage: If you are planning on regularly storing the pet stairs, you need one that folds into a size that can be used with the space you have allocated for it.

Top 5 Pet Stairs in the Market this Year

Your dog will appreciate owning one of our recommended pet stairs. They are the best.

1. Foldable Pet Stairs by Best Pet Supplies

Best Pets Foldable Steps/Stairs is a high-end pet accessory. The three-step unit helps your pet easily reach high couches. Besides, it provides quality cushioning to relieve paw and joint pain. As such, your pet is always safe and ready to tackle a new day.

Furthermore, this pet step comes with a removable cover, which makes cleaning more convenient. Also, this pet step boasts of quality materials to ensure lifetime service.

In addition, the Best Pets Foldable Pet Steps/Stairs compactly folds so you can conveniently store them under the bed or in a closet. Besides, it is light in weight hence easily portable. Therefore, you can more effortlessly carry it from room to room or take it with you on your next trip with your furry friend. We have also reviewed dog bed liners, bed mats, and dog sofas and chairs for you. Check them out in other articles.

  • Made with mattress-grade cushioning to enable the pet stairs to relieve joint paints and pressure on paws.
  • Easily foldable that allows you to take the pet stairs with you anywhere on your next journey.
  • Space-saving design that consumes less space and can be kept away in smaller spaces like closets.
  • Too soft and squishy to be used  on larger, heavier dogs.
Our Verdict:

Undoubtedly, the Best Pets Foldable Pet Steps/Stairs has you and your pet’s best interest at heart. The unique combination of features ensures optimal performance. Even better, it comes in a wide range of colors and patterns, so you can select one that matches your liking and needs.

2. PETMAKER Folding Plastic Pet Stairs

Here is a pet step built to ensure your four-legged companion is safe as they climb up high sofas and beds to spend some quality time with you. The PETMAKER Folding Pet Stairs suits small and medium-sized pets, weighing up to 120 pounds. Regarding the dimensions, the accessory measures 23 x 15 x 19 inches, meaning it suits most pets. With the compact design, this pet step does not take up much space. Besides, the manufacturer uses a tough and durable plastic material for prolonged, worry-free service.

Other than that, the PETMAKER Folding Pet Stairs boasts extra safety features. They include in-built side rails, nonslip foam pads, and the snap-lock. Also, the adhesive back felt covers are included to protect your floors. In addition, the tough plastic material will not only continue to look new for years to come, but it is also easy to clean.

  • The 4 step pet stairs is made of durable plastic material ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Collapsible pet stairs design to be easily stored in closets and under the bed.
  • Built-in safety features like slip foam pads that protect your floors and the snap-lock feature that keeps the pet steps stable.
  • Unstable when used by larger, heavier dogs.
Our Verdict:

It would be such a shame should harm meet your furry companion as they walk up and down pet steps. The PETMAKER Folding Pet Stairs ensures this does not happen, thanks to its extra safety features. Better still, its all-weather material makes it perfect for use indoors and outdoors.

3. PetSafe CozyUp Folding Pet Steps

For optimal functionality, consider the PetSafe CozyUp Folding Pet Steps. This standard-sized pet staircase allows your furry friend to climb up beds and sofas by themselves so you two can spend more time together. It boasts of plastic material, tan color, and weighs only five pounds. Moreover, the steps measure 24 x 16 x 19.5 inches. Besides, it supports pets weighing not more than 150 pounds.

The manufacturer notes that the PetSafe CozyUp Folding Pet Steps are available in two colors – tan and grey – compatible with most home decors.

Weighing only five pounds, the PetSafe CozyUp Folding Pet Steps are easy to carry around the house or take with you to the park or on a trip. Furthermore, the steps come with fabric tread covers that protect your pet against slipping, plus side trails, which keep the steps from moving as your pet goes up and down.

  • Dogs as heavy as 150 pounds can use the pet stairs comfortably.
  • Made of lightweight material at only 5 pounds allowing you to carry the pet stairs easily.
  • Foldable pet stairs that is easy to store under the bed or in smaller spaces like closets.
  • Step design that is not friendly to smaller dogs.
Our Verdict:

The minds behind the PetSafe CozyUp Folding Pet Steps combined reliability, convenience, and functionality to bring you one of the best pet stairs available today. You do not have to worry about your pet’s safety as it goes up and down the stairs thanks to the fabric tread covers and side trails.

4. PETMAKER Ramp Pet Stairs

Though pets are active and flexible creatures, climbing furniture or vehicles can be quite a tussle. For this reason, you should gift your furry friend with the PETMAKER 14.5″ Pet Steps to provide a quick and safe way for it to go up and down furniture.

That said, this three-step pet stair boasts a durable plastic material with nonslip pads. Once set up, it measures 17.5 x 14 x 14.5 inches, enabling your pet to climb up to heights of up to 20 inches high. Besides, it weighs 4.9 pounds, making it convenient to move around the house. Each step comes with non-stick pads to give your four-legged friend the traction it needs to climb up furniture safely. Additionally, its effortless fold design makes storage and travel convenient. Let us not forget the premium-grade materials used in this pet step’s construction to ensure lifetime durability.

  • Made of tough durable plastic that is easy to clean and makes the pet stairs usable on both indoor and outdoor occasions.
  • Collapsible pet stairs design to allow you easily store it in closets or behind doors.
  • 3 broad pet stairs design with anti-slip that makes it easy for your pet to climb up the chair or the car.
  • Very lightweight and can be easily moved or shoved.
Our Verdict:

PETMAKER dedicates itself to providing quality products and excellent customer service. The case is no different from this product, loaded with superior features for added functionality and convenience.

5. Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet Stairs

Maintain and protect your pet’s joint health with the Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet Stairs. This two-step pet stair snaps together effortlessly – not tools required – saving you time and energy. That said, this pet step features a durable plastic material, with carpet treads on each stair. You can remove the carpet treads and toss them in the washer during cleaning.

Also, the Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet Stairs provides a 5-inch step height with a 12.25-inch-deep top step. Its dimensions are as follows 17 x 14 x 13 inches, with a 200lbs maximum weight capacity. The innovative steps reduce the distance covered by your beloved pet. Besides, the removable and machine washable carpet tread makes it easy to maintain your pet’s hygiene. Better still, the bottom comes fitted with rubber grippers so the pet stair can stay in place during use, enhancing safety.

  • Comes with anti-slip carpet treads that are easily removable and machine washable.
  • 2 deep, wide pet stairs designed for easy climbing that is perfect for small and large dogs.
  • Built-in rubber grippers on the bottom surface that holds the pet stairs in place when being used.
  • Lightweight and is not recommended for heavier dogs(20+ pounds).
Our Verdict:

Jumping from high points puts pressure on your pet’s joints, which could cause trouble in the future. Fortunately, the Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet Stairs eliminates this risk by providing a comfortable and safe way for your furry companion to climb up and down furniture.

Final Thoughts

If your dog struggled to climb the couch or get into your car during trips, the pet stairs we have reviewed will come in handy. They are easy to set up and work well in most settings. The materials used to make them are durable and safe for most pet breeds.

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