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Best Scar Gels in 2023

Having scars from an accident, illness, or surgery does not mean you have to live with them forever. Some scars bring bad memories, and it is best to get rid of them for peace of mind. The best scar gels can help remove such scars naturally.

They are effective on most skin types and work fast without irritating or harming users. They are also easy to use. Wash your skin in the morning and apply a generous amount on the affected area to fade and ultimately remove your scars.

Are you in a hurry?

Having a nasty scar on a sensitive area such as the face can deal a great deal of damage to your self-confidence. It not only compromises look but can also attract ridicule for peers and colleagues who do not know your story. Fortunately, you can do something about it today. In this article, we have provided detailed information on how to shop for scar gels and reviewed a few brands with a good reputation in the market. Read on to know what to look out for and find the best for your skin type.

Best Overall

New-Skin Scar Gel

New-skin Scar Gel

New-skin markets this scar gel as one of the best in this niche due to its efficacy on most skin types. It is also effective against most burn types, including surgical and burns-induced ones. Also, it can fade stretch marks, clear laser burns, and fade scars caused by injuries and acne, to name a few. It comes in a 0.53-ounce bottle, packed with a clinically-tested silicone-based formula. Used as directed, it fades up to 86% of scar textures. It can also reduce scar height by 68% and restore normal skin tone by up to 84%. You can get it off the shelf.

Smart Pick

Organic Aloe Vera Gel

Organic Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera is a wonder plant that not only moisturizes the skin but can also kill harmful bacteria. It is organic and can fade and eventually remove skin scars if organic. The Organic Aloe Vera Gel, for instance, is a 12-ounce USA-made product with aloe vera as its main ingredient. It also contains a blend of seven minerals and seaweed extracts that not only fade scars but also moisturize and improve the softness and luster of the skin. The formula has a smooth texture and is grease-free.

Budget Pick

Cicatricure Face and Body Scar Gel

Cicatricure Face and Body Scar Gel

Cicatricure not only works on the body but also on sensitive areas such as the face. The gel formula is smooth and non-irritant. It is easy to apply on the skin and contains high-grade ingredients that tackle scars from multiple angles. The moisturizing ingredients in the gel hydrate and soften the skin. It also fades hypertrophic scars and is one of the few over-the-counter gels that are effective against keloids as well. Finally, the product can even skin tone naturally and does not contain harsh additives.

Buying Guide for Scar Gels

Nearly every person has a scar from past or recent injuries or skin breakouts. While some people choose to embrace their scars, others want them to fade fast and effectively.

If you fall in the latter category, finding the best quality scar gel would be a game-changer. Here is a buying guide on the factors to ponder when buying a scar gel.

Ingredients: An ideal scar gel contains potent ingredients that are effective in making scars less visible. Look for a scar gel with ingredients such as aloe Vera and lemon extracts. Your personal goals such as skin lightening or eliminating aging signs will determine the ingredients you want in a scar gel.

Drying Time: When buying your scar gel, consider the period it takes to dry. If you will be applying some scar gel during the day, a fast-drying one would be the best. However, avoid going for a scar gel containing alcohol for fast drying as it might cause a burning sensation on sensitive areas.

Formula: The viscosity of scar gel determines its effectiveness. Thin scar gels do not form a barrier on the skin to help in the healing process. On the other hand, thick scar gels do not allow efficient skin-breathing. You should go for a gel that is easy to apply but not too heavy to combat aeration.

Top 5 Scar Gels in the Market This Year

Proper skin care routines are vital if you want to look young and healthy for long. Therefore, apart from using exercise mats to boost activity or shampoo and conditioner sets, you need a bottle of scar gel as well. Here are some of the best this year.

1. New-skin Scar Gel

This New Skin Scar Fade Gel is the perfect scar remover. It prevents new scars from forming and treats old ones. Whether you have scars from surgery, burns, stretch marks, lasers, acne, and injury, this gel will treat and rejuvenate the skin.

It features 100% silicone, and clinical results prove an 86% reduction in texture. It also proves to be 84% in color and 68% in scar height. This gel visibly improves your skin, making it soft, moisturized, and rejuvenated. It is odorless, non-irritating, and clear, making it ideal for all skin types.

  • Non-irritating, odorless and clear formula allows you to apply it on all skin areas.
  • Silicone therein conceals present scars and hinders the appearance of new ones.
  • It forms a film on the skin, combating the loss of moisture.
  • The formula is too thick and does not penetrate the skin easily.
Our Verdict:

When looking for the best scar gels, always pick the ones that have been tested and proven effective by clinicians and dermatologists. This clinically tested gel is recommended selection because it has proved to be effective. It is non-irritating and odorless for people who do not like strong scents.

2. Organic Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is one of the most remarkable healing gifts from nature. This Organic Aloe Vera Scar Gel is of the highest quality. Grown and harvested in the US, Aloe Vera has proved to be a significant ingredient in creating high-grade scar creams.

This scar gel uses freshly cut Aloe Vera leaves to make the strongest and purest scar gel. That is why consumers should test this product on less sensitive areas to ensure no reactions occur. This Seven Minerals Aloe Gel produces a striking difference when you use it for a few days. The 100% natural thicker seaweed extract absorbs rapidly and leaves the skin smooth and silky. It does not leave residues on the skin and promises optimal results if you use it as needed daily.

  • The gel is high-quality and certified for freshness.
  • It has limitless benefits thanks to its 200 active ingredients.
  • A non-sticky and non-watery formula makes it easy to apply.
  • The ingredients are too many and powerful, making it unsuitable for children.
Our Verdict:

If you are looking for a 100% natural scar gel, this Aloe Vera cream is the ideal choice. It works very fast to produce striking results with no residue. Use this product to soothe your sunburns, clear your acne scars, treat your cuts, and remove any scar that brings you bad memories.

3. Cicatricure Face and Body Scar Gel

Reduce your scar coloration and improve your skin tone with this Cicatricure Body & Face Scar Gel. This formula contains high-end ingredients that help in improving the texture and condition of scars. It hydrates and softens the skin as well, leaving it rejuvenated and healthier looking.

If you have keloid and hypertrophic scars, this gel will immediately improve your skin’s appearance. It also enhances the appearance of scars from surgery, burns, acne, and injury.

Do not live with bad memories just because you are afraid to treat your scars. This formula will clear your blemishes and leave your skin with a better and rejuvenated tone. Use blackhead removers to even skin tone. Red light therapies and massage cushions are also beneficial to the skin and body.

  • Its ingredients improve the appearance and skin texture while hydrating and softening it.
  • It reduces visible scars from injuries, acne, burns, and surgery.
  • Sunscreen therein protects your skin from harmful UV rays.
  • It is recommended that you apply it on your skin 4 times a day hence not cost-effective.
Our Verdict:

Some people do not mind scars, but others do. If you are a sensitive person who likes to have an even skin tone, this Cicatricure Scar Gel will immediately treat your scars. It will remove all spots, stretch marks, wrinkles, and protect you from UV. This will leave you with even, bright and soft skin.

4. Mederma Advanced Scar Gel

Scars make people uncomfortable because people cannot miss them. If you have a facial scar or your scar is visible, you cannot feel at peace with everybody staring at you.

Mederma Advanced scar Gel will help you feel more comfortable as it improves your confidence and self-esteem. Moreover, it will restore your good looks safely.

This clinically tested cream has shown tremendous improvements in skin tone. It changes the overall appearance of the skin and improves skin tone.

You should use the Mederma Advanced Scar Gel once a day to get the best results. It heals acne scars, burns, surgery, and cuts, to mention but a few.

  • It reduces the appearance of all types of scars and stretch marks.
  • A highly viscous and lightweight formula makes it easily absorbable.
  • Its mineral, fragrance, dye, and paraben-free nature make it ideal for all skin types.
  • You need to apply it over a prolonged period to achieve the desired results.
Our Verdict:

This scar gel is very effective and easy to use. It works on many types of scars and delivers extraordinary results. Your skin tremendously improves after a few topical applications. If you need a scar gel for your new or old blemish, this cream is the best to buy. It is safe, works super quickly, and does not irritate users over time.

5. Mederma PM Intensive Overnight Scar Cream

If you have an injury, acne, or have undergone surgery or cut, the wounds will heal after some time. However, the scars will remain and will always be a reminder of what you went through. If you do not want to live with your scar, Mederma Intensive Overnight Scar Cream will help treat your scars.

This is an overnight scar cream, which means it ideal for nighttime use. It works perfectly with the nighttime regenerative activity of the skin to treat and heal scars. Once you start using this formulation, do not expect immediate results. You will start seeing improvements after using it continuously for two-four weeks. When using this product, you should always be extremely careful. It is for external use only, and it must not get into your eyes.

  • The ingredients reduce the appearance of new and old scars.
  • You can apply it at night and not interfere with your days’ activities.
  • You can use it with other cosmetic products such as makeup.
  • The greasy formula leaves an oily film on your skin and reduces its absorption rate.
Our Verdict:

Not all products are fast-acting. This Mederma Intensive Overnight Scar Cream is slow acting but delivers top-notch results. It regenerates the skin at night to get rid of both old and new scars. Despite its slow action, it is one of the best scar gels to buy.

Final Thoughts

In the past, people had to pay for expensive plastic surgery routines to get rid of scars. Today, scar gels have taken over this space. They are cheaper, easy to use and work on most skin types, albeit slowly. Whether you have a burn scar or an injury or a surgically-induced scar, you can benefit from one.

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