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Best Beverage Coolers in 2023

Beverage coolers are essential as they keep the drinks cool for a longer time and are portable. They are especially important on hot days as they offer you cool drinks and alleviate the heat. Coolers are available in different sizes, and they all have unique features that set them apart.

It can be quite challenging to look for a beverage cooler on the web because of the many options. To make work easier for you, we have selected ten of the best beverage coolers you will find in the market today. Continue reading for more information.

Are you in a hurry?

To have an enjoyable time camping outdoors, you will need a camping cot to create a comfortable sleeping area. You will need a foldable camping table to secure your stuff and a beverage cooler to keep your drinks chilled. In this article, we review some of the best beverage coolers that will improve the quality of your life outdoors. They are portable, spacious, and made from food-grade parts that withstand a lot of abuse outdoors. We share their reviews to help you find the best.

Best Overall

NewAir Countertop Beverage Cooler

NewAir Countertop Beverage Cooler

NewAir is an electricity-powered countertop cooler that measures around 14.76 x 11.3 x 14.06 inches. It uses 130 watts of power and has a robust, restaurant-quality system that makes up to 40 pounds of ice per day. The ice that it makes is clear and of high quality. The storage area has an insulated design that prevents ice from thawing quickly in warm and hot weather. You get one-touch controls for setting up this beverage cooler. The steel finish has a sleek and modern look that users love.

Smart Pick

NewAir Portable Ice Maker 50 lb. Beverage Cooler

NewAir Portable Ice Maker 50 lb. Beverage Cooler

This portable NewAir beverage cooler has a 13.58 x 15.75 x 13.7-inch design that weighs 21.6 pounds. It can fit in car trunks for safe transport. It also has a freestanding design with a 120-volt power outlet that churns out 170 watts of power. The system makes up to 50 pounds of ice per day, which is enough for most people. Its insulated design keeps ice solid for long, while the free ice basket and scoop in the pack are ideal. These not only save you money but also make service ice cubes easy.

Budget Pick

NewAir Beverage Refrigerator Cooler

NewAir Beverage Refrigerator Cooler

Do you need a large commercial-grade beverage cooler that works well at home and on the road? NewAir is a freezerless 18.25 x 19 x 33.13-inch refrigerator cooler that can hold up to 126 cans of beer, water, and other beverages. Made from stainless steel, the cooler had a durable and food-grade design. It is easy to clean and can chill drinks down up to 37 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has removable storage racks that you can adjust to fit bottles, cans, and more. This system uses a quiet compressor (35 decibels) with a thermostat (set and forget) with 7 custom settings.

Buying Guides for Best Beverage Coolers

When you want to update your patio, lounge area, or entertainment room to include a drink cooling system, a beverage cooler would be a good companion that you wouldn't want to leave out.

The appliances add an impression of fresh style and convenience to any space. Whether you want to enjoy beer, wine, or soda with your guest in a calm, private, and serene environment, a beverage cooler will be practical in giving you that fresh, chilled drink and ice cubes.

But before you invest in a beverage cooler, there are essential factors you must consider. Therefore, this buying guide will help you navigate through all the options available in the market and make the best decision for you and your space. Let’s find out more.

Capacity: With several sizes of these coolers available in the market, it is vital to check the capacity of the beverage cooler you buy. Determine what you like to drink, how extensive your collection is, and do you want to add to it over time. This will help you to find the right size.

Shelving: Beverage coolers are designed to accommodate cans and bottles. However, there are a few coolers that have shelving options. Therefore, each one has its own set of benefits to consider.

Noise: Consider going for a cooler that won’t disrupt your workflow or interfere with your TV while cooling. Wherever you intend to keep your cooler will considerably impact how loud you want your fridge to be. If noise is important to you, pay attention to the decibel of your cooler.

Top 5 Best Beverage Coolers in the Market this Year

We have reviewed some of the best beverage coolers that you will enjoy using at home and on the road. They are durable and easy to set as well.

1. NewAir Countertop Beverage Cooler

If you are looking for a way to keep your drinks cold for a longer time, this beverage cooler is an excellent pick. It creates restaurant-quality clear ice in minutes and can create up to 40lbs of ice in 24 hours. This provides enough ice to keep your drinks cool all day long.

This machine offers insulated storage to prevent your ice from melting fast. It is better than most traditional machines, making it an excellent buy for your home. Also, the stainless-steel finish of this machine makes it appealing. It is a perfect choice for your kitchen as it makes the space look better and more attractive. It features a one-touch control system to get your machine started within seconds. More so, its user-friendly design makes this machine a top choice for many people.

  • The cooler is unique in creating restaurant-quality clear transparent ice in minutes and up to 40 lbs of ice in 24 hours.
  • It features insulated storage, so your ice cubes don't melt nearly as quickly as traditional ice machines.
  • It comes with a small BPA-free plastic ice scoop, removable ice basket, and automatically shuts off when ice is full.
  • The Beverage Cooler doesn't produce enough ice for large events.
Our Verdict:

With this beverage cooler, you will no longer look for additional space in your refrigerator to keep the drinks cool. It is very effective as it can make up to 40lbs of ice in 24 hours. More so, it features a stainless-steel finish that makes it appealing and ensures longevity.

While camping outdoors, you will also need a comfortable place to sleep. Camping cots and camping screen houses often do the trick.

2. NewAir Portable Ice Maker 50 lb. Beverage Cooler

This beverage cooler is another excellent choice for your home. It makes up to 50lbs of ice per day, ensuring you have enough ice to keep your drinks cool all day long. This machine is easy to use as it has a user-friendly design. People of all skill levels can use it without a hassle because it features a single-button control. You only need to press the button and wait for your ice to be ready.

Its portable design makes it suitable for RVs and apartments. It is easy to transport from one place to another. If you would like to go on a camping trip using your RV, this is the best machine to buy. This device also features a compact design that makes it easy to store.

  • This beverage cooler makes up to 50 pounds of ice per day.
  • Its portable size is perfect for RVs and apartments.
  • The cooler has a compact design that stores easily, and it includes a scoop and ice basket for convenience.
  • This ice maker machine freezes up frequently.
Our Verdict:

If you have a recreational vehicle or live in an apartment, this beverage cooler is for you. It will keep your drinks cool all day long as it creates up to 50lbs of ice per day. It is portable for easy transportation, and its compact design makes it effortless to store.

3. NewAir Beverage Refrigerator Cooler with 126 Can

This stand-alone beverage cooler by NewAir is another excellent way to keep your beverages always cool. It is a powerful refrigerator that chills drinks down to 37 degrees. This ensures your drinks stay cool all day long. This beverage cooler features a roomy interior that can hold up to 126 cans. Therefore, it provides you with enough room to keep your drinks cool for as long as you want. It also features removable storage racks to create more space for cans and bottles.

This beverage cooler is suitable for homes, offices, and dorm rooms because of its noiseless design. It features a quiet 35dB compressor that ensures the machine produces the least sound possible.

  • This cooler is powerful because it chills drinks down to 37 degrees.
  • Its roomy design holds 126 cans in an attractive, stainless-steel design.
  • It has removable storage racks that create space for cans, bottles, and more.
  • Filling it to the stated capacity (126 cans) limits cooling performance.
Our Verdict:

Are you looking for a spacious beverage cooler for your home, office, or dorm room? This is an excellent choice because it can hold up to 126 cans. It has removable storage racks to create more room for extra cans and bottles. More so, its noiseless design makes it suitable for a variety of spaces.

4. Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Cooler with Internal Fan

Here comes another high-quality beverage refrigerator that you should consider buying for your home, office, apartment, or dorm room. It measures 33” H x 17” W x 18.5” D, which means it is large enough to hold your drinks. It can comfortably fit 120 standard cans of 12 Oz each.

This machine features a mechanical temperature control system with a temperature range of 30 degrees F and mid 60 degrees F. this ensures your drinks stay cool for a longer time. The design of this beverage cooler is very attractive, and it can make the room look better. It features stainless steel construction with a trimmed glass door. It also features a sleek black cabinet that makes the machine attractive.

  • The cooler features a Stainless steel-trimmed glass door with a black cabinet that offers an elegant look.
  • Its internal fan forces circulation and offers even temperature distribution throughout the cabinet.
  • This unit has a reversible glass door and a freestanding setup.
  • The thermostat may be hard to access when the cooler is at its full capacity.
Our Verdict:

This beverage refrigerator has come to solve all your problems. It will keep your drinks cooler for an extended time and can hold up to 120 cans of 12 Oz each. It features an internal fan for even temperature distribution. This cooler is available online at a cheap cost.

5. Whynter BR-128WS Beverage Cooler with Lock, 120 12oz Cans

Are you expecting guests, and you have no idea how to keep your drinks cool in an attractive way? Worry not because this Whynter Beverage Cooler offers you enough room to keep up to 120 cans of drinks. It comes with a lock to keep the drinks safe and out of reach from kids or other prying people. The stainless steel used to design this machine makes it appealing and attractive. The material is also durable, making this stand-alone beverage cooler an ideal choice for long-term use.

It also features soft interior LED lighting with an on and off switch. This allows for easy access to the drinks in dim rooms and at night. More so, its mechanical temperature control will enable you to set the temperature you want from 30 degrees F to mid-60 degrees F.

  • It has five wired shelves, and these can be removed when needed.
  • Its soft interior LED light that can be turned on or off with a switch.
  • It also features a stainless steel trimmed glass door with a sleek white cabinet and recessed handle that provides a flush finish with the door with a cylinder lock and two keys.
  • Humidity on this beverage cooler may cause moisture to accumulate on the glass.
Our Verdict:

Buy this beverage cooler and keep your drinks cool for as long as you want. It comes with a key and lock to keep your drinks safe, and its large capacity holds up to 120 cans of 12 Oz each.

This beverage cooler also features a stainless-steel housing that makes it durable and attractive. While camping outdoors, you will also need a sturdy area to serve drinks. Folding camping tables excel at this job as they are sturdy, spacious, and portable.

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