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Best Camping Screen Houses in 2023

Camping screen houses provide a safe and comfortable resting or sleeping area while camping outdoors. They are spacious than traditional pop-up tents and therefore accommodate many people. They are also easy to set up and have add-ons such as floors, bug screens, and windows that come in handy outdoors. Therefore, if you are planning an outdoor trip and accommodation is a concern, do not hesitate to buy yours. You can find many sizes and colors online. They also come in multiple materials, the best of which we have reviewed herein. Read on to learn more.

Are you in a hurry?

We have provided detailed information that can help you to identify and buy the best for yourself. If you do not have time to read through, check out our snapshot of bestsellers instead. They work well in most outdoor environments.

Best Overall

MASTERCANOPY Escape Shelter Screen House

MASTERCANOPY Escape Shelter Screen House

MASTERCANOPY Escape is a 150x150-inch outdoor shelter screen house that you can set up in 45 seconds. It comes in a carry bag for easier storage and transport and offers a large lounging area that fits 6-11 people. It, thus, is perfect for people who travel as a group and need optimal shelter from the rain, wind, and harsh UV rays to name a few. The cover is a thick oxford fabric (600D) that lasts for long. The roof panel, on the other hand, offers UV 50+ protection.

Smart Pick

Coleman Screened Canopy Tent with Instant Setup

Coleman Screened Canopy Tent with Instant Setup

Coleman is a portable screened canopy that takes a little less than 60 seconds to set up. It measures 12x10-feet and has a robust nylon cover with a double-thick polyguard technology. Thus, it not only has good rip resistance but also offers UPF 50+ protection to boost safety. The round shape of this home screen house maximizes the seating area. You get a free wheeled carry bag for easy transport as well.

Budget Pick

Alvantor Screen House Room Outdoor Tent

Alvantor Screen House Room Outdoor Camping Tent

The Alvantor is a 4–15-person outdoor screen house cum camping tent with a simple pop-up design. The tent is not waterproof, which might be a bummer for those who camp in wet areas. The frame is robust (steel and fiberglass), while its 6x6-food design weighs just 9 pounds. It has a carry bag as well, which makes transporting this tent a piece of cake. The four mesh tents offer 360-degree ventilation, while its elongated sandbags (four) boost its stability in high winds.

Buying Guide for Camping Screen Houses

A camping screen house is a vital camping accessory that you should evaluate before parting with your money. Specify a budget. Identify reputable stores that sell the product you might like and check these attributes to find the best one.

Space: You do not want to feel cramped and uncomfortable whenever you are camping outdoors with friends. As such, it is a good idea to check the space of your camping house of choice and make sure that it will work. If you have a family of four that you camp out with often, look for a product that can accommodate the number or more. More is always better.

Material: While checking the material of your screen house of choice, evaluate two broad attributes – longevity and safety. The material should be durable. Nylon or Oxford polyester (600D or more) are good options as they can withstand a lot of abuse outdoors. Also, check if the material is waterproof and offers UV resistance. Waterproof screen houses will keep you dry and warm in cold weather. A UV-resistant one, on the other hand, protects you from burns.

Frame: You will come across three broad frame types – wood, fiberglass, and steel. Steel is the strongest but is also heavy. Wood is cheap but rots.  Finally, fiberglass is the lightest of the bunch and is therefore suitable for traveling. Compare each and choose the one that works best for you.

Add-ons: Does your product of choice have add-ons such as a floor, windows, or carrying bags? To get value for your money, more is always better. A floor, for instance, will keep your resting area dry and bug-free always. You will also need a window for ventilation and a carry bag for safe storage when the screen house is not in use or for transport.

Top 5 Best Camping Screen Houses in the Market

In this section, we talk about some of the best brands in this niche in-depth. We evaluate the features, pros, and cons of the five most reputable brands to help you find the best one.

1. MASTERCANOPY Escape Shelter Screen House

MASTERCANOPY makes outdoor camping enjoyable due to its premium design. The tent measures 150x150-inches in size, which can accommodate 6-111 people comfortably. If you travel as a group and do not mind sharing living or sleeping space, this one works well. You can set it up in 45 seconds due to its lightweight design and the fact that it comes ready to use. Parts such as the frame and the cover snap onto place, which is convenient during outdoor trips.

The screen house has a mosquito net that keeps users safe from bugs. In tropical areas, for instance, it keeps off mosquitoes out, which harbor many nasty viruses, worms, and parasites. Its hub-to-hub design is super stable. Set up well and reinforced with stakes or sandbags, it will never lift off in high winds and/or crumble under stress.

You get a water-resistant roof that keeps out water and dust. Made from a 600D poly oxford fabric, it is not only durable but also offers superior UV50+ protection that keeps out harmful UV rays. You get a carry bag for storage.

  • Its water-resistant oxford cover offers UV50+ protection.
  • The end-to-end design is durable and has a mosquito bet for bug protection.
  • Its 150x150-inch design can fit 6-11 people comfortably.
  • Tends to leak from beam connections after months of abuse.
Our Verdict:

MASTERCANOPY is a long lasting and spacious screen house that fits up to 11 adults. It has a protective mosquito net and an oxford fabric that is resistant to the elements. While leakage is inevitable over time, it offers your money’s worth.

2. Coleman Screened Canopy Tent

Coleman is a spacious screened canopy tent measuring around 12 X 10 feet. However, it weighs less than 50 pounds, making it a good travel item for people who love to travel. Also, because most parts come set up and ready to use, it takes around 60 seconds to set up this canopy tent.

The tent has a nylon structure with a double-thick poly-guard system that plays two roles. It increases the strength of this screen house tent. As such, ripping is not common when in use in harsh weather. A UVGuard, on the other hand, offers UPF 50+ sun protection, which is handy in the summer. It is especially beneficial to people who have very sensitive skin.

The tent has a wheeled carry bag for storage and transport. It has a secure zippered design that can fit on most vehicles.

  • Free storage bag with a wheel kit that eases its transport.
  • The cover has a UVGuard system that offers UPF 50+ sun protection.
  • It has a spacious design that takes little effort to set up.
  • The tent is not as easy to set up as the manufacturer claims.
Our Verdict:

Coleman is a spacious screened canopy tent with a wheeled bag for safe storage/transport. It has a UVGuard that offers UPF 50+ UV protection. The oxford cover is water-resistant, which its 12 X 10 food design takes 60 seconds to set up.

3. Alvantor Screen House Room Outdoor Camping Tent

Alvantor is a 2-3-person pop-up tent for use on backyards and camping sites. While it is not 100% waterproof, it is perfect for traveling as it is super light (9 pounds). A carry bag offers a safe storage spot when not in use, while its pop-up design is easy to set up. Its semi-automated parts lock into place seamlessly, to offer a comfortable lounging area in seconds. The frame is fiberglass – a lightweight material that is less susceptible to rusting or corrosion.

The tent has four mesh walls that provide 360-degree ventilation when in use. Therefore, it does not get as hot as some brands do, making it safe for adults and children. The design also offers stunning views of the outdoors while keeping pests such as mosquitoes, wasps, and/or gnats out. Other camping accessories that will make your life so much easier are a camping cot, an air mattress for camping, and a foldable camping table. Check out their reviews here.

  • The mesh walls provide cool 360-degrees ventilation while in use.
  • Its lightweight (9 pounds) 2–3-person design is portable.
  • The fiberglass frame is light, durable, and resistant to rust.
  • This net is not water-resistant and therefore less protective in rainy weather.
Our Verdict:

The combination of fiberglass and mesh used to make this screen house makes it an excellent travel item. It is light (9 pounds) and offers stunning views via its mesh panels. It also delivers 360-degree ventilation but is not waterproof.

4. Eureka! NoBugZone Screened Canopy Shelter

Eureka! NoBugZone costs significantly more than other screened shelters on this list. However, the shelter is large. Its floor, for instance, provides 13x9 feet of resting or lounging space. It is 7 feet tall and packs into a 9x31-inch package that requires a small storage space. The net has a screen house that offers stunning views and keeps bugs out. Its no-see-um net also boosts ventilation and your privacy.

Eureka! has a waterproof top shrug that keeps water out. The floor is leak-proof, while the double zippered doors in front of the tent ease access to its interior. A foldable table and chairs can fit through it while setting up a camping site. You can also fit and use a camping cot in one without issues.

This camping screen house weighs 16-pounds. Thus, even though larger than some brands listed herein, transporting it is easy. The steep sides drain water and snow efficiently.

  • Its lightweight design is easy to carry to a camping site.
  • The rugged and free-standing frame (steel) withstands abuse for years.
  • A no-see-um mesh keeps biting insects such as mosquitoes out.
  • The packaging material is flimsy, which can lead to damage while in transit.
Our Verdict:

Eureka! NoBugZone is a robust, screened house with a no-see-um mesh that keeps bugs out. It has double zippered doors for easy entry and exit. The floor measures 12x9 feet, while its 7-foot ceiling fits most people, both kids, and adults.

5. Leedor Gazebos for Patios Screen House

Leedor Gazebos is a 15x15 food waterproof screen house that accommodates 12-15 persons. It has a screen mesh that keeps our biting insects without ruining your views. The canopy is water-resistant, while its steel frame is not only sturdy but also less prone to rusting or corroding. Thus, is perfect for people who camp in wet areas often.

This canopy has a pop-up design that requires little effort to set up. Its parts come pre-engineered to snap together seamlessly, saving you time and effort. The frame is fiberglass, which is light and durable. The system also has gauze panels (six) that boost aeration in the house when it is hot. As such, it is a comfortable item to have in the backyard during summer. For added stability, you get 20 mounting stakes and 20 guylines that come ready to use. It also has elongated sandbags (20) that are equally effective.

You get a one-year warranty on all manufacturing defects and a satisfaction guarantee (100%) from the manufacturer.

  • The gauze panels are durable and protect users from insects.
  • It has a stable design with a lightweight fiberglass frame.
  • Its spacious design can fit 12-15 people comfortably.
  • The zipper track needs improvement as it is somewhat flimsy.
Our Verdict:

If the manufacturer can improve the weak zipper track of this screen house, it will be perfect to use at home and on the road. It is spacious and has protective mesh panels. It also has a portable design that is very easy to set up.

Final Thoughts

Camping screen houses are spacious yet portable items with netting that keep bugs out. Some models have floors that keep dampness out. Others have carrying bags for safe storage and water-resistant designs that are comfortable to use in all weather. If you love camping, do not hesitate to buy.

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