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Best Centrifuges in 2023

Centrifuges are among the most crucial tools in every lab. Every medical lab no matter its size must have at least a centrifuge. There are different designs of the centrifuge to choose from -benchtop centrifuge, floor centrifuge, refrigerated and non-refrigerated centrifuge.

If you are looking for information on lab centrifuges to guide you in buying the device for the first time or replacing an existing one, here is an overview of the ten best centrifuges. All the centrifuges are of high-quality material and are quite reliable.

Are you in a hurry?

Centrifuges spin samples at high speeds to separate solids and liquids. They can also separate liquids or solids into their various components, making them invaluable in research and clinical settings. We have reviewed some of the best brands for personal and commercial use. These are easy to set up and can satisfy the needs of most people.

Best Overall

Bio Lion Centrifuge, XC-LED12K, Mini Desk-Top Centrifuge

Bio Lion Centrifuge, XC-LED12K, Mini desk-top centrifuge

The Bio Lion Centrifuge, XC-LED12K is a mini desktop centrifuge measuring 6.5 inches long and 5-inches high. It has a maximum RCF of about 6900g and has four motor options for 0.2, 0.5 1.5- and 2.0-ml tubes, 16 x 0.2 ml tubes, and 4 x 1.3- and 5.0-ml tubes. It also has an adjustable speed (1000-12,000 RPM). The centrifuge has a high-impact ABS plastic shell that not only looks great but also lasts for many years.

Smart Pick

JIAWANSHUN PRP Centrifuge Machine Digital Benchtop Centrifuges

JIAWANSHUN PRP Centrifuge Machine Digital Benchtop Centrifuges

JIAWANSHUN PRP is a high-capacity centrifuge that supports multiple test tube sizes. It has an adjustable speed (0-4000 RPM). It also has an adjustable time (0-99 minutes) and a relative centrifugal force of 0-21000xg. As such, the product can handle all personal and commercial jobs. It is easy to set up via an onboard LED and has automatic protection that shuts off the system when you open the lid. Whether you are in the cosmetology or medical industry, JIAWANSHUN will serve you well.

Budget Pick

OUBO 4000RPM Capacity 20 ml x 6 Rotor Centrifuge Desktop Machine

OUBO 4000RPM Capacity 20 ml x 6 Rotor Centrifuge Desktop Machine

OUBO 4000RPM is a powerful desktop centrifuge with a capacity of 20ml. It fits six test tubes and has two rotating panels that you can use to adjust its time (0.60 minutes) and speed. It also has a fixed angle rotor with a flexible angle design that withstands abuse better than other types. The product has a thick plastic frame that withstands abuse for long. You can use it to analyze urea, plasma, vaccines, or serum, et cetera.

Buying Guide for Best Centrifuges

This type of device is used in the medical field, majorly in laboratories, and it's used to prepare samples for analysis. It is also used to separate mixtures of parts with different thicknesses like plasma from blood, DNA, organelles, blood cells, cellular debris, and virus particles.

Centrifuges have a rotor in which the samples to be prepared are placed. Due to the surge of these devices in the market, choosing one that will be effective to its intended application can be so stressful. Therefore, we put down this guide to help you choose one that will meet your needs and preference. Let's take a look at few considerations to have in mind.

Response to Off-Balance Runs: A Response to Off-Balance Runs undetected on an ultracentrifuge can destroy the Centrifuge, lab, technician, or anyone near it. Therefore, look for a centrifuge with automatic off-balance detection, which immediately pauses the run when the inadequate balance is detected.

Rotor Options: A faulty rotor or incorrect installation can cause the machine to become unstable and result in its destruction and failed experimentation. Thus, look for a device with a good rotor option and one that has ease of switching off when instability occurs.

Reliability: Every machine requires maintenance at some point. Some require annual maintenance to ensure proper and safe operation in all settings. Therefore, when deciding on a centrifuge to purchase, consider the availability of the spare parts, technicians' expertise, and the customer service from the purchasing company.

Top 5 Best Centrifuges in the Market this Year

We have identified the best centrifuges for working on serum, urea, plasma, and vaccines, et cetera. Find their detailed reviews below.

1. Bio Lion Centrifuge, XC-LED12K, Mini Desk-Top Centrifuge

Bio Leon XC-LED 12K is an easily portable centrifuge. The device has 4 separate rotors with different tube capacities in each rotor, improving its capacity. The equipment is quite reliable to use and it operates fast and quietly. Users looking for a silent centrifuge should consider this option.

The quiet work environment enhances productivity among the lab technicians. Its small design makes it ideal for labs where mobility and saving workspace is a priority. It works well even in a small lab space. Also, you can effortlessly move it from one point to the other. The tool is ideal for routine lab procedures. Even in the busiest lab environment, the device is quite comfortable and reliable to run for long hours.

  • This mini desktop centrifuge features a multi-speed operation with dual voltage.
  • It is perfect for spinning small samples.
  • The machine is compact and powerful, thus suitable for mobile laboratories.
  • This machine does take special tubes, which the manufacturer was able to discern for me.
Our Verdict:

Bio Leon XC-LED 12K is one of the best centrifuges you should have, it is quiet and it is ideal for routine lab procedures. The centrifuge has 4 rotor options and adapters to hold various capacity tubes. 3D printing takes a long time so make sure that you are comfortable while printing. Buy foot massagers to minimize irritation on your feet. You will also need a comfortable office chair and a massage cushion.

2. JIAWANSHUN PRP Centrifuge Machine Digital Benchtop Centrifuges

The centrifuge allows for an upward and downward adjustment of speed and time of up to 4000 RPM and 99 minutes respectively. Its system has a digital display that displays the speed and time for easy control. The information on the screen is always real-time. Users can use the displayed information to adjust the speed and time for appropriate outcomes.

Notably, the device has an automatic protection advantage where it stops automatically if the lid is open. The feature is an added safety measure since the chances of liquid splashes, breakages, and injuries are lower. The centrifuge can work in various industries for sample separation and research purposes. It works well in the medical and cosmetic sectors.

  • This machine features a digital display screen for easy read of speed and time can.
  • It has an automatic protection function that stops the machine when the cover is opened.
  • It can be used in the medical cosmetology industry, PRP, serum and fat separation, etc.
  • The capacity of the centrifuge tube itself is not the capacity of the actual test.
Our Verdict:

JIAWANSHUN PRP Benchtop Digital Centrifuge has outstanding characteristics that make it a must-have. It has unmatched high performance and can handle different clinical lab sample test processes seamlessly. Importantly, the device backlit display screen is highly visible hence the users do not have to strain when reading parameters.

3. OUBO 4000RPM Capacity 20 ml x 6 Rotor Centrifuge Desktop Machine

The centrifuge has preset controls that make the lab operations process simple. Also, it is easy to operate since most of the lab test procedures are straightforward. You optimize its performance by learning the tips from the manual that will suit you and enhance the device’s performance. The centrifuge has a fixed rotor instead of moving parts making the device more durable. Its rotor has a multi-holed design that works seamlessly. The user can choose which hole to use based on the size of the test tubes. Its non-slip rubber at the bottom protects the device from falling by increasing the friction between it and the bench.

The device is portable and can be used in classrooms, clinical labs, hospitals, and other places. Its versatility is one of its key strengths.

  • This Centrifuge is equipped with speed control and a timer to meet your requirement.
  • It features two rotating panels, which provide convenient controlling on time and speed.
  • It is portable, small size, and lightweight, ideal for lab, chemistry, hospital, and colleges.
  • The unit runs HOT; thus might destroy any samples by baking them in a few minutes.
Our Verdict:

Electric Centrifuge Medical Desktop Machine is the type of centrifuge you should buy if you are looking for an easy-to-use and highly reliable device. The equipment allows you to effortlessly perform main lab test procedures.

4. Benchmark Scientific Centrifuge, 8 x 15mL Cap, 3500 RPM, 115VAC

The centrifuge has exceptionally high capacity, with 8 rotors and it is one of the leading top-performing centrifuges in the market. The centrifuge is a perfect fit for busy lab routine activities. It can handle everyday sample processing and procedures quickly and accurately.

The centrifuge is simple to operate. If you are using it for the first time, the procedure is straightforward and you only need the basic knowledge of operating a centrifuge. The rotor is easily removable to allow for fast cleaning of the device. Well-cleaned equipment is not only good for your health well-being, but a clean working environment enhances your productivity.

Besides, the centrifuge has a digital display which makes operations simple even when it is the first time to use it. Moreover, some of the control operations are automatic. The device has an optional automated lid opening option. Opening and closing the lid is easy with one finger using a downward motion.

  • The machine starts and stops in seconds.
  • It is small, lightweight, and conserves valuable bench space.
  • None.
Our Verdict:

Reference Scientific Clinical Lab Centrifuge is ideal for routine lab procedures. The centrifuge is easy, safe, and convenient to use. Check out our collection of computer desks that will make work at home and in offices fun.

5. Benchmark Scientific C1008-G-E MyFuge Mini Centrifuge

C1008 MyFuge Mini Centrifuge is one of the best centrifuges manufactured by Benchmark Scientific. The device is fast, easy to operate, and convenient for quick test procedures. You simply close the lid and the rotor accelerates automatically. It produces minimum noise, and users can enjoy a comfortable work environment. When you open the lid, the rotor stops and you can remove the sample.

The centrifuge has a high capacity with an inbuilt 8-position test-tube rotor, 0.2mL PCR test-tube rotor, and a storage compartment. Its rotor removal key is in the compartment. The storage ensures the rotor is safe and secure when the device is not in use.

Because of its compact design, this device can almost fit in the palm of your hand. It is lightweight, portable, and mainly used for spin downs of micro test tubes. Importantly it is available in various beautiful colors including transparent, purple, and green. Choose the best for your lab.

  • The device features an eight-position microtube rotor.
  • It has a storage compartment for PCR rotor.
  • It operates as a near-silent operation.
  • None.
Our Verdict:

C1008 MyFuge Mini Centrifuge is the safest centrifuge for carrying out quick lab procedures. The device is easy to use. Also, it is available in different beautiful colors for users to choose from.

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