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Best Christmas Tree Stands in 2023

Christmas tree stands are sought-after household items for holding artificial or natural trees and their decorations. They consist of two main parts – a receptacle for the trunk and a base that secures the tree. Many models also have built-in water reservoirs that can water plants automatically to keep them lush and healthy. 

Most types of Christmas tree stands have a thick plastic base that can support heavy trees. However, with some research, you can also find a robust model made from stainless steel but at a higher cost. These expand to fit thick or slender trees but take up significantly more floor space. Make sure that you have enough room.

The demand for Christmas tree stands is high not only during Christmas but also all year long. This article provides information on some premium brands in the market that work indoors and outdoors. If you read it to the end, you will have more knowledge of the benefits they offer and how to choose one for your home.

Are you in a hurry?

If you have a few minutes to spare, read this article to the end to sharpen your shopping skills. If you are busy or shopping for a tree stand urgently, we also have you covered. Information shared herein can help you identify a suitable product.

Best Overall

Krinner Christmas Tree Stand

Krinner Christmas Tree Stand

Krinner Tree Genie is a plastic Christmas tree stand made from thick plastic and resin. It measures 20x20x6-inches and weighs approximately 7 pounds, making it portable. Many similar products require water and or sand to create a stable platform for trees. This is not the case with Krinner. You simply pump its foot pedal for a few minutes to set up a natural or artificial Christmas tree at home. The item accommodates 2.5 gallons of water. Use the level indicator to check its capacity.

Smart Pick

Handythings Christmas Tree Stand

Handythings Christmas Tree Stand

Handythings has a medium-size design with a smart system that accommodates most Christmas trees. The 19-inch plastic base has a spiked base plate for stability. It also has a water receptacle (1.3-gallon cavity for water. The latter enables you to secure and nature up to 8-foot-tall trees indoors. Handythings has secure eye bolts (metal) that you can adjust to fit up to 6-inch natural and artificial tree trunks.

Budget Pick

Goliath Welded Steel Christmas Tree Stand

Goliath Welded Steel Christmas Tree Stand

We consider Goliath a budget product not because of its price but the quality on offer. The product has a 100% steel frame with a green theme that blends well with natural environments. Its four feet have plastic end caps that prevent it from slipping while its adjustable bolts have clamps for securing trees. According to the manufacturer, the item can secure 5–12-foot live trees with trunks up to 7-inches. The frame has a protective powder-coat (green) that prevents it rusting. Its water reservoir measures 0.9 gallons, while a lifetime warranty covers all of its parts.

Buying Guide for Christmas Tree Stands

Decorating trees for Christmas is a fun activity that most parents enjoy doing with their kids. To have a sturdy base for the tree, you will need a stand that can support its weight and height and supply water, if natural. Follow this guide to find the best.

Material: Gone are the days when people used cardboard boxes or buckets with dirt to support Christmas trees. Tree stands do a better and cleaner job. To get the best, check the material used to make your preferred brands. Metal is the best because it can support a lot of weight and is less prone to cracking. However, if you are setting up a natural plant, it might not be the best as it is prone to rust. Plastic stands are cheaper and leak-free. However, make sure it is BPA-free for the safety of kids/pets.

Capacity: Christmas tree stands come in many sizes and design for different tree types and homes. Always check this to make sure that you are getting a product that will not only secure your Christmas tree but is also safe to use around kids. The base, be it plastic or metal should be stable. It should also have an adjustable receptacle with solid metal clamps that will not fail while it is in use. Always check the design.

Water Reservoir: Does your preferred stand have a water reservoir? If you have a natural tree that you plan to keep for weeks, this is a critical feature. Such items can water trees to keep them looking lush. If you have a plastic tree, you do not need one.

Top 5 Christmas Tree Stands in the Market this Year

The market is awash with Christmas trees made from plastic or metal and that can support different types of trees. Which is the best in the market this year? Each product has its unique pros and cons that you should check before selecting one.

1. Krinner Tree Genie XXL Christmas Tree Stand

This extra-large Christmas tree stand will give your house a new look for the Christmas festivities. It has a base weight of 8 kilograms and a diameter of 20 inches, making it ideal for big Christmas trees of up to 12 feet tall and 7 inches in diameter. It is green in color to match the Christmas theme, making it easy to integrate into your home. More so, it can retain up to 11 liters of water and has an automatic water level indicator to help you know the water level at all times.

This Krinner tree stand is easy to use, as you only need to pump the foot pedal top to set up your Christmas tree. It takes seconds to install the tree, and it does not need any assembly or screws to tighten it.

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  • It has a spacious receptacle that can hold up to 11 liters of water.
  • The plastic base can support up to 12-foot-tall trees up to 7-inches thick.
  • Its weighted eight-kilogram base has a water level indicator.
  • The clamps weaken over time causing the Christmas tree to lean.
Our Verdict:

This Christmas tree stand is suitable for naturing large trees. Its large size makes it able to withstand heavy and long trees, making you feel happy and fulfilled. It is straightforward to install, and you do not need any tools for the installation.

2. Handythings Christmas Tree Stand

This X-mass tree stands by Handy things is another excellent purchase for your living room during this festive season. It is strong enough to support 8 feet high trees with 6 inches trunks. Its 19 inches base makes it stable at all times, giving you peace of mind, as you will never worry about your tree falling. This stand has a water capacity of 1.3 gallons to ensure the tree stays alive for a longer time.

The reservoir has a refillable design that provides water to the tree at all times. In addition, this stand has a durable material. This means you can use the stand for as long as you want until you feel the need to upgrade to a bigger model.

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  • The refillable design is suitable for securing live Christmas trees.
  • You get an onboard reservoir that holds up to 1.3 gallons of water.
  • The base is sturdy enough to support up to 8-foot trees.
  • The plastic on the top is somewhat flimsy and thus prone to cracking.
Our Verdict:

This medium Christmas tree will immediately boost your living room and give it a happy theme during festive seasons. It supports medium trees up to 8 feet high and 6 inches thick. Besides, it has a steel spike base plate for stability. We have also reviewed garden trellis for sprucing the outdoors. You can find the article here.

3. Goliath Welded Steel Christmas Tree Stand

If you prefer to live Christmas trees, this tree stand is the best to choose as it supports live trees of five to twelve feet tall. It supports the trees and prevents them from falling, making it suitable for indoor use. This tree stand supports trees of a maximum trunk size of seven inches. Therefore, if the tree is larger, you will have to look for a bigger stand. It has 28-inch-long legs to ensure stability, and you can remove them for easy storage. More so, it can hold up to 9 gallons of water to keep the tree lively, and you can refill the small reservoir when water runs out.

Besides, the four steel support screws on this Christmas tree stand have secure end caps that make the stand very stable and robust. In addition, the powder-coated heavy-duty steel makes it durable, as it is resistant to moisture and rust.

  • The product has a robust steel structure with a powder coat finish.
  • Its steel screws are durable and have clamps on the end for stability.
  • The 28-inch-long legs have plastic end caps that stop slipping.
  • Its powder coating is not 100% effective as the product does rust.
Our Verdict:

This tree makes Christmas lively and enjoyable as it allows you to use live trees. Its 9-gallon water capacity will ensure the tree stays fresh and healthy for a long time. In addition, the heavy-duty powder-coated steel used to make it ensures durability. Check out these outdoor wooden benches as well. They are perfect for the home.

4. Cinco Express Christmas Tree Stand

If you prefer smaller X-mass trees, this CINCO EXPRESS Christmas Tree Stand is the best to buy. Its design supports small instant trees of up to 8 feet high and 6 inches in diameter. It features a push-pull locking system for easy installation without the need for installation tools. So, it is easy to set up and can bring the Christmas theme to your home instantly. This stand is very stable, meaning it will serve you for many seasons. Once you buy it, you will not need an upgrade for a long time.

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  • The unique design can support trees measuring up to 8 feet.
  • Its push-pull locking mechanism is easy to use.
  • You can recycle the stand for a few seasons, saving money.
  • Do not handle the clamps rigorously as they will snap off the base.
Our Verdict:

Buy this Christmas tree stand for your small tree and give your home a new festivity theme instantly. This easy-to-install stand is sturdy and durable, promising you many years of seamless service. It is available at fair prices on the internet. Therefore, you can buy one for your tree at any time.

5. Bloem White TREEFAM Real Family Christmas Tree Stand

Bloem Christmas tree stand is a unique product with a few standout features that appeal to many people. It is incredibly stable and can hold up to 10ft trees with a maximum trunk diameter of 7.4 inches. Therefore, it is time to go and grab that large Christmas tree you like because this stand will support it correctly. It has a large water capacity of 5L that ensures the trees get enough water to stay alive and fresh. The water can last several days, and you can refill the reservoir any time it runs out.

This stand also features a durable metal base with four removable legs for convenient storage. You can stack it away when not in use as it occupies little space. Besides, metal construction is strong and extremely durable.

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  • Its stackable design includes a steel frame with solid wooden feet.
  • The product has a high-capacity design that holds up to 5L of water.
  • The heavy-duty structure can support 10 foot natural or artificial trees.
  • It has a somewhat bulky design that is not natural-looking.
Our Verdict:

This tree stand is suitable for people who like large live trees. It can support up to 10 feet, and the large water capacity ensures the trees gets enough water at all times. This stand is easy to assemble, and you can buy it online at a low price.

Final Thoughts

In the past, people used pots or plastic buckets to secure Christmas trees and lights during the holidays. However, Christmas tree stands have taken over this space as they are compact and easy to use. They support over 6-foot trees and have an adjustable system that secures natural and artificial trees. Therefore, while string lights are great for decorating outdoors, tree stands are beneficial indoors.

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