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Best Climbing Harnesses in 2023

All climbing practices need a quality harness. These accessories are extremely comfortable, safe, and efficient. When using the climbing harnesses, you’ll minimize the climbing risks. Besides, they give you a steady point that will protect you against slip and falling. If you’re a height climber, consider climbing harnesses as life-saviors. They make the whole mountain climbing process enjoyable and memorable.

With climbing harnesses, you can easily fake confidence while with your friends. They come in superior quality construction that makes them safe to use. Also, they will serve you longer than any other climbing rope. With their attractive look, you’ll automatically look like a pro mountain climber when using them. Having evaluated the various important features, below is a review of the top-rated climbing harnesses.

Are you in a hurry?

If you spend a lot of time hiking or camping with a friend, you need to invest in quality safety gear. You will need a snug area to rest, so a mountaineering tent is critical. If you climb rocks or scale mountains often, you will also need a climbing harness. These prevent accidental falls from a high area, which often have adverse results. Which brand should you go for? You need a product that can support your weight. It should also have a durable and comfortable design that you will love using in most environments. Here are some bestsellers this year.

Best Overall

PETZL Corax Climbing Harness

PETZL Corax Climbing Harness

PETZL Corax has a fully adjustable versatile design that is suitable for mountaineering and climbing. It has an adjustable design that fits most adults and a comfortable design. The thick bands do not dig into the skin and have a light padding that boosts comfort even further. It also has a Frame construction technology that plays two roles. First, it boosts its strength and therefore safety. The system also ensures optimal weight distribution for added safety and comfort. PETZL Corax has a CE EN 12277 certified design with secure gear loops (4).

Smart Pick

Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Harness

Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Harness

Black Diamond Momentum has a pre-threaded speed waistbelt that supports heavy loads well. It has a thick structure with plush foam padding that eliminates pressure points. While in use for long, therefore, it does not dig into the skin or irritate users as much as some cheap models often do. You can adjust the waistbelt to fit most men and women, which is a plus. You can also customize loops via an advanced trakFIT technology that requires little effort to use. Black Diamond has a rear-mounted riser at the back (adjustable) for added support and molded gear loops (four) for securing other climbing items.

Budget Pick

PETZL - Men's SAMA Climbing Harness

PETZL - Men's SAMA Climbing Harness

Specially designed for men, PETZL SAMA is a robust climbing harness for use indoors and outdoors. Whether you like hiking or climb multi-pitch routes in crags or gyms, this gear works great. It has a lightweight design (15.7 ounces) that does not restrict movement. It also meets CE EN 12277 safety ratings and has a secure strap with flexible connections. You can adjust these to fit most people comfortably. The padded waistbelt is popular with most of its users. It does not have pressure points that might irritate or harm you while in use.

Buying Guide for Best Climbing Harness

Climbing Harnesses is a vital gear that keeps you safe when climbing. It anchors you to one steady point and doesn't let you fall or slip. It is a literal life savior on substantial heights.

Regardless of its purpose, it doesn't mean you should buy any harness that meets the proper safety certifications.

There are many things to consider. To save you the time and hassle you would spend looking for one, we have taken it upon ourselves to bring you the best buying guide.

Let's journey together and take a close look at a few things you need to have in mind, and you might find the one that suits your needs.

Gear Loops: The loops are essential pointers to consider when choosing a climbing harness. If you want it for single-pitch sport climbing, you will want to avoid excess gear loops.

If you intend to use it on adventuring into the world of trad climbing or sport multi-pitch, you will want at least four reasonably-sized gear loops. But if you want it for shooting for some epic big wall adventures, you'll want a haul loop and as many gear loops as possible. Therefore, determine the purpose before you settle for the gear loops type.

Adjustability: Consider the adjustability of the harness you want. Many modern harnesses are shifting from fully adjustable leg loops to a slightly elastic loop, more so for lightweight ones. On the contrary, heavy-duty harnesses tend to keep the fully adjustable leg loops.

Some harnesses have two adjustment points, providing a more excellent range and a more precise fit.

1. PETZL Corax Climbing Harness

The PETZL – CORAX harness is the best option for those climbers who like simple and easy-to-use harnesses. It’s easy to use, and you can comfortably use the harness even without professional experience. The unique construction makes it suitable for both winter and summer activities.

With this harness, your comfort is assured. With the inclusion of adjustable leg loops, the harness will accommodate a wide range of people. Apart from helping you climb to various heights; you can comfortably carry all your working gears with it as you climb. Besides, it comes with a low-profile design that moves with you. It’s well-padded, thus minimal fatigue associated with it. Since it’s extremely comfortable and safe, it can easily be used by beginners. It also comes with a thin design that makes it suitable for your winter activities.

  • This Climbing Harness is versatile and fully adjustable, and it's designed for comfort and safety.
  • Its wide, padded waist belt is suitable for hours of comfort thanks to its pressure points lined with soft fabric.
  • Its frame construction technology allows optimal weight distribution and double buckles for easy centering and adjustment.
  • The Complex buckles are not easy to untie in case of an emergency.
Our Verdict:

Are you a beginner looking for the best climbing harness for you? The PETZL – CORAX harness was made specifically for you. It’s extremely comfortable with an adjustable design that makes it easy for you to fine-tune, tweak and adjust it to suit your needs.

2. Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Harness

Buy this Black Diamond Momentum Harness and enjoy a true combination of both comfort and a memorable climbing experience. It has a Bullhorn-shaped waist belt that makes it durable. Unlike other climbing harnesses, you can use them for years.

Apart from that, the harness has adjustable rear elastic and gear loops that make it stand out among the rest. With its adjustable loops, you can easily customize it to give you a perfect fit. With the lightweight design, this is an ideal climbing harness to be worn the entire day without feeling fatigued.

In addition, the harness has an attractive design that will make you stand out among other climbers. Better still, it comes as a complete package, so you get every important accessory for better functionality. You’ll get chalk, screw gate, and chalk bag.

  • The Climbing Harness has a highly durable construction.
  • It has enough reinforced gear loops for trad climbing and long multi-pitch routes.
  • It is comfortable and light enough to be worn all day without problems.
  • Leg loops of this Climbing Harness are fixed and cannot be adjusted.
Our Verdict:

If you’re a climber, you don’t need to buy your climbing essentials separately. Coming as a complete package, you’re sure to get everything that you can dream of from a quality climbing harness. Comfortable fitting is assured with the elastic riser.

3. PETZL - Men's SAMA Climbing Harness

The PETZL Sama Men’s Harness is many people’s favorite harness. The unique and functional design of this harness appeals to several individuals. It comes in a denim-like pattern, with a grey color that makes it stand out among the rest. You’ll love wearing this harness when with your friends.

In addition, the harness gives you a proper safety cushion. It’s extremely comfortable with its elasticized legs. The harness has a flexible waistband that makes it suitable for people of all sizes. Also, there is an EnfoGrame structure that ensures even weight distribution, thus giving you maximum comfort.

Due to its versatile nature, this harness is suitable for trad climbing, rock climbing, and also sport climbing. It has an abundance of back and front loops, which allow you to climb with zero restrictions. The harness is made with a combination of both slit webbing and foam that make it durable.

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  • The harness has a large carrying capacity.
  • Its thick padding across the entire harness maximizes comfort.
  • It is very lightweight thus will not weigh you out while using.
  • The Climbing Harness is not equipped for ice or alpine climbing.
Our Verdict:

The Petzl Sama harness will perfectly serve you under all circumstances. Its amazing performance has made it many people’s favorite. You can use it when on multi-pitch routes, crag, and even gym climbing.

4. Sushiyi Eleven Guns Adjustable Thickness Climbing Harness

When it comes to the most durable climbing harness, the Sushiyi carries the day. The harness has strong polyester material that gives you a long time of service. The high tensile strength of this harness suits different users.

With its adjustable design, you’ll enjoy a perfect fit at all times. It gives uniform weight distribution, thus ensuring that you enjoy maximum comfort during climbing. Still, the harness is versatile, thus can perfectly cater to all your climbing needs.

Better yet, this harness is complete and you won’t require any extra accessories for use. Since its wear resistance, it can withstand all tough climbing scenarios and still maintain its attractive looks. Lastly, the manufacturer provides you with good customer service at all times.

  • The Wide belt of this harness supports the lower back.
  • Its leg loops are comfortable even after prolonged use.
  • The gear loops have metal D-rings, not nylon.
  • The harness has only one size with adjustable waist and leg rings.
Our Verdict:

The Sushiyi Adjustable Thickness harness is among the few climbing harness that will serve you longer when you buy them. It has high-strength polyester construction that makes it strong with a high-weight bearing capacity.

5. CroSight Climbing Harness

The CroSight Climbing Harness has is the safest climbing harness you’ll ever come across. It’s tested, proved, and certified to meet all the safety standards. It has high-strength forging steel and polyester construction that enhances its weight-bearing capacity.

Besides, its construction makes it extremely durable. It has a high weight-bearing capacity, thus suitable for people of all sizes and weights. The inclusion of breathable mesh on the waist belt and leg loop will help maintain a cool feeling.

There are no leg pains associated with using this one-of-a-kind climbing harness. It’s well-padded, thus ensuring even pressure distribution. You can comfortably use the harness in both the winter and summer seasons. Therefore, you’re assured of a cool feel all through the day.

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  • The Waistbelt and leg loop are lined with breathable mesh.
  • The construction of a climbing seat belt distributes pressure to keep your comfort while climbing.
  • This Climbing Harness is perfect for rappelling, tree climbing, indoor & outdoor climbing, rock climbing, outer band, and fire rescue.
  • Leg loops can be a little bit difficult to tighten.
Our Verdict:

When using this CroSight Climbing Harness, your safety and comfort is guaranteed. It has a robust design with a reinforced tie-in point, which makes it strong and ensures even weight distribution.

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