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Commercial Induction Cookers – Benefits

Induction cookers have attracted a lot of attention globally of late supposedly because of the array of benefits they offer. However, to most laymen and women, the concept of induction cookers remains foreign. Many individuals do not know how they work, preferable features, and benefits over traditional gas cooktops and electric cooktops found in the home. We have answered these questions below to help you to make an informed decision.

Electric cooktops use a super-heated electrical element to transfer heat to pans and pots, which cooks food. Gas cooktops, on the other hand, burn liquid petroleum gas or natural gas to produce heat that cooks your food. The best induction cookers are different. While they require an electric connection to work, induction cooktops have copper coils that create a magnetic field around cooking pots and pans. This heats the cookware directly and evenly, leading to quicker and even cooking of most foods.

The Benefits of Using Induction Cookers

Induction cookers are popular in homes due to their cleanliness, aesthetic design, and ability to cool all foods. However, they are not as popular in commercial settings such as restaurants and hotels, probably due to misinformation or lack of information. In this section, we have reviewed the best benefits you get from one.


Gas and electric cooktops have undergone many improvements over the years. The introduction of sealed burners, for instance, has improved their efficacy, but not to the level of some of the best induction cooktops. If you enjoy cooking fresh meals but struggle with the heft electric bills you have to pay every month, make the transition today. From available data, induction cooktops are about 70% more efficient than traditional cooking methods such as gas and electric cookers. They achieve in two ways. First, they create a magnetic field on your pan or pot, effectively channeling over 90% of the energy they produce towards cooking your food. By minimizing heat loss, you cook faster, thereby saving power.


Cooking accidents are among the leading causes of property loss at home or injury to adults and children. While anti-flare systems and flame-out systems found in gas ovens boost safety, induction ovens take personal safety a notch higher. These systems do not use open flames not use gases that can ignite and cause burns or injuries in the event of an accident. Also, even though electricity-powered, they are less prone to overheating as some electric cooktops often do. The platform detects cookware and powers on when it detects a compatible one. The best induction systems also turn off automatically whenever you lift off your cookware.

Space Efficiency

With homes getting smaller by the day, the demand for compact or space-saving cookers has grown in demand worldwide. The demand for compact and multi-functional cookers is also in demand among campers who love to cook on the road. Most of the best induction cooktops available online and brick and motor stores also excel in this regard. Most models have compact countertop designs that weigh a few kilograms. These not only work well on tablets but countertops as well. If you have a recreational vehicle (RV) that you drive around during your outdoor trips, you can also find a multifunctional one for use on the road. They come in many sizes, each offering value for cash.

Easy to Use

With a new gas cooker, you have to plug in a gas cylinder and use a match or electric ignition system to fire it up. This is never the case with induction cookers/cooktops. Plug one into an electric outlet and it will be ready to use. Add an induction-compatible cooktop and press a button for the system to work. It is that easy to use. You need a quality brand, though, to enjoy these benefits and many more. Follow our detailed guide to find the best one.

What to Look for in an Induction Cooker

Induction cookers are superior to gas and electric cookers due to their efficacy, ease of use, and safety. Follow the top tips that we have shared below to find a product that will never let you down. First, check the system of your preferred brand and make sure that it is safe and can satisfy your cooking needs. Check reviews of other users to have an idea of what to expect. Also, make sure that the product is durable and will fit and work in your space.

Find other details of induction cooktops in the following video:

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