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Covered Patio Designs – The Best Options

Covered patios have grown in popularity of late due to the plethora of benefits they provide in the home. During summer, they provide a cool spot for people to lounge with their families and friends. They also protect individuals from the snow, wind, and rain, thereby enabling people to lounge outdoors in less favorable weather. However, a few questions linger among people who are considering this accommodation option. Which are the best patio cover designs for the home? We provide answers to this common question below.

Having a well-covered patio is wonderful as you have a comfortable spot to lounge and socialize all year. If you are making one at home, patio covers come in multiple sizes and designs that not only create a functional space but also boost the value of the home. Here are our top picks for this year.

Sun Shade

Sunshades are among the commonest patio covers globally because of their low cost and ease of installation. Made from UV stable materials, they are durable. You can leave one outdoors for days, weeks, or months with little to no structural damage or a dip in its aesthetic value. They also have “snap-on” designs that require little skill to set up and are low maintenance. When dirty or dusty, simply hose it down with an electric pressure washer to clean it.


People install patio covers for many reasons with the main one being to improve the aesthetic value of homes. If you have a similar aim, you will have good results with an arbor compared to a sunshade. While arbors do not rival the best sunshades in terms of sun and rain protection, they provide a higher aesthetic value. They come in numerous aesthetic designs formulated as do-it-yourself (DIY) kits that require little skill and effort to set up. They fit patios of all shapes and sizes but require regular maintenance to stay “sharp.” Place a set of metal dining chairs under yours to create a favorable resting area.

Patio Roofing

Roofs are best for people who are making residential patios that they want to last for many years. While they are expensive to install, they offer the best protection from elements such as the rain, the sun, heavy snow, and even hailstorms. In addition, they are compatible with other roofing options such as arbors and have flexible designs that you can experiment with to create a cool looks or design. You can make a hip roof, a sloped roof, or a gable roof for your patio using one of the diverse roofing materials available in stores. These include offset umbrellas, pergolas, and traditional roofs made from corrugated metal. Aluminum patio roofs are also in high demand. Follow our guide on how to cut home improvement costs to install one on a budget.

Patio Awnings

Patio awnings are of multiple types, key among them being fixed awnings and retractable awnings. Both types provide good cover if installed well, but have unique cons and pros that you should evaluate before making your choice. Fixed patio awnings, for instance, have a solid cloth cover that offers protection from the rain, sun, and snow. Depending on the thickness of the cover, they can be semipermanent or permanent and often lasts for an entire season. Fixed patio awnings are less expensive than the other type, are easy to set up, and require little to no maintenance once set up well. Retractable patio awnings, on the other hand, have a mechanized system for rolling the cover when not in use. This not only lowers wear and tear but enables you to customize the environment of the patio as the weather changes. When it is cold outside, you can retract the cover to let in sunlight and thus keep warm.

This video reviews other innovative patio cover designs for the home.

While evaluating home improvement ideas for beginners in our other article, we recommended patio covers due to their practicality. You have many materials and designs to choose from online and in brick-and-mortar stores. In addition, patio covers not only improve the aesthetic value of homes but also create a comfortable resting area that you can enjoy with family and friends. While installing one, however, only use the best quality materials. Corrugated iron is the toughest, but also one of the heaviest and the most expensive, and thus might not be ideal for some people. Sunshades and arbors, and awning are other recommended options but do not last as long as corrugated iron does. Compare these options and buy the best for your home.

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