Do Not Do the Following if You Want to Maintain Long and Natural Hair

Using simple hair care products in the comfort of your home can be messy. However, you need to know essential tips to overcome such challenges. Therefore, in this case, do not do the following if you want to maintain long and natural hair.

Don’t Overheat your Hair

Using your hairdryer often causes damage, dryness, and dehydration to your hair and its roots. Shun away from heat, whether it is low or high. Besides that, the outer layers often curl up, leaving it with a wiry texture. If you have overly curly hair and therefore cannot eliminate a hairdryer, check the quality of the tool that you are using. Is it safe for your hair type? Will it deliver your preferred results whenever your spare time to groom? Ceramic contacts are ideal because they spread heat evenly on the hair. This lowers the risk of burning.

Don’t Use Unhealthy Ingredients

Haircare products like spray, lotion, gel, treatment, silicon-based shampoo, and conditioner, among others, contain harmful ingredients. However, before buying any of this stuff, ensure you read the labels to determine the best merchandise. What are its ingredients? Avoid hair care products that contain parabens, silicone, and other harsh elements. These products can damage hair over time and worsen your existing problem. For best results, you should consider consulting a hair expert to help you to make a good decision. He or she can help you to evaluate your hair type and settle on the best product for daily use. For example, you will know if a spray that you are planning to start using contains harsh and non-skin-friendly chemicals.

Avoid Metal Kits and Equipment

When combing or brushing your hair, avoid using metal combs and brushes. These are unfriendly kits that damage and strip hair cuticles. Besides, they are prone to have rusted edges, which is another problem in itself. Instead, buy a brush with firm and superior bristles. For thicker hair, get a 100% boar bristled brush with nylon quills. Finally, while hair trimmers are great, make sure that you know what you are doing before attempting to use one. You can seriously damage hair with one.

Maintain the Natural Look

Bleaching, straightening, coloring, and even blow-drying are heat-based processes that can weaken and dull the hair. Apart from that, they can irritate sensitive scalp and can thin weak hair that cannot withstand over treatment. To add a dramatic look to your hair, the best strategy should be to use natural hair care products. These lack harsh additives such as sulfates and parabens that can affect hair adversely. They are cheaper than commercial products and do not need a lot of skill to use well.

In addition, research shows coloring and bleaching of hair can cause breast cancer and other related cancerous complications. Recent research reveals there is an increase in using harmful chemicals, especially for black women. Hence, there is a need to safeguard African-American women’s hair.

Don’t Eat Unhealthy Meals

Eat balanced and healthy meals to maintain long and natural hair. If your hair is oily, it may be because of consuming too much fatty and spicy food. Besides that, keep off stimulants like coffee and tea to reduce sebaceous glands. These are oil-producing glands on the hair follicles that release a fatty element.

Don’t Rough Towel Dry

After washing the hair, do not dry it with a towel in a rough and wrong way. Here is what to do to maintain long and natural hair. First, blot it to prevent frizzy cuticles and uneven surfaces.

Second, use a paper towel to dry hair from the root to the tip after the shower. Hence, it results in glossy and non- curly hair. You use less time, energy, and money on healthy hair!

Here are some tips on how to dry the hair without damaging it.

If you are reading this article, you are probably struggling with hair care at home. You might have used a harsh product that damaged your hair and you need a natural remedy. You might also be struggling to grow thick and lush hair. In this article, we have reviewed a few things that if avoided will have a positive impact on hair health. Eat healthy meals, avoid colorants and other harsh hair agents, and avoid overheating hair while styling.