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Best Dog Food Storages in 2023

Dog food is a constant purchase that you can’t avoid as a homeowner. After all, we all need food to stay healthy, and the same applies to dogs. Even though you could purchase the kibbles in small packs, it’s not cost-efficient. In such instances, getting quality dog food storage containers will save you the hustle of making many trips to the pet store.

Remember that your dog’s food is just like the food that you during lunch or supper. It can do stale or attract bacteria. The storage containers will ensure the food remains pest-free and fresh for consumption. However, with so many dog food container models in the market, it becomes challenging to select the right fit. Luckily, this review is here to simplify your work. Check out these top-rated dog food storages.

Are you in a hurry?

Are you looking for secure storage for your pet’s food? We have shared a few pointers in the next section that can help you to identify the best. In this section, we cut to the chase. We have reviewed some popular brands that you can buy today without thinking twice. They are durable, safe, and can keep dog food safe for long. Check them out below.

Best Overall

IRIS USA Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

IRIS USA Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

IRIS USA is an air-tight 16.50 x 10.83 x 18.63-inch pet food storage bucket with an air-tight lid. This keeps out dust, moisture, and contaminants out, thus keeping pets safe. It also locks in freshness and is safe for all life stages as its translucent material is BPA-free. With IRIS USA pet food storage container, you can check pet food at a glance. You can also empty it and clean it occasionally to provide a safe storage area for dry dog/cat food and bird food, et cetera. The IRIS USA has wheels for easy transportation when full.

High-End Pick

Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback

Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback

Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback provides airtight storage space for dog and cat food. It has a translucent plastic frame with a leak-proof lid that stops moisture and dust from ruining or contaminating your food. The stackable design is convenient. While storing large batches of food, you can stack three or more Gamma2 Vittles containers to save space without them toppling over. They also drop resistant, mainly due to the pliable plastic used to make them. You can drop it on a hard surface without shuttering.

Budget Pick

IRIS USA 3-Piece Airtight Food Storage Container

IRIS USA 3-Piece Airtight Food Storage Container

The IRIS USA is a three-piece foot storage container with an airtight lid. Therefore, apart from dust and pests, it can also keep out water and moisture from stored pet food. Each pack has a 33-quart plastic storage container that fits 25 pounds of material. You also get a smaller 12-quart container that holds 10 pounds of material and a matching 2-cup scoop for serving. Both containers have snap lock latches that secure the lid to the shell to keep out pests and humidity. Both also have FDA-compliant BPA-free designs.

Buying Guide for Best Dog Food Storages

You should keep pet food dry, safe, and clean. Getting some best dog food storage and utensils is the perfect solution for you and your furry companion. These fantastic containers keep off pests, air, water, and the terrible stench from the food. Besides keeping food for future use, use for travels or while outdoors. However, before you buy one of these kits, review these buying factors and guides.

Premium Quality: The kit should be durable with BPA and lead-free material that is easy to clean and assembly

Tight Sealed: The seal should be airtight to keep away pests, air, water, and other harmful bacteria. Store it in a cool and dry place to avoid contamination and infestation.

Portability: Go for a medium-size container to ease traveling, camping, and moving around the home. A container that stores a day’s food is a superb choice.

Top 5 Best Dog Food Storages in Store this Year

While shopping for a food storage container for routine use, look for a product that meets safety recommendations. It should be spacious and designed to keep not only dust out but also water and pests. The following brands are the best:

1. IRIS USA Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

If you want a food storage container that offers a perfect combination of style and function, here’s a perfect choice. The IRIS USA Airtight Food Storage MP-10 boasts a 33-quart capacity, so it can hold enough food for your dog. Besides, it comes with a translucent body that will allow dog owners to check the food level.

Regarding the construction, the container features an in-built airtight seal that will lock in the freshness. Also, the airtight lid will keep out pests, humidity, and moisture, so the food remains safe for consumption. The material is BPA-free, so it won’t affect your dog’s health.

That’s not all; the casters on this container will allow for easy mobility as you move the unit around the homestead. Also, it’s a versatile tool, and you can conveniently use it for storing cat food, bird seeds, and dog food.

You can store dry dog foods and dehydrated dry foods in this airtight pet food storage container at home.

  • Its transparent design shows food quantity levels; thus, convenient to store for present and future use.
  • The airtight seal keeps food fresh and tasty for longer while locking pests and birds out.
  • It is universal form stores dry food and treats for most pets, including birds.
  • Its 2-pound weight and wheels feature unfit for long trips with limited storage space.
Our Verdict:

The IRIS USA Airtight Food Storage MP-10 is a high-quality purchase. The model has an airtight seal and a translucent body that will guarantee exceptional performance. Besides, you’ll appreciate the use of BPA-free materials and 33-quart capacity.

2. Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback

Are you looking for well-engineered and functional dog food storage? If yes, consider the Vittles Vault Outback 25 lb. Food Storage by Gamma2. The model boasts a spinning locking lid and a patented sealing system to ensure the food stays fresh.

The container measures 14 x 14 x 13″, so it’s large enough to hold 20lbs of food. Furthermore, it features BPA-free and food-grade construction materials for durability. With quality construction, this dog food container won’t shatter or develop defects easily. Besides, the container is versatile, and you can use it for storing horse feed, treats, dry food, and birdseed. Other than that, the manufacturer includes a scoop, which adds to its functionality. What’s more, the stackable design ensures space efficiency, so you can comfortably use it in places with limited space.

  • Its BPA free material keeps food fresh, safe, and odorless for a more extended period.
  • The 25-pound container decorative paw prints attract pets and hold a higher food capacity.
  • Upon making an order, you get a free scoop of about one cup level.
  • Its plastic material is a delicacy to rats and squirrels, making it fragile and non-hard wearing.
Our Verdict:

The Vittles Vault Outback 25 lb Food Storage is a valuable purchase. The container features safe, food-grade, and BPA-free materials. Furthermore, pet owners will appreciate other functional features like the scoop, double gaskets, and threaded locking system.

3. IRIS USA 3-Piece Airtight Food Storage Container

If you want a unit that combines your dog-food storage needs, look no further than the IRIS USA 3 Piece Food Storage Container Combo. The model comes as a complete package with a 33-quart container, 12-quart container together with a functional food scoop.

Furthermore, the snap-lock latches, coupled with the airtight seals, will prevent the entry of pests, humidity, and moisture. As such, the dog food is guaranteed to stay fresh for an extended period. Also, the food storage container has wheels that allow owners to roll it around the house.

The double food container will make an excellent choice for storing enough food for all your pets. It provides homeowners with an easy-to-access location for storing dog food. With the FDA-compliant materials, you shouldn’t have health concerns when using this storage container.

  • The twin kit comes in a large and smaller container with a free 2-cup food scoop.
  • It has wheels for easy maneuvering and portability around the house.
  • It is FDA compliant with BPA free material to keep food safe and fresh for long.
  • Its 4.58-pound weight is not portable and so unfit while on transit or outdoors.
Our Verdict:

The IRIS USA 3 Piece Food Storage Container Combo is a versatile and valuable purchase by any homeowner. The model will keep the food fresh with an airtight seal. Besides, it’s safe for your dog, thanks to the FDA-compliant materials. Dog crates and kennels and dog kennel covers create a snug resting area for pets. We have reviewed the best in other articles.

4. Gamma2 Vittles Vault Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

If you want world-class freshness for your dog, look no further than the Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback Container. This container has an easy-to-activate airtight seal that enhances its functionality. With a quick spin, the lid will keep your rooms and closet free of dog food smells.

In addition, the container holds 60lbs of food. As such, it will keep adequate food for homesteads that have more than one pet. Still, it offers easy access, and you can conveniently check the level and refill it accordingly.

Besides, the manufacturer uses virgin materials, so this container will last for an extended period. With the quality build, the dog food storage works perfectly for both indoor and outdoor applications. Add this to the BPS-and BPA-free materials, and you have a reliable pet accessory.

  • The airtight seal helps to keep away pests, awful odor, but locks in freshness and tastiness.
  • It is waterproof and easy to clean; hence, it favors outdoors or indoor use.
  • The USA product has a superior quality that is durable with safe BPA free plastic material.
  • The 6.1-pound weight is not portable neither handy to carry along for long trips.
Our Verdict:

The Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback 60 lb Container is a great accessory. The model comes with functional features like a threaded locking system and an airtight sealing system. Also, it’s a durable and safe unit that can serve homes with more than one pet. Boasting high-quality USA craftsmanship, this food container will stand the test of time and give your long-lasting performance.

5. Gamma Vittles Vault

Do you want to add some bit of personality to your dog food? Well, the Gamma2 Vittles Vault Container could just be your perfect choice. The model comes in an elegant gray color that will look appealing in any home. Furthermore, it boasts a large capacity, and it can hold up to 20lbs of dog food.

What’s more, you’ll get a free measuring cup that the manufacturer includes with this package. The vault will contain a food odor. This versatile pet accessory will hold snacks, small batches, as well as dog treats.

As for the construction, Gamma2 uses durable and BPA-free materials. As such, it’s a safe and healthy feeding accessory for all dog breeds. Better yet, the ergonomic molded handles will make it easy to hold.

  • The plastic material is BPA-free with a sealed system to keep off the water, pests, air, and birds.
  • It favors long trips or future use because of its 20-pound significant storage capacity level.
  • The USA made product has quality material that is durable, hardwearing, and easy to clean.
  • Pet owners with less storage space find this 20-pound container unfavorable.
Our Verdict:

The Gamma2 Vittles Vault 20-pound container is a great accessory. The model features BPA-free materials, an airtight seal, and a stylish gray color. Therefore, if you want to keep the dog food fresh for an extended period, the Gamma2 Vittles Vault 20 lb Container is an excellent choice.

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