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Best Dog ID Tags & Collar Accessories in 2023

What’s the first thing that you identify when you meet a lost dog? In ID tag or collar? Well, you guessed it right. Even in today’s age of microchipping, dog ID tags and collar accessories continue to gain popularity. The tags offer a simple and effective way to help dogs find their way home. You can also engrave telephone numbers on these chips for easy access in case your dog has an unexpected adventure.

If you have ever lost your dog in the park or anywhere else, you will appreciate the importance of a tag ID. The accessory is more than just an adorable jewelry piece. In reality, it offers the first line of defense when looking for a missing dog. Acquiring dog ID tags and collar accessories will surely save you some serious worry and stress. That said, here are the top-rated models.

Are you in a hurry?

Do you struggle to keep track of your dog’s movements at home or outdoors? While locking it up in a dog house or using a retractable leash outdoors works, dog ID tags and collars offers the best experience. They grant dogs the freedom to explore outdoors while giving you peace of mind. They are easy to set up and designed as lightweight pendants or toys that do not stress or frustrate dogs. Check out these top brands.

Best Overall

K9King Double Sided Dog Tag

K9King Double Sided Dog Tag

K9King is a double-sided pendant for dogs that weighs less than 0.3 ounces. It hangs comfortably on dog collars and has bright and large lettering and graphics that are easy to recognize from a distance. Made from rust-proof metal, the product is durable. It also has smooth edges, which do not irritate pets, and a veteran-approved design that suits most dogs. If you have a small or medium-sized dog, it is a great tracker to hand. It might be too small for large breeds though.

Smart Pick

Oh You Lucky Dog, Dog Tag

Oh You Lucky Dog, Dog Tag

Oh, You Lucky Dog is a lighted dog location and activity tracker that suits most dog breeds. It weighs one ounce and comes in handy in the morning and at dusk for many years. Because of its lighted design, it boosts the visibility of pets. You can track its movements easily and find it quickly whenever it strays. You can also use it as a leash light or door key light with good results. You get two lights per pack, each with a shatterproof design. The lights use cool running LED bulbs and replaceable battery packs that provide hours of good service in most areas.

Budget Pick

Divoti Leash King Dog Tag

Divoti Leash King Dog Tag

Divoti Leash King is a set of two quick clip pet tags that make excellent gift items for pet owners. They are lightweight and therefore fun to use. Both are long lasting surgical steel (heavy forged) with smooth/ rounded corners that do not dig into the skin. They are resistant to rust and come in three sizes, each with a spring hook that prevents them from falling off while in use. The clips are easy to use and fit most dogs (small and large).

Buyers Guide for Best Dog Location & Activity Trackers

To keep track of your dog's whereabouts and activity, you will need a Dog Location and activity tracker device. These devices can be saved on dogs' leashes, and they come in handy when going jogging in the park or training them to stay in the yard.

With the vast sophistication of these gadgets, it becomes difficult for dog owners to choose the best that there is in the market and one that will meet your needs and preference.

In this guide, we have listed on 5 best Dog Locations and activity tracker devices combined with few factors that you should consider before buying any tracker.

Better Battery Life: The battery life of the product you intend to buy should be long-lasting. This is important because when your dog goes missing, you will still have a few more hours of tracking them before the device goes off.

Accuracy of Results: Ensure the device will give you accurate results of the location where your furry friend is hiding.

Size and Weight: Since these devices will be saved on a dog's leashes, the size and weight should be considered to ensure your dog's optimum comfort. It should be lightweight and not too large for your dog because it may hurt your dog's neck.

Top 5 Best Dog Location & Activity Trackers in 2023

We have some of the best dog location and activity trackers that you can find on the Web this year. Check them out below.

1. K9King Double Sided Dog Tag

The pet’s comfort is a priority when using this tag ID because it is an emotional support tag. It is lightweight, so dogs can put it on for extended periods without fatigue or strain. Moreover, you can permanently engrave the name on the tag.

Furthermore, this long-lasting tag also has durable graphics, so it will be easy to identify your pet anywhere. Furthermore, the tag is double-sided and will not fade fast to be readable for a long time. The letters and words are bright.

In addition, the material that the company uses to make the tag is durable and also featherweight. It will not scratch and will last long with the graphics easily visible. It also has a medical alert symbol protected by federal law.

  • This device is designed specifically for your smaller dogs.
  • The Dog Location & Activity Tracker is lightweight and highly durable.
  • It has beautiful soft enamel lettering and graphics.
  • The device might be a good choice for puppies because they will chew it.
Our Verdict:

This is the best ID tag for people with emotional support pets because it has a medical symbol. The tag is comfortable, and the graphics are bright so that you can use it for a long time, and anyone will identify your pet. Read about the best dry pet food for your dog.

2. K9King Service Dog Tag

Designed for people with service dogs, this dog tag ID is easy to attach to the collar harness vest. Furthermore, it will allow you to go with your dog to hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, airplanes, and others according to ADA laws. Additionally, the tag is lightweight so that the dog is comfortable to wear all day. Likewise, it is featherweight because it is made using stainless steel metal lobster clamp. You will also use the tag for an extended period, thanks to the durable design.

With clear graphics, this tag will help you and anyone else to identify your pet anywhere. Moreover, the tag will not strain the dog because it is lightweight, and it is also easy to attach, so you can comfortably use it on small breeds.

  • The Dog Location & Activity Tracker is designed exclusively for Small Breed Dogs.
  • It is made of durable Light Weight Stainless Steel material with Metal Lobster Clamp.
  • This Service Dog ID Tag will allow your service or working dog to enter restaurants, buildings, hospitals, and shopping malls.
  • It is not made of tough material. The Edges nick and dent easily.
Our Verdict:

This is an excellent dot tag ID for people who have service dogs. It is also suited for people who like to be stylish because it has a high-end look to accessorize the collar beautifully. Longevity is assured, and it will retain the look.

If you need dog pools or dog tags and collars, we have also reviewed some of the best in other articles.

3. Oh You Lucky Dog, Dog Tag

Ideal for small and large dogs, this dog tag ID, and collar accessory illuminate it. You can attach it quickly to the leash and the dog collar. Furthermore, it will provide light to let the dog see what is happening where it is walking.

When the dog gets out at night, it will be easily visible to motorists and others. The light will also help you locate the dog if you can’t seem to find it when it is too dark. Better still, you will like using this ID, especially if you like outdoor activities.

Also, this is a durable tag that is also shatter-proof, thanks to the durable materials. It does not get hot with the LED function. Besides, the tag is water-resistant, so you can use it in any weather.  You will use the light for up to 35 hours.

If you struggle to clean your dog, these dog showers can help.

  • The device has an intense light that points down, and it lights up the area where the dog is walking.
  • It is perfect for dog walks, late-night backyard supervising, dog parties, and entertaining.
  • The gadget is versatile and can be used as a front door key light and leash quick light.
  • The battery is expensive, and it doesn't last for long.
Our Verdict:

This is the tag for you if you like taking a walk with your dog at night or being a fan of outdoor activities. Moreover, your dog will be safe, and you can also use the light when you need to see the front door key.

4. Divoti Leash King Tag

If you’re after a long-lasting and sturdy ID tag, consider the Divoti Pet Tag. This virtually indestructible dog tag features a stainless-steel build, and you will use it for a long time without replacing it. Also, it is wear-resistant, and you will use it in any weather. Since it has three size options, the tag is ideal for any dog because you can choose the most suited one for you. Better still, the clips are standard, and you will fit them with any leash and collar you have without difficulty.

If you need to change the pet tag frequently, this collar accessory will work well for you. After all, you can change the tags as many times as you want because it has a curved surface. Moreover, it’s comfortable for all dog sizes.

  • The tracker is made of surgical stainless-steel material.
  • The dog Tag Quick Clips are designed with no unnecessary hanging and dangling with a curved surface.
  • If you have a more significant tag, it probably will not fit on this clip.
Our Verdict:

The Divoti pet tag is for use by people who keep the tag around the pet for a long time. The model is comfortable for the pet and also easy to change. It is long-lasting, and you will enjoy using it for a long time and in any weather.

5. Nite Ize PetLit LED Dog Tag

Featuring a durable plastic casing, this dog ID tag is weather-resistant, making it safe for use even in light rain. Moreover, you will use it for a long time without replacing it because it is durable. It is also lightweight so that the dog is comfortable.

Additionally, the tag has an LED light so that the dog is visible when it is dark. Consequently, the dog is easy to find, and they will also see the area they are stepping in because it is facing down. It also has a lithium battery that you can replace easily.

Moreover, there are many colors to choose from so you can get one that suits your style. Furthermore, you can twist it on and off to save battery when you do not need to use the light. It is easy to use and also attach to the collar.

  • This LED light collar clips easily to your dog or cat collar to make them instantly visible in the dark.
  • Its packaging includes a lithium battery that can be easily replaced for use over and over again.
  • The bright white LED is paired with a fun design, and it easily clips to the D-ring on your pet's collar.
  • It does not articulate. So, you cannot hang from any orientation.
Our Verdict:

This is a versatile dog ID tag that you can also use if you have a cat. It makes the pet easy to see even when it is dark, and the battery is a long life and easy to replace, so you can use it for a long time.

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