5 Best Dog Pools in 2023

If your dog loves the water, a dog pool is the right product for you. Most models are compact, portable, and therefore work well in most areas. The leak-proof materials used to make them, are durable, while their versatility is beneficial to people with kids. You can use them as kiddie pools, sandboxes, or game bars for kids with good results. The best dog pools come in multiple sizes and designs that are suitable for different dog breeds of all sizes. Whether you have a small or large dog, we have some of the best brands for you. Read on for more details.

Are you in a hurry?

Dogs, like other animals, require a fun area to play at home. Playpens work well but require deep pockets to set up at home. Dog pools are better alternatives as they are not only cheap but also favorable to most dog breeds. They keep dogs cool in the summer. Moreover, they make cleaning dogs effortless. Here are some of the best brands this year.

Best Overall

MARUNDA Foldable Dog Pool

MARUNDA Foldable Dog Pool

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Smart Pick

NHILES Portable Dog Pool

NHILES Portable Dog Pool

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Budget Pick

Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pool

Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pool

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Buying Guide for Best Dog Pools

Just like humans, dogs love walks, balls, games, and swimming and enjoy playing in the water. More so in the hot summer seasons. Thus, to help them make these activities fun and enjoyable for them is by having a dog swimming pool in your backyard.

The demand for dog pools is rising rapidly, and looking for the ideal one can be challenging. We have compiled the 5 best dog pools that you and our dog will surely love and enjoy using in this guide. Also included are few features that you should consider when looking for an ideal dog pool. Let’s check them out.

Sturdy Plastic: You need to look for a dog pool that is made of strong PVC material. This is because dogs like biting, scratching, and chewing on things, and if the pool is not made of strong material, it will tear down very fast.

Ease of Assembly and Portability: The ideal dog pool should be easy to set up, assemble and fold for storage after use. As a bonus, a foldable dog pool will make it easy to carry with you wherever you go.

Built-in Drain Plug: A good dog pool should have a good drain plug for quick filling and draining water after use. Also, a dog pool with a ramp will come in handy to allow your pet dog can easily go in or come out themselves.

1. MARUNDA Foldable Dog Pool

Ideal for summer playtimes, the MARUNDA Dog Pool comes in three different sizes measuring 32×8 inches, 47×12 inches, and 63×12 inches, making it suitable for most dog sizes and types. The materials used to make this dog pool are safe PVC and fiberboards with well-sealed corners.

These materials lack harsh chemicals, so you can be sure they will not irritate your dog. Moreover, the materials are durable.

With the foldable design, you do not have to inflate this dog pool any time you want to use it. Simply lay it on the ground and unfold it systematically, then fill it with water. The design is also non-slip, making it safe for your dog. Besides using it as a dog pool, you can also use it as a kiddie pool.

So, if your dog loves playing with the dog, you can let them have some fun playtime with the dog under a scorching sun.

  • This dog pool has a convenient fold-down design that makes it simple to open and fold.
  • It is made of extra-tough and anti-scratch PVC material.
  • The unique non-slip bottom design makes your dogs and kids safer while bathing or playing.
  • The size of this dog pool is larger and heavy.
Our Verdict:

This dog pool is safe PVC and fiberboards, making it durable and safe for use by your dog. The non-slip design ensures your dog does not slip, preventing injuries while the sealed corners prevent the boards from scratching the dog.

Besides, it is versatile so you can use it as a kiddie pool. The foldable design is convenient for carrying and storage. Read about the best dog ID tags and collars in this article.

2. NHILES Portable Dog Pool

Whether your dog is small or large, the NHILES Dog Pool will give them a fun bath time. The dog pool measures 39 by 12 inches, an ideal size for small to medium-sized dogs.

This dog pool is double-layer PVC, which is durable and can withstand excess pressure and helps prevent punctures. The material is also non-slip, so your dog will not fall and get injured.

NHILES has robust fiberboards that ensure the dog pool does not collapse. Similarly, the sealed corners prevent the scratched to your pooch while ensuring durability. Even so, ensure your dog’s nails are clean before you let your friend enjoy their dip.

The pool also has an easy-to-drain twist cap on the bottom side, making it easy to drain the pool without lifting it quickly.

Most importantly, the design is portable. To prevent damage to not pull the product on the ground after adding water.

  • The dog pool is constructed of double-layer PVC to prevent punctures, rip, or leaks.
  • This design and size is great for small or medium dogs.
  • The dog poo features an easy twist Off Cap that drains it empty with a bottom side drain.
  • None.
Our Verdict:

NHILES Dog Pool features a foldable design, convenient for carrying and storage. It is harmless double-layered PVC and fiberboard material, assuring you of its safety and durability. Besides, it benefits small to medium-sized dogs.

3. Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pool

Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pool is an eco-friendly and extra-tough PVC material resistant to tear and rip. Its bottom features a thicker anti-slip design, ensuring that your dog does not slip or get injured while enjoying its bath. It also has thick fiberboards that add stability, while the wrapped edges do not scratch your dog nor puncture the pool.

The dog pool comes in five different sizes, ideal for different dog sizes. The sizes include S-32 X 8 inches, M-39.5 X 12 inches, L-48 X 12 inches, XL-55.1 X 12 inches, XXL-63 x 12 inches. However, before letting your dogs enjoy their cool bath, ensure their nails are well-trimmed.

While it is easy to set up and needs no inflation, it is also foldable, making it easy to carry and store in places with limited storage space. Additionally, Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pool has a side bottom drainage that makes it effortless to empty used water and replace it with clean water.

  • This dog pool is foldable, easy to store, and bring with you and your dog everywhere.
  • It sets up in no time with bottom/side drain, easy to drain and refresh the water.
  • It’s designed with Slip-resistant & durable PVC material on the bottom.
  • Small dogs are likely to chew through the panels, therefore, not suitable for playful dogs.
Our Verdict:

Jasonwell Dog Pool is an excellent performer when it comes to the best dog pools. It is a sturdy, durable, and tear-resistant PVC material and fiberboards for stability. Its bottom has a thick non-slip design, which ensures the dog’s safety, while the drainage system at the bottom side makes it easy to empty used water.

4. V-HANVER Foldable Dog Pool

The V-HANVER Dog Pool is 100% safe for your dog. The dog pool is a tough PVC material with a thick non-skid material at the base, preventing falls that might cause your dog great injuries. Besides, the material used in its construction is sturdy and durable, assuring you of long-time service.

Additionally, the design includes stable fiberboards with sealed edges to prevent them from scratching dogs. On the other hand, foldable design is convenient for portability and storage.

The dog pool also includes an easy-to-drain twist cap ad the side bottom, so you can easily drain used water and fill it up with fresh, clean water. What is more, you can also use it as a dog tub, fish pond, outdoor pond, kiddie pool, and so on.

This product comes in three different sizes, S, L, and XL, making it ideal for all dog sizes and types.

We have covered dog location and activity trackers, dog showers, and dry dog pet foods in other articles. If you are interested in any of these, these articles can be of help.

  • This dog pool has an ideal size that is great for small dogs.
  • It is made of extra-tough PVC. Thicker slip-resistant material on the bottom.
  • Its convenient fold-down design makes it simple to pack and store while not in use.
  • The folded state is quite thick, still takes up some space.
Our Verdict:

This dog pool comes in three different sizes, ideal for different sizes and breeds. Apart from being a durable dog pool, it can also serve as a kid’s bathtub, fish pond, sand container, and more. Its foldable design is it easy to carry, use, and store.

5. GoStock Dog Pool for Large Dogs

The GoStock Dog Pool comes in four sizes, ideal for holding different dog sizes. The sizes include M (30 by 8 inches), L (48 by 12 inches), XL (55 by 12 inches), XXL (63 BY 12 inches). Thus, whether you need a dog pool for your puppies or extra big dogs weighing up to 256 pounds, this item will work well for you.

Featuring a foldable design, this dog pool is easy to carry for outdoor use and easily folds down for storage after use. Moreover, it is tough PVC material with a thick anti-slip bottom that prevents your dog from accidents and injuries while bathing. It also has non-collapsible fiberboard, making it sturdy and stable.

With the plastic drainage valve, it is easy to drain dirty water from the pool and fill it with fresh water. This pool is the perfect place for your dog to cool and play outdoors. You can also use it as a fish pond, baby bathtub, sandbox, and much more.

  • GoStock Dog Pool is made of extra-tough and anti-scratch PVC material.
  • Its non-slip bottom design makes your pet safer while bathing.
  • The dog swimming pool adopts a convenient fold-down design, making it easy to store and carry outdoors or traveling.
  • The dog pool needs to be filled for the sides to stay up.
Our Verdict:

Whether you have a small or extra-large dog, this dog pool will be a perfect choice. It is heavy-duty PVC material and fiberboard, making it durable and stable. Besides, the non-slip bottom ensures the dog’s safety while playing.